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The Heartbeat of America

June 24, 2018. Tucked away in the town of Decatur, Illinois, is a real gem for car enthusiasts--the Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum. The museum boasts a variety of great cars as well as other artifacts from the history of the Chevrolet brand.

When you arrive, you are met at the door by a beautiful 1971 Monte Carlo.

Inside, visitors are treated to a number of artifacts in the lobby area before even entering the main floors of the museum.

Inside the museum is a huge showroom of classic Chevrolet automobiles. For the purpose of simplicity, I have divided the photos into four sets: Corvairs, Camaros, Corvettes, and Others.





If you are a car enthusiast, leave yourself a good 3-4 hours to browse through this wonderful collection of Chevrolet history!


The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum

Decatur, Illinois

Ph: 217.454.4583

Operating Hours:

Tuesday through Sunday, 10am-6pm

Closed on Monday

Private tours available on request at 888.9.BOWTIE

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