PTSD & TBI Research - October 2018


October 2018

10/31/2018:  This Part of the Brain Suppresses Fear (Futurity 10/31)

                     Fit and Healthy: Nightmares at Halloween (Pikes Peak Courier 10/31)

                     EMS World Expo: Caring for Our Own (EMS World 10/31)

                     This is how virtual reality treats mental health (Verizon 10/31)

                     This Is Carolina: New sailing program serves as alternative therapy for veterans [w/VIDEO] (NBC WMBF 10/30-31)

                     Scientists Say Energy Drinks Make It Harder To Treat PTSD [w/VIDEO] Task & Purpose 10/30)

                     For more than four decades, Southern Virginia Mental Health Institute provides care for region (Go Dan River 10/30)

                     Bridgeway Institute: An Alternative Path to Well-Be (Pensacola News-Journal 10/30)

                     Veterans with PTSD Can Benefit from Horseback Riding Intervention (Psych Central 10/30)

                     'Ecstasy' Study Results Promising for PTSD (WebMD 10/30)

                     Study: Over half million refugees suffer post-traumatic stress (InfoMigrants 10/30)

                     Local veteran releases book of poetry on PTSD (Airdrie Echo 10/30)

                     Venture funding could take Spartanburg’s ‘Sharpen’ App developers to next level (Courier-Tribune 10/30)

                     Why Is CBD Suddenly So Popular? (Real Clear Life 10/29)

                     Memory boundaries: opening a window inspired by reconsolidation to treat anxiety, trauma-related, and addiction disorders (Lancet Psychiatry 10/29)

10/30/2018:  Military historian highlights mental health impact of WWI on NZers (Voxy NZ 10/30)

                     Updates in Borderline Personality Disorder: Your Questions Answered (Psychiatric Advisor 10/30)

                     Texas A&M professor identifies new brain region that suppresses fear (EurekAlert 10/30)

                     Scarred For Life: The Epigenetics of Fear (What is Epigenetics 10/30)

                     7 Ways Loneliness, And Connectedness, Affect Mental Health (Forbes 10/30)

                     New device helping with treatment of PTSD [w/VIDEO] (CBS 3, ABC 40, Fox 6 Massachusetts 10/30)

                     Reality Check: The PTSD of ‘Heroes in Crisis’ (AIPT 10/30)

                     MDMA-Assisted Therapy For PTSD Edges Closer To FDA Approval After Largest-Ever Trial (IFL Science 10/30)

                     Scientists Say Energy Drinks Make It Harder To Treat PTSD [w/VIDEO] (Task & Purpose 10/30)

                     Healing holiday! Tziporah Malkah says she's in the process of weaning off 'strong medication' for her mental health issues and reveals why she frequents the ocean for recovery (Daily Mail UK 10/30)

                     Possible Malingering in PTSD, TBI Cases Calls for Careful Analysis (MedPage Today 10/29)

                     New Local Art Exhibit by Veterans Shares Powerful Message about PTSD (104.5 WOKV 10/29)

                     DWC Starts Formal Rule-Making on 'Shock the Conscience' Definition (WorkComp Central 10/29)

                     'I was a living panic attack': Lena Dunham reveals she's 6 months sober after misusing anti-anxiety drug Klonopin for years (Daily Mail UK 10/29)

                     Cannabis Science Gets Patent for Compositions of Cannabinol to Develop Insomnia Treatment (Sleep Review 10/29)

10/29/2018:  What Veterans Day means to a Vietnam veteran (Lockhaven Express 10/29)

                     While Remembrance Day is about honour, it can trigger tough emotions for some veterans (Vancouver Sun 10/29)

                     Veteran's 'traumatic' benefits experience [w/VIDEO] (BBC News 10/29)

                     PTSD Study Finds Dramatic Improvement With MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy (Reason 10/29)

                     5 ways PTSD affects a person’s life (Augusta Free Press 10/29)

                     Colorado study shows benefits of using ecstasy with psychotherapy to treat PTSD [w/VIDEO] (Fox 31 News 10/29)

                     Siblings suffer similar levels of post-traumatic stress as the children with cancer (The Conversation 10/29)

                     EVENT [11/10]: PAVE: Paws Assisting Veterans breakfast Nov. 10 (World Link 10/29)

                     Bravehound: The dogs who help veterans with PTSD (BBC News 10/29)

                     South Florida First Responders Better Prepared for Future Disasters Thanks to Historic Partnership with FAU and Sheba Medical Center (PR Newswire 10/29)

                     When Female Veterans Return Home (Marie Claire 10/29)

                     Veterans’ Energy Drink Use Correlates to Mental Health Issues, Aggression (Laboratory Equipment 10/29)

                     Cannabis Science Confirms Receipt of Issued US Patent Number 9,763,991 For Compositions of Cannabinol (CBN) for Treatment of Various Neurobehavioral Disorders, Sleep Deprivation (Insomnia), Anxiety Disorders (ADHD), and (PTSD) (Globe Newswire 10/29)

                     Five Silent Signs Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (360nOps 10/28)

                     VA: Progress seen in PTSD research (Commercial-News 10/28)

                     Fort McMurray Fire Survivors Plagued By Serious Mental Health Problems: Study (Huffington Post 10/28)

                     Former Shakespeare firefighter launches PTSD support group (Stratford Beacon Herald 10/28)

10/28/2018:  From learning to walk again to Invictus Games glory in three years (Canberra Times 10/28)

                     BONOKOSKI: Trauma suffered among 'snowflakes' over Trump's presidency (Cochrane Times-Post 10/28)

                     The Nauru paradox: why help patients regain hope when it is dashed systematically? (The Guardian 10/27)

                     Royal tribute to Invictus Games hero who brought British partner back from brink of PTSD episode (The Telegraph UK 10/27)

                     Study: Energy drink consumption linked to PTSD in soldiers (The Blaze 10/27)

                     Bill White: Troubled veterans are paired with service dogs. 'This guy's my world' [w/VIDEO] (Morning Call 10/27)

                     Vets’ Home Base expansion opens (Boston Herald 10/27)

                     EVENT [10/29]: Record attendance expected at Feuerstine Leadership Series (Watertown Public Opinion 10/27)

                     Expo spreads the word about assistance for region’s veterans (South Coast Today 10/27)

                     Childhood Trauma May Up Risk for Reincarceration (MedPage Today 10/27)

                     Manatee sheriff therapy dog eases stress, warms hearts [w/VIDEO] (Fox 13 News 10/26)

                     PEACE OF MIND: Trauma can affect the memory of victims and victimizers (Newport RI Online 10/26)

                     Let's Roll: Logan firefighter key to resiliency among colleagues (Herald-Journal 10/26)

                     Honoring Our Heroes: Capt. Bingham Jamison (Daily Progress 10/26)

                     What Causes Panic Attack? Here's Everything You Need To Know (Doctor NDTV 10/26)

                     A New Prescription For Depression: Join A Team And Get Sweaty (NPR 10/22)

                     Antipsychotic Drugs Don't Ease ICU Delirium (NPR 10/22)

10/27/2018:  Discovery Channel picks up TV series featuring veteran from Mason City [w/VIDEO] (Globe Gazette 10/27)

                     Dr. Larry Berley, Norwell: Bathroom law fails to protect from predators (Patriot Ledger 10/27)

                     We all could use help: UMC Trauma training for counselors (NBC 3 Las Vegas 10/26)

                     Retired general, service dog ease stigma of PTSD [w/VIDEO] (WMUR 9 News 10/26)

                     Canada's Legalization Of Marijuana Gives It A Head Start In Global Research (Forbes 10/26)

                     In Study of Veterans, Therapy Most Significant Predictor of PTSD Recovery (Psychiatry Advisor 10/26)

                     VA rejects physician's 84-page research grant over typographic errors (Becker's Hospital Review 10/26)

                     Sumter's Parnell pledges support to veterans (Sumter Item 10/26)

                     Millennials traumatized by Trump need to get a grip [w/VIDEO] (Washington Examiner 10/26) 

