PTSD & TBI Research - November 2018


November 2018

11/30/2018:  Charity reminds veterans struggling with PTSD that help is available (Guardian UK 11/30)

                     Sunshine Coast, a Leading Trauma and PTSD Treatment Program in Canada, Announces New Post on EMDR Therapy (BenZingA 11/30)

                     Five US Sites are now Enrolling Patients for MDMA Clinical Trials (Futurism 11/30)

                     Lundbeck and Otsuka report positive phase II data for the combination treatment of brexpiprazole and sertraline for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Globe Newswire 11/30)

                     Frozen in place: Student sexual assault survivors share what life is like dealing with PTSD (Daily Texan 11/30)

                     'Short-staffed midwives abandoned me for hours during horrific childbirth and now I have PTSD' 🎥 (Hull Live UK 11/30)

                     Pitt professors explore psychology of mass shooting survivors (Pitt News 11/30)

                     Australian Police, Emergency Services Workers Report High Rates of Psychological Distress (OH&S 11/30)

                     Here's What I Wish My Loved Ones Understood About PTSD, Years After My Husband's Death (Pop Sugar 11/30)

                     Study: Medical Ecstasy Makes People More Cooperative, But They Can Still Sniff Out A Rat (Forbes 11/29)

11/29/2018:  Innovations Television Series Proud to Honor Veterans in Upcoming Episode (PR Web 11/30)

                     The Persistence of Trauma: PTSD (MedScape 11/29)

                     MDMA Clinical Trials Are Now Open for Enrollment at Five Sites in the US 🎥 (Inverse 11/29)

                     Unpleasant Surprises With Blood Pressure Drug for PTSD (MedScape Psychiatry 11/29)

                     Drunk driving among veterans is up nearly 60 percent since 2014, study finds (Military Times 11/29)

                     Kalamazoo man convicted of selling fentanyl to veteran with PTSD, causing his death (Fox 17 News 11/29)

                     EVENT [12/1]: Skeletons in the closet (Lewiston Tribune 11/29)

                     Designer drugs bring new hope for PTSD and anxiety patients (MD Linx 11/29)

                     9th-graders earn Girl Scouts' Silver Award (Brainerd Dispatch 11/29)

                     The model army fighting for veterans' mental health 🎥 (BBC News 11/28)

                     Near-death experience propelled researcher into the field of PTSD research (Guelph Today 11/28)

                     Hundreds Of Police Officers Grow Beards To Help Veterans (CBS 4 WBZ 11/28)

11/28/2018:  Vineyard Police Get Scruffy for a Good Cause (Vineyard Gazette 11/28)

                     Post-natal PTSD: 'I relived childbirth over and over again' 🎥 (BBC News 11/28)

                     Public Thinks Veterans With PTSD 'Struggle To Hold Down A Job' (Forces Network UK 11/28)

                     Designer drugs bring new hope for PTSD and anxiety patients (MD Linx 11/28)

                     Two former servicemen talk about living with PTSD (Richmond & Twickenham Times UK 11/28)

                     How VA-trained psychiatrists are bringing their skills to civilians with PTSD 🔊(KASU Radio 11/28)

                     Post-traumatic stress program receives national recognition (Watertown Daily Times 11/27)

                     Local police growing beards to help vets (Coventry Courier 11/27)

                     Public forum takes on Erie-area students’ mental health concerns (Go Erie 11/27)

                     Psychological intervention proves 'life-changing' for women experiencing domestic abuse (Medical Xpress / Univ of Bristol 11/27)

                     Meditation may help ease veterans' PTSD symptoms (Reuters 11/27)

                     Carbondale group pairs veterans with PTSD service dogs (ABC 3 WSIL 11/26)

11/27/2018:  Trying to put pieces back together for PTSD sufferers (Chronicle Herald 11/27)

                     Meditation may help ease veterans' PTSD symptoms (WSAU 11/27 / Lancet Psychiatry 11/27)

                     Scientific Schools of SUSU: Studying Stress Mechanisms at the International Level ( 11/27)

                     The real model army helping veterans with mental health issues 🎥 (BBC 11/27)

                     Nighttime-only prazosin may worsen insomnia, nightmares in PTSD (Healio Psychiatric 11/27)

                     Widow says RCMP husband had ‘rage in his head’ after Dziekanski incident (Globe and Mail 11/26-27)

                     This foundation is giving disabled vets independence via smart home tech (Digital Trends 11/26)

                     Want to know more about accessing medical marijuana for PTSD? Carlisle event to offer help (Penn Live 11/26)

                     Here's How Yoga Can Help Sexual Trauma Survivors & Ease The Healing Process, According To Experts (Elite  Daily 11/26)

                     From PTSD To Pas De Bourrée, The Combat Veteran ‘Saved’ By Dance 🔊 (Public Radio WUNC 11/22)

11/26/2018:  Management of nightmares in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder: current perspectives (Dove Press NZ 11/26)

                     Beyond marches: How military music offers balm for soldiers, families (Christian Science Monitor 11/26)

                     Councilwoman’s agency collecting headphones (Altoona Mirror 11/26)

                     Veteran and service dog ‘Star’ in film (Courier 11/26)

                     Healing trauma in South Sudan through mental health programmes (Al-Jazeera 11/26)

                     A psychologist told us absolutely everything about PTSD, including signs you may be experiencing it (Hello Giggles 11/26)

                     Canyon Heroes program seeking more veterans in need of healing (Trib Live 11/26)

                     ‘Substantial’ announcement regarding PTSD coming: Ellis (Intelligencer 11/26)

                     Bay Shore Vietnam vet uses art to teach about realities of war 🎥 (News 12 Long Island 11/25)

                     A glimpse into the struggles of military veterans (Martinsville Bulletin 11/25)

                     PTSD soldier reveals how horror of war meant he couldn't cope with everyday life (Mirror UK 11/25)

                     The push to end violence against women (ASEAN Post 11/25)

11/25/2018:  The Hippocampus, Self-Esteem, and Physical Health (Psychology Today 11/25)

                     A PTSD survivor is trying to save others, lessen that 'heavy burden' (Orillia Matters 11/25)

                     Veteran issues require action (Baytown Sun 11/25)

                     Shattering the silence of rape (IOL South Africa 11/24)

                     Vet Triip offers relief from pain and stress (San Antonio Express 11/24)

                     A nurse left her workplace because of PTSD. Now, she's helping change it (CBC 11/24)

                     My boyfriend has turned to drinking after struggling to cope with life since leaving the Army (Irish Sun 11/24)

                     SLOPOKE gets fast start in move to Solvang (Santa Ynez Valley Star 11/24)

                     Cyclist wants to cycle height of Mt Everest after horror crash (West Australian 11/23)

11/24/2018:  PTSD does not affect only war veterans (Telegraph India 11/24)

                     Movie: 'A Private War' Explores War Reporter's Inner Battle 🎥 (Voice of America 11/23)

                     Whitinsville student author takes on mental illness in novel (Telegram Online 11/23)

                     Rosetown Fire Chief battles PTSD after witnessing firefighter deaths 🎥 (CTV News 11/23)

                     Dispatchers can experience PTSD just as much as other first responders (Idaho Press 11/23)

                     Cannabidiol oil businesses taking root in Okaloosa County (NWF Daily News 11/23).

                     New study finds dogs 'significantly' help veterans (Oneida Daily Dispatch 11/23)

                     EVENT [1/26]: World Premiere Engagement of THE P.O.W. AND THE GIRL Opens At The Sherry Theatre 1/26 (Broadway World 11/23)

11/23/2018:  What is PTSD and What are the Symptoms? (Independent 11/23)

                     Research identifies your reaction to stress may predict your brain health (Top Health Journal 11/23)

                     ICU stay can lead to depression (KFGO Fargo 11/23)

                     Filmmaker with Regina roots travels to fire lines to explore firefighters' PTSD (CBC 11/23)

                     Sometimes it's not enough: how one PTSD survivor tries to save others (Barrie Today 11/23)

                     Firefighters And Post Traumatic Stress (FM101 KXL 11/23)

                     Puppy love at White Rock’s Kent Street centre (North Delta Reporter 11/23)

                     Therapy dogs for PTSD (Hippocratic Post 11/23)

                     ICU Discharge, Depression, and Risk of Dying: New Study (MedScape Psychiatry 11/23)

                     A Thanksgiving to last a lifetime: Veteran of war finds life and love (ABC 6 RTV 11/22)

                     Over half of former ICU patients in the UK report symptoms of psychological disorders (EurekAlert / BioMed 11/22)

