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Honoring Veterans in Mechanicsburg

Memorial Park on Main Street in Mechanicsburg, IL

Mechanicsburg, IL (June 16, 2018) - Sitting along the main street as you drive through

Mechanicsburg is a beautiful, well-kept park. Facing the road is a memorial to residents of the small Illinois town who died serving their country in World War II and Vietnam.

The park, which is coming up on its bicentennial, includes a large grassy area, flower

gardens, and plenty of room for children to play or families to picnic. A part of the rich history of southern Illinois, the park is a stop on the "Looking for Lincoln" trail, comprised of numerous landmarks throughout the Springfield area and southern Illinois.

Memorial Park is a beautiful area where one may stop, ponder the Veterans Memorial, and while away the afternoon in the lush, green oasis amidst this small Illinois community in America's Heartland.


Mechanicsburg, Illinois is located off of Interstate 72, east of Springfield and west of Decatur, both of which have numerous historical sites as well. Exiting south at exit 108 or 114 takes you through corn and soybean fields--or a lot of snow during the height of winter--to this friendly Illinois town.



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