Suicide Prevention Research & News

January 2019


Journal Watch: EMS Deaths by Suicide (01/31)

Kyrene students among 5,000 at suicide prevention conference (01/31)

Security firm to deliver suicide prevention training (01/31)

To prevent suicide, often you have to ask (01/31)

CRMC receives grant to adress substance abuse and suicide prevention 🎥 (01/31)

Cheyenne hospital receives $900K for suicide, substance abuse prevention (01/31)

Parents of teen suicide victims want every NH teacher and administrator to get 2 hours of training annually (01/30)

How technology can be used in suicide prevention (01/30)

Suicide prevention talk postponed due to weather (01/30)

You’re not alone: Suicide LOSS Team gives hope (01/30)


Organizations come together to show support for suicide prevention (01/29)

Suicide prevention advocate talks bullying 🎥 (01/29)

Idaho looks to nearly double its state investment in suicide prevention (01/29)

GOP senator leery of suicide prevention funding appeal (01/29)

Mental Health Association Holds Suicide Prevention Training In Tulsa 🎥 (01/29)

Suicide awareness training for Washington lawyers and their clients 🎥 (01/29)

WVU research addresses suicide risk in rural communities (01/29)

Suicide Prevention Nearing Goal For Scholarship Fund (01/28)

ABA House opposes arming teachers and supports suicide-prevention measure (01/28)

Preventing a crisis: Organizations gather to shed light on veteran suicide prevention 🎥 (01/27)

County survey seeks to find resources for suicide prevention (01/27)


Yale researchers find genes associated with suicidal behavior (01/29)

New study reveals men with disability at higher suicide risk (01/29)

States Are Funding the Gun Violence Research the Feds Won’t (01/29)

A Tragedy: U.S. Navy Suicides Hit A Record High In 2018 (01/29)


Griffith Suicide Prevention Support Group thrown a lifeline (01/28)

Sheriff says Bannock County worst in nation for suicide 🎥 (01/27-28)

Instagram's 13million #suicide posts despite tragic deaths of teens like Molly Russell (01/27-28) 📅

Suicide prevention, empowerment are focus of program (01/27)

Judy Broward remembered for efforts in suicide prevention (01/27)

As Wisconsin farmers struggle, new effort aims to prevent suicide (01/27)

Providence man uses second chance to make a difference 🎥 (01/27)

For first responders, depression and suicide pose the greatest risk (01/27)

Trainee teacher uses 21st birthday to raise suicide awareness (01/27)

Husband cared for ailing wife until they were found dead in their home, friend says (01/27)


Utah legislators, advocates hope to build on 2018's push for suicide prevention (01/26)

Roseburg VA making strides preventing veteran suicide deaths (01/26)

'He walked with God': Balloon release honors 10-year-old Seven Bridges 🎥 (01/26)

Health secretary tells social media firms to protect children after girl's death (01/26)

Boyle column: A friend's suicide, and my regrets (01/26)

Letter to the Editor: Suicide prevention requires constant attention and devotion (01/25)

Cincinnati now part of national study to help communities prevent veteran suicide (01/25)

First suicide candlelight vigil tries to break silence and stigma as locally as possible (01/25)

'Amy left a bit of her heart in everyone' before she died by suicide, mom says 🎥 (01/25)


Suicide rate among active-duty Marines at a 10-year high (01/25)

Montgomery County justice of the peace calls for more suicide prevention, education as rates rise (01/25)

They lost loved ones to suicide on the Natchez Trace Bridge. They say better barriers could prevent more tragedies. 🎥 (01/25)

More Gun Owners, Higher Risk of Youth Suicides? (01/25)

Task force to study safe storage of firearms (01/25)

Suicide Prevention Awareness fairs held for veterans, their families (01/25)

JCPS details suicide prevention efforts after boy's death (01/24)

Teens' Odds for Suicide May Triple While in Jail: Study (01/24)

EVENT [01/28]: Marshall Department of Social Work to offer Suicide Prevention Training (01/24)

Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to suicide; parents mourn son's death 🎥 (01/24)

Pueblo coalition forms to prevent teen suicides 🎥 (01/24)

Gun safety important in preventing teen suicides, Arizona group says (01/24)


More children dying by suicide in Tennessee than previous years (01/24)

Alaska State Wildlife Troopers help community move forward after the death of a young boy 🎥 (01/23-24)

BYU to enclose business school atrium in glass after December suicide (01/23-24)