                     Over half of former intensive care patients suffer from anxiety, PTSD or depression within a year of discharge (Daily Mail UK 11/22)

                     Empty Stocking Fund: Helping a family through a rough patch 🎥 (Vancouver Sun 11/22)

                     ‘People looking out for you’: New first responder PTSD group launches in Halifax (The Signal 11/22)

                     Federal prisons were told to improve inmates’ access to mental health care. They’ve failed miserably. (NOLA Online 11/22)

11/22/2018:  'I partied all night to hide from my PTSD' (BBC 11/22)

                     Matthew Wright says The Wright Stuff gave him PTSD (BBC News 11/22)

                     EVENT [11/26]: Veterans to hear about post-traumatic stress and mindfulness training Nov. 26 (Cape Gazette 11/21)

                     EVENT [11/27]: Community invited to learn about vital research at Homewood (Guelph Today

                     Hidalgo County raising awareness about Veterans Crisis Line 🎥 (CBS 4 Valley Central 11/21)

                     MDMA could help gain trust but does not make one naive find researchers (Medical Life Sciences News 11/21)

                     PTSD treatment? When exposure therapy isn't an option, imagining the scenario might help 🎥 (ABC News 11/21)

                     Mental health crisis failing UK victims of terror attacks, report warns (Independent UK 11/21)

                     Capital Area United Way adds crisis counseling access (The Advocate 11/21)

                     Camp Fires brings Pain and Empathy from Shasta County (CBS 12/NBC 24/CW 11/21)

                     Energy drinks may be contributing to PTSD in soldiers, study finds (WSB 2 Atlanta 11/21)

                     Witnessing bullying can have negative long-term effects on children, Irish expert claims (Irish Mirror 11/21)

11/21/2018: I-Team: Nearly 1 in 5 Cops Has Considered Suicide Amid Stigma Around Mental Health Issues 🎥 (NBC 4 NY 11/20-21) 

                    Give Local: Best Ways to Give Back in San Diego on Giving Tuesday (San Diego Entertainer 11/20)

                     CityServe helps give a Pleasanton vet a fresh start (Pleasanton Weekly 11/20)

                     COPING | Locals handle stress from fires, shooting differently, but all require healing (VC Reporter 11/20)

                     Thousands Eat Free Meals at 'Bay High School Family of Schools Community Thanksgiving Dinner' 🎥 (My Panhandle 11/20)

                     Community mourns the loss of murdered Shaker Heights teacher 🎥 (CBS 19 Cleveland 11/20)

                     Firefighter Moves On To Fight PTSD In Colleagues 🔊 (KCBS Radio 11/20)

                     Healing on horseback: New Freedom Farm gives veterans with PTSD a new path (AG Daily 11/20)                   

11/20/2018:  K9s for Warriors helping Norfolk veterans manage PTSD (CBS 3 WTKR 11/20)

                     Healing on horseback: New Freedom Farm gives veterans with PTSD a new path (AG Daily 11/20)

                     27 Investigates the number of children impacted by the opioid crisis 🎥 (CBS 27 WKBN 11/19-20)

                     Trauma May Up Risk for Menopause Symptoms in Older Women (MedPage Today 11/19)

                     Cambridge firefighter shares story of healing from post-traumatic stress (Cambridge Times 11/19)

                     Meditation May Best Gold Standard Therapy for PTSD (MedScape Psychiatry 11/19)

                     Wake Forest Clinical Study Shows CERESET Technology Reduces Symptoms of PTSD in Military Personnel (BioSpace 11/19)

                     Street Trauma: Residents open up about life on Bakersfield's toughest streets (ABC 23 Bakersfield 11/19)

                     'I thought I'd either die or retire': For first responders with PTSD, there's no easy fix (Forsyth County News 11/19)

                     ‘Meditation Can Effectively Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’ (The Quint 11/19)

                     Putnam County paramedic featured in documentary to raise PTSD awareness 🎥 (Hometown Stations 11/19)

11/19/2018:  Compassionate Certification Centers to Sponsor Third Annual World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo (PR Web 11/20)

                     MDMA makes people cooperative, but not gullible (EurekAlert / King's College London 11/19)

                     Past Trauma Linked to Hot Flashes and Other Menopause Symptoms (Everyday Health 11/19)

                     Drug used for PTSD may worsen nightmares, not reduce suicidal thoughts (EurekAlert / Med College of Georgia 11/19)

                     Transcendental Meditation Benefits Veterans With PTSD (EMPR 11/19)

                     TNXP: Ready to Initiate Phase 3 Trial of TNX-102 SL in PTSD in 1Q19 (SCR Digest 11/19)

                     P.E.I. veteran living with PTSD and depression finds positive outlet in woodworking (Journal Pioneer 11/18-19)

                     Racine Cardboard Boat Race, Modern Woodmen Insurance come through for veterans (Journal Times 11/18)

                     FT. BRAGG STORIES: Helping Incarcerated Veterans (WUNC 11/18)

                     Veteran urges caution when adopting service pets from shelters 🎥 (WLNS 6 News 11/18)

                     How these stunning works of art saved a soldier as he battled PTSD after returning from Afghanistan (Chronicle Live 11/18)

                     For some, service dogs play vital role (North Platte Telegraph 11/18)

                     Warrior Outreach opens new event center 🎥 (CBS WRBL 11/18)

                     State & Union: Second ‘Unbroken’ coming out on digital access (Olean Times Herald 11/17)

                     California Offers Safe Space For Firefighters To Work Through Stress And Trauma 🔊 (WRVO Public Media 11/17)

                     Veterans' Stories: David Smith 🎥 (ABC 6 WPVI 11/17)

                     Flood victims in Trinidad struggling to recover (Stabroek News 11/17)

                     UCD research to explore how child abuse survivors found strength in their struggles (The Journal ie 11/17)

                     Court allows class-action suit against Navy over ‘bad paper’ discharges (Marine Corps Times 11/16)

                     EVENT [11/26]: Post-traumatic stress to be subject of Delaware Veterans Coalition meeting (Dover Post 11/16)

                     Hopkins-born mobile therapy startup looks to raise $2.3 million (Baltimore Business Journal 11/16)

                     Service dog Neville helps Stoney Creek veteran win the war against PTSD (Hamilton News 11/16)

11/18/2018:  Why military suicides are so common: the answer isn't combat (Sydney Morning Herald 11/19)

                     EDITORIAL: Understanding PTSD (Squamish Chief 11/17)

                     Service Doesn’t End When the Tour of Duty Concludes (OpsLens 11/17)

                     Soldier brothers suffer from loss of brotherhood, 'Post Deployment Alienation Disorder' (Watertown Public Opinion 11/17)

                     After losing car to Florence, retired Army sergeant given new Jeep (CBS 3 WBTV 11/16-17)

                     ‘Fallen Hero’ bracelet maker ordered to shut business down in Spanaway (News Tribune 11/16)

11/17/2018:  Debunking Stereotypes Around Veterans and PTSD (New York Times Magazine 11/16)

                     Meditation helps conflict veterans with PTSD, study finds (Medical Xpress 11/16)

                     DOD Sponsored Research Shows Meditation Can Help People With PTSD (Tech Times 11/16)

                     Somalia Struggles to Treat PTSD from War, Poverty (Voice of Africa News 11/16)

                     EVENT [11/26]: Post-traumatic stress to be subject of Delaware Veterans Coalition meeting (Dover Post 11/16)

                     Vancouver veteran studying PTSD treatment (Columbian Online 11/16)

                     Grieving U.S. mom with PTSD has medical cannabis seized at Halifax airport (Chronicle Herald 11/15)

11/16/2018:  Meditation helps conflict veterans with post traumatic stress disorder: Study (Times now News 11/16)

                     Why the link between veterans, mass shootings is more complicated than you think (Sandhills Express 11/16)

                     High country trek to support veterans with post-traumatic stress injury (Stuff NZ 11/16)

                     A video game raising mental health awareness won University of Baltimore’s Attman Competition (Technically Baltimore 11/15)

                     'Mental health issues are huge': Former WA cops realise their dream to help others (Canberra Times 11/15)

                     River Hospital Receives National Award (WWNY 7 / Fox 28 WNYF 11/15)

                     Social worker joins SLOPD Community Action Team, says “My focus is healing, my focus is referrals” 🎥 (NBC 6 KSBY 11/15)

                     Why Riverside believes giving veterans confiscated bikes ‘can literally save a life’ (Press-Enterprise 11/15)

                     Veteran's spouse researching PTSD family effects (Herald-Citizen 11/15)

