Suicide Prevention Research & News

June 2018

6/30/2018:   Study: Suicide rates higher among black children under 13 (Canton Repository)

6/29/2018:   Trying To Stop Suicide: Guyana Aims To Bring Down Its High Rate (NPR)

                    Trapped by Success: Responding to Celebrity Suicide (Psychology Today)

                    NCSC Instructors Teach Suicide Prevention at VA Medical Center (DVIDS)

6/28/2018:   Suicide Prevention With Researchers Jane Pearson And Craig Bryan On Thursday's Access Utah (UPR)

6/27/2018:   New suicide prevention clinical trial shows what works for teens (Stanford Medicine)

                    An Unrecognized Suicide Risk Factor (MedScape Psychiatry)

6/26/2018:   5 Things Never to Say to Someone With Mental Illness, and What You Can Say Instead (PsyCom)

6/25/2018:   In a State Plagued by Suicide, 1 Researcher Is Taking a Revolutionary Approach (Popsugar Culture)

6/23/2018:   Talking and sharing are key to suicide prevention (CNN)

6/22/2018:   What we are still not getting about preventing suicide, its contagion (Lexington Herald-Leader)

                    People with schizophrenia account for more than one in 10 suicide cases (Science Daily)

6/21/2018:   Douglas County chosen for study on youth suicide prevention (Castle Rock News-Press)

6/20/2018:   DU Professor Lends Insight on Suicide Prevention Amidst Recent Tragedies (Univ of Denver)

6/19/2018:   Suicide prevention in the workplace: What employers need to know (McKnight Long-term Care News)

6/18/2018:   Breaking the Silence on Suicide (Yeshiva Univ)

                    U.S. suicides are on the rise but funding, research lags (Marketplace)

                    Phone apps are helping scientists track suicidal thoughts in real time (Science News)

6/15/2018:   Celebrity suicides spark conversations on prevention (Frisco Enterprise)

                    Can we reduce suicides? A strong faith might help (Miami Herald)

                    Many Recommend Teaching Mental Health in Schools. Now Two States Will Require It (Pew Research)

                    How Faith Communities Can Push Back the Darkness of Suicide (The Daily Signal)

6/14/2018:   U.S. Suicide Rates Are Rising Faster Among Women Than Men (NPR)

                    APA: Suicide Prevention Should Be a Public Health Priority (MPR)

6/13/2018:   Tonya Simenson and Samantha Braun; American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (KFGO Fargo-Moorhead)

                    How Cognitive Behavior Therapy May Help Suicidal People (New York Times)

6/12/2018:   Suicide research focuses on prevention (Clemson Univ)

6/11/2018:   Western Kentucky University Gets Grant to Research Suicide Prevention in Teens (WKU)

                    Suicide prevention expert weighs in on debate over Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' (Ch 6 Orlando)

                    Death rates for children, teens rising (AAP News)

6/10/2018:   Why predicting suicide is a difficult and complex challenge (Philly Voice)

6/09/2018:   Research Suggests Suicides By Racial and Ethnic Minorities are Undercounted (The Skanner)

6/08/2018:   Suicide Rates Are Up Across The Country, Higher In Utah (KUER)

                    'More than a mental health concern': Nationwide increase in suicides prompts new questions (ABC News)

                    How Suicide Quietly Morphed Into a Public Health Crisis (New York Times)

                    Experts talk about suicide prevention following high-profile deaths (NBC News)

                    Suicide Prevention in the Wabash Valley (WTHI-TV 10)

                    How to Support Loved Ones Who May Be At Risk of Suicide, According to Psychologists (Time)

6/07/2018:   CDC: U.S. Suicide Rates Have Climbed Dramatically (NPR)

                    Suicide rates have shot up in almost every U.S. state (Science News)

                    What to Do When a Loved One Is Severely Depressed (New York Times)

6/06/2018:   Why mental health advocates use the words 'died by suicide' (NBC News)

                    Kate Spade death illustrates need for suicide prevention (Fox News Detroit)

                    Rising Suicide Rates Among Children Prompt Parkland To Screen Kids As Young As 10 (KERA Dallas)

                    Accidents, suicides and homicides lead to rise in death rate for youth age 10-19 (Minn Post)

6/05/2018:   Kate Spade’s Death Sheds Light on Suicide Myth: It Peaks in the Spring, Not at the Holidays (Prevention)

                    The way we discuss suicide can unintentionally cause harm, but it doesn’t have to (Quartz)

                    Why do Adolescents Attempt Suicide? (AFSP)