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The Best Chicago Neighborhood Walking Tours

Chicago neighborhood walking tours are one of the best ways to discover the beautiful architecture and history of the Windy City.

From Sherpa Tours

There are no two ways around it: Chicago is one of the USA’s greatest cities. From its soaring skyline filled with steely skyscrapers to its fierce love of sports, this is the gem of Midwest America.

Architecture takes center stage here, and even the biggest city-skeptics can appreciate the sheer beauty of Chicago’s skyline. It was here where the skyscraper was invented, and it shows. Concrete, steel, and glass combine in a striking testament to human innovation. As you wander through the city, craning your neck upwards reveals a wealth of treasures waiting to be discovered.

But don’t forget to scour the ground level as well. Creative public art installations lie around every corner, while a dazzling array of world-class galleries are home to some of the best artworks the world has ever known. A Millennium Park tour is a great place to start, where you’ll find famous works such as The Bean and Crown Fountain.

Loosen those belt straps because Chicago is a serious foodie city as well. Locals take their cuisine very seriously, from their classic hot dogs to the iconic deep-dish pizza. Also on offer is a fine range of global eats, from Latin American to kitchens inspired by the deep south. There’s seemingly no end to this destination’s culinary prowess – luckily, our Chicago neighborhood walking tours will help you work it all off before you leave.

Welcome to Chicago.

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