                     Meditation helps vets with post-traumatic stress disorder (Daily Journal 11/15)

                     Lady Gaga Shares Important Mental Health Message With California Wildfire Evacuees (The Mighty 11/15)

                    Transcendental meditation decreases PTSD (SBS News 11/15)

                    Weld County nonprofit supporting veterans receives accreditations from BBB, GuideStar (Greely Tribune 11/15)

                    Wildfires cause more than breathing problems across California (Axios 11/15)

                    Reciting meditation mantra may help treat PTSD in veterans, study suggests 🎥 (Independent UK 11/15)

                    Non-trauma-focused meditation versus exposure therapy in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder: a randomised controlled trial (The Lancet Psychiatry 11/15)

11/15/2018: Save A Warrior secures $500,000 match for veterans overcoming PTSD (Newark Advocate 11/15)

                     Letter: Mental health system failure is the problem, not guns (Buffalo News 11/15)

                     Netflix's Must-Watch Bodyguard Explores the Terrifying Realities of PTSD (Men's Health 11/15)

                     Veteran to demonstrate therapeutic program for vets with PTSD at West Hempstead library (LI Herald 11/15)

                     Students susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder (Daily Toreador 11/15)

                     Richard Bacon suffers from PTSD as he RETURNS to intensive care unit where he nearly died and was put into a coma due to mystery lung infection (Daily Mail UK 11/14-15)

                     Veterans with PTSD Are Finding Relief Through Floatation Therapy (Medical Daily Times 11/14)

                     As epidemic of U.S. mental illness worsens, so does the funding gap to provide care (Journal Sentinel 11/13-14)

                     "There are ways to get better, I promise you”: No-cost treatment for vets with PTSD 🎥 (Q 13 Fox 11/13)

                     Retouched Beauty Images Can Trigger Similar Brain Response To PTSD, Blogger Warns (Huffington Post 11/13)

                     A castle of regeneration for France’s burned-out security officers (France 24 11/13)

                     PTSD common among those who suffer tear in the aorta's wall (Medical Xpress 11/13)

                     How To Deal With The Post-Traumatic Stress From The Camp Fire 🎥 (CBS 13 Sacramento 11/13)

                     Ten-year study on PTSD suggests need for better personalized treatments (The Daily UW 11/13)

11/14/2018:  Meet Jason, a veteran with PTSD, involved with Boots on Ground... 🎥 (Your Erie Online 11/14)

                     Marijuana-PTSD study reaches target enrollment of 76 veterans (Stars & Stripes 11/14)

                    PTSD Will Not Define Us (Hemophilia News Today 11/14)

                     A veteran who was abused speaks about what Boots on Ground is doing for her 🎥 (Your Erie Online 11/14)

                     Veteran Says Weslaco Military Camp Already Affecting His PTSD 🎥 (ABC 5 KRGV 11/14)

                     Veteran uses PTSD to launch Uganda medical mission 🎥 (WRAL News 11/14)

                     PTSD Study Takes Holistic Approach (SDPB Radio 11/14)

11/13/2018: Centerstone continues mental health services with local public schools (The Tribune 11/13)

                     Local organizations continue to search for a cure to help veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 🎥 (My Suncoast 11/12-13)

                     Ketamine Therapy helping veterans battle PTSD 🎥 (ABC 23 News 11/12-13)

                     Local organizations continue to help veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 🎥 (ABC 7 WWSB 11/12)

                     Veteran suffering from PTSD finds help in controversial ‘Special K' therapy 🎥 (ABC 10 News 11/12)

                     New HBO documentary puts a much-needed face to complex veteran struggles with PTSD 🎥 (Military Times 11/12)

                     SMASD spotlights PTSD at Veterans Day program (Courier Express 11/12)

                     Student shares story of sexual assault (Gateway 11/12)

                     Local veteran finding peace with PTSD diagnosis 🎥 (NBC 13 WEAU 11/11)

11/12/2018:  Five veteran-owned groups making the world a better place (NewsRep 11/12) 

                     Korean War Vet Leads Veterans Day Observance at Presidio in SF 🎥 (NBC Bay Area 11/12)

                     Blind veterans' march reminds us of the importance of sight loss research (Telegraph UK 11/12)

                     Program Pairs Air Force Veteran and Rescue Dog (Veterinarian's Money Digest 11/12)

                     York’s very own conducts unique clinical trial (Excalibur 11/12)

                     Grateful and Determined this Veterans Day (Norml 11/12)

                     Meaghan Mobbs: We must meet the unique needs of post-9/11 veterans (Spokesman-Review 11/11)

                     Kalispell Native's Book about Vietnam seeks to Promote Healing (Daily Inter Lake 11/11)

                     "Flags for Fallen Soldiers" Honors Veterans 🎥 (KQ2 News 11/11)

                     Local Veteran Encourages More Support for Those Battling PTSD (CBS 7 / Fox 14 News 11/11)

                     How Clover the PTSD service dog changed one man's life (CBC 11/11)

                     Brothers Like These: North Carolina VA has veterans fight PTSD with prose 🎥 (NBC 2 WGRZ 11/11)

                     Mental health resources available in Big Bend area to help with PTSD 🎥 (ABC 27 WXTL 11/11)

                     Are we doing enough for our veterans? (The Gazette 11/10)

11/11/2018:  Australia’s other deadly war. In a year it killed more soldiers than the whole Afghan conflict 🎥s (News Australia 11/12)

                     The 5 Ways Trauma Might Change You, Based On Your Personality (Mind Body Green 11/11)

                     2 Kansas women start therapeutic horseback riding nonprofit (The State 11/11)

                     Veterans fought for us, shouldn't we fight for them? (Great Falls Tribune 11/11)

                     10 Ways to honor veterans beyond Veterans Day (Erie News Now 11/11)

                     Horses helping veterans cope with symptoms of PTSD (Rocky Mountain Goat 11/11)

                     She lost her friend at Desert Storm. Twenty seven years later, she's moving past post-traumatic stress. (Richmond Times-Dispatch 11/11)

                     Local veteran is helping others connect better to their four-legged friends (ABC 5 Cleveland 11/11)

                     PTSD From Elections? Wrong Focus (Town Hall 11/11)

                     EVENT [11/14]: 25th Annual American Legion Family & University of Minnesota Lecture in Brain Sciences (Univ of Minnesota 11/11)

                     Vets can teach us about resiliency (Watertown Daily Times 11/10)

                     Bonded by sacrifice: Members of R.I. National Guard’s 115th Military Police Company recall service in Iraq (Providence Journal 11/10)

                     Book review: In book about PTSD, veteran shows readers what it takes to face fears (Fredericksburg Online 11/10)

                     Raiford's final wish—a Purple Heart for WWII service—is granted (Fredericksburg Online 11/10)

                     Veterans in crisis embark on an 'odyssey' at this Somerset County camp (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11/10)

                     From tough guy to terrified kid to post-traumatic stress (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11/10)

                     Kimberly Kjome, Texas Perspectives: Let us all battle the continuing and confounding stigma of PTSD (Waco Tribune-Herald 11/10)

11/10/2018:  Veterans completing a program for PTSD get a surprise from community 🎥 (WAVY 10 News 11/10-11)

                     The role of PTSD in mass shootings: Let’s separate myth from reality (LA Times 11/10)

                     Impacts of Energy Drinks on Mental Health Studied in Military (Ops Lens 11/10)

                     Can Cannabis Help PTSD Patients? 🎥 (Puff Puff Post 11/10)

                     John Ostwald's Then & Now: PTSD: Veteran's disease? (The Saratogian 11/10)

                     Discovery Channel hostage creates PTSD support group: 'Everything happens for a reason' 🎥 (ABC 7 WJLA 11/10)

                     Brothers Like These Vietnam vets with PTSD find relief in writing (McDowell News 11/10)

                     Medal of Honor recipient talks PTSD awareness in Athens (News Courier 11/10)

                     Equine Therapy hard to find, vets happy to have it in the Midlands 🎥 (NBC 10 WIS 11/9)

                     Understainding PTSD in veterans (CBS 11 THV 11/9)

                     Veteran opens up about PTSD, path to healing (CBS 7 WSAW 11/9)

                     Experts say PTSD common among local law enforcement officers 🎥 (Bakersfield Now 11/9)

                     Doctor, veteran talk importance of treatment for PTSD following deadly shooting in California (CBS 47/Fox 30 Jax 11/9)

                     Dog ownership training program benefits veterans with PTSD (Healio Psychiatric 11/9)

11/09/2018:  FDA Approves Trials into Psilocybin as Treatment for Depression (Your EDM 11/9)

