Suicide Prevention Research & News

December 2018


Veteran suicide prevention: Journalists and commentators have a role to play 🎥 (12/30) 📅

New law [in Tennessee] creates state panel to help prevent suicides (12/30)

Train Stations set for Radical Redesign to Stop People Using Them to Take Their Own Lives (12/30)

EVENT [01/19]: Stand Down to provide services to Payne County veterans (12/30)

Suicide Tourism: A popular tourist destination in Japan with a dark reputation (12/30)

The end of football for Josh Gordon could be the start of something great (12/30)

2018 Stories of the Year: New Hampshire fights back against youth suicide (12/29)

Letter: Suicide is not the answer (12/29)


Community conversation: Five things to know about suicide prevention 🎥 (12/29)

You are not alone: Course offers mindfulness training (12/29)

Top 10: Living Well Together looks forward to 2019 (12/29)

Risk of aircraft-assisted suicide spiked after September 11 terror attacks, study finds (12/29)


Is anyone listening? Hong Kong educators and counsellors call for more attention to rising student suicide rates (12/29)

Suicide prevention committee offering vital lifeline in RAK (12/29)

Rogers County Deputy Credited With Helping Suicidal Man 🎥 (12/28)

Local Purple Heart recipient shares important message about suicide 🎥 (12/28)

Paul Muschick: It's disgraceful that veteran suicide prevention money was left unspent (12/28)

As veteran suicide numbers increase, The Black Hills VA is here to help 🎥 (12/28)

13-year-old’s death pains CMS community (12/27-28)

Suicide Prevention Hotline looks to extend services for young people 🎥 (12/27)

Suicide prevention notes removed from Gorge Bridge (12/27)

Our view: Suicide: Now is the time to talk about it (12/27)

Three men evacuated from Manus Island after spate of suicide attempts (12/27)


CDC Report on Worker Suicide Suggests Need for Enhanced Prevention Strategies (12/28)

VA fumbles on suicide prevention outreach (12/27)

CDC study validates concerns about veterinary suicides (12/27)

Congress questions progress on veterans choice, suicide prevention amid ‘constant churn’ of VA leadership (12/27)

Local veterans upset with suicide prevention effort (12/27)

Suicide prevention is best addressed year-round (12/27)

Suicide prevention topic of AAUW meeting (12/27)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline sees spike in calls over the holidays (12/27)

Researchers say income inequality, mental health linked (12/26)


Survivors of suicide offer support (12/27)

Pasco Nonprofit Expands Suicide Prevention Outreach to First Responders, Veterans 🎥 (12/26)

NIH recommends universal suicide risk screening for youths (12/26)

Suicide Among Rural South Dakotans is a Serious Issue (12/26)

Suicide is serious issue in rural S.D. (12/26)

Report on veteran suicides says more outreach is needed 🎥 (12/26)

Play leading roles in suicide prevention, Psychiatrists urge religious leaders (12/26)

Fortnite stream by Pinckney student raises money for suicide prevention (12/26)

Nurse Alice: When Your Help isn't Wanted With Suicide Prevention (12/25)


MAKE IT STOP: Local radio station helping with suicide prevention 🎥 (12/25)

Hawaii suicides not higher at Christmas; but experts preach awareness (12/25)

20-year anniversary of Fairview murder-suicide leads surviving, thriving daughter to speak out (12/25)

UK Journalists have new guidance for reporting on suicides (12/25)

Man found hanging in Palayamkottai prison (12/25)


Centre for Suicide Prevention: Giving frontline workers the skills to help others in distress (12/24)

Don't be so British, urges new suicide prevention minister, as she calls for more openness about mental health (12/24)

VERIFY: No, the suicide rate does not spike during the holiday season (12/24)

Pain medication could be linked to suicide risk (12/24)

Australians asked to watch for violence (12/24)

Tragedy as Catholic priest suffering from health problems kills himself inside Brooklyn church rectory days before Christmas (12/24)

Jessica Starr's memorial service will be shared via Fox 2 Detroit webcast (12/24)


Google should 'grow up' and stop promoting self-harm material, first suicide prevention minister says (12/23)

Christmas suicide helpline launched 🎄 (12/23)

Suicide victim's brother urges TTC and union to take action to minimize self-harm incidents 🎥 (12/23)

Community Briefs: 1,800 shoes donated, WSU grant for mental health, business awards in Davis County (12/23)

