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May 2019


Pleasant Grove graduate's traumatic brain injury made attending class nearly impossible

Johnstown woman dies of head injury from pool collapse during storm

Brain Injury Survivors Make Masks to Represent Their Experiences 🎥

Concussion symptoms reversed by magnetic therapy

Your brain on weed: concussions and cannabis

Seattle skateboarder improves while his traumatic injury raises helmet awareness 🎥

Firefighter warns local kids about helmet safety 🎥


Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Rehabilitation Options in Severe TBI 🎥

13 Tips for Helping Your Child Cope With Your Brain Injury

Your Brain On Weed: Concussions And Cannabis

Denizens: Whitehall music therapist aims to support, encourage people with traumatic brain injuries

Three Simple Interventions Improve Survival Of Severe Head Injury Victims, Says Study 🎥

The Power Of Hope

USWNT's Scurry's journey to brain injury awareness

NFL Players Have a Higher Rate of Mortality than Major League Baseball Players

The complex relationship between dementia and domestic violence

The Struggle of Black Men With Mental Health Stigma

Faces of concussions: NHL's head-on battle with an epidemic

It is Not for Free-Retired Renato Sobral is Paying the Price for his Career


Wounded veteran presented free home in Cleveland Heights 🎥

Senate Committee Expands Medical Cannabis Bill to Include More Patients 🎥

Austin Meek: Local climber finds his own path to the top

Rio Linda Woman Hurt In Suspected DUI Crash Speaks Out, Asks For Justice 🎥

Critically injured teenager shows hopeful signs after car crash 🎥

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Ex-WWE Star Ashley Massaro’s Brain Could Be Donated to Famous CTE Doctor for Research

Judge: Ex-NFL players must see neurologists close to home

Micky Ward – A warrior’s brain


Brain training shows promise as a treatment for veterans’ cognitive problems after TBI

Study Finds First Effective Scalable Intervention for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

New hope for treating epilepsy developed after TBI 🎥

Liberty University graduate student overcomes brain injury to earn degree

How traumatic injury has become a health care crisis

U of T PhD student named change-maker for developing program for patients with traumatic brain injury

PET scans show high tau levels in former NFL players with potential chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Ex–NFL Player John Urschel Gave up the Game for a Ph.D.—and a Life—in Math

Lawsuit filed by Ohio dad against football helmet company for son's wrongful death will go to trial 🎥

Red Bluff native contributes to book about brain injury


Parents must make informed decisions

Oxygen therapy gives North Dakota woman with traumatic brain injury her life back

After a Traumatic Brain Injury, Dylan Flynn Started Pass the Bass

Association of statewide implementation of the prehospital traumatic brain injury treatment guidelines with patient survival following traumatic brain injury: The Excellence in Prehospital Injury Care (EPIC) Study

Does Power Cause Brain Damage?

Jared Antle celebrates 20th birthday in Atlanta hospital, family continues to prepare for homecoming

What you need to know before getting on an electric scooter 🎥

Derek Boogaard's mother pens emotional letter on anniversary of his death


Veteran Medical Cannabis Bills Shot Down

Four veterans take home their newly graduated ‘battle buddy’

Tallmadge honors vet who crawled to Boston Marathon finish line

Avoiding simple mistakes that can delay obtaining a medical marijuana card 🎥

How A Shirt From Target Helped A Survivor Of Deadly Amtrak Crash Heal 🔊

Fireworks could be limited

Hawley bill helping law enforcement heads to full Senate

Union calls for improved first aid training regime for firefighters


Police officers suffering PTSD on 'alarming' scale, study finds

Internet-Based Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies for PTSD in Adults 🎥

One In Five Police Officers Are Suffering PTSD With Most Unaware They Have The Condition

PTSD 'at crisis levels' among police officers

Mortal Kombat 11’s developers watched hangings on YouTube for research

How PTSD headlines lead to mirage of the ‘broken veteran’

Do Trigger Warnings Actually Work?