                     Healing through art: New presidential exhibit in Atlanta to share powerful message about PTSD, military veterans (Photos) (Atlanta Business Journal 11/9)

                     Don't let California shooting stigmatize veterans with PTSD (Caller Times 11/9)

                     Scalise: Don't Blame PTSD for California Shooting (Newschannel 2 11/9)

                     Dog ownership training program benefits veterans with PTSD (Healio Psychiatric 11/9)

                     Trauma: An Independent Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease in Sexual Minority Women (MD Magazine 11/9)

                     Looking for a good 'Cry'? (New Hampshire Union Leader 11/9)

                     ‘Farming saved my life.’ Veteran turns to the land for PTSD therapy and a new beginning. 🎥 (News & Observer 11/9)

                     Veteran helps shine light on PTSD (KOB 4 11/8)

                     Suburban Law Enforcement Family Shares Struggle With PTSD 🎥 (CBS 2 Chicago 11/8)

                     Residents experience post-traumatic stress after Florence (CBS 13 WBTW 11/8)

                     Gather at Ponyntz Ave. during Veterans Day parade for PTSD exams (The Mercury 11/8)

                     Nightclub shooting illustrates reluctance among veterans to seek mental health help (San Diego Union-Tribune 11/8)

                     Resources for NWA Veterans Suffering from PTSD (NWA Homepage 11/8)

11/08/2018:  What World War I taught us about PTSD 🎥 (The Conversation 11/8)

                     Post 9/11 Veterans Suffering From PTSD And Nation’s Indifference (CT Watchdog 11/8)

                     Healing Arizona Veterans (ABC 9 KGUN 11/8)

                     Resources for NWA Veterans Suffering from PTSD 🎥 (NWA Homepage 11/8)

                     PTSD sufferer helped with new brain ‘rewiring’ treatment (Yorkshire Post UK 11/8)

                     Bradley and Luloff: This Remembrance Week, let's support our veterans battling PTSD (Montreal Gazette 11/8)

                     Psychedelics Have Returned to the Research Mainstream, Potential for a Groundbreaking Change in the Ways We Treat Mental Illness and Addiction (PR Web 11/8)

                     Jennings veteran to participate in NYC Veterans Day Parade (ABC 3 KATC 11/8)

                     Surf Dog Ricochet helps veterans with PTSD recover faster 🎥 (Surfer Today 11/8)

                     Toronto war veteran calls on Ottawa to do more for soldiers with PTSD (The Star 11/8)

                     How Mass Shootings Impact the Mental Health of Survivors (Pacific Standard 11/8)

                     Virginia Firefighters Confront Depression, PTSD And Suicide By Protecting Their Own (NPR 11/8)

                     After Thousand Oaks shooting, VA doctor says rare for PTSD sufferers to be violent (ABC 22 Now 11/8)

                     Don’t blame PTSD for Thousand Oaks shooting, experts say (USA Today 11/8)

                     TV highlights (Nov. 8, 2018): 'We Are Not Done Yet' honors soldiers (Kenosha News 11/7)

                     A teenager with PTSD after the Manchester bomb thrown off a bus in her wheelchair 🎥 (iTV News 11/7)

11/07/2018:  Vancouver Island service dogs helping veterans deal with PTSD (Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle 11/7)

                     Service dog helps Port Alberni veteran deal with PTSD symptoms (Alberni Valley News 11/7)

                     ENC Health Currents: The Mental Health Toll Of Hurricane Florence 🔊 (Public Radio East 11/7)

                     Ex-soldier Simon Brown talks about mental health recovery 🎥 (BBC News 11/7)

                     Missouri voters say yes to medical marijuana (The State 11/7)

                     Vietnam Veteran Publishes Book About War, Struggles with PTSD (Flathead Beacon 11/7)

                     John Ostwald's Then & Now: Alternative healing for PTSD in New Mexico (The Saratogian 11/7)

                     People Do Best When They Pick Their PTSD Treatment (WebMD 11/6)

                     Your veterinarian may be suffering from moral injury and you may have caused it. Here's what people are doing to help (Deseret News 11/6)

                     Rosamund Pike brilliant in ‘Private War,’ a gritty biopic about Marie Colvin (Datebook 11/6)

11/06/2018:  Royal British Legion helps ex-soldier Neil Preece's PTSD recovery 🎥 (BBC 11/6)

                     ‘PTSD is one big pressure cooker’ former soldier offers helping hand to other veterans (East Anglian Daily Times 11/6)

                     How to Not Miss a PTSD Diagnosis (Psychology Today 11/6)

                     Research shows how service dogs can help veterans with PTSD (Medical Xpress / Purdue Univ 11/6)

                     Battlefords still a hotbed of support for Wounded Warriors Weekend (Battleford News-Optimist 11/6)

                     Debbie Loucks: How horses are healing military and first responders (Santa Maria Times 11/6)

                     Taonga puoro helping to heal a nation 🎥 (Maori Television 11/6)

                     Barriers for cops seeking mental health treatment remain despite FOID card law (Chicago Tribune 11/6)

                     'I Didn't Realize How Angry I Was' - A Veteran's Journey To Healing 🔊 (NPR KRCC 11/6)

                     Study advocates psychological screening for the carers of child burn victims (Medical Xpress / Univ of Liverpool 11/6)

                     PTSD associated with increased risk of major CV event or death after cardiac arrest (Medical Life Sciences News 11/6)

                     Government Bans on Pot Research have Created Room for Marijuana Health Hype (The Verge 11/6)

                     Veteran, PTSD Group Asking to Resume Meetings Held at VA Clinic 🎥 (ABC 5 KRGV 11/5)

                     Veterans united from varied backgrounds (Santa Fe New Mexican 11/5)

                     Former Oregon inmate sues prison staff, alleging sexual assaults by cellmate (The Oregonian 11/5)

11/05/2018:  The enduring legacy of post-traumatic stress (Queensland Times 11/6)

                     Culture of Peace: The cost of war vs. the cost of peace (Daily Tidings 11/5)

                     Lansing police training to address PTSD, suicide concerns among cops (Chicago Tribune 11/5)

                     Ecstasy May Soon Be Used As A Treatment Prescribed By Your Doctor (Shared 11/5)

                     Cannabidiol isn’t cannabis, so why is it suddenly so popular? (MD Linx 11/5)

                     PTSD linked to increased complications and death a year after cardiac arrest (EurekAlert / American Heart Association 11/5)

                     Heroes Take to the Water to Paddle, Fish and Heal (Cape May County Herald 11/5)

                     Willow launches purple box campaign for holiday season (ABC 13 WHAM 11/5)

                     Can a dog ownership and training program improve symptoms of PTSD among veterans? (Medical Xpress 11/5)

                     This documentary showcases vets treating PTSD with psychedelics 🎥 (We are the Mighty 11/5)

                     'Trauma can be far-reaching and contagious': How hate crimes can trigger post-traumatic stress 🔊 (NPR St. Louis 11/5)

                     How our Diggers have dealt with the enduring legacy of post-traumatic stress 🎥 (Daily Telegraph Australia 11/5)

11/04/2018:  New flotation therapy business opens locally (Herald-Dispatch 11/4)

                     First responders getting mental health clinic of their own (CBC 11/4)

                     Self care essential for first responders (AtkinAge 11/4)

                     ‘It didn’t make any difference’: First responders with PTSD navigate a complicated path to get help (Forsyth County News 11/4)

                     Police Scotland officers 'anxious and suicidal' as cops take over 40,000 days off (Daily Record 11/4)

                     Impact Of War: Veterans Discuss Experiences, Returning Home (Post-Journal 11/4)

                     Thinking Ordinary: Meanwhile, Let’s Fill In The Blanks (Kashmir Observer 11/4)

                     PTSD coping event held in memory of Fayette County paramedic who took own life (Herald-Standard 11/4)

                     Editorial: NMC works hard to welcome veterans (Traverse City Record Eagle 11/3)

                     Guy Fawkes: Post-traumatic stress disorder former Royal Marine reveals why he has to ‘avoid’ firework season (The Courier UK 11/3)

                     Law enforcement, first responders struggle to find long-term support for PTSD (Go Upstate 11/3)

                     THANK A VETERAN: Iraq, Afghanistan veteran aims to help fellow veterans (News & Tribune 11/3)

11/03/2018:  Free service dogs help vets with stress, anxiety (Macon Telegraph 11/3)

                     TV videographer denied workers' comp benefits for post traumatic stress (News OK 11/3)