10/26/2018:  Empowering clinicians to diagnose neurological diseases (Neuro News 10/26)

                     Weekend Watch: Akuna [w/VIDEO] (Snews 10/26)

                     Movie review: How 'Indivisible's' approach to PTSD is different from other war movies (Deseret News 10/26)

                     50 Years Later, a Victim of Ireland’s ‘Laundries’ Fights for Answers (New York Times 10/26)

                     TargetSolutions Offers Complimentary NFPA 1500 PTSD Training Course to First Responders (Firehouse 10/26)

                     Google Grant Aims to Aid First Responders (US News & World Report 10/26)

                     Industrial Commission Posts Draft PTSD Legislation (WorkComp Central 10/26)

                     The military’s obsession with energy drinks is contributing to PTSD, study finds (Military Times 10/26)

                     Ohio to start accepting petitions to add new conditions eligible for medical marijuana [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 WCMH 10/25-26)

                     Ohio patients will soon be able to legally buy medical marijuana [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 WCMH 10/25)

                     Non-profit organization helps first responders cope with PTSD [w/VIDEO] (WINK News 10/25)

                     First responders focus at ‘Invisible Wounds’ conference in Walkerton (Blackburn News 10/25)

                     Local first responder: ‘I felt the only way out was to kill myself’ [w/VIDEO] (WHIO 7 News 10/25)

                     Idaho bill would cover first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder [w/VIDEO] (KTVB 7 News 10/25)

                     ‘Breathe like you are giving birth’ (Boulder Weekly 10/25)

                     Kent State biologist wins grant to study neurological roots of chronic stress and fear (EurekAlert / Kent State Univ 10/25)

                     The Main Ingredient in Psychedelic Mushrooms Is Closer to Becoming an FDA-Approved Depression Treatment (Gizmodo 10/25)

                     Can PTSD be passed down to kids? Emerging research looks at intergenerational trauma (ABC Australia 10/25)

10/25/2018:  Friends indeed: a veteran and his constant canine companion (The Acorn 10/25)

                     Iraq War drama recounts chaplain’s real-life ordeal (Caribbean Life 10/25)

                     Research suggests children might pick up aspects of PTSD via DNA [w/AUDIO] (PM 10825)

                     One writer on how she learned to live with PTSD (Evening Standard UK 10/25)

                     Raising Awareness, Removing the Stigma of PTSD in First Responders [w/VIDEO] (ABC 31 WAAY 10/25)

                     Joe Biden compares women who report sexual assault to war veterans (The College Fix 10/25)

                     Combat Veterans with PTSD Report Better Mental Health After Therapeutic Horseback Riding Intervention (Baylor Univ 10/24)

                     Vets keep rolling (Kokomo Tribune 10/24)

                     Shame Drives Suicidal Ideation Among Veterans With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (Psychiatry Advisor 10/24)

                     Fairport vet admits to lying about PTSD to claim $92K in VA benefits (ABC 13 WHAM 10/24)

                     Barriers to marijuana research keep scientists in the dark on health effects (Detroit News 10/24)

                     Putting Yoga for First Responders Into Practice (EMS World 10/24)

                     Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Effective for Veterans With PTSD (Psychiatry Advisor 10/24)

                     Ex-NBA player Darius Miles opens up about mental health woes: 'I was gonna hurt somebody' (USA Today 10/24)

10/24/2018:  A Helicopter Triggered This Invictus Games Athlete’s PTSD & The Moment Which Followed Left Everyone In Tears  [w/VIDEO] (Hit 107 Australia 10/23)

                     VOICE Day aims to combat mental health stigma (Hofstra Chronicle 10/23)

                     UCLA Receives $20.1M to Treat Veterans with PTSD (L.A. Business Journal 10/23)

                     Veteran says Wounded Warrior Project mental health program saved his life [w/VIDEO] (CBS 6 News 10/23)

                     Active Minds hosts panel to kick off Mental Wealth Week (Auburn Plainsman 10/23)

                     A calling to serve (The Gardner News 10/23)

                     'Back in the Saddle' helps veterans recover through horse therapy (ABC 11 News 10/23)

                     Review: ‘Bodyguard’ on Netflix, Britain’s Biggest TV Hit in Years (New York Times 10/23)

                     Medical Marijuana Research to Begin in Pennsylvania (Leafly 10/23)

10/23/2018:  Dr. John Huber - Clinical Forensic Psychologist - Can Scary Shows/Movies Cause PTSD [w/AUDIO] (KDKA 1020 News 10/23)

                     EVENT [11/2-4]: Healing of Memories Workshop for Veterans (Spirit in the Desert 10/2018)

                     Long Road Home seeks royal patronage (RNZ 10/23)

                     Sudden miscarriages leave emotional trauma (Deccan Chronicle 10/23)

                     Invictus Games: Athlete comforted in moving on-court moment (BBC News 10/23)

                     Psychedelic Drugs Show Promise For Treatment of PTSD (Connecticut Magazine 10/22)

                     Study reveals coloring improves working memory/reduces stress among veterans (MD Linx 10/22)

                     Michelle McGowan helps manage the symptoms of trauma at Synergy Fitness and Wellness (Virgin Islands Daily News 10/22)

                     Terrorism Not as Damaging to Mental Health as Previously Predicted (TheraVive 10/22)

                     Our View: Wilkes-Barre rail crossings with no gates pose hazards (Times-Leader 10/22)

                     Hoarders: ‘It’s a complex condition’ (2GB 10/22)

10/22/2018:  Risk Factors for PTSD in Surrogate Decision Makers of Critically Ill Patients (Psychiatry Advisor 10/22)

                     Fly Fishing Offers Tranquility For Ohio Veterans With PTSD [w/AUDIO] (WOSU Radio 10/22) 

                     Updates to workers’ compensation rules just the beginning for helping Nova Scotia’s first responders: NDP [w/VIDEO] (Global News 10/22)

                     Critical need for N.L. government to update legislation, says nurse with PTSD (Southern Gazette 10/22)

                     ‘PTSD is more like cancer, if you don’t address this thing properly you will die from it’: Invictus rower Ben Farinazzo opens up about mental health ahead of winning GOLD for Australia [w/VIDEO] (Daily Mail UK 10/22)

                    Sgt. Colton Levi Derr Gala raises thousands for victims of PTSD [w/VIDEO] (NBC 1 News 10/21)

                    Man who rushed to help slain soldier remembers Parliament Hill attack [w/VIDEO] (CTV 10/21)

                    A veteran steps aside; now more may step forward (Boston Globe 10/21)

10/21/2018:  A distressing time for PTSD sufferers (KL.FM 10/21)

                     Harry opens the 2018 Invictus Games (NewsHub New Zealand 10/21)

                     PTSD Symptoms Improve Most When Patient Chooses Treatment (PsychCentral 10/21)

                     Pay more attention to mental health (Jordan Times 10/21)

                     Elizabeth Smart and post-traumatic growth: how tragedy can transform us (Independent Record 10/20)

                     EVENT [11/10]: A Night of Comedy with Jeff Norris to Support K9s for Warriors (New Jersey 101.5 10/20)

                     Equine therapy center for veterans starts farm building makeover (Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/20)

10/20/2018:  The Mental Health Services Postcode Lottery In The UK Is Very Real, According To This New Study (Bustle 10/20)

                     British Hit ‘Bodyguard’ Is Going Global (Wall Street Journal 10/20)

                     'I feel I might die any waking moment': can I escape the grip of PTSD? (The Guardian 10/20)

                     PTSD patients show more signs of inflammation after psychotherapy [w/VIDEO] (Science Nordic 10/20)

                     Childhood Abuse Raises Lupus Risk for Adult Women (Pain News 10/20)

                     Troubles-related mental illness ‘may be passed on’ to next generation (Derry Journal 10/19)

                     Firefighters use art to mitigate job stress (Chron 10/19)

                     How your brain works when you're brave (Axios 10/19)

                     Indiana lawmakers consider medicinal marijuana (CT Post 10/19)

