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End the Violence and Bring Back America...

Originally published on February 18, 2018

An interesting–and SPOT ON–indictment of how the last four decades of liberalization and moral decline in America have led to the generation of violent youth plaguing our communities and schools today.

See the video HERE

  • It is long since past the time for government to stop tying the hands of parents.

  • It is long since time to stop companies from making enormous profits by promoting violence in video games.

  • It is long since time to stop rappers who incite violence against others–including first responders–every time they perform.

  • It is long since time to bring back morals instead of anarchy.

  • It is long since time to bring back parenting instead of simply being sperm and egg donors through sex and ignoring the child.

  • It is long since time to bring back Rule of Law–following laws instead of trying to find work-arounds.

  • It is long since time to bring back having neighborhoods where we know each other instead of “hoods” where we fear our neighbors.

  • It is long since time to bring back schools where our youth learn skills to help them succeed in life rather than spend 12 years studying for meaningless government tests.

There has never been a “perfect” time in our country, but we can do far better than the condition today that has come from four decades of deterioration and breaking down right under our noses a little at a time.

The Founding Fathers understood far more than we credit them–they understood the need for balance between personal liberties and the common good. Since the outbreak of liberalism and “do your own thing” in the 1970’s, America has dismantled that balance day by day, leading to the deadly challenges we face today.

It is time to restore balance and make America the leading nation that it once was…NOT continuing down the current path, where we are no longer the world’s innovator, no longer the finest school system, and where we continue to be equaled and surpassed by countries that we used to view as Third World nations. America is devolving into one of those lesser nations (we already have a corrupt, Third World government) and we need to reverse the course–it starts with every American citizen…



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