Iain Lee ‘overwhelmed’ with support after saving man who revealed suicide bid live on air 🎥 (12/23)

It's Not Just a Quiet Place to Make a Film (12/23)


Suicide prevention and the holiday season 🎄 (12/23) 📅     

No rest for mental health workers at Xmas 🎄 (12/23)

Sir Owen Glen donates research grant to Rotorua woman (12/23)

A young pastor preached about depression, then killed himself. His widow wants to help others by talking about it.  📃 (12/23)

Nonprofit group dedicated to veteran suicide awareness and prevention in York County 🎥 (12/22)

Text-based crisis line coming to county as suicide rate climbs (12/22)

Holiday cheer and mental health 🎄 (12/22)

Vic Topo: Suicide by firearm is a public health crisis (12/22)

Arkansas National Guard Creates Suicide Prevention PSA 🎥 (12/21)

Signs of suicide: What to watch for in loved ones 🎥 (12/21)

AVMA combating suicide amongst veterinary professionals (12/21)

Suicide rates among first responders more than 20 percent higher than general public (12/20)

Iain Lee saves suicidal man’s life as he keeps him live on air in harrowing phone call 🎥 (12/20)


Coroner: Cincinnati vice cop died from self-inflicted gunshot wound (12/21-22)

Flags for Forgotten Soldiers 🎥 (12/21)

EVENT [12/22]: 'Holiday To Remember' event scheduled for Saturday 🎄 (12/21)

Lakewood District Dealing with Student's Death (12/21)

GAO: Suicide-Prevention Improvements Needed at VA (12/21)

Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Task Force poster contest sends message of hope (12/21)

American Association of Suicidology Releases "Media as Partners in Suicide Prevention" Toolkit (12/21)


The clock is ticking for suicide prevention (12/21)

Dwivedi named to national suicide prevention organization board (12/21)

Grant County family working to prevent veteran suicide after losing their son 🎥 (12/20)

Arizona teen suicide prevention hotline calls increase before holidays (12/20)

Area students attend suicide prevention training (12/20)

Veterinarians far more likely to die by suicide than other Americans, research shows 🎥 (12/20)

New pathways for implementing universal suicide risk screening in healthcare settings (12/20)

With Teen Suicide On The Rise In Kansas City, Adults Ask Young People What They Need (12/20)

7 Investigates: Youth suicide prevention: report shows adding therapist improving students’ mental health 🎥 (12/20)

VA secretary promises not to let suicide prevention funds go unspent again (12/20)

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline needs more volunteers for 2019 (12/20)

'Minutes matter,' say advocates of 3-digit suicide hotline 🎥 (12/19-20)

Arkansas health department's suicide prevention lifeline helps 1,400 people a month 🎥 (12/19)

Mental health advocates urge prevention after deputy murder-suicide (12/19)


Rising US suicide rate worries Harrington (12/20)

Veteran suicide rates still climbing, but new national program may reverse tide (12/20)

VA Community Outreach, Suicide Prevention Programs Need Leadership (12/19)

Disability, Thoughts of Suicide and Australian Men (12/19)

STAY: GCI’s Suicide Prevention Grant gives hope (12/19)

IPSO issues new guidance on reporting suicides urging reporters to avoid 'overly detailed' descriptions of methods used (12/19)

Suicide prevention campaign to expand to 15 Metro stations (12/19)

Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies Step Up Suicide Awareness, Prevention Programs 🎥 (12/19)

Billboard in Lawrence highlights prevalence of suicide in Mass., promotes help line resources (12/19)

Suicide Prevention Program in Collinsville Helping Students 🎥 (12/18)

Lawmaker working on suicide prevention bill 🎥 (12/18)

Suicide Prevention Network Offers Support Group (12/18)


Suicide prevention strategy a priority for MP (12/18)

3rd annual plunge to raise suicide awareness (12/18)

Shop Tattoos Dozens During One-Day Event for Suicide Awareness (12/18)

State Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities receives mental health grant (12/18)

SNL Creator Lorne Michaels Sends Pete Davidson Away to Get help Following Suicide Scare (12/18)

A year after fraternity member suicide, Greek groups at Penn work to prevent future tragedy (12/18)

Capital Region psychologist dissects Ballston Spa murder-suicide (12/17)

