Suicide Prevention Research & News

February 2019


We Must Tackle the Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans and Service Members (02/28)

A promising new clue to prevent teen suicide: empower adults who care (02/28)

Suicide prediction score developed by Pitt hopes to prevent teen deaths (02/28)

Cross Over Ministries Hosts Suicide Prevention Training (02/28)

House passes mandatory suicide prevention training along with dozens of other bills (02/28)

Parent Guide: Suicide Prevention (02/27)

Arizona State Senate votes on bill to boost suicide prevention training at schools 🎥 (02/27)

Non-profit hosts events to raise awareness for bullying and suicide prevention 🎥 (02/27)

Iowa universities face rising mental health needs (02/27)

Idaho woman shares memory of late daughter on 1st annual Suicide Prevention Day 🎥 (02/26-27)

Suicide prevention spikes installed along Coronado Bridge (02/26-27)

Mandatory suicide prevention education at WHL: ‘They want the kids to win, but they also want the kids to be OK’ (02/26)


'Smiles For Jake' movement to address suicide prevention 🎥 (02/27)

Disturbing video on YouTube Kids app instructed children how to commit suicide 🎥 (02/26-27)

Governor Little to declare Tuesday Suicide Prevention Day (02/26)

Gov. Lee announces initiatives for mental health and suicide prevention (02/26)

Pelzman’s Picks: Facebook and Suicide Prevention (02/26)

RBR Alumna and Student Founder of Rutgers Suicide Prevention 5K Addresses her Alma Mater (02/26)

Teen singer/songwriter promoting suicide awareness at music video premiere 🎥 (02/26)

Crisisline raising funds to return to 24-hour service. Here's how to help. 🎥 (02/26)

Help to prevent veteran suicides (02/26)

Art Show In Aurora Raises Awareness About Suicide Prevention 🎥 (02/26)

American Association of Suicidology Releases Social Media and Suicide Content Tipsheet for Parents and Other Adults (02/26)


Suicide prevention is 'everybody's business' (02/26)

Teen Suicide Prevention: Emily's story 🎥 (02/25) 📅

Suicide Prevention Day At State Capitol Focuses On Young People 🎥 (02/25)

Family Tree to offer Jacob Crouch Suicide Prevention Services (02/25)

EVENT [03/03]: Benefit in Beaverton to promote suicide prevention (02/25)

Suicide prevention: Research on successful interventions (02/25)

Fire fighters are teaming up with students to give suicide prevention talks 🎥 (02/25)

GoGuardian Launches New Suicide Prevention Technology Allowing Schools to Help At-Risk Students (02/25)

Suicide Prevention: Students in Westfield Learn Methods for Caring 🎥 (02/25)

EVENT [04/27]: Cameos to Headline American Foundation for Suicide Prevention event in Nutley this April (02/25)

Suicides, not homicides, account for most gun deaths in Ventura County (02/25)


Letters: Your voice matters in suicide prevention (02/24)

Taylor hosting community night for suicide prevention, awareness (02/24)

Gentle Giants continue mission to support suicide awareness (02/24)

Father completes run in daughter's place after her suicide (02/24)

Old drug with racy history is a new suicide prevention weapon (02/24)

Dave Solomon's State House Dome: House faces big bills this week (02/24)

Suicide deaths hit record for Portage in 2018 (02/24)

Pelham teen creates film focusing on anti-bullying, suicide prevention 🎥 (02/23)

Florida mom discovers suicide tips in video on YouTube Kids 🎥 (02/23)

‘It’s OK to ask for help’: Coroners present suicide prevention program to local soldiers (02/23)


What drives them to take their lives? (02/24)

Event connects vets with helpful services, agencies (02/23)

Florida mom discovers suicide tips in video on YouTube Kids 🎥 (02/23)

ETOWN Raises Awareness for Suicide Prevention (02/23)

GCI gives to suicide prevention and more (02/23)

SG addresses suicide prevention and bystander intervention (02/23)


Dear Abby: Family struggles to unite following suicide attempt (02/23)

Progress in only 2 of 7 suicide targets (02/23)

Suicide Prevention Advocates Gather in Augusta for AFSP State Capitol Day (02/22)

Utah’s Proposed LGBTQ Conversion Therapy Ban Is About Suicide Prevention, Advocates Say (02/22)

Conn. high school to print suicide prevention hotline on student IDs (02/22)

Comedian Brody Stevens Dead of Apparent Suicide at Age 48 🎥 (02/22)

Sheriff’s department focusing on prevention in officer suicides (02/22)

Guest speaker brings mental health awareness to Western (02/22)

In CT, a spotlight on suicide prevention (02/22)


Special report: Nearly 400 calls about suicide made in Williamson County in 2018 (02/22)

Local groups host Youth Worker Café (02/22)

Indonesian Teen Triggers Intercontinental Inquiry after Calling US Suicide Hotline: Cites '13 Reasons Why' as Inspiration (02/22)

Alpha Kappa Delta sends suicide research project to Chicago (02/22)

Letter to the Editor: Fall River Town Hall Meeting for Suicide Prevention was a success (02/22)

Latina Suicide Prevention Organization Opens First Center in Manhattan (02/21)

Advocates Gather in Boise to Be the Voice for Suicide Prevention (02/21)

Mom talks about her 8th-grade daughter’s suicide; hopes to help other kids who are bullied 🎥 (02/21)

NEWS9 Special Assignment: Teen Suicide 🎥 (02/21)

Engineering students examine Natchez Trace Bridge, seeking solutions to suicide crisis (02/21)

Richland school offering counseling after student’s death (02/21)

Yes, your supportive texts to your battle buddy actually help prevent military suicide, study says (02/21)


Career Center, ESCC to host ‘Veteran Suicide Prevention Awareness’ seminar (02/21)

Peak 1 Boxing Club to host men’s health and suicide prevention event in Butler (02/21)

Suicide prevention project aims to help distressed farmers (02/21)

Burkburnett ISD holds Teen Suicide Prevention training for parents 🎥 (02/20)

Register now for QPR suicide prevention training session set for March 4 in Fall River (02/20)

Real-time help to prevent suicides now available in Harris County (02/20)

Teen suicide bill would allow children as young as 12 to see a psychologist without parental consent (02/20-21)

Friendly texts tied to fewer suicide attempts in the military (02/20)