                     Mum's agony as veteran husband secretly battles severe PTSD (KidSpot Australia 11/2)

                     Impact A Hero teaches Post Traumatic Growth 🎥 (CBS 11 KHOU 11/2)

                     Annual Outreach Event Helps San Antonio Veterans [w/VIDEO] (Spectrum News 11/2)

                     Mishawaka psychotherapist talks about how to help your child cope with traumatic events 🎥 (CBS 22 WSBT 11/2)

                     Bay Area veteran, shelter pup with anxiety find support in one another 🎥 (Fox 13 News 11/2)

                     Study: Culture strongly influences coping behaviors after natural disasters (Medical Xpress / Univ of Illinois 11/2)

                     Widow demands to be heard after war veteran husband's tragic descent to suicide 🎥 (iTV News 11/2)

                     Stolen service dog: Veteran with PTSD needs help finding Pomeranian 🎥 (Click Orlando 11/2)

                     Home Base Will Be a National Model for Veterans to Heal from Wounds of War (Charlestown Patriot-Bridge 11/2)

                     Veterans find hope after trauma 🎥 (We Are iowa 11/1-2)

11/02/2018:  MDMA Therapy Eliminated PTSD Symptoms In 76 Percent of Patients (Futurism 11/2)

                     Injured Parent Can Mean Sleepless Nights for Kids (Health Day 11/2)

                     WCSU professor’s research shows hope for veterans to heal through community dance program (Hamlethub 11/2)

                     Sunshine Coast, Leading British Columbia Alcohol, Drug, PTSD & Trauma Treatment Center, Announces Website Upgrades for Fall 2018 (PR Web 11/2)

                     Mental health to trauma, what are the unimaginable costs of sexual assault? (Business Standard 11/1)

                     Greystar Raises Over $280,000 in Support of PTSD Foundation Camp Hope (Hastings Tribune 11/1)

                     Bill White: How one veteran with PTSD found Faith through a service dog program (Morning Call 11/1)

                     Virtual reality therapy has real-life benefits for some mental disorders 🎥 (Science News 11/1)

                     The Weekly Fight: Turning Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth 🎥 (PR Web 11/1)

                     Psychedelic advocate nears goal of legal ecstasy after potential "breakthrough" with PTSD (Virginian-Pilot 11/1)

                     Kew's John Haldane opens up about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Camden Haven Courier 11/1)

11/01/2018:  Koester Pavilion, Hospice to honor veterans (Troy Daily News 11/1)

                     ‘See how divided we are’: Blumenthal talks civility, immigration, opioid crisis at Manchester High forum (Journal Inquirer 11/1)

                     Mom: Thanks to active-shooter drills at school, my 4-year-old thought fireworks were gunshots. Enough already. (Washington Post 11/1)

                     Scientists find brain area that inhibits fear (Medical News Today 11/1)

                     Health & Wellness: Write It Down (Firehouse 11/1)

                     The Weekly Fight: Turning Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth 🎥 (PRWeb 11/1)

                     Ottawa first responders to get Canada's first research-based mental health clinic (Ottawa Citizen 11/1)

                     Research gives new hope for mental illness treatment (Cincinnati Business Courier 11/1)

                     Ex-Army Vet and Pilot Flies High With Online Legal Weed Marketplace (Forbes 10/31)

                     Galva bridge dedicated to fallen soldier Sgt. Dillion Naslund 🎥 (NBC 4 KTIV 10/31)

                     Are anti-anxiety meds making your life worse? (New York Post 10/31)

                     No lights at Halloween could be result of trauma (Chronicle Herald Canada 10/31)

                     Female vets heal with art, camaraderie (Jackson Hole News & Guide 10/31)

                     MDMA Combined With Psychotherapy Reduces PTSD Symptoms, Study Says (Happiful Magazine 10/31)

                     How Children of First Responders Can Benefit from Counseling (IN Public Safety 10/31)

                     NJ Dogs of Honor program offers free service dogs to help veterans cope with stress, anxiety 🎥 (Daily Journal 10/31)

                     Experts say national tragedies can take a toll on those with anxiety, depression and PTSD (WTRF 10/30)


TBI & CTE News

November 2018

11/30/2018:  Letter: Reply to concussion blog (Tucson Online 11/30)

                     Screening system latest in concussion management 🎥 (NBC 13 WNYT 11/30)

                     Pediatric Concussion: Current Trends and New Frontiers (Modern Medicine Network 11/30)

                     EVENT [12/4]: Brain health advocate Kevin Pearce to speak Dec. 4 at NVU-Johnson (VT Digger 11/30)

                     Brownsville man recovering from traumatic brain injury with 'miraculous' progress (ABC 13 WBKO 11/29)

                     Ten percent of NFL players could eventually develop serious brain disease (Science Magazine 11/29)

                     Brain health more important than football (LMC Experience 11/29)

                     Disabled student misses school because of bus debacle in Syracuse City School District 🎥 (Local SYR 11/29)

11/29/2018:  Cannabis, mushrooms should be part of discussion for treating concussion (Boston Globe 11/30)

                     These common foods may help men combat memory loss, study says 🎥 (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/29)

                     Understand the danger of concussion as winter sports begin (Medical Xpress / Penn State Univ 11/29) 📅

                     What's the Risk of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy for NFL Players? (Inside Science 11/29)

                     San Juan Capistrano High School Uses Game-Changing Technology to Test for Concussions 🎥 (Spectrum 1 News 11/29)

                     UBC researchers among several investigating concussion through NFL-funded initiative (Ubyssey 11/29)

                     MIPS to drive brain injury awareness with new products and armed forces support (Army Recognition 11/29)

                     LANDINO: Tackling football (Yale News 11/29)

                     Another Canadian diplomat in Cuba affected by mysterious brain injury (CBC 11/28-29)

                     Letters: Readers discuss repatriating immigrants, Troost Avenue’s future and concussions Kansas City Star 11/28)

                     Thieves steal materials from disabled veteran's future home 🎥 (KIRO 7 News 11/28)

11/28/2018:  What are the Signs and Symptoms of Concussion? (ABC 10 News 11/28)

                     VA researchers named most influential people in health care by TIME magazine (Military Times 11/28)

                     Just Keep Walking: Life After Traumatic Brain Injury (Middleburg Eccentric 11/28)

                     Omega-3’s could have protective effects on football players (NOLA Online 11/28)

                     How the host of ‘Philly Famous Podcast’ turned bad luck into a top-rated show (BillyPenn 11/28)

                     Concussions plummet for Visalia Unified high schools after the introduction of new Vicis Zero1 helmets to all four varsity teams (Sun Gazette 11/28)

                     SyncThink Partners With DC Children’s Hospital to Analyze Eye Movement After Concussions (Sport Techie 11/28) 

                     DC Ranks in Top 10 for Hospitalization, Death from Traumatic Brain Injuries (Legal Examiner 11/28)

                     How rugby and the NFL found common ground on concussion (The Guardian 11/28)

                     Ambrosie Talks About CFL Seasonal Issues (Gaming Post Canada 11/28)

                     Sleeping Can Help Concussion Recovery (NBC 10 WILX 11/27)

                     Pascrell, Rooney, Hatch, and Casey Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Traumatic Brain Injury Reauthorization (Insider NJ 11/27)

                     RSNA 2018 Monday — AI and Enterprise Imaging Gain Traction (ITN 11/26)

                     COMMENTARY: Safety should be top priority in football (Technician Online 11/26)

11/27/2018:  Our View: Fighting culture will haunt professional hockey (Post Bulletin MN 11/27)

                     Head Smart: Wisconsin Researchers Make Concussions a Priority (Shepherd Express 11/27)

                     MEG might be new way to evaluate concussions (AuntMinnie 11/27)

                     Raiders Legend Jim Plunkett Wants To End Concussion Stigma Through Education (Forbes 11/27)

                     HealthWatch: More Red Flags For Youth Football (CBS New York 11/27)

                     Commonly used concussion test useful in confirming—but not making—diagnosis for pro athletes (Medical Xpress / Univ of Alberta 11/27)

                     MedRisk’s ISAB Creates Guidelines for Treating Concussion Symptoms (Business Wire 11/27)

                     Niskayuna urgent care offering walk-in concussion testing (Times Union 11/27)

                     Brain scan for Tom Watson as MP calls for standard sport concussion tests (Express & Star 11/27)

                     Just one season of football damages children's brain development: Study (Daily Caller 11/26)

                     Global burden of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury (The Lancet Neurology 11/26)

11/26/2018:  New rules for pediatricians say light exercise, phone use OK for children with concussions (St. Louis Public Radio 11/26)