What To Do If You See Someone Posting Suicidal Thoughts On Social Media, According To Experts (12/17)


OHS student starts suicide prevention group (12/18)

Students on suicide prevention: We need more counselors 🎥 (12/17-18)

Jim Turner, a retired Marine colonel, took his life at the Bay Pines VA campus, Note blasts VA (12/17)

'They Failed Him in a Big Way': Local Veteran Suicide Rates Increase Throughout the County 🎥 (12/17)

Suicide prevention in Arkansas (12/17)

Medical emergency department visits can indicate increased suicide risk among teens and young adults (12/17)

Oregon Sen. Wyden Calls For 911-Like Suicide Prevention Number (12/17)

VA leaves nearly $5 million unused in 2018 campaign to battle suicide, watchdog finds (12/17)

Emergency rooms play a role in suicide prevention (12/17)

Vigil helps survivors cope with losing loved ones to suicide (12/17)

Stigma of suicide makes it hard to fight growing public health epidemic (12/17)


In our opinion: Research, resources and compassion will stem rising suicide rates (12/17)

VA HEALTH CARE: Improvements Needed in Suicide Prevention Media Outreach Campaign Oversight and Evaluation 📃 (12/15-17)

Widow takes on mission to raise awareness about suicide 🎥 (12/16)

Father, please stop:’ Family horrified after priest used teen’s funeral to condemn suicide​ 🎥 (12/16)

MCPS implements new Suicide Prevention Program (12/16)

Augusta University holds monthly suicide prevention training for campus community (12/16)

Pete Davidson's Instagram post sparked concerns about his safety — here's what to do if a friend seems suicidal (12/16)

‘Suicide crisis help needed in the city’ (12/16)

WOSTER: The phone call school officials dread (12/16)

After suicides in Acton and Boxborough, a communion of sorrow (12/16)

Police seek solutions to high suicide rate (12/15)


ER Visits Linked to Increased Suicide Risk for Teens, Young Adults (12/16)

COLUMN: Here is a very simple way to reduce suicides (12/16)

Michigan teen's family upset after priest lectures on suicide being a sin — at their son's funeral 🎥 (12/15)

Pete Davidson posts despondent message on Instagram, deletes account 🎥 (12/15)

Middle aged men at risk of suicide in Connecticut (12/15)

Matt Hryniewicz Walking The Long Road Home For Suicide Prevention (12/15)

Film chronicles story of suicide prevention advocate (12/15)

How lime green bandanas brought a suicide prevention campaign to UW-Madison's campus (12/15)

Military veterans and suicide: How to help before it's too late 🎥 (12/14) 📅

Suicidal Palo Alto teacher killed by police 🎥 (12/14)

Suicide prevention groups aim to help college students (12/14)


It's despair, not depression, that's responsible for Indigenous suicide (12/14)

NAMI Of SEI President: Opening Up On Suicide (12/14)

After SC sees substantial increase in suicide, state releases new plan to combat deaths (12/14)

After Spike in Deaths, New Jersey Looks to Prevent Suicides in Jails (12/14)

Suicide prevention groups aim to help college students (12/14)

Video shows man taking off handwritten suicide prevention notes off Lorain Road bridge (12/14)

Commentary: Community approach needed to deal with rising suicide statistics (12/14)


Suicide prevention training offered to 500 staff members in the Highlands (12/14)

Child suicides can be linked to bullying, but it's never the sole cause, mental health professionals say 🎥 (12/13-14)

People With Eczema Are 36% More Likely to Attempt Suicide, According to a New Study (12/13)

University of Richmond player's family will donate his brain to concussion research (12/13)

'Comp's Got Talent' aims to raise money for suicide prevention 🎥 (12/13)

TPS includes grade 5 in suicide prevention curriculum (12/13)

City leaders make suicide-prevention training a priority (12/13)

211 Helpline Center & Suicide Prevention Hotline available in Hughes & Stanley counties (12/13)

Suicide attempts increasing among young adults 🎥 (12/13)

Report says suicide rates in Virginia are slowly increasing 🎥 (12/13)


Gun deaths in US rise to highest level in 20 years, data shows (12/13)

Suicide, Quarterbacks and the Hilinski Family (12/13)

What More Could We Do to Prevent Veteran Suicides? Survey Reveals Clues (12/12)

Fence to be installed at Lorain Road Bridge in 2019, but hopeful messages go up in the meantime (12/12)

