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Veteran & Service Member Suicide: Objective ZERO

Originally published on February 9, 2018

Roughly 20 Veterans and one current service member take their lives every day, at a rate that is over 20% higher than non-Veterans. The objective: ZERO suicides…  Read on to find out how you can help with the Objective Zero program!

The Objective Zero Foundation enhances social connectedness and access to suicide prevention resources to prevent veteran suicide.

Succeeding where others have failed, the Objective Zero Foundation is a mission-driven tech start-up that leads the pack in the fight against veteran suicide, connecting every veteran in America to suicide prevention support and resources.

The VALUES of Objective Zero include:

  • Selfless Service: Giving all for others; asking for nothing in return.

  • Loyalty: Staying true to our mission, veterans, and each other.

  • Integrity: Doing what we say; saying what we mean.

  • Community: Building strong, meaningful bonds and social connectedness.

  • Transparency: Being forthright with our intentions, actions, and dealings.

  • Innovation: Thinking differently about problems and potential solutions; boldly taking action to solve them.

  • Confidentiality: Holding in confidence the identity of community members.

Objective Zero provides opportunities for all of us to help. In addition to thanking Veterans, volunteering in your community to help Veterans and supporting Veterans causes, and spreading the word about Objective Zero, you can support the organization through tax-deductible donations or purchasing items from the OZ Shop.

To really make a difference–in your life as well as those who you may help–go beyond thanking veterans for their service; become an Objective Zero Ambassador and ask them about it. Even a few minutes a week could save a life. Follow the steps below to begin receiving calls, texts, and video chats from Veterans. You don’t need to be a Veteran or behavioral health specialist to become an Ambassador.

Becoming an Ambassador has three steps, once you decide to make the commitment to be a part of the program.

  1. Download the app for either Apple or Android devices. You can also access program materials at the website,

  2. Train to become an Objective Zero Ambassador.

  3. Access resources to assist you in helping others. Through a partnership with PsychArmor Institute, a library of training modules has been set up to assist Ambassadors in helping Veterans and their families.

To access resources to assist you in helping others, simply scroll down on the app and enter your name, email address, and username to create a PsychArmor account. You will automatically be added to the Objective Zero Team page. Once there, follow these steps to access our Ambassador course catalogue:

  1.     Hover over the ‘Courses’ tab and click on ‘Course Library’

  2.     Click on the course you wish to take

  3.     Click on the first hyperlink under the heading ‘Lessons’

  4.     Click the ‘Launch’ button

  5.     Learn

We stood beside each other in times of war and conflict. We can stand beside each other after the fighting and conflict have ended–even if it has not ended in our minds or our lives.

Please consider becoming a part of Objective Zero and continuing to support our brothers and sisters and their families…

On the Web:

Twitter:  @zerovetsuicides

Instagram: @objectivezeroapp





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