Corrections officer speaks out about high depression rate on job 🎥

Author shares his PTSD battle with local veterans

Judge orders New Bedford sergeant to be treated for alleged PTSD 🎥

Emory expands PTSD, TBI treatment program for military veterans


Female firefighters at a high risk for PTSD

For Nurses, Trauma Can Come With the Job

Veterans with PTSD train service dogs to take back control of their lives

Texas House passes bill to vastly expand access to medical cannabis

In Nursing, Experiencing Trauma And The Resulting PTSD Is A Fact Of Life

Denver on track to reject 'magic mushroom' legalization

Texas House passes second, more limited bill expanding access to medical cannabis

A hero helping heroes: Former officer helps first responders with post-traumatic stress 🎥

Free online mental health screenings available for veterans

Turpin Kids, Victims of Child Abuse, Recover With the Help of a Therapy Dog

‘They made him and broke him’: Mum tells of Navy veteran’s suicide to call for change

What ‘Game of Thrones’ Gets Wrong About Sansa Stark and Abuse

May 2019


New Research Points To Window Of Opportunity To Prevent PTSD 🔊

I’m a Veteran Without PTSD. I Used to Think Something Was Wrong With Me.

Can video games help in mental health recovery?

PTSD Nightmares May Be Addressed With New Apple Watch App

Not Every Veteran Comes Home With PTSD. Can The Ones Who Don’t Teach Us Enough To Help The Ones Who Do?

New Anxiety Research Shows Dirt Could Play A Weird, Yet Effective Role In Treatment

Service Dogs May Help In The Rehabilitation Of Veterans With PTSD

PTSD Blood Test Aims for Commercialization

'Ecstasy' shows promise for post-traumatic stress treatment

Bill on PTSD Coverage for Police, Firefighters Tabled 🎥

Senate revives, then adopts deal on PTSD benefits for first responders

LISTEN: PTSD awareness drives into Sioux Falls 🔊

Seth Moulton, who has struggled with PTSD, unveils mental health plan

Hurricane survivors face flashbacks, PTSD 🎥

Ambulance companies open to compromise over PTSD bill for first responders


Somber reflection  

Army Twitter campaign draws painful replies

MEMORIAL DAY: Goshen veteran tells other vets it is not "weakness" to ask for help

Local Army veterans help other vets battle addiction, PTSD 🎥

William and Mary launches first military counseling program in state

Monument unveiled to remember lives lost to PTSD

Why many combat veterans are still suffering, years after the fight ended 🎥

Lodi business owner focuses on vets, PTSD in new original song 🎥

Seth Moulton discloses PTSD, unveils military mental health proposal

PTSD in cancer parents: How real is it? 🎥

Arizona veterans practicing martial arts to lessen PTSD 🎥

It is possible to enhance positive memories or suppress negative ones: Study

Veterans' Fight for Medical Marijuana Brings 3 Bills Before Congress

Why Do Some Children Develop PTSD While Others Do Not?

How compassion from doctors helps patients heal | Opinion

Therapists In South Florida Learn A New Technique To Treat PTSD

Texas Lawmakers Approve MMJ Expansion. Will the Governor OK It?

Shutdown and Shutout: The Social Ecology of PTSD


How to help someone with PTSD

Can Mindfulness Help Decrease PTSD After School Shootings?

Michigan agency aims to reduce stress among prison guards

EMS Workers Criticize PTSD Bill, Say They Also Need Help 🎥

Friend worries PTSD vet is struggling in jail

Post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth – two sides of the same coin

Animal-assisted therapy program using bees to calm veterans with PTSD 🎥

Salute Our Troops: Ret. Army Colonel survived 9/11, serves post traumatic stress victims 🎥

Boston police commissioner: High priority is preventing officer suicides

Rotary Clubs build Peace Garden at C.O. Veterans Ranch

Seth Lederman: Our vets fought to protect our freedom. We must fight for their freedom from PTSD and suicide 🎥


