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A Museum Kids Love!

Illinois Children's Museum in Decatur, IL

Decatur, IL (June 18, 2018) - Nestled in the city of Decatur, IL, near a large park, a zoo,

and other areas of interest, sits the Illinois Children's Museum. This nicely-organized museum is designed for kids to get hands-on experience with science. With the renovated grounds and exhibits opening in August, we had the opportunity to catch some of the current exhibits.

The learning starts outside, with hands-on exhibits that show visitors the power of speech...even a whisper! These parabolic acoustic mirrors focus the person's voice into a concentrated beam that shoots across the garden area to another parabolic acoustic mirror, where another person can hear the sound.

Inside the museum, visitors experience more hands-on learning within 10 feet of the doorway. Outside the gift shop (because every venue designed for children has to have one, right?) an exhibit of four columns allows visitors to see how tall they are compared to common, everyday items. Of course, being who I am, the most important one to me was the Mountain Dew Nearby is the "PinPal" that lets visitors create themselves in a 3D silhouette.

Also on the first floor is an interactive exhibit that simulates how produce is grown, nurtured, harvested, sent to market, and then purchased by consumers. Nearby is the automotive repair shop, where visitors can learn about the many things that it takes to keep a car in good working condition (for instance, so you can get to the market).

The upstairs exhibits focus on our health, including how important water is to our bodies, emergency care, check-ups, and the first responders who can make the difference in lifesaving and recovery.

The Illinois Children's Museum is a few hours of fun and learning. It is a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon with your children--you may even learn a few things yourself!


Children's Museum of Illinois

55 S. Country Club Rd.

Decatur, IL

Phone: 217.423.KIDS (5437)



T - F: 9:30 - 4:30 M - F: 9:30 - 4:30

Sat: 10 - 5 Sat: 10 - 5

Sun: 1 - 5 Sun: 1 - 5


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