                     Better concussion protocols needed in sport, say MPs (BBC 11/26)

                     “Show for Joe” Provides Support to Hit and Run Victim (KVRR News 11/26)

                     Connecticut VA Opens Its Doors To 'Bad Paper' Veterans (NPR 11/26)

                     Family creates NMSU scholarship on #GivingTuesday (Albuquerque Journal 11/26)

                     Omega-3s and Beyond (Psychology Today 11/26)

                     Mayo Clinic Arizona, U.S. Youth Soccer lead partnership to identify sports concussions & injuries (Becker's Spine Review 11/26)

11/25/2018:  Prescribing exercise cuts concussion recovery time in half, experts say 🎥 (Stuff NZ 11/26)

                     Grant Milton continues recovery 2 years after football injury in The Woodlands 🎥 (ABC 13 News 11/25)

                     Some high school football teams in Connecticut are cutting back on contact in practice to limit injuries (Hartford Courant 11/25)

                     Concussion study finds young women face slowest recovery (Fulcrum 11/25)

                     New gaming app tests, tracks brain function of young athletes at risk of concussion (CBC 11/24)

                     'He failed my Dad, it's heartbreaking': Sutton calls on Taylor to stand down 🎥 (The 42 Ireland 11/24)

                     A border clash turns deadly (Finger Lakes Times 11/24)

                     NW Indiana man sues police, seeks damages for crash injuries (NBC 16 WNDU 11/24)

11/24/2018:  A Georgia Eighth Grader Stitched Together a Cap to Save Kids From Football (Inverse 11/24)

                     'Your health is more important than a game of football at the end of the day' - forced to retire at 20 (The 42 Ireland 11/24)

                     Parents of teen girls 'thankful' despite tragic accident 🎥 (ABC 5 News 11/23)

11/23/2018:  CFL taking part in campaign to end violence against women (CBC 11/23)

                     King-Devick test shows reliability in assessing sport-related concussion (Healio 11/23)

                     NCAA put 'profits and self-promotion' over athlete safety, new concussion lawsuit claims (Indy Star 11/23)

                     Navy brain injury survivor working to get back into flight school 🎥 (AZ Family 11/23)

                     "It Was Never A Good Sign Having Accumulated Four Concussions By 18" (Balls Ireland 11/23)

                     Big Joe chats with Megan Williams, a woman who overcame a traumatic brain injury 🔊 (ESPN The Fan 11/23)

                     'We'll just never know': Family perplexed by man's brain injury (CBC 11/23)

                     CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie on concussions in football (Global News 11/23)

                     How Texas wants to save football from concussions (Christian Science Monitor 11/23)

                     The Pediatric Guideline Adherence and Outcomes (PEGASUS) programme in severe traumatic brain injury: a single-centre hybrid implementation and effectiveness study (The Lancet 11/22)

                     The Search for a Pill that Treats Concussions (Boston Globe 11/22)

                     Outcomes of children with severe traumatic brain injury (The Lancet 11/22)

                     How I got my life back on track after a brain injury (Evening Echo 11/22)

                     A crash changed everything about this officer 20 years ago, but their love survived 🎥 (Wichita Eagle 11/22)

                     TWO YEARS LATER: Chattanooga boy who suffered traumatic brain injury has big plans for future 🎥 (ABC 6 WATE 11/22)

11/22/2018:  Canaries legend says father is being ‘eaten alive by dementia’ as he accuses union boss of failing families (Eastern Daily Press 11/22)

                     Partnership unveils program to identify, head off youth sports injuries (Cronkite News 11/22)

                     Parliamentary committee convenes to crack down on concussions (Globe and Mail 11/22)

                     Hall-of-famer Dryden wants action taken to stem increase in concussions (TB News Watch 11/22)

                     Concussion Treatment Changes As Football Rolls On 🔊 (NPR WUWM 11/22)

                     More concussion research grants for MCW's McCrea (Milwaukee Business Journal 11/22)

                     Mercaptor Announces Publication of Patent Application Covering Foundational Technology (PR Newswire 11/21)

                     Kirsty Duncan: If the brain doesn't work properly, nothing else does (City News 11/21)

                     BU Scientists Make First Connection Of Severe CTE With Genes (Europe Industry News 11/21)

                     The expressions of NGF and VEGF in the fracture tissues are closely associated with accelerated clavicle fracture healing in patients with traumatic brain injury (DovePress 11/21)

                     TWO YEARS LATER: Woodmore student who received traumatic brain injury celebrates life (ABC 9 News 11/21)

                     Charlotte man pays it forward, starts support group for fellow trauma survivors 🎥 (CBS 3 WBTV 11/20)

                     Sonic attacks: are spies giving diplomats brain injuries? (The Week UK 11/20)

                     Mother of U.S. diplomat hurt in 'health attack' speaks out 🎥 (NBC News 10/20)

                     A bicyclist’s road to recovery after traumatic brain injury (Stanford Medicine 10/20)

                     Revealed Unexpected Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (Siver Week 11/19)

                     Teen hockey player returns to the ice after suffering traumatic brain injury in accident: 'I feel great' (ABC News 11/19)

11/21/2018:  High School football struggles to thrive as concussions loom over the sport 🎥 (News & Observer 11/21)

                     Interactive Map: Concussions Suffered By North Texas Student-Athletes (CBS 11/21 DFW 11/21)

                     This former basketball player says she suffered 14 concussions before calling it quits 🎥 (Kansas City Star 11/21)

                     DC Children’s Hospital Turns to mHealth for Concussion Treatment (mHealth Intelligence 11/21)

                     Texas Failing To Track Concussion Data For All High School Athletes (CBS 11/21 DFW 11/21)

                     Why Gordon Taylor has to go... he could have made a real difference but he's failed my dad and many more (Daily Mail UK 11/20-21)

                     Repeated Blows to the Head May Cause Changes in the Brain of Young Football Players: Researchers (Fact MR 11/20)

                     Stony Brook Football Lineman Plans to Tackle Head Injury Disease (Stonybrook Univ News 11/20)

                     My Peace of Mind | Concussion Care 🎥 (WLNS 6 News 11/20)

                     'We have a concussion problem' in Canada: Ken Dryden 🎥 (Canoe Sports 11/20)

                     Good Sleep Quality Encourages Better Recovery After Sport-Related Concussions (Mommyish 11/20))

11/20/2018:  Stockton lands NPSL franchise (Record Net 11/20)

                     NFL awards $35M to CTE & concussion studies at 5 hospitals — 3 details (Becker's Spine Review 11/19)

                     Public Health Professionals to Physicians, Lawyers: CTE in NFL Is a Significant Risk (Medical Bag 11/19)

                     Medical College's McCrea joins $14.7M concussion study funded by NFL (Milwaukee Business Journal 11/19)

                     NFL awards Pitt researchers $6 million grant to study brain injuries (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11/19)

11/19/2018:  Aircraft Accidents and Catastrophic Injuries (Digital Journal 11/19)

                     Veterans may sue over discharges they say were result of untreated mental health problems (ABA Journal 11/19)

                     Reduction of computed tomography use for pediatric closed head injury evaluation at a non-pediatric community emergency department (MD Linx 11/19)

                     Medical College's McCrea joins $14.7M concussion study funded by NFL (Milwaukee Business Journal 11/19)

                     Scientists Discover A Way To Get Drugs To The Brain Faster And More Efficiently (Forbes 11/18)

11/18/2018:  Thanksgiving thanks and favorites (ElDorado News-Times 11/18)

                     Thanksgiving Day 5K to honor the man who inspired it - T.K. Johns (The Gleaner 11/18)

                     Scientists have Uncovered the Secret of Treatment of Concussion in Children (The Koz Week 11/18)

                     Carroll County Memorial Hospital appoints new director to Senior Life Solutions program (KTTN/KGOZ 11/18)

                     This is how head injuries lead to serious brain disease (Health Site 11/18)

                     NHL concussion settlement won't stop Bernie Nicholls' worries over his memory loss (CBC 11/18)

                     Australian coach Matthew Mott has called on the International Cricket Council to take concussion seriously (Herald Sun Australia 11/18)

                     NFL gives significant funding to help youth ‘Shred’ the burden of concussion: JGH Lady Davis Institute (The Suburban 11/17)

                     Rayne High Footballl coach suspended for not following concussion protocol (CBS 10 KLFY 11/17)

11/17/2018:  Head injuries lead to serious brain diseases- Here's all you need to know (Times Now News 11/17)

                     Wayland: “Concussion protocol’ designed to protect students (Metro West Daily News 11/17)

