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Military-to-Civilian Transition

The Independence Project


Working with top employment organizations, psychologists, and hundreds of transitioning veterans, we developed a program and study that helps you figure out your post-service path, coaches you through landing a great job, and rewards you for success.


All veterans who qualify will have a 50:50 chance of receiving ONE of these transition services: The National Career Coach Program or The Local Community Resources Program.

Veterans Transition Support

Veterans Transition Support’s (VTS) mission is to bridge the gap between the civilian workforce and our transitioning military service members and veterans before they experience transition road-blocks providing service members with effective tools to translate their military experience into recognizable civilian job skills, civilian certifications to transfer military experience into its civilian counterpart, identifying needed training to fill skill gaps and one on one mentoring in four critical areas required to sustain a successful transition: Career Development, Cultural Adaptation, Obtaining VA Benefits and Education Planning.

Operation We Are Here

This site has multiple Resource Directories

Veterans Support Organization (VSO)

Getting veterans off the streets and into the workforce is the VSO Mission. VSO has a philosophy of empowerment and believes in working with veterans to provide them a steady job and faithful support; and to allow other Americans to support those who’ve served our country by raising donations with VSO.

Hire Our Heroes

A non-profit organization operated and founded by veterans for veterans. They want to capture each veteran one year preceding their discharge, to better Train, Mentor and Coach them in job placement. HOH works to construct a National approach to lower Veteran unemployment. HoH drives to deliver an all-around talent acquisition and retention strategy for employers. They offer industry best practices and theory to meet current and future hiring and retention needs.

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Career Resources for Veterans

IT Training & Career Resources for Veterans

IT Careers for Veterans | Veteran IT Career Resources

Information Technology is a popular career choice for veterans and service members, and this guide provides them with important information about the industry, along with suggestions for success.

Top Talent Consulting (formerly iVetX)

16020 N. 77th St., Scottsdale, AZ ​ 85032

Phone: 844.882.8326

Kyla Bonstetter at Top Talent Consulting is a US Veteran's advocate for talent transition and career readiness. She has worked for the developing one of the most innovative career resources reaching global members to advance talent. 


Career, Job, and Entrepreneurial Tools for Transitioning Veterans & Former Military

This page is all about providing the best career, job, and entrepreneurial resources and tools geared especially for military personnel and vets making the transition to civilian employment — jobs and new businesses.

This site has a Resource Directory

Military-Transition (.org)

This site provides a compendium of resource listings in the following areas: Tools, Organizations, Training, News, Recruiters, Benefits, Research, Advice, Job Boards, TAP, and Employers.

This site has multiple Resource Directories

Vet Jobs

VetJobs services makes it easy to reach transitioning military, National Guard, Reserve Component Members and veterans that have separated over the last several decades and, due to the services provided by VetJobs, are now productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines as well as their family members.

This site has a Resource Directory

Battlefields to Ballfields

Many vets face an uphill battle when they return as they figure out how they will integrate back into society. This has become the impetus for a new foundation, “Battlefields to Ballfields.’’ Battlefields to Ballfields will provide veterans an opportunity to integrate back into their communities through officiating and scholarships. 

VA Mortgage Loan Document Checklist

Jobs for Former Military

Best Jobs for Returning Service Members | BigRentz

Veterans Rights & Discrimination

Veteran Small Business Guide

Programs Administered by the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES)

Priority Services

What is Veterans’ Priority of Service? - Priority of Service is the right of an eligible “Covered Person” to be given priority of service over an eligible non-covered person for the receipt of employment, training and placement services, notwithstanding other provisions of the law. Covered persons take precedence over non-covered persons in obtaining services and shall receive access to services and resources earlier in time than a non-covered person. If services or resources are limited, the covered person receives access instead of or before the non-covered person.

  • You are a "Covered Person" and are entitled to Priority of Service if:

    • You served in the military or air service, were discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable as specified in 38 U.S.C 101(2);

    • Active service includes full time National Guard or a Reserve component, other than full time duty for training; or

    • You are the spouse of:

      • Any veteran that died of a service connected disability; or

      • Any member of the armed forces service on active duty who, at the time of application for the priority, is listed as one or more of the following categories and has been so listed a total of more than 90 days:

        • Missing In Action,

        • Captured in line of duty by a hostile force,

        • Forcibly detained or interned in the line of duty by a foreign government.

      • Any veteran who has a total disability resulting from a service connected disability, as evaluated by the Veterans Administration,

      • Any veteran who died and a total disability (service connected), as evaluated by the Department of Veteran Affairs, was in existence.


In addition, you can receive assistance from Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) staff and Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVER) who are dedicated to providing employment, training services and case management to all veterans.

Special assistance is available for veterans with disabilities.

Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), veterans may qualify for:

  • Tutoring, study skills training and instruction leading to completion of secondary school

  • Alternative school services

  • Mentoring

  • Paid and unpaid work experience (such as internships, apprenticeships or job shadowing)

  • Occupational skills training

  • Leadership development

  • Supportive services

  • Guidance counseling

  • Follow-up services

Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) &

Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVER)

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