Brain Scans Reveal Potential Biomarker of Suicidal Thoughts in People with PTSD

Reports From The Frontlines Of PTSD Science 🔊

FSU researchers find ‘Seeking Safety’ program helps improve mental health for incarcerated women

Gold Coast crash victim speaks out about PTSD and depression 🎥

Results From Phase Two Clinical Trials Show Efficacy of MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD

Marijuana could help with Veterans’ PTSD

Expert discusses misconceptions about PTSD

Legislators across the country recently proposed marijuana legislation for veterans. The VA opposed all of it

'American Sniper' widow Taya Kyle touts therapy to help veterans deal with PTSD

Dolphin therapy helping veterans overcome PTSD, WWP says 🎥

Petition started to add EMS to police, fire PTSD bill in CT

War Veteran Stabbed to Death on Appalachian Trail Was Hiking to Overcome PTSD

Thousands of people sign petition against wording of PTSD bill 🎥

Serving Those Who Serve: Mental Health Has Become A National Police Priority

The Visionary Activist Show – Visualizations of Vitality 🔊

American Humane Reunites Texas Service Member with Military Working Dog

This Is What Mental Illness Looks Like


Research Revealed an Unexpected Link in PTSD

Biological marker may indicate PTSD patients at risk for suicide

5 Questions: Shaili Jain on misconceptions about PTSD

McLean receives $13.5 million NIMH grant for translational stress research

Marine Corps Veteran Faces Deportation, Says His Crimes Are Linked To PTSD 🔊

Ripley Co. Deputy Claims Retaliation After Requesting PTSD Accomodations

Municipalities, unions reach compromise on PTSD benefits

Area events to benefit Mission 22 for veterans

PTSD: A conversation with a Stanford psychiatrist about her new book

Senate Bill 542 would help first responders get workers' compensation for PTSD 🎥

Puppy with Purpose: Maverick helps local veteran cope with PTSD 🎥

Jess Wright reveals her battle with PTSD and anxiety after a near-death experience when she was 20... and says her family 'don't understand'

Wagon trail trip to honor veterans and current service members arrives in Colorado Springs

'I felt cheated. I felt robbed.' | Central Texas mothers share their experiences with postpartum mood disorders 🎥

Durfee Alumni Awards to be given to filmmaker Jerri Kaplan Sher, physicist Christopher Fontes

Female firefighters at risk of PTSD


Congressman Smith reintroduces bill to enhance recovery for veterans

Before This Vietnam War Veteran Dies, He Would Like To Become An American Citizen 🔊

Strategies to deal with stress

Can Watching Intense TV Shows & Movies Relieve Stress?

Group aims to help veterans access medical marijuana in Arizona

Groton instructor inspired to start yoga class for veterans, military

Imbalance in Brain Wiring May Influence Development of PTSD

'One firefighter helping another firefighter'

Hurricane Maria Left Thousands Of Puerto Rican Children Experiencing Symptoms Of PTSD, Survey Finds


SBU researchers find possible link between PTSD in 9/11 responders and cognitive degeneration

Asthma Risk Significantly Increases With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Curaleaf and the Veterans Cannabis Project Bring Initiative to Increase Veterans' Access to Medical Cannabis to Arizona

How does stress affect pregnant mothers?

A Navy audit says the Marine Corps’ noncompliance with health surveys could hinder early detection of PTSD

New Technology Could Change How PTSD Is Diagnosed 🎥 📅

Eglin to get new medical center 🎥

Northwest Battle Buddies hosts fundraising Freedom Gala

Pressure mounting to pass disaster relief bill

Therapist provides crisis intervention at Madison County Child Advocacy Center

Middle Tennesseans supporting 'The Big Payback' event 🎥

Editorial: Tangled Web

House committee OKs bill to make PTSD a 'work-related injury' for first responders 🎥

Emory Looks At Innovative Ways To Treat PTSD Patients

Study: Children of Holocaust survivors can inherit PTSD

Combat-Related Brain Injury with PTSD Tied to Larger Amygdala

Play Starring Military Veterans Puts PTSD in the Spotlight in LA 🎥