10/19/2018:  PTSD can be explained - unlike the reaction of some (Otago Daily Times 10/19)

                     Trauma from Troubles 'can be passed on to children' (Belfast Telegraph 10/19)

                     How a Facebook group helped me heal from religious trauma (The Daily Dot 10/19)

                     Speakers at Texas A&M event offer tips on supporting survivors of sexual assault (The Eagle 10/19)

                     Depressed? The places not to live if you need help (BBC News 10/19)

                     Electric shocks used to study fear, PTSD (The Daily Texan 10/19)

                     R&D: Helping Moms of Premies Battle Depression, PTSD (Dallas Innovates 10/19)

                     PTSD symptoms improve when patient chooses form of treatment, study shows (Medical Xpress 10/19)

                     STUDY: Immigrant children separated from families can suffer from PTSD [w/VIDEO] (CBS 5 KENS 10/19)

                     Nevada senator urges VA to use experimental mental health treatment despite physicians' concerns (Clinical Leadership & Infection Control 10/18)

10/18/2018:  Elle King Has a Reminder for Anyone Who Thinks Their Emotional Pain Will Never Let Up (The Mighty 10/18)

                     How to Rewire Your Traumatized Brain (New York Times 10/18)

                     On the Road with Rick Holmes: The return of psychedelics (Log Cabin Democrat 10/18)

                     Dogs, veterans train to overcome PTSD (News-Tribune 10/18)

                     UNSW exhibit shows Sculpture by the Sea visitors the complexity of PTSD (UNSW Australia 10/18)

                     PTSD: the emotional damage caused by catastrophe [w/VIDEO] (NBC 2 KTUU 10/17)

                     Subtle stimulation: Spokane neurologist offering transcranial magnetic stimulation (Spokesman Review 10/17)

                     Terrorism’s effect on people’s mental health overstated, say experts (Shropshire Star UK10/17)

                     Wowed by veterans (Suffolk News Herald 10/17)

                     New generation faces mental ‘wounds of war’ [w/VIDEO] (PBS Newshour 10/17)

10/17/2018:  N.S. to broaden PTSD benefits for first responders as of next week (National Post Canada 10/17)

                     Heller pushed Reno VA to use unproven “brainwave frequency” treatment (Nevada Independent 10/17)

                     Oshkosh police raises money for local service dog program [w/VIDEO] (Fox 11 News 10/17)

                     Meet the Doctor Curing Fear With a Single Pill [w/VIDEO] (Daily Beast 10/17)

                     LSU brings in speaker to help team cope with death of Wayde Sims (ESPN 10/17)

                     Are Trigger Warnings Helpful? A New Study Shows They Do Help People Feel Better (Bustle 10/17)

                     Benzodiazepines May Increase Suicide Risk in Some Patients (Psych Congress Network 10/17)

                     Terrorism research: we’re missing the bigger picture by focusing too much on PTSD (The Conversation 10/17)

                     Veteran battling suicidal thoughts opens horse ranch to help military families (CNN 10/17)

                     Actors and athletes have agents to help them find work. Now vets with PTSD can too (Military Times 10/17)

                     Australian combat medic finds his way back from PTSD through Invictus Games and wheelchair sports (ABC Australia 10/16)

10/16/2018:  Married At First Sight NZ star Dan opens up about PTSD over Christchurch quake [w/VIDEO] (NewsHub NZ 10/16)

                     First responders find help by opening up about stress (NJTV 10/16)

                     A hero for heroes (Kankakee Valley Post News 10/16)

                     Central Texas veteran honored for his work and research [w/VIDEO] (Fox 44 News 10/16)

                     Justice for veterans (Traverse City Record-Eagle 10/16)

                     We’re Too Excited About MDMA’s Potential for Treating PTSD (Slate 10/16)

                     Xanax, Valium Tied to Higher Suicide Risk in COPD Patients With PTSD (Health Day 10/16)

                     The Role of Relationships in the Aftermath of a Hurricane (Psychology Today 10/16)

                     How Meeting Jamie Lee Curtis Inspired a 'Halloween' Fan (Hollywood Reporter 10/16)

                     My husband suffers from PTSD – smoking cannabis saved his life (Globe and Mail 10/16)

                     Former prosecutor Sal Perricone suffers from 'complex PTSD,' shouldn't be disbarred: lawyer (NOLA Crime 10/16)

                     'Terrorism does not terrorize' claims new study [w/VIDEO] (EurekAlert / Univ of Bath 10/16)

                     PTSD: Mother talks about distress driving after car crash [w/VIDEO] (ABC 9 KGUN 10/15-16)

                     American Sniper Widow Advocates For Alternative PTSD Therapy (WUSF News 10/15)

                     Supports on the way for first responders and military veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress (CKRM 620 News 10/15)

                     Katie goes back to nature to help beat post traumatic stress (York Press UK 10/15)

10/15/2018:  Car repair shop owners helping veterans get service dogs (Rocket City Now 10/15)

                     PTSI research, services for first responders have to catch up to those for military: Goodale (Regina Ledger-Post 10/15)

                     The Government of Canada takes next steps on post-traumatic stress injuries action plan (PR Newswire 10/15)

                     Putting a human face on wartime (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 10/15)

                     The Legacy of 9/11 (Psychology Today 10/15)

                     'Like a hug from everyone who loves you' — how MDMA could help patients with trauma (Pharmaceutical Journal 10/15)

                     Salute Military Golf Association helps local veterans [w/VIDEO] (Fox 43 News 10/15)

                     'I wanted to set up a company to help people like me' (Telegraph UK 10/15)

                     The smartphone app that can tell you’re depressed before you know it yourself (MIT Tech Review 10/15)

                     After the storm: Helping kids cope with post-Florence feelings, anxiety (WECT 6 News 10/15)

                     Good vibrations: Survivors and families find healing through music therapy (NBC 6 KPVI 10/14)

                     Local nonprofit provides, trains service dogs for military veterans [w/VIDEO] (WSOC 9 TV 10/14)

                     About 35% Of Youths With New-Episode PTSD Receive No Treatment (Open Minds 10/14)

                     38 years off sick in just 12 months - Merseyside Police mental health epidemic revealed by striking figures (Echo 10/14)

10/14/2018:  Field of Heroes proceeds seek to help PTSD patients (Saipan Tribune 10/15)

                     Storming through PTSD (The Asian Age 10/15)

                     Meditation rooms are the hottest new work perk (Moneyish 10/14)

                     ‘Shift in Perspective’: LSD, MDMA Aids Terminal Patients, PTSD, Addicts - Study (Sputnik 10/14)

                     Reader Comment: 10 Idahoans receive hometown hero honors (Magic Valley 10/14)

                     Salute to Service: Valor Equine Therapy Service (KPAX 8 10/13)

                     United Way: Mental Health Awareness Week (State Journal-Register 10/13)

                     Mutt Strut Raises Money to Help Veterans with Medical Service Dogs (Erie News Now 10/13)

                     Research Reveals Increase in PTSD Incidence in Veterans (Market News Time 10/12)

                     Prevalence of common mental disorders high among Iraq/Afghanistan veterans (Healio Psychiatric Annals 10/12)

10/13/2018:  ‘Say something’: Bullying left Rock Hill resident with long-term challenges [w/VIDEO] (The Herald 10/13)

                     Football helps Horners unite, heal (Reflector 10/13)

                     'They've been doing it tough': Ex-top cop welcomes payments for PTSD cops (Sydney Morning Herald 10/13)

                     What causes nightmares? Here's why you may be prone to scary dreams [w/VIDEO] (Fox News 10/13)

                     N.Y. builder pushes to get military trauma centers up and running quicker (Building Design & Construction 10/12)

                     Invictus Games support dogs could change lives for the better (ABC Australia 10/12)

                     Bullying Awareness: A Simple “I Saw What Happened, You Didn’t Deserve That” Goes a Long Way [w/AUDIO] (Fox News Radio 10/12)