“The Mental Health Comedian” speaks at MSU-Billings on suicide prevention 🎥 (01/23)

Parents speak out after 10-year-old dies by suicide (01/23)

Battle Creek VA Medical Center raises awareness about veteran suicide (01/23)

911 calls indicate man planned suspected murder-suicide (01/23)

Bankole: Rabbi Syme’s crusade against suicide (01/23)

Montana State University-Billings highlighting mental-health resources available for students 🎥 (01/23)


Team Forever Young gala aims to raise money for suicide prevention (01/23-24)

Chester County continues its focus on suicide prevention (01/23)

VA, others team up to prevent veteran suicide (01/22-23)

Baker Lake holds suicide prevention meetings, after 3 deaths in a month (01/23)

Suicide prevention: involving a patient’s family should be explored, MPs told (01/23)

Facebook 'sorry' for distressing suicide posts on Instagram 🎥 (01/23)

Suicide rates are on the rise; parents reflect on their son taking his life 🎥 (01/23)

Wife’s suicide inspires doctor to help Tampa Bay area residents get better mental health help 🎥 (01/23)

VA, others team up to prevent veteran suicide (01/22-23)

Mother says 10-year-old who committed suicide was bullied over colostomy bag (01/22)

QuAC Calls For Local Artists To Submit Works For Suicide Prevention Campaign (01/22)

“The Mental Health Comedian” speaks at MSU-Billings on suicide prevention (01/22)

Prescott in Brief: Suicide prevention program at VA campus set for Jan. 24 (01/22)


Suicide deaths among incarcerated youth (01/23)

Louisville mom blames bullying at JCPS for suicide of her 10-year-old 🎥 (01/22-23)

VA committed to suicide prevention efforts (01/22)

In Switzerland, Adventists take part in suicide prevention initiative (01/22)

Idaho bill supports changing crisis hotline to 611 (01/22)

Facebook and Google ‘must do more to protect young people from pro-suicide content’ 🎥 (01/22)

Bills aim to reduce suicides (01/22)

First ever cross-government suicide prevention plan published (01/22)

Study Finds Many Parents Unaware of Suicidal Thoughts in Children 🎥 (01/21)

EVENT [01/25]: Friday night vigil to remember those lost to suicide (01/21)


'Once I'm gone the bullying will stop': Young girl's cry for help on Facebook just hours before the 14-year-old took her own life 🎥 (01/23)

Suicide prevention group complains to DHB following suicide attempt (01/22)

Suicide prevention requires a community (01/21)

Pine Bush schools to offer suicide prevention program to parents (01/21)

Parents of 10-year-old boy who committed suicide plan to sue JCPS 🎥 (01/21)

Second Annual Suicide Prevention Conference In Sheshatshiu This Week (01/21)

Group promotes suicide prevention with music 🎥 (01/20)

Veterans Journal: VA making progress on suicide prevention for veterans (01/20)

Heartbroken mum talks about suicide awareness charity set up after daughter's death (01/20)


Finland cut its suicide rate in half. Now a Billings professor is going to study how they did it. (01/21) 📅

Coelacanth joins “Mission” to end veteran suicide (01/21)

Pete Davidson Returns To ‘Weekend Update’ Desk With John Mulaney 🎥 (01/20-21)

Veterans: ‘Suicide prevention is everyone’s business’ (01/20)

‘We need to not shame people’ (01/20)

Psychologist: 11,000 suicides every year in Bangladesh (01/20)

Vigil for 12-year-old aims to raise awareness for suicide prevention 🎥 (01/19)

Can Suicide Be Prevented? Dialectical Behavior Therapy. (01/19)


Psychologist trying to get more help for Hong Kong's suicidal, depressed youth (01/20)

5K walk raises money for veteran suicide prevention education (01/19)

Bill to extend Suicide Prevention Council gains ground in Alaska Senate (01/19)

SUU Rural Health Scholars train students in suicide prevention (01/19)

Former U.S. figure skating champion dies by suicide after being suspended from sport (01/19)

Veterinarian Suicide Rates (01/19)

Creating a safer community: How faith leaders can make a REAL difference in drug use prevention (01/19)

'Don’t look behind the curtain. We’re dead': Tragic couple leave a note and tip for housekeeping at Manhattan hotel (01/18-19)

Salem parents, administrators work to prevent teen suicide after 3 students take their own lives (01/18)

