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Nature & History at Rock Springs

Decatur, IL (June 18, 2018) - Nestled in the fields and woodlands of southern Illinois is a center that includes both the story of nature in the area and a historic home that reflects the history of the area's settlers. This is the Rock Springs Nature Center.

The center's main exhibits chronicle the history of the area's prairies, forests and rivers. Included in this section of exhibits are displays that represent the changes in southern Illinois' ecology.

The images below are divided into sections reflecting:

(a) Time,

(b) Prairies,

(c) Forests, and

(d) The River


The Prairies:

The Forests:

The River:

Time--and Attitudes--Change:

The Trobaugh-Good House:


Rock Springs Nature Center is a wonderful trip for the entire family, rich in the history of Illinois' settlers, flora, and fauna. It is also located on the Macon County Bike Path, for those who enjoy bicycling!

Rock Springs Nature Center:

3939 Nearing Ln.

Decatur, IL 62521

Phone: 217.423.4913

Hours of Operation:

Sunday 7AM–8PM

Monday 7AM–8PM

Tuesday 7AM–8PM

Wednesday 7AM–8PM

Thursday 7AM–8PM

Friday 7AM–8PM

Saturday 7AM–8PM

Holiday hours may vary


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