                     ‘You get serenity’: Wounded vets transformed through power of surfing [w/VIDEO] (San Luis Obispo Tribune 10/12)

                     EVENT [10/26]: Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran to speak at Rome Memorial Hospital (Oneida Daily Dispatch 10/12)

                     EVENT [11/1]: Boulder attorney, musician traveling to Tennessee to write songs with veterans (Boulder News 10/11-12)

                     'Burned into each of us': Family of slain 6-year-old Sierra Newbold condemns her killer [w/VIDEO] (CBS 2 KUTV 10/11)

10/12/2018:  ProfNet Experts Available on Horror Films and PTSD, Mental Health, More (BioSpace 10/12)

                     Benzodiazepines in patients with COPD and PTSD may increase suicide risk (MD Linx 10/12)

                     Post-traumatic stress portraits show human side of disorder (Missoulian 10/11)

                     'I feel abandoned by the Army' [w/VIDEO] (BBC 10/11)

                     Andrea Mitchell credits Judy Woodruff with saving her TV career [w/VIDEO] (The Hill 10/11)

                     Army veteran reunited with his service dog after being separated by Tropical Storm Michael [w/VIDEO] (NBC 2 WGRZ 10/11)

                     How Can We Identify Teenage Victims of Child Sexual Abuse? (Psychology Today 10/11)

                     Your View: We need changes to address PTSD among first responders (The Morning Call 10/11)

                     Weed for PTSD (Boulder Weekly 10/11)

10/11/2018:  Helping vets overcome PTSD and abuse (The Acorn 10/11)

                     Antidepressant prescribing in Scotland rises by almost 3 million items per year over a decade (Pharmaceutical Journal 10/11)

                     How to support a loved one who has survived a traumatic event (Loma Linda Univ 10/10)

                     New Research Aims To Unlock The Puzzle Of PTSD (KERA News 10/10)

                     Sexual assault healing: PTSD can be helped (The Daily 10/10)

                     For World Mental Health Day, here are 6 easy ways to prioritize your mental health [w/VIDEO] (ABC News 10/10)

                     Walnut Creek residents oppose mental health care home [w/VIDEO] (ABC 7 News 10/10)

                     EVENT [10/10]: Weir: PTSD Foundation to host veterans at Parker Square (Cross Timbers Gazette 10/10)

                     Curtailing the communicability of psychiatric disorders (Lancet Psychiatry 10/10)

                     It's never too late: Cass County addresses mental health needs head-on (Brainerd Dispatch 10/10)

                     State & Union: Daughter of WWII POW tells his story in ‘The Will to Survive’ (Olean Times Herald 10/10)

                     Depression is real, but there is help at hand (IOL Zambia 10/10)

                     Mental Health Day: Here is what you need to know about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (New India Express 10/10)

                     22% of children in Cape Town have post-traumatic stress disorder (IOL Zambia 10/10)

                     United States: DEA Schedules A FDA-Approved CBD Drug (Mondaq 10/9)

                     United States: A State-By-State Ranking Of Cannabis Regulations (Mondaq 10/9)

10/10/2018:  When someone you love has BPD (Riot Act 10/10)

                     Study Shows 'Higher Levels Of PTSD' Affecting More Veterans (Tech Times 10/9)

                     Combat trauma, gender, and a talking koala (Oak Park 10/9)

                     Why depression, trauma can make you age faster (Medical News Today 10/9)

                     Rock Hill SC resident describes bullying trauma [w/VIDEO] (The Herald 10/9)

                     When helpers need help [w/VIDEO] (NBC 18 WETM 10/9)

                     Serenity now: New Auburn wellness center opens (Auburn Pub 10/9)

                     What Should I Look for in a PTSD Counselor? (Muncie Voice 10/9)

                     Vet raises awareness of veteran suicide, PTSD with trek to four corners of U.S. (NWI Tines 10/9)

                     UC Berkeley Study: Experiencing ‘Awe’ in Nature Can Bring Healing (Bay Nature 10/9)

                     Sexual Trauma in Women Linked to Devastating Long-Term Health Effects [w/VIDEO] (InVerse 10/9)

                     Survivors for Cannabis: Healing the Wounds of PTSD With Community & Cannabis (Leafly 10/9)

                     EVENT [10/18-19]: Seminar benefits first responders, targets tough parts of job (CBS 12 KWCH 10/8)

                     PTSD among army veterans on the rise finds study (Medical Lifes Sciences News 10/8)

10/09/2018:  Living with Anxiety (PsyCom 10/9)

                     Facing Your Fears: Tips to Overcoming Anxiety and Phobias (PsyCom 10/9)

                     Florida medical cannabis producer seeing ‘huge transition’ from opioids to marijuana treatment: CEO [w/VIDEO] (CNBC 10/8)

10/08/2018:  VA data: Suicide rate for Alabama veterans up, especially for young veterans (Alabama Today 10/8)

                     Shining a Light on Depression - How Infrared Light Can Treat Depression (Markets Insider 10/8)

                     New support group for people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (The Advocate Australia 10/8)

                     Congress Mulls Expanding Telehealth to Help Veterans With PTSD (mHealth Intelligence 10/8)

                     Veterans swap stories, show support at Peer-to-Peer kickoff event in Orleans County (The Daily News 10/8)

                     Angola vet recalls Battle of Soui Tre in Vietnam (Buffalo News 10/8)

                     Married to a firefighter with PTSD and tips on helping (Fire Engineering 10/8)

                     Television: PTSD storyline in Palin family tough to watch (Columbus Dispatch 10/8)

                     VA Launches PTSD Project ( 10/8)

                     Oshkosh officers and staff focus fall fundraiser on service dogs (Fox 11 News 10/8)

                     Stress debriefings planned for Schoharie crash first responders (ABC 10 News 10/8)

                     Post-traumatic stress disorder rising among British military veterans, study suggests (The Telegraph UK 10/8)

                     Study explains why some childhood abuse victims develop certain mental illnesses (UAB News 10/8)

                     EVENT [10/20]: Community Workshop On Processing Trauma Set Oct. 20 (Oswego County Today 10/7)

                     Iraq, Afghanistan conflict led to rise in rates of post-traumatic stress (DevDiscourse 10/7)

                     17 Percent of British Combat Veterans Report PTSD Symptoms, Study Finds (Fox 40 10/7)

                     Firefighter’s widow shares husband’s battle with PTSD, hopes to help others [w/VIDEO] (KOLD 13 Tucson 10/7)

10/07/2018:  What is Stealthing? New Creepy Sex Trend is as Dangerous as Rape and is a Punishable Sexual Offence (Latest LY 10/8)

                     Why aren’t there more Jason Kander moments in politics? Because PTSD is so feared [w/VIDEO] (Kansas City Star 10/7)

                     There's a big win for medical marijuana patients in the fine print of new bill (True Jersey 10/7)

                     Pilots’ post-traumatic stress disorder implicated in fatal aviation accidents (PsyPost 10/7)

                     Charlotte Fire Department fighting back against PTSD [w/VIDEO] (Spectrum News Charlotte 10/7)

                     How Traumatized Are Puerto Rico's Children, and What's Being Done to Help? [w/VIDEO] (Education Week 10/7)

                     LifeSkills seeks to raise awareness about trauma (Bowling Green Daily News 10/7)

                     Falls firefighters honor their own during memorial service (Niagara Gazette 10/7)

                     Ben Kelly: 50 years on, North Ireland Citizens are Still ignored (Gulf Today 10/7)

                     Victims of Serious Crimes Deserve Better from the Liberal Government (My Steinbach 10/7)

                     Lightning Bolt II Invictus Convoy Goulburn stop | Photos (Crookwell Gazette 10/7)

10/06/2018:  From cuddles to counting - PTSD coping strategies shared (BBC 10/6)

                     The forever war on terrorism is hurting our soldiers (St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/6)

                     Stand Tall for PTS convoy stops at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo (Daily Liberal Australia 10/6)

                     Stand Down honors veterans and provides services (Journal Standard 10/6)