These Teachers Camped Out Overnight On A School Roof After Losing A Bet 🎥 (01/18)


'It is suicide prevention, but it's also building strength' 🎥 (01/18)

Zack Snyder and Jason Momoa Help Suicide Prevention Campaign Reach $50k (01/18)

Sheshatshiu holding suicide prevention conference (01/18)

Aboriginal suicide prevention. Where is the funding going? (01/18)

Suicide awareness program seeing success, says CMHA on P.E.I. (01/18)

Montana Bills aim to tackle youth suicide (01/18)

Suicide prevention resources (01/17)

Suicide prevention program helps support students at Ryan Middle 🎥 (01/17)

Bethel School District Launches New Suicide Prevention Program 🎥 (01/17)

Parents Who Lost Son To Suicide Hope to Save Others 🎥 (01/17)


Community Groups Awarded ‘Saving Lives’ Suicide Prevention Funding (01/18)

Despite NC suicide prevention program, record number of inmates die (01/17)

EVENT [01/23]: Little Rock VA to Hold Suicide Prevention Fair Jan 23 (01/17) 📅

Londonderry suicide prevention service begins (01/17)

Is teen suicide an epidemic in Tennessee? One lawmaker thinks so (01/17)

Suicide barriers on High Level Bridge not helping: report (01/17)

Hines shares message of hope (01/17)

Awareness brought to lives lost from suicide (1/17)


Veteran suicide prevention 🎥 (01/17) 📅

Higher suicide rates evident among youth certain groups of Medicaid enrollees (01/17)

KCC Saving Lives: Mental health support for suicide prevention and reducing self-harm in Kent (01/17)

Community holds conversation on mental health and suicide prevention (01/16)

Youth suicide prevention grants open in Park County (01/16)

Parents often left out of suicide prevention recognition (01/16)

Teen suicide prevention: Highlighting the warning signs and what is being done in Arizona 🎥 (01/16)

UNMC center awarded grant for suicide prevention (01/16)

Newport-Mesa posting suicide prevention signs at middle and high schools (01/16)

VA eyeing new partnership with states to help prevent veterans suicide (01/16)

Suicide-prevention spikes to go up soon on Coronado Bridge (01/16)


Youth suicide prevention grants open in Park County (01/16)

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Launches Phase II of Project 2025 (01/15)

Cancer Patients More at Risk of Suicide (01/15)

Indigenous youth suicide at crisis point (01/15)

Dublin VA hopes to help vets through suicide, mental health issues 🎥 (01/15)

What Gives You Hope: Helena students compete in photo contest aimed at suicide prevention (01/15)

Prisons and jails begin implementing Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline resource availability 🎥 (01/15)

Arlee Warriors release new suicide prevention video 🎥 (01/15)

Facebook's AI Suicide Prevention Program: Likes and Dislikes (01/15) 📅

FDOT to explore more suicide deterrents on Sunshine Skyway Bridge 🎥 (01/14-15)

Eagle River father starts support group for families, friends affected by suicide (01/14)


Mom of veteran who died by suicide on mission to help others 🎥 (01/14)

VA Secretary Wilkie: The VA is making real progress on suicide prevention for veterans 🎥 (01/14)

Arlee basketball team releases new suicide prevention awareness video 🎥 (01/14)

1-800-662-HELP: Too Few Opioid Users Aware of Lifesaving Helpline (01/14)

Suicide Prevention and Farm Bill Implementation 🔊 💻 (01/14)

EVENT [03/28-31]: Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) to Hold 39th Annual Conference (01/14)

Orchard Park Schools tackling teenage suicide through program for parents 🎥 (01/13)


Many parents whose teens have thought about suicide don’t know it, CHOP/Penn study finds (01/14)

Town of Bassendean seeking members to join suicide prevention working group (01/14)

Suicide risk more than quadruples for people with cancer (01/14)

COLUMN: Do not let suicide be your last mistake (01/13)

Six potential holiday suicides thwarted by Crisis Resolution Malta (01/13)

Veterans must keep breast of budget news (01/13)

Humber Bridge Board removes messages left by families touched by suicide - this is why 🎥 (01/13)

Local group teams up with Monroe Police for bullying forum 🎥 (01/12)

As youth suicides climb, Colorado AG releases report on possible causes and solutions (01/12)

Australian model mourning loss of late father while struggling to overcome marriage breakdown when she died of overdose (01/12)