                     Column: Easy to declare a winner in NHL concussion lawsuit (Washington Times 11/17)

                     After fatal accident, skateboarder's family gives outs free helmets in Arkansas (ABC 7 KATV 11/17)

                     Heading in football damages nerve cells in the brain, according to a new study by Canadian neuroscientist (South China Morning Post 11/16)

                     How head injuries lead to serious brain diseases (Science Daily / UCLA 11/16)

                     UCSF Study Probes Long-Term Effects of Head Trauma -- and Not Just in Football (KQED Science 11/16)

                     Action News Jax Investigates: Tracking student athletes' concussions (CBS 47 / Fox 30 Jax 11/16)

                     Concussion Concerns: Tackle Football vs Flag 🎥 (CBS 19 WLTX 11/16)

                     Waco: Documentary sparks conversation about concussions and football 🎥 (CBS 10 KWTX 11/15)

                     UNC study of former NFL players to help determine long-term impacts of concussion (WRAL Sports Fan 11/15)

                     University opens new research center to study effects of concussions (Michigan Daily 11/15)

                     First-Ever Pediatric Concussion Guidelines: Real-Life Cases (MedScape Psychiatry 11/15)

11/16/2018:  Association of concussion with the risk of suicide: A systematic review and meta-analysis (MD Linx 11/15)

                     For high school athletes and combat veterans, brain injury can have lasting impacts 🎥 (Great Falls Tribune 11/14)

                     BrainScope Honors Veterans Day and Supports U.S. Army Deployment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Concussion Assessment Devices (Business Wire 11/13)

                     'I still have a lot to offer,' columnist says after traumatic brain injury (Post Bulletin 11/13)

11/15/2018:  Association of concussion with the risk of suicide: A systematic review and meta-analysis (MD Linx Neurology 11/15)

                     Repetitive Hits May Predispose Athletes to Concussion (Neurology Advisor 11/15)

                     For Your Patients-Pediatric Concussion (Neurology Today 11/15)

                     Healthy Kids: treating a concussion 🎥 (Wink 11/15)

                     The end of high school football in Oregon? Coaches worry about declining numbers (ABC 10 11/15)

                     UNC receives $4.7 million grant from NFL to study long-term concussion effects in former players (News & Observer 11/15)

                     ICBC reclassifying concussions, whiplash and TMJ as minor injuries (Daily Hive Vancouver 11/15)

                     NFL donates $12 million to University of Calgary for youth concussion research 🎥 (Calgary Herald 11/15)

                     Waco: Documentary sparks conversation about concussions and football 🎥 (CBS 10 KWTX 11/15)

                     Injured Drivers Say 'Popping' Headrests Caused Concussions 🎥 (NBC Bay Area 11/14)

                     Merril Hoge Searches For CTE Answers With His New Book (CBS 2 KDKA 11/14)

                     Citizens protest as 13-yr-old boxer dies in ring (Pulse Nigeria 11/14)

                     What NHL concussion suit settlement means and why the fight is far from over (The Athletic 11/13)

11/14/2018:  Concussion or mild traumatic brain injury linked with increased risk of suicide (2 Minute Medicine 11/14)

                     Exploring concussions and youth football (Knight Crier 11/14)

                     Concussions Tied to Doubled Risk of Suicide (Psych Congress Network 11/14)

                     The Concussion Gap: Head Injuries in Girls Soccer are an ‘Unpublicized Epidemic’ (Investigate West 11/14)

                     NATA: Here’s what to do if your child has a sports-related concussion Injury (USA Today 11/14)

                     ICBC says concussions and mental health injuries fall under new claims cap (Vancouver Sun 11/13)

11/13/2018:  Breaking New ‘Grounds’: Technology Developed To Detect On-Field Sports Concussions (Evolving Science 12/14)

                     Concussions, TBI Linked to Greater Post-Diagnosis Suicide Risk (MD Magazine 11/13)

                     Whistler hockey mom calls for more education on concussion, stricter penalties for dangerous plays (CBC 11/13)

                     AI Predicts Alzheimer's; High-Profile Dementia; Let Kids With Concussion Use Their Phones (MedPage Today 11/13)

                     AAP Updates Sport-Related Concussion Recommendations (MedScape Psychiatry 11/13)

                     EVENT [11/18]: Stanhope House to host benefit for Hampton resident (New Jersey Herald 11/13)

                     Kids with concussions can text, but 'Fortnite' should wait, says Children's doc in new report (Live Well Nebraska 11/13)

                     Concussion rates and effects on player performance in Major League Baseball players (DovePress 11/13)

                     Gargasoulas trial: The 27 victims who survived, and their injuries (The Age Australia 11/13)

                     Ramp-maker and brain injury probe are Seedcorn winners (Irish Times 11/13)

                     Fundraising begins for proposed Omaha-based residential home for combat-wounded veterans 🎥 (ABC 7 KETV 11/12)

                     Concussion tied to suicide risk (Medical Xpress / HealthDay 11/12)

                     Concussions in World Cup soccer often missed or ignored (WSAU News 11/12)

                     Texas Sports Hall of Fame to screen concussion-related film (Waco Tribune-Herald 11/12)

                     'HE WON'T GIVE UP' Michael Schumacher’s wife Corinna reveals he’s ‘a fighter’ in rare comments on stricken F1 star’s health (Irish Sun 11/12)

                     ‘Invisible’ mice reveal anatomical secrets (Nature 11/12)

                     Sport-Related Concussion in Children and Adolescents (AAP Journals & Gateway 11/2018)

11/12/2018:  Symptom improvement after concussion in pediatric patients expected within four weeks (2 Minute Medicine 11/12)

                     Suicide after Concussion Rare, But Risk is Higher (MedPage Today 11/12)

                     Group holds check presentation for service dog program in Niles 🎥 (CBS 27 WKBN 11/11)

                     ‘Warriors at Home’ (McDowell News 11/11)

                     Fatima Enari missed the birth of her first granddaughter after suffering a severe brain injury (New Zealand Herald 11/11)

                     ‘I represent the injuries you cannot see’ (Central Maine Online 11/11)

                     Their Voice: How to respond to epileptic seizures (Daily Herald 11/11)

                     Taking life by the hand (Statesville Record & Landmark 11/11)

                     Sport-Related Concussion in Children and Adolescents (AAP Journals Gateway 11/8)

11/11/2018:  University of Michigan plans comprehensive concussion center (Tampa Bay Times 11/11)

                     Montgomery neurologist develops groundbreaking concussion technology (NBC 12 WSFA 11/10-11)

                     Vets can teach us about resiliency (Watertown Daily Times 11/10)

                     Woodworker protects fellow vets’ flags (Adirondack Daily Enterprise 11/10)

                     B.C. bull rider retires after death of fellow rider linked to head trauma (100 Mile Free Press 11/10)

                     Tony Dorsett shares Hall of Fame honor with alma mater (The Times 11/10)

11/10/2018:  Concussions end the career of JSU offensive lineman Brandon McCoy 🎥 (CBS 12 WJTV 11/10)

                     Concussions In Hockey And How To Prevent Them (BSO 11/10)

                     EVENT [11/15]: Specialist To Discuss Concussions (Sandwich Enterprise 11/10)

                     Binocular vision symptoms alone may not influence concussion test results (Healio Optometry 11/10)

                     I Miss Northwestern Football’s Losing Tradition (New York Times 11/10)

                     Professor sponsors lecture on CTE and concussions (UMass Lowell 11/10)

                     Cooley students say disability needs aren't being met 🎥 (NBC 10 WILX 11/9)

                     Study: NYIT lacrosse players had cognitive effects 🎥 (Fox 5 News 11/9)

                     Commentary | Why we must reckon with the full costs of war (San Diego Union-Tribune 11/9)

                     New Study Shows Evidence Of Persistent Brain Damage In College Football Players (The Univ Network 11/9)

11/09/2018:  Mild blast forces cause brain pathology and deficits, despite lack of macroscopic damage (Medical Xpress / Univ of Alabama at Birmingham 11/9)

                     Wounded warrior battles brain injury 🎥 (NBC 3 WSAV 11/9)

                     Study: Lacrosse Poses Just As Much Risk For Concussions As Football (CBS 2 / WLNY 10/55 News 11/9)

                     Brain injury: New target may help eliminate inflammation (Medical News Today 11/9)

                     Twins' Joe Mauer on retirement: 'Risk of concussion is always there' (ABC News 11/9)

                     New GAA programme to improve treatment of concussions (Independent 11/9)

                     Concussion Serum Biomarkers Miss the Mark in Sports (MedPage Today 11/8)