                     Less than 1% of rapes lead to felony convictions. At least 89% of victims face emotional and physical consequences  (Washington Post 10/6)

                     Health Needs Spike for Survivors of Indonesia’s Earthquake and Tsunami (P&T Community 10/6)

                     He accepts battlefield soldiers suffer it. But as diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder become ever more common, Professor Dinesh Bhugra has a VERY provocative view... (Daily Mail UK 10/6)

                     Building strength, resilience after a sexual assault (Univ of Washington Medicine 10/5)

                     PTSD Sufferer Says Increasingly Businesses Are Saying No To Service Animals [w/VIDEO] (CBS 4 Miami 10/5)

                     NAU psychologists developing app to help military personnel cope with stress (Northern AZ Univ 10/5)

                     Suicides on the Rise After Hurricane Maria (Caribbean Business 10/5)

                     Medical Marijuana Clinic Opening in Bossier City (Bossier Now 10/5)

10/05/2018:  5 Nuts and Bolts of the Traumatized Brain (Part 1) (Psych Central)

                     5 More Nuts and Bolts of the Traumatized Brain (Part 2) (Psych Central) 

                     5 More Nuts and Bolts of the Traumatized Brain (Part 3) (Psych Central)

                     5 Ways to Heal the Traumatized Brain (Part 4) (Psych Central)

                     Post 9-11 veterans group pushing Congress to allow VA research on medical marijuana (Orlando Sentinel 10/5)

                     Veteran says shelter dog rescued him from PTSD, depression [w/VIDEO] (NBC 10 WSLS 10/5)

                     LSU Health Shreveport wins post-trauma epilepsy grant [w/VIDEO] (Shreveport Times 10/5)

                     Program helps first responders cope with post-traumatic stress (10TV 10/5)

                     Barrar introduces bill to address PTSI for first responders (Daily Local News 10/5)

                     EVENT [10/13]: Get barbecue, support vets with PTSD at event in Parker Square (Cross Timbers Gazette 10/5)

                     K9 Guardians working to better the lives of American service veterans (My Valley News 10/5)

                     First Responders Are Beginning to Address Their Own Health (Emergency Management 10/5)

                     Medical marijuana use up 83% in state; PTSD most common condition treated (Chicago Tribune 10/4)

                     Veterans in Brevard County can get FREE PTSD Treatment: UCF RESTORES Opens New Clinic for Violent and Sexual Trauma [w/AUDIO] (90.7 WFME 10/3)

10/04/2018:  Stand Tall for PTS: Tamworth visited by Tony Dell's convoy for veterans (Northern Daily Leader Australia 10/4)

                     Music therapy program reaches out to veterans (Marietta Times 10/4)

                     Mississauga firefighters to receive more mental health support (Missauguga Online 10/4)

                     Building Strength And Resilience After A Sexual Assault: What Works (NPR 89.7 WGBH 10/4)

                     Cohen Veterans Bioscience Receives Research Award from Department of Defense's Medical Research and Materiel Command to Establish A Clinical Trial Infrastructure and Conduct an Adaptive Platform Trial Testing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Pharmacotherapeutics (PR Newswire 10/4)

                     Keira Knightley reveals she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after having a mental breakdown aged 22 (Daily Mail UK 10/4)

                     V.A. tests a social-impact bond aimed at post-traumatic stress (Impact Alpha 10/3)

                     Veteran Honoring Veterans in Central Pennsylvania [w/VIDEO] (ABC 16 WNEP 10/3)

                     Healing Paws for Warriors [w/VIDEO] (NBC 7 WJHG 10/3)

                     Get out and enjoy nature; We'll all be better for it (Post Register 10/3)

10/03/2018:  VA, partner organizations launch innovative approach using long-term employment to improve lives of Veterans with PTSD (Globe Newswire 10/3)

                     We've Lost 5,520 Just this Year SO FAR (IAVA 10/3)

                     ‘You’re 21 and it’s a boy’s own adventure’: Veteran shares experience with PTSD (2GB 873AM 10/3)

                     Episode 25 : "1st Cavalry, getting blown up in Iraq, and asking for help" [w/VIDEO] (CBS 10 KTVL 10/3)

                     Bionomics’ Phase 2 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Trial Results (Pipeline Review 10/3)

                     PTSD and Ecstasy: Science and Perception (Psychology Today 10/3)

                     'Home Truth' shows a mother's fight for justice after her husband killed their 3 daughters [w/VIDEO] (NBC News 10/3)

                     Sexual assault and harassment linked to health problems in middle-aged women (USA Today 10/3)

                     Measure of ED threat perceptions could help identify patients at risk for cardiac-induced PTSD (Medical Life Sciences News 10/3)

                     Sexual Assault Is a Preventable Health Issue (Tonic 10/3)

                     Sexual assault has long-term mental, physical impact (UPI 10/3) NOTE: Please look past the politics for research story...

                     Afghan War vet ends bid for Kansas City mayor, citing PTSD and depression (Stars & Stripes 10/2)

10/02/2018:  Assessment of ED threat perceptions identifies patients at risk for cardiac-induced PTSD (Medical Xpress / SAEM 10/2)

                     Ailbhe Griffith is claiming back the power after a sexual assault [w/VIDEO] (Irish Examiner 10/2)

                     Inner West police support Stand Tall for PTS Awareness Day (My Police Brisbane West Australia 10/2)

                     Beyond the Beauty: Gisele Bündchen Opens Up About Her Panic Attacks (PsyCom 10/2)

                     Auburn University Researchers Looking at New Ways to Treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [w/VIDEO] (NBC WLTZ 10/1)

                     New laws on animal abuse, PTSD benefits take effect in Florida [w/VIDEO] (CBS 5 WKRG 10/1)

                     How Watching Catelynn's Mental Health Struggles On 'Teen Mom' Helped Save My Life (Bustle 10/1)

                     Students and teachers find comfort in faith after 1 October (ABC 13 News 10/1)

                     ‘Children are left behind’ (The Final Call 10/1)

                     Hanscom FCU’s Charitable Foundation sponsors Mission: Gratitude Gala (CU Insight Press 10/1)

                     Honor Flight Twin Cities founders find healing in helping war veterans (Grand Forks Herald 10/1)

                     Local organization plans event for veterans to find services (Yakima Herald 10/1)

                     Lafayette's first medical marijuana clinic holds grand opening Oct. 1 [w/VIDEO] (CBS 10 KLFY 10/1)

10/01/2018:  Technology brings Psychiatry to Horizon Health in Paris (The Independent News 10/1)

                     PTSD dog among the graduating class of assistance dogs in Burnaby (Vancouver Sun 10/1)

                     Disaster Victims at Risk for Mental Health Issues (Theravive 10/1)

                     About Bald Mountain Behavioral Medicine (Hour Detroit 10/1)

                     Funds raised to assist veterans (Gettysburg Times 10/1)

                     A retreat for those living with PTSD (The Chronicle Herald 10/1)

                     Study Links Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids with Reduced Anxiety Symptoms (Pharmacy Times 10/1)

                     J&P Cycles Invests in New PTSD Treatment for Vets (PR Newswire 10/1)

                     PTSD Expert Who Survived Las Vegas Massacre Recounts Horror in Book: 'Burned into My Memory' (People 10/1)

                     In Santa Fe, learning to preserve vets’ stories (Santa Fe New Mexican 9/30)

                     Former soldiers advocate for therapeutic benefits of scuba diving for treating PTSD (ABC Australia 9/30)

TBI News

October 2018

10/31/2018:  After a concussion, Florida clinic helps to 're-wire' the brain [VIDEO] (CBS 10 News 10/31)

                     NCAA and DOD Extend Funding For Largest Concussion Study Ever (WIBC Indy 10/31)

                     Study looks to unravel long-term impact of concussions in college sports [w/VIDEO] (Indy Star 10/31)

                     EVENT [11/6]: Brain Injury Association holding free concussion workshop (Windsor Star 10/31)

                     UCLA's Bolu Olorunfunmi says he's healthy but also grateful for school policy on concussions that ended his season (LA Times 10/31)