Guam seeks integrative solutions to suicide (01/13)

MC suicide prevention group reorganizes, moves forward with projects (01/12)

EVENT [01/16]: Veterans meeting is Wednesday in Dickinson County (01/12)

EVENT [01/24]: 5th annual Jazzin' Up January 🎥 (01/12)

Zack Snyder Applauds Fan's T-Shirt-Based Justice League 2 Theory 🎥 (01/12)

Must Watch! MANI’s Short Film – Oga John – on Suicide Prevention & Reaching Out 🎥 (01/11) 📅

OPINION: Changing stigmas about mental illness (01/11)


Exclusive: Details of daring rescue of attempted Auckland Harbour Bridge jumper 🎥 (01/12)

Editorial: Include the public in mental health discussion (01/12)

Suicide remains under-researched topic in Pakistan (01/12)

Louisiana to spend $500K to keep suicide prevention hotline running (01/11)

AAUW members hear about suicide prevention (01/11)

School Health Professionals Attend Suicide Awareness Training 🎥 (01/11)

Lancaster High School graduate's suicide prompts local tributes, suicide awareness (01/11)

Former student-athlete sues Washington and Lee U following suicide attempt (01/11)


Levine: Suicide is our elephant in the room (01/11)

'Smile Lines' exhibit sheds light on suicide rate of servicemen and women 🎥 (01/10)

Motivational speaker ‘plants seeds’ with students at suicide prevention event (01/10)

Downingtown school community seeks solutions after recent suicides 🎥 (01/10)

Hassan, colleagues aim to hold VA accountable after GAO report describes substandard suicide-prevention outreach efforts (01/10)

Shasta County suicide rate is double statewide average 🎥 (01/10)

Police and mental health providers in Karratha to tackle increase in suicides (01/10)

Kitchen Table Conversations to provide suicide-grief support for Tri-Town area (01/10)

Cawley: The Pain of Suicide Hits Close to Home (01/09)


Cedar Falls grad launches second suicide prevention event (01/09)

New Research Finds 1 in 4 Suicide Attempts Linked to Perceptual Difficulties (01/09)

Operation Deep Dive: A local nonprofit is on a mission to understand why so many veterans commit suicide (01/09)

Suicide Prevention Advocates to Visit Cheyenne to Support Mental Health Parity (01/09)

[Canadian] Military reports 15 suicides in 2018 despite new prevention strategy (01/09)

Clear Path will be part of national effort to understand, stop veteran suicide (01/09)

Montana VA director provides updates during address in Helena 🎥 (01/09)

School safety bill filed as top priority of legislature in 2019 session (01/09)

Quick thinking Columbus police officer saves man from suicide (01/08-09)

PCYS program seeks to raise communal awareness on how to prevent suicide (01/08)

Local law enforcement agency shining a light on suicide prevention 🎥 (01/08)

Why are More Youths Thinking About and Attempting Suicide? (01/08)


Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness obtains $1.5 million grant (01/08)

County to launch suicide prevention app 🎥 (01/08)

Childhood abuse increases risk of adult suicide, finds research (01/08)

Twin Valley South 8th-grader dies following suicide attempt 🎥 (01/08)

Blount County school bus driver suspended after suicide threat (01/08)

Cheshire schools offer counseling after death of Doolittle 6th-grader 🔊 (01/08)

WA Indigenous communities reeling after suicides of two girls within a day (01/08)

Focus on the Family launches youth suicide prevention program 🎥 (01/07)


Suicide prevention | Eliminating the Stigma (01/07)

Suicide Prevention Advocates Support Mental Health Parity in Jackson (01/07)

Local conference on suicide prevention emphasizes collaboration in communities 🎥 (01/07)

You Are Not Alone: Suicide Prevention | Inside Youth Mental Health | KET 🎥 (01/07) 📅

County jail board weighs paying expert in curbing suicides (01/07)

VA ‘completely abandoned’ suicide prevention efforts last year due to frequent changes in leadership (01/07)

Support and recognition (01/07)

Opioids fueled a doubling of suicides and overdoses in the US (01/07)

[Cleveland] Heights Libraries Address Suicide In Upcoming Programs (01/07)

Suicide is Second Leading Cause of Death for North Dakota Youth 🎥 (01/07)

Sen.-elect Scott Kawasaki and Representative Geran Tarr to Introduce Legislation Extending State Suicide Prevention Council (01/07)