Second 9-year-old in Alabama to commit suicide raises youth suicide prevention awareness 🎥 (12/12)

'A true tragedy': University of Richmond football player Augustus 'Gus' Lee dies (12/12)

2 young AL girls commit suicide within month of one another 🎥 (12/12)

Michigan Republicans sponsor bill to create commission for suicide prevention (12/12)

Officer suicides spur Chicago police effort to break mental health stigma 🎥 (12/11)

Guns killed more people than car crashes in 2017 (12/11)

Those at Mark Green’s town hall meeting unify behind suicide prevention measures for Natchez Trace Bridge (12/11)


The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Elects New National Board Members (12/11)

Expert in suicide prevention visits Sioux Falls 🎥 (12/11)

Suicide prevention plan addresses bullying, harassing 🎥 (12/11)

Depressed? Contemplating suicide? Help is available 🎥 (12/11)

Robert Young Center granted $100,000 to support youth suicide prevention program (12/11)

New tool available in Montana to help combat suicidal thoughts (12/10)

Hatch, Stewart continue work on suicide prevention hotline designation (12/10)


Video captures moment Waukegan police officer stops teen from jumping in front of train 🎥 (12/11)

Long Beach City Council set to consider suicide prevention strategies (12/10-11)

Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force holds final meeting 🎥 (12/10)

Bolts honor Tampa teen who raises suicide prevention awareness (12/10)

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch calls for research of e-cigarettes in schools, recommends 611 for suicide hotline (12/10)

OPERATION RESILIENCY Suicide Prevention Program for Veterans Launched by The Independence Fund and VHA/OMHSP (12/10)

Journey from Birth to Death - A new paradigm for death sciences research by Dr. Ines Testoni (12/10)

A new way to combat suicide in Montana could be as easy as filling out a piece of paper 🎥 (12/10)

America's Warrior Partnership and United Way Worldwide Collaborate to Improve Military Veteran Support Services (12/10)

EV coalition forms to address teen suicides (12/10)

The reason why FDOT won’t add netting to prevent suicides on Sunshine Skyway Bridge 🎥 (12/10)


What Faith-Based Efforts Can Do to Help Prevent Veteran Suicide (12/10)

Lachlan Area Suicide Prevention Network banners on display in district (12/10)

Rod Jones, standout tight end on Huskies’ 1984 Orange Bowl team, dies from suicide at age 54 (12/10)

After teen’s suicide, Pleasanton family advocates for mental health awareness (12/09-10)

Female Veterans Quietly Struggle With Sexual Harassment, Suicide (12/09)

Holiday depression? Suicides actually lowest in December (12/09)

'There's hope for tomorrow,' DNR officer tells woman contemplating suicide on MacArthur Bridge 🎥 (12/09)

Let's Talk Mental Health: Why Teenage Suicide in UK and Spain is on the Rise and What Parents Can Do to Help (12/09)

After School Shooting, This Indiana District Sees Mental Health as Strategy to Curb Suicide, Violence (12/09)

Dunfee named to state suicide prevention board (12/09)

EVENT [12/15]: Holiday dodgeball event to raise funds for youth suicide prevention (12/08)


Dr. Wood: Men need to pay attention to their health even when it’s not Movember (12/08) 📅

Transperson who attempted suicide rejoins duty (12/08)

HopeWalk picnic brings suicide awareness to the table 🎥 (12/08)

Suicide hits rural America the hardest (12/08)

University of Utah researchers identify 4 gene variants linked to heightened suicide risk (12/08)

Man caught on video tearing down hopeful notes from Foresthill Bridge 🎥 (12/07)


Can Tulare hospital be the premier mental health provider in Tulare County? 🎥 (12/07)

Declining life expectancy product of preventable increase in deaths by suicide, drug overdoses (12/07)

Vail Pass suicide is Summit County’s 11th suicide of the year; officials urge dialogue on crisis (12/07)

Alcohol/Drug/Prescription Abuse & Suicide Awareness (12/07)

Can Follow-Up Interventions Improve Outcomes for Those Hospitalized for Suicidal Ideation and Behavior? (12/06)

Man to serve 5 years to life in prison after helping teen commit suicide (12/07)

There are signs you can look out for to prevent suicide, Region experts say (12/07)

Miami Dolphins’ Torry McTyer is playing for his deceased friend and to highlight suicide prevention (12/07)