                     At committee: Government expenses, fiscal policy and sport-related concussions (iPolitics 10/31)

                     Research consortium that includes MCW gets $22.5 million to expand concussion study (Milwaukee Business News 10/31)

                     Fourteen concussions: Frost retires from football (Sydney Morning Herald 10/31)

                     Notre Dame Player’s Brain Injury May Be ‘Latent,’ Ohio Judges Rule (Bloomberg Law 10/31)

10/30/2018:  What Do I Owe My Severely Disabled Parents? (New York Times Magazine 10/30)

                     Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League to implement concussion management software (Soo Today 10/30)

                     CDC approves first-ever guidelines on managing concussions (Contemporary Pediatrics 10/30)

                     Dean Ryan will use harrowing experiences to raise awareness of concussion: 'By nature, athletes think they are invincible' (The Telegraph UK 10/30)

                     7 Ways Loneliness, And Connectedness, Affect Mental Health (Forbes 10/30)

                     Children With Mild Head Injuries Are Still Getting Too Many Brain Scans (Forbes 10/30)

                     Jets a prime example of how NFL teams treat concussions in 2018 (JetsWire 10/30)

                     At times she wondered if she should run away after his severe brain injury -- but she didn't (NBC 11 ALIVE 10/30)

                     Possible Malingering in PTSD, TBI Cases Calls for Careful Analysis (MedPage Today 10/29)

                     Could we all benefit from pro-level concussion protocols? (Singletrack 10/29)

                     Dyslexia Gene Linked to Lower Risk of Concussions, Study Suggests (NewsMax Health 10/29)

                     Medical Marijuana in Ohio Coming (CBS 13 WOWK 10/29)

                     Study trying to identify CTE in living individuals needs volunteers (AZ Central 10/29)

10/29/2018:  Dyslexia gene may predict concussion susceptibility among football players (Penn State 10/29)

                     Doctors, researchers take all-encompassing approach to concussions [w/VIDEO] (CBS 10 WTSP 10/29)

                     Football parents face tough decisions after concussions: ‘I’m nervous every play’ (Washington Post 10/29)

                     Some Schools Turning To Flag Football To Prevent Young Players From Concussions [w/VIDEO] (CBS 3 Philly 10/29)

                     Amid Concern Over Concussions, High Schools Struggle to Fill Football Rosters (New York Times 10/29)

                     Concussion symptoms, signs don't just appear with football athletes [w/VIDEO] (CBS 10 WTSP 10/28-29)

                     Editorial: An important step toward making Texas high school athletics safer (Longview News-Journal 10/28)

                     Merril Hoge's 'Brainwashed' Is For Football Diehards, Not for Advancing Science on CTE (Forbes 10/28)

                     Mother and daughter receive award for helping those with brain injuries (Fiddlehead Focus 10/28)

                     Brain damage in college football (The Fabuan 10/28)

                     Veteran injured in Iraq getting free, wheelchair accessible home [w/VIDEO] (ABC 13 WZZM 10/27-28)

10/28/2018:  Vets’ Home Base expansion opens (Boston Herald 10/27)

                     Story of woman’s horror crash told in new virtual reality film (Edinburgh News 10/27)

                     He’s out of coma, improving every day (The Lockhaven Express 10/27)

                     Gene linked to dyslexia associated with lower concussion risk (UPI 10/27)

                     The 3rd most powerful supercomputer in the world was turned on at a classified government lab in California (Business Insider 10/27)

                     Physical Therapy at Memorial Hospital welcomes new therapists (Conway Daily Sun 10/26)

                     In football, CTE skeptics like Merril Hoge challenge brain-damage conclusions, but Doug Baldwin cites ‘common sense’ (Seattle Times 10/26)

                     The Ivy League Becomes the Future of Football (New York Times 10/26)

10/27/2018:  FOX23 Investigates: Helmet sensor helps concussion research [w/VIDEO] (Fox 23 News 10/26)

                     Mercy Iowa City expanding to a new inpatient rehab hospital [w/VIDEO] (ABC 9 KCRG 10/26)

                     Johnny Sexton explains why players are keeping their medical data private (Sports Joe 10/26)

                     Ravens’ odd Homecoming 2018 a smashing success (Mojave Desert News 10/26)

                      Sasha Banks Reveals She Was Sidelined With Post-Concussion Syndrome [w/VIDEO] (Fightful 10/26)

10/26/2018:  Neurosurgeon speaks about concussions in sports [w/VIDEO] (WBOY 12 News 10/26)

                     Empowering clinicians to diagnose neurological diseases (Neuro News 10/26)

                     Johnny Sexton: Concussion stigma has led to insurance problems [w/VIDEO] (Off The Ball 10/26)

                     Concussion and college football: how many hits to the head is too much? (Science Daily / Springer 10/26)

                     Biggest high school football programs soon required to report concussions (NBC 4 San Antonio 10/26)

                     Calling an audible: Changes for Dartmouth football (The Dartmouth 10/26)

                     Ohio to start accepting petitions to add new conditions eligible for medical marijuana [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 WCMH 10/25-26)

                     Ohio patients will soon be able to legally buy medical marijuana [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 WCMH 10/25)

                     Here's What Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Gets Wrong About Concussions (WBUR 90.9 News 10/25)

                     PNT 101: What is the Para 7-A-Side National Team? (U.S. Soccer 10/25)

                     Therapeutic Solutions International Announces CTE Optimized NeuroStilbene Formulation (Nasdaq 10/25)

                     Trinity’s Academics are at the Frontlines of Sport’s War on Concussion (University Times 10/25)

                     All high schools need concussions reports (Beaumont Enterprise 10/25)

                     New Research Offers Insights Into Football-Related Concussions (Health Day 10/25)

                     Collecting concussion data worth the extra effort for high schools (Houston Chronicle 10/25)

                     A Proud Dad Watches His Son Play Football, Even After Concussions Led to Parkinson's [w/VIDEO] (CBS 2 WFMY 10/25)

                     Douglas eighth-grader's sports concussions project in national science competition (West Georgia Neighbor 10/24)

10/25/2018:  Penn’s Justin Morrison is doing research to find out if Viagra can help treat brain injuries (Philly Inquirer 10/25)

                     ‘Concussion Protocol’: A filmmaker’s clinical, unsparing view of football’s damage (San Francisco Chronicle 10/25)

                     Post-Concussion Symptoms: How Long Do They Last and Who Is More Apt to Experience Them (AAP Journals 10/24)

                     Brain injury and cancer patients heal through art, now up for sale [w/VIDEO] (Fox 17 Michigan 10/24)

                     Traumatic brain injury survivor shares story with Chambers Academy for Red Ribbon Week (Valley Times-News 10/24)

                     Merril Hoge, co-author of new book are way off target in discussing football, CTE [w/VIDEO] (USA Today 10/24)

                     Study reveals no benefit to costly and risky brain cooling after brain injury (Medical Xpress / Monash Univ 10/24)

                     Hypothermia treatment does not help traumatic brain injury, study finds (The BMJ 10/24)

                     Research Shows Importance of Coach-Athlete Relationship in Concussion Reporting (UNCG Now 10/24)

                     CTE, and Kids in Sports (Mesabi Daily News 10/24)

                     Braintrust Canada opens concussion clinic in Kelowna [w/VIDEO] (Global News 10/24)

                     Alberta Junior Hockey League adds high-tech element to concussion protocol (CBC 10/24)

10/24/2018:  The concussion dilemma in college football: Repeated low-grade hits to the head - not one big blow - are to blame for brain disease (Daily Mail UK 10/23-24)

                     Targeting concussions: A Tallahassee company's drug draws attention [w/VIDEO] (ABC 11 News 10/23)

                     Concussion signs, symptoms and facts: Researchers work to learn more about brain injuries (CBS 10 News 10/23)

                     Veteran says Wounded Warrior Project mental health program saved his life [w/VIDEO] (CBS 6 News 10/23)