Grants available for suicide prevention work (01/07)

DIGRAZIA: Suicide Poses Difficult Questions but Few Answers (01/06)


Tributes pour in after model Annalise Braakensiek found dead in Potts Point apartment 🎥 (01/07)

Mother of young suicide victim to talk about bullying in Mount Olive (01/06)

Inside Facebook's suicide algorithm: How the company uses artificial intelligence to predict your mental state from your posts (01/06)


Preventing suicide at the funeral (01/06)

Family has questions regarding Bucks inmate’s suicide 🎥 (01/06)

International speaker shares son’s story (01/06)

Montgomery County corrections training focuses on watching for inmates at risk for suicide (01/06)

Possible change could be coming to the Skyway Bridge to prevent suicides (01/05)

City mulls ways to prevent suicides at parking garage (01/05)

West Michigan nonprofit trying to change definition of suicide 🎥 (01/05)

Herriman widow and mother of 4 teaching life-saving suicide prevention course 🎥 (01/04)

Soldiers and Military families call on VA to do more for Suicide Prevention Outreach 🎥 (01/04)


Clear Path for Veterans to join veteran suicide prevention study (01/04) 📅

As record year ends, Florida studying suicide prevention barriers for Sunshine Skyway bridge (01/04)

Chicago's cluster of police suicides raises alarms: 'The heroes need saving, too' (01/04)

New study: Mesa County [CO] has one of the highest suicide rates in state 🎥 (01/04)

A community of support (01/04)

Tuscaloosa writer pays tribute to sister he lost to suicide 🎥 (01/04)

1 Year After His Infamous ‘Suicide Forest’ Video, Logan Paul Is Bigger Than Ever 🎥 (01/04)

You can beat the winter blues (01/04)


Solid base for suicide prevention, study finds (01/04)

Study: Police officers and firefighters more likely to die by suicide than in line of duty 🎥 (01/03-04)

Training aims to help first responders cope with depression 🎥 (01/03-04)

Effort Aims To Raise Farmer Suicide Rate Awareness (01/03)

Law would place suicide prevention educational materials in all four St. Lawrence County colleges (01/03)

Facebook's suicide prevention methods met with mix of praise and scrutiny (01/03)

CDC study shows veterinarians at increased risk of suicide (01/03)

National organization hosts suicide prevention training in Salt Lake City 🎥(01/03)

America's Warrior Partnership Expands Veteran Suicide Prevention Study to Seven New Communities (01/03)

Public health data shows 13 percent rise in Alaska suicides 🔊 (01/02)

U.S., U.K. Sailors Died Days After Death of Former 5th Fleet CO Stearney (01/02)


Friendships built through community work (01/03)

Salt Lake County libraries give away free gun locks to promote gun safety, suicide prevention (01/02-03)

Local Organization Answers National Suicide Hotline Calls 🎥 (01/02)

Facebook Is Trying To Become A Suicide Prevention Tool 🔊 (01/02)

Year after 9-year-old’s suicide enrages community, what’s changed for bullying in Waterford schools (01/02)

Suicide Awareness (01/02)

Locals bring suicide awareness to light in national campaign (01/02)


Hundreds do the Polar Plunge in Florence for Suicide Prevention 🎥 (01/01-02)

Suicide is Preventable 🎥 (12/31-01/02)

CPD reports officer took his own life 🎥 (01/01)

Dirty job: Crime scene cleanup in Colorado Springs (01/01)

Post-Suicide Scare, Pete Davidson Returns To Stage, Joking About Ariana Grande (01/01)

For Eagle County mental health efforts, 2018 was year of sad statistics, hopeful changes (01/01)

RCSO deputy saves man from self-harm during traffic stop 🎥 (12/31)

EVENT [01/07]: Free suicide prevention training course in Roseburg on January 7 🎥 (12/31)


Did RAND Alumni Take Swipe At Veterans Advocate Over Suicide Story? (12/31)

When winter months bring winter blues, what it means and how to cope (12/31)

The best — and hardest — part about the Surviving Suicide series: Your responses (12/31)

In Screening for Suicide Risk, Facebook Takes On Tricky Public Health Role (12/31)

I-74 shuts down due to person with emotional issues (12/30-31)

Butte New Year's Day event offers hope in the face of suicide; local prevention efforts persist (12/30-31)

How A Pawn Shop In Rural Virginia Took Up The Fight Against Gun Violence (12/30)