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Community Advocate

Dr. Forkner is the Commander and a Service Officer at East Valley Chapter 8 and State of Arizona Junior Vice Commander for Disabled American Veterans (DAV), assisting his fellow veterans and their families in receiving the benefits & assistance they have earned through their service. He is Chair of the Mesa Veterans Program and a trained Military/Veteran Resource Navigator and Veteran-Ready Healthcare Provider.

Dr. Forkner is President and Chairman of the Board for the East Valley Veterans Foundation, on the Board of Directors of Resurrection Street Ministry, a Champion & Trainer for Dementia Friendly Tempe, Field Advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and an Ambassador for Objective Zero to help prevent military, veteran, and family member suicides. 

He was recipient of five "Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal" awards during his career, USO Volunteer Service to Education Award, Coach of the Season Award, Career Connectors Volunteer of the Year Award, and Disabled Veteran of the Year for 2021 and 2022.


Dr. Forkner has participated in research over most of the last four decades, providing important studies on education, national strategy, military operations, international security, business, and societal issues.

His current research focuses on neuroscience, the relationship between assessment instruments and behaviors, and mental health & wellness. He currently works at Vitanya Brain Performance and supports the Heal the Hero Foundation


From working with international leaders, to our representatives in Washington DC and Arizona, to our local leaders, Dr. Forkner is involved in helping shape the future for business, education, and the community. His causes include working to end Veteran homelessness, Veteran suicide, and helping to create awareness how communities can create and maintain a more friendly and less threatening environment for residents who suffer from Dementia and related memory disorders.

Advocacy & Service
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