                     Merril Hoge has co-authored an anti-CTE book, and many NFL pundits are rushing to promote it for some stupid reason (Awful Announcing 10/23)

                     How one flawed study and irresponsible reporting launched a wave of CTE hysteria (Yahoo Sports 1/23)

10/23/2018:  Texas requires large schools to report player concussions (Tampa Bay Times 10/23)

                     Football players' concussions linked to dyslexia gene (EurekAlert / Northwestern Univ 10/23)

                     Saying the game has gone soft is idiotic - it has a legal and moral duty to deal with high tackling (The Telegraph UK 10/22)

                     ‘Waste Removal System’ Could Deliver Drugs to Brain (Futurity 10/22)

                     N.B. doctors push for education in the advancements of concussion treatments [w/VIDEO] (Global News 10/22)

                     Concussions In Female Athletes Could Lead To “An Intergenerational Nightmare” (Ten Daily 10/22)

                     I Suffered from 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries—But it Took 13 Years to get a Diagnosis (Well & Good 10/22)

                     The Matt Duffin Show - Build Better Relationships after Brian Injury [w/VIDEO, AUDIO] (Blog Talk Radio 10/22)

                     23-year-old TBI survivor determined to heal, become a teacher [w/VIDEO] (ABC 27 News 1/21)

10/22/2018:  Update: UIL will require all Class 6A schools to report concussions to boost its Texas-wide database (Sports Day Dallas 10/22)

                     N.B. doctors push for education in the advancements of concussion treatments [w/VIDEO] (Global News 10/22)

                     Stanford concussion education initiative partners with Pop Warner (Stanford Daily 10/22)

                     Youth Sports Leagues Admit to Dodging Concussion Safety Laws [w/VIDEO] (NBC Bat Area 10/21-22)

                     Browns player Chris Hubbard opens up about mental health [w/VIDEO] (ABC 5 Cleveland 10/20-22)

                     The Innovators: New gaming app aims to track concussions in athletes [w/VIDEO] (Global National 10/21)

                     Sharp Names Paralympic National Team Roster for 2018 IFCPF Americas Championships (US Soccer 10/21) 

                     Griz football program reflects heightened national awareness of concussion risks (Ravalli Republic 10/21)

10/21/2018:  Sudbury books: Stories of survival and perseverance (Regina Leader-Post 10/21)

                     6 Health Conditions that may Benefit from a Ketogenic Diet (Herald of Fashion 10/21)

                     SUNY Plattsburgh a community necessity (Press-Republican 10/21)

                     Tyler Hilinski Cause of Death: How Did Washington State Player Die? [w/VIDEO] (Heavy 10/20)

10/20/2018:  Monadnock Profile: Community returned Tease's favor in hour of need (Keene Sentinel 10/20)

                     School of head knocks sends Andrew Heffernan on a new path (Sydney Morning Herald 10/20)

                     Randy Carlyle thought hot brains caused concussions; what if cooling the brain works as treatment? (SB Nation 10/20)

                     High school coaches work to make football safer amid growing concerns over CTE [w/VIDEO] (Central Illinois Proud 10/20)

                     Stop concocting unscientific excuses for ignoring brain injuries from football (Chicago Sun Times 10/19)

                     Selah veteran Evan Mettie dies 12 years after he was paralyzed on duty in Iraq (Yakima Herald 10/19)

10/19/2018:  Working across disciplines, Stanford researchers explore causes and treatments for concussions and how to prevent them (Stanford News 10/19)

                     EVENT [11/10]: Second Annual Artisan Market Features Work Of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors (Sun Times News 10/19)

                     ‘Farm Kid’ Meets Challenges of Brain Injury (Lancaster Farming 10/19)

                     Telehealth traumatic brain injury project prepares DNP graduate for stroke care leadership (UMSL Daily 10/19)

                     Beyond the Bison: new NFL regulations aim to reduce infamous concussion frequency (The Bucknellian 10/19)

                     This Fargo clinic wants to change the standard of care for concussions [w/AUDIO] (KFGO News 10/19)

                     Closing the Gaps in Concussion Law (Investigate West 10/19)

                     What you need to know about the impact of concussions on visual function (Healio Optometry 10/19)

                     Nascar Superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. Confronts Concussions in New Memoir (Wall Street Journal 10/19)

                     With dangers of everyday concussions revealed, scientists race to find solutions (Medical Xpress / UCSF 10/18)

                     Pop Warner implements concussion-awareness program for kids [w/VIDEO] (Fox 4 10/18)

10/18/2018:  With dangers of everyday concussions revealed, scientists race to find solutions (Medical Xpress / UCSF 10/18)

                     NFL: Concussions Down; Still Not Satisfied (The Sports Post 10/18)

                     Pop Warner football is offering 'crash course' on concussion conundrum [w/VIDEO] (USA Today 10/18)

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                     NHL concerned by rise in goalie concussions [w/VIDEO] (TSN Hockey 10/18)

                     Subtle stimulation: Spokane neurologist offering transcranial magnetic stimulation (Spokesman Review 10/17)

                     UGA Researchers Simulate Traumatic Brain Injuries In Lab (Georgia Health News 10/17)

10/17/2018:  Indycar Details their Efforts to Improve Concussion Diagnosis On and Off-Track [w/VIDEO] (Checkered Flag UK 10/17)

                     Supporting the Brain After a Concussion Critical (Bonner County Daily Bee 10/17)

                     NFL doctor held a targeted concussion intervention with seven teams, says numbers fell (CBS Sports 10/17)

                     Gender, family matter when recovering from a concussion, study finds (Austin 360 10/17)

                     Concussion treatment clinic opens in Kelowna (Vernon Morning Star 10/17)

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                     A collar might help prevent concussions in sports like soccer: Study [w/VIDEO] (ABC News 10/17)

                     NFL 'Cautiously Optimistic' After Decrease in Preseason Concussions From Last Season [w/VIDEO] (Sports Illustrated 10/17)

10/16/2018:  Student inventors tackle concussions (SmartBrief 10/16)

                     Review of Factors Impacting Sport-Related Concussion Headaches (Neurology Advisor 10/16)

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                     Second British footballer to die from head trauma and dementia linked to heading a ball is Rod Taylor (The Sun UK 10/16)

                     Sugar: A 'Sweet' Tool to Understand Brain Injuries (Lab Manager 10/15)

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                     Nationwide Children's Researchers 'Surprised' By Youth Head Trauma Study [w/AUDIO] (WOSU Radio 10/15)

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10/15/2018:  Learn about the dangers of concussions right here (Dawson Creek Mirror 10/15)

                     Concussion researchers study head motion in high school football hits (Stanford Medicine 10/15)

                     Car repair shop owners helping veterans get service dogs (Rocket City Now 10/15)

                     SUNY Poly professors receive $1.5 million to study brain injuries, colon cancer and spinal cord injuries (Albany Business Review 10/15)

                     Kids' Concussion Symptoms May Persist for a Year (Web MD 10/15)

                     CT scan decision aid helps parents of children with minor head trauma, study finds (Spine Review 10/15)

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10/14/2018:  Invictus Games: How Prince Harry 'saved' commando Garry (ABC Australia 10/15)

                     Good vibrations: Survivors and families find healing through music therapy (Montana Standard 10/14)

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                     PBA yet to determine when concussion protocol can be established (Spin Philippines 10/13)

                     Crocker listens, acts; why make a change? (The Inquirer and Mirror 10/12)

10/13/2018:  Former Gillingham footballer Rod Taylor died of football-related brain injury (Kent Online 10/13)

                     Dalton Myers | Let's Support The Work Of Special Olympics Jamaica (The Gleaner 10/13)

                     Concussion Baseline Testing: Should It Be Offered to All Athletes? (Whitman Wire 10/12)

                     UCSF-Led Consortium Receives $26.2M to Develop Therapies for Traumatic Brain Injury (UCSF 10/12)

                     St. Joseph football gets new helmets designed to reduce forces that lead to concussions [w/VIDEO] (North Jersey 10/12)

