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From 22 to ZERO in America…

Originally published on February 24, 2018

The goal: Reduce the current 1 active member and 21 veterans committing suicide EVERY DAY to zero…

It only takes one: one person, one minute, one heart, to make a positive difference in a life!

You can get support or give support with the Objective Zero App!

Download the app for Apple or Android devices at:   This app allows active service members, veterans, and their families to find someone with whom to talk or text when they are struggling with the stresses of life.

I am an Objective Zero Ambassador, living in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

What we do is make ourselves available to military personnel, veterans, and their families to provide support, a person with whom to speak when they are under stress, people to whom you can text if you would rather be anonymous.


Everyone needs someone with whom they can get help, whether it is simply someone to listen, someone from whom to get advice, or someone who can help find the right services to help–whether psychological, financial, employment, career transition, or other needs causing the military member, veteran, and/or their families stress that is negatively impacting their lives and their outlook for the present and the future.

If life seems too big for you to handle, if you cannot deal with your stress, use the app or website to find an Objective Zero Ambassador and reach out. WE CARE and will help you start or continue on the road to reclaiming your life…



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