                     Adande, Kremer Teach how to Report on Concussions (Barrett Sports Radio 11/8)

                     Concussions in football and how it affects our youth 🎥 (CBS 6 KFDM 11/8)

                     TBI: U.S. Territory Veterans Have Greater Mortality Risk Than Mainland Vets (Medical Research 11/8)

                     Merril Hoge Doesn't Want You To Use Your Brain  (Deadspin 11/8)

                     Football Concussion Equipment Is Fighting a Losing Battle, Science Says (INverse 11/8)

11/08/2018:  Study examines geographic disparities in TBI mortality among U.S. veterans (Medical Life Sciences News 11/8)

                     VA scientists elected as National Academy of Medicine members (Newton County Times 11/8)

                     New Concussion Legacy Foundation Media Project has J.A. Adande’s Medill students, others learning concussion reporting best practices (Awful Announcing 11/8)

                     EVENT [11/15]: Concussion care and research: The facts, the fiction, the future (Univ of Calgary 11/8)

                     Notch inhibitor can attenuate apparent diffusion coefficient and improve neurological function through downregulating NOX2-ROS in severe traumatic brain injury (DovePress NZ 11/8)

                     Biomarkers in traumatic brain injury (TBI): a review (DovePress NZ 11/8)

                     CTE Severity Links (Genome Web 11/8)

                     CTE research shows impact on college football, includes South Carolina and Clemson players (Post & Courier 11/8)

                     Days after Brody Allen's death, family returns to hospital for another heartbreak (WCPO 9 News 11/8)

                     Rexrode: Why we let our 11-year-old play tackle football this fall (Tennesseean 11/8)

                     New app provides concussion safety net (Regina Leader-Post 11/8)

                     My Peace of Mind | Concussion Prevention 🎥 (WLNS 6 News 11/7)

                     Blood Test May One Day Help Track Concussion Recovery (Health Day 11/7)

                     One type of brain cell might hold key to inflammation after head injury (EurekAlert / Ohio State Univ 11/7)

                     Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Centers mark 30 years of research (EurekAlert / Wolters Kluwer Health 11/7)

11/07/2018:  Lifetime prevalence of self-reported concussion among adolescents involved in competitive sports: A national U.S. study (MD Linx 11/7)

                     Blood Test May One Day Help Track Concussion Recovery (US News & World Report 11/7)

                     My Peace of Mind | Concussion Prevention (WLNS 6 News 11/7)

                     CHS alum helps veterans through Creative Forces program (Cascade Pioneer 11/7)

                     Concussion prevention: Sorting through the science to see what’s sound (The Conversation 11/7)

                     Head Injury Tied to Long-term Cognitive Decline, Dementia (Psych Congress Network 11/7)

                     Rainwater Charitable Foundation Launches World's Largest Prize for Brain Research (PR Newswire 11/6)

                     Treatment of concussions on the ice evolves as NHL fights lawsuit 🎥 (Washington Times 11/6)

                     New report shows CTE is a major concern in college football, too (NY Daily News 11/6)

                     Tuning in: Hospital therapy reaches patients through song (Dallas News 11/6)

                     Birmingham-based real estate firm named finalist for national award (Birmingham Business Journal 11/6)

                     Q-Collar Shown to Reduce Brain Changes in Non-Helmeted Female Athletes (Sport Techie 11/6)

                     Perth one-punch victim could lose home due to traumatic brain injury (Western Australia Today 11/6)

11/06/2018:  Dawson Creek mother perplexed after ER sends son with head wound home with a concussion pamphlet (Dawson Creek Mirror 11/6)

                     Kids' Post-Concussion Trajectory Varies with Age, Sex (MedPage Today 11/6)

                     EVENT: [11/9]: Gwinnett Medical Center to host concussion symposium Friday (Gwinnett Daily Post 11/6)

                     Las Vegas clinic aims to protect athletes from brain injuries (ABC 13 News 11/5-6)

                     Football and CTE (VC Star 11/5)

                     147 Colleges, Football and Brain Disease (Inside Higher Ed 11/5)

                     Gathering held at Penn State Hershey Medical Center to raise concussion awareness 🎥 (NBC 8 WGAL)

                     Concussions May Stunt Recovery from Sleep Deprivation (The Scientist 11/5)

                     Survivor Success Story: Tree limb nearly kills a Dansville man 🎥 (NBC 10 WILX 11/5)

                     This Paterson man has overcome brain injury — one trash pickup at a time 🎥 (North Jersey 11/5)

                     Youth TBI laws promote head injury evaluation in emergency department (EurekAlert / Nationwide Children's Hospital 11/5)

                     Head Injury Tied to Long-term Cognitive Decline, Dementia Risk (MedScape Psychiatry 11/5)

                     Is Brain Cooling Ineffective in Treating Traumatic Brain Injury? (Legal Examiner 11/5)

                     Disrupted circadian rhythms may drive anxiety and exacerbate brain disorders (Science Daily 11/5)

11/05/2018:  Scientists zero in on genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's-like brain disease CTE 🎥 (CBS News 11/5)

                     Youth Sports And Concussions: The Argument For Pre-Season Brain Screening (Boca Newspaper 11/5)

                     Concussion effects 'felt like my head was going to blow off' (AFL Australia 11/5)

                     Girls Recover From Concussions More Slowly Than Boys (Medical Research 11/5)

                     New research shows symptom improvement after concussion in children varies (Medical Xpress / Children's Hospital - Eastern Ontario Research Institute 11/5)

                     Delray Local Creates Nonprofit To Help Those With Post-Concussion Syndrome (Delray Newspaper 11/5)

                     Poor sleep linked to longer concussion recovery in kids (Reuters 11/5)

                     Head Injury Tied to Long-term Cognitive Decline, Dementia Risk (MedScape Psychiatry 11/5)

                     Dakota Derrer’s ‘really bad concussion’ upended her academic and hockey plans (Daily Orange 11/4)

                     Jordan McNair’s death was the tragic end result of football excesses (Baltimore Post-Examiner 11/4)

                     Former Vikings fullback Bill Brown dies at 80, brain to be donated for CTE study (Twin Cities Pioneer Press 11/4)

                     Concussion Impact: Are Football’s Days Numbered? (NBC Connecticut 11/4)

                     BU Study Finds Link Between Gene And Severity Of CTE (CBS Boston WBZ 11/4)

11/04/2018:  Genetic risk factor for chronic traumatic encephalopathy detected (Medical Xpress / Boston Univ School of Medicine 11/4)

                     Boxing safety under question after amateur incident (NewstalkZB 11/4)

                     Parasiliti: Rebels legend Smith seeking new path after football (Herald-Mail Sports 11/4)

                     Football Players Can Suffer Permanent Brain Damage Even Without Taking Big Hits to the Head (Civilized 11/4)

                     Why do some people get CTE? It may be in their genes (CNN 11/3)

                     Lakelands schools grapple with concussions in 21st century (Index Journal 11/3)

                     CFL wives and partners bond in online 'sisterhood' support network (London Free Press 11/3)

                     Local Veteran Receives Mortgage Free Home (NWA Homepage 11/3)

11/03/2018:  Fish: NHL still looking for ways to improve goalie masks (The Intelligencer 11/3)

                     Sleep helps young athletes recover from concussions, study finds (UPI 11/3)

                     Analysis shows 147 college football programs had at least one player diagnosed with CTE 🎥 (USA Today 11/2)

                     The first football helmet designed for kids just raised a $28.5m Series B (The Hustle 11/2)

                     Health Watch: Study Says Every Hit In Contact Sports May Cause Brain Damage 🎥 (CBS 2 NY 11/2)

                     Traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-term neurological and psychiatric disorders (EurekAlert / AAP 11/2)

                     Inspired by father's plight, LI woman opens no-cost rehab center for vets 🎥 (News 12 Long Island 11/2)

                     NIH greatly expands investment in BRAIN Initiative (NIH 11/2)

                     Mounds View native healing after traumatic brain injury (Sun Focus 11/2)

                     Special Report: Playing with Safety 🎥 (ABC 9 KEZI 11/1)

                     No Benefits to Post-TBI Brain Cooling, JAMA Study Suggests (Physical Therapy Products 11/1)

                     Doctors, Trainers Focused on Treating Concussions in Student Athletes 🎥 (Fox 40 News 11/1)

11/02/2018:  Concussion treatment: What works — and what doesn’t (Healio MedBlog 11/2)

                     Good sleep quality encourages better recovery after sport-related concussion (EurekAlert / AAP 11/2)

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