Hong Kong couple found dead by daughter in murder-suicide (12/07)

EVENT [12/10]: Suicide prevention training set (12/06)

Students get mental health help with consistent CAHOOTS visits (12/06)

UW awarded suicide prevention grant (12/06)

Program to talk to B-R students about mental health, suicide (12/06)

Middle Tennessee sees string of rare homicide-suicides 🎥 (12/06)

Notes placed on bridge, offering hope, trying to prevent suicide 🎥 (12/06)

'Made with love': Gulf Breeze mom, daughter create jewelry benefiting suicide prevention 🎥 (12/06)

Suicide prevention minister visits Swindon mental health service (12/05)


COAG to consider suicide prevention system (12/06)

Gun Safety Program proposed for Pediatric Primary Care to Curb Youth Suicide (12/06)

Suicide prevention should be treated as a 'national priority', says report (12/05)

EVENT [12/06]: Guest speaker to talk about bullying, social media, suicide prevention (12/05)

EVENT [12/08]: Metro Detroit tattoo company giving out tattoos for suicide awareness on Saturday (12/05)

Bedford residents attend suicide prevention workshop (12/05)

EVENT [12/08]: Brownstown tattoo shop offers free flash tattoos for suicide awareness (12/05)

Male suicide rates in Wales 'a national emergency' (12/05)

Suicide Prevention Program Educates Concerned Parents (12/05)

Gulf Breeze mother and daughter's jewelry creations benefit suicide prevention (12/05)

Most California schools have LGBTQ-inclusive suicide prevention policies (12/05)

Scottish study reveals young men remain most at risk of suicide (12/04)

Shrunken brain volume found in self-injuring girls (12/04)


'People Need Hope': Death of US Naval Commander Comes as Suicide Rates Soar (12/04)

How government is working to improve suicide prevention among veterans 🎥 (12/04)

Gala raises $200,000 for Suicide Prevention (12/04)

EVENT [12/05]: Suicide prevention program Wednesday in Milton (12/04)

Eugene student receives national award for suicide prevention efforts (12/04)

Sheriff's Office Donates 'No-Shave November funds' for Suicide Awareness (12/03)

First-timers, survivors and moms get tattoos for suicide prevention (12/03)

Steamboat restaurant owner uses Bingo Night to support suicide prevention (12/03)

EVENT [12/06]: Community Briefs: Suicide prevention meeting; Kneaders Evening with Santa; AF winter concert (12/03)


Mental health of veterans, minority groups addressed in public suicide prevention hearing (12/04)


Push to better crisis outcomes (12/03)

UW receives national campus suicide prevention grant (12/02)

Younger kids at risk of taking their lives (12/02)

Harpster offers help in dark time (12/02)

Why Are Taxi Drivers in New York Killing Themselves? (12/02)

Suicide task force is mission that we all can share (12/02)

Patriots play for a cause (12/02)

EVENT [12/10]: Suicide prevention class set for Dec. 10 (12/01)

Young brides in India are dying by suicide in alarming numbers (12/01)

Debunking the myth surrounding holiday suicide numbers 🎥 (11/30)


New Data Shows the Suicide Rate Went Up Again. Here's Why There's Still Hope. (12/01)

COLUMN: Nevada's suicide rate is decreasing. What can Colorado learn from it? (12/01)

News Media Can Help Prevent Suicide (11/30)

Recognizing Suicide’s Warning Signs Could Save Lives (11/30)

Opinion: Can We Stop Suicides? (11/30)

Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network says Suicide and Drug Overdoses Growing in U.S. (11/30)

A (Sort of) Love Letter (11/30)

Bi-Con donates towards suicide prevention (11/30)

New programs addressing suicide prevention at Howell High School (11/30)

AAS Calls for Billion Dollar War on Suicide as CDC Reports Record-Setting Increase (11/30)

Stateline suicide prevention advocates speak out with U.S. rates increasing (11/29-30)

CDC: suicides and overdoses push life expectancy down; local resources available (11/29)

US Suicide Rate Hits 50-Year Record in 2017, Contributing to Lower Life Expectancy (11/29)

Study: Gun Control Laws Have No Impact on Suicide, Homicide (11/29)

Study says "13 Reasons Why" is correlated to increased suicide rates (11/29)

Suicides are at the highest rate in decades, CDC report shows (11/29)