                     NFL helmet makers will upgrade US troops with the same tech [w/VIDEO] (We Are the Mighty 10/12)

                     Rubber-skinned mannequins and banning helmet-led tackles: The NFL embraces health and safety at Wembley (Independent UK 10/12)

                     CFL takes leadership role at multisport symposium in sharing information on concussions (Globe and Mail 10/12)

                     Former NHL star Joe Murphy homeless and battling mental illness [w/VIDEO] (London Free Press 10/11)

                     Behind-the-scenes look at the NFL game-day concussion protocol [w/VIDEO] (ESPN 10/11)

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10/12/2018:  New Tool Aids CT Decision-Making in Kids With Mild TBI (MedScape Psychiatry 10/12)

                     CTE researchers seek to study more female brains (Washington Post 10/11)

                     'I don't want to end up brain dead': How concussions affect football in Delmarva [w/VIDEO] (Delmarva Now 10/11)

                     A study to find answers over dementia link to heading in soccer (The Hindu 10/11)

                     Jim Cantore saves NBC News reporter Kerry Sanders during Hurricane Michael live shot [w/VIDEO] (NBC 3 WKYC 10/11)

10/11/2018:  Football seeks answers over dementia link to heading (ABS CBN News 10/11)

                     Poe’s Perspective: What will it take to stop the violence in football? (Daily Trojan 10/11)   

                     JMU student to present brain research at national convention (The Breeze 10/11)

                     Study of KCNB1 sheds some light on cause of Alzheimer's and traumatic brain injury (Zenopa 10/11)

                     KARE 11 Investigates: VA failed to give veterans proper brain injury exams (NBC 11 KARE 10/10-11)

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                     Octo tapped for brain injury support contract (Washington Technology 10/10)

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                     High School Quarterback Paralyzed Following Hit During Game: 'My Body Just Gave Out' [w/VIDEO] (People 10/10)

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                     For World Mental Health Day, here are 6 easy ways to prioritize your mental health [w/VIDEO] (ABC News 10/10)

10/10/2018:  Teachers should be trained to spot concussion in kids, say MPs as they launch acquired brain injury report (Mirror UK 10/10)

                     Book details team, family dysfunction late in Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz’s life (Chicago Sun Times 10/10)

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                     EEOC suit: Lockheed failed to accommodate admin with traumatic brain injury (HR Dive 10/9)

                     Nanaimo minor hockey league hopes to shut out concussions with new team member (CBC 10/9)

                     Money in football is drowning out safety concerns (Bozeman Daily Chronicle 10/9)

                     Georgia High School football player died after traumatic brain injury, coroner rules [w/VIDEO] (NBC News 10/9)

                     Concussion care for children and adolescents: New recommendations (Harvard Med School 10/9)

                     CDC offers new concussion protocols for children [w/VIDEO] (CBS 7 WDBJ 10/9)

                     Study suggests children's vulnerability to brain injuries should end tackle football until high school (Tucson Online 10/8)

                     Former USC football star Kevin Ellison dies at 31 (NBC News 10/8)

10/09/2018:  Interpersonal Stressors and Resources as Predictors of Adolescent Adjustment Following Traumatic Brain Injury (MedScape Psychiatry 10/9)

                     Former USC football star Kevin Ellison dies at 31 (NBC News 10/8)

10/08/2018:  SyncThink Launches “SyncThink Express” Injury Response Solution (Canal Street Chronicles 10/8)

                     Hall Quarterback Brett Favre Stands Behind New Concussion Treatment (Fox 23 News 10/8)

                     VA data: Suicide rate for Alabama veterans up, especially for young veterans (Alabama Today 10/8)

                     Private Memorial to be Held for College Football Player Who Died Jumping Out Window (The Epoch Times 10/8)

                     Endless, winless wars eroding our democracy (Watertown Daily Times 10/8)

                     Modified Revised Trauma–Marshall score as a proposed tool in predicting the outcome of moderate and severe traumatic brain injury (DovePress 10/8)

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                     Pinocembrin: A Natural Compound For Treatment Of Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage And Traumatic Brain Injury (Science Trends 10/8)

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                     Kier overcomes obstacles to become involved leader (Grand Island Independent 10/7)

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10/07/2018:  Janice Ann's Journal: 'Angels Among the Pines' fundraiser set for Nov. 12 at The Silo (Lufkin Daily News 10/7)

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                     Risks involved with playing football, sports (Daily Item 10/6)

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10/06/2018:  'It could have been catastrophic': Why girls' schools can't ignore concussion [w/VIDEO] (Sydney Morning Herald 10/7)

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                     Mom says new concussion guidelines came too late for her daughter [w/VIDEO] (Good 4 Utah 10/5)

10/05/2018:  Association of mild traumatic brain injury with and without loss of consciousness with dementia in US military veterans (MD Linx Neurology 10/5)

                     Huddle Pregame: "Talking Concussions" [w/VIDEO] (News Leader 10/5)

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                     ‘Cardinal cowboy’ honored by Brain Injury Association of Missouri [w/VIDEO] (Fox 2 Now 10/5)

                     NeuroVive Reports First NeuroSTAT Clinical Efficacy Signal in TBI (PR Newswire 10/5)

                     Indianapolis company aims to help parents, trainers diagnose concussions in seconds [w/VIDEO] (Fox 59 10/5)

                     Iain Henderson on concussion: ‘I couldn’t even think of the simplest lineout call’ (Irish Examiner 10/5)

                     TBI Is Associated with Nearly Two-Time Risk for Suicide Better Interventions Are Needed, Experts Say (Neurology Today 10/4)

                     Professor Says It Is Time To End Football In High Schools (WLRN Miami 10/4)

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                     CDC changes guidelines for traumatic brain injuries (ABC 12 10/4)

                     Study suggests specific cells and genes may be potential brain injury treatment targets (Medical Zpress / NIH 10/4)

                     Art project "unmasks" silent epidemic of Montanans with brain injuries [w/VIDEO] (ABC Fox Montana 10/4)

                     MRI Informative for Long-term Prognosis of Traumatic Brain Injury (Psychiatry Advisor 10/4)

10/04/2018:  Greenville neurologist explains dangers of concussions in children [w/VIDEO] (CBS 7 WSPA 10/4)

                     Rutherford Discovery Fellowships to accelerate research careers announced (VOXY NZ 10/4)

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                     For Your Patients-Concussion: Why Some Neurologists Are Calling ‘Foul’ Over Criteria for NFL Concussion Settlement (Neurology Today 10/4)

                     Queen’s University PhD candidate working to reduce football concussions [w/VIDEO] ( Global News 10/4)

                     Brain injury survivors tackle the wall at CSU-Pueblo (Pueblo Chieftain 10/3)

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                     High School Football Player Says “I Can’t Feel My Body,” Before Dying Mysteriously [w/VIDEO] (Hollywood Unlocked 10/3)

                     IN FOCUS: CDC changes guidlines for traumatic brain injuries [w/VIDEO] (NBC 15 WMTV 10/3)

                     Healing Paws for Warriors [w/VIDEO] (NBC 7 WJHG 10/3)

                     Burke’s Bully Pulpit: Where does the NFL go from here? (Daily Free Press 10/3)

10/03/2018:  How to measure brain damage? A yardstick, of sorts, for MRI (Univ of Washington Medicine 10/3)

                     Every cell has a story to tell in brain injury (National Institutes of Health 10/3)

                     Rapid Equipping Force gives Army objective measure for head traumas (Federal News Radio 10/3)

                     Ivy League schools tackling concerns over concussions with rules changes (News 7 Boston 10/3)

                     Patterson out to blow the whistle on football concussions (Nashua Telegraph 10/3)

                     Doc Talk: Concussions [w/VIDEO] (ABC 30 News  10/3)

                     RESEARCH NEED: More women's brains needed for concussion studies, says Ruggiero (EuroNews 10/3)

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                     Increase in concerns over sports related brain injuries after high school student dies [w/VIDEO] (News 22 WWLP 10/2-3)

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