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What's Your Word?

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Originally published on January 3, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, it is now time to reflect on the lessons of 2017 while we chart the course ahead for 2018 and beyond…after all, you have short-, mid-, and long-term plans laid out, right? You have the focal point for your plans, right? Hopefully, that is the case; however, if it is not, perhaps the resolution that you follow this year should be to choose your focus and put together your plans. What if you could do that with a single word?

The banner photo above was taken at the January 3, 2018 Career Connectors event in Phoenix, Arizona. The keynote address was given by Gloria Petersen on How to deal with challenging situations and people with diplomacy and civility. This superb presentation included having attendees participate in an exercise to help them understand better the presented concepts. During the presentation, Gloria mentioned a trend that came with the New Year ~ finding a single word that defines your goals.

So, take a little time to determine what your word is that will guide your future plans and activities. Take some time–don’t rush and try not to over think it. In a way, you can think of it in similar terms to “Start With Why” or “Find Your Why” (books by Simon Sinek). This helps to match the core of why you do things with a way forward that is complementary to your core self, making you more productive and gaining greater satisfaction.

What’s my word? My word is Service. This is something that I enjoy doing and from which I gain great satisfaction when the people I serve have “Aha moments” or are able to accomplish their career and/or life goals. 📷This photo is from this morning’s Career Connectors event, where I served as a Social Media coach, LinkedIn coach, and represented the company where I work–Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants (DWWTC)–which was founded on a core mission of helping people enrich their lives by providing high-quality training for both employed professionals and people who need new skills to gain meaningful employment.

I love to help people better their lives. In my opinion, sharing our knowledge and experience enriches everyone involved. it is much like the premise of social media–social sharing. It does not cost the person sharing anything, but the rewards can be tremendous!

So, what is your word? Make it your guide to accomplish your goals and enrich your life…and maybe the lives of others in the process.

Have a HAPPY AND REWARDING 2018 and beyond!


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