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Special Edition: Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Report Series

From November 2nd through November 20th, AlzForum published a 9-part series on a new process by which development of cohorts for clinical trials may be accomplished that could accelerate the timeline for entering into and/or completing clinic trials with human subjects.

To speed up recruitment into Alzheimer’s trials, researchers have created innovative new platforms that establish trial-ready cohorts of people at early disease stages. Researchers hope that TRCs will be game-changers for trial enrollment.

Part 1. Bump in the Road or Disaster? BACE Inhibitors Worsen Cognition

Part 2. Second Look at BAN2401 Data Still Positive, Despite Snafu

Part 3. Blood Tests for Amyloid Step Out at CTAD

Part 4. It’s Official: Tau PET Sees Tangles, and Staging Tangles Predicts Decline

Part 5. Amyloid PET Aids Diagnosis. But Could CSF Do Just as Well?

Part 6. How Does The NIA-AA Framework Measure Up Against Real Data?

Part 7. Fits and Starts: Trial Results from the CTAD Conference

Part 8. Trials of Diabetes-Related Therapies: Mainly a Bust

Part 9. Trial-Ready Cohorts Take Shape in Europe and U.S.


Reference: AlzForum

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