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A Short Stop in Willcox, AZ

Originally published on September 2, 2017

Willcox, AZ is a small town about an hour and 20 minutes east of Tucson at mile marker 340 on Interstate 10. One of the allures to Willcox is the small wineries in town–friendly and tasteful, a BBQ restaurant in a train car, and a western museum. It makes for a nice day trip or day stop along your travels in Southern Arizona. 

When we went to Willcox during Memorial Day weekend in 2012, I was surprised to find a nice little car show going on when we walked down the main street. IT is a nice, small town, but the added surprise was a nice addition. I took some photos that I thought would be of interest to my son, who likes different kinds of sports cars, hot rods, and unique vehicles.

Along the main street, you will find a number of nice little shops with interesting–sometimes curious–items for sale and on display. We did not have a lot of time on this stop because we were on our way back home from the Bowie Winery, about 20 minutes east of Willcox on Interstate 10.

We decided that we would take time later in the year to visit Willcox and see some on the other sites that are there. Look for that adventure in a future post!

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