PTSD & TBI Research News


March 2019


How do we know service dogs help veterans with PTSD?

Mental health apps might not be as effective as they claim

Pentagon Will Expand Virtual Reality PTSD Treatment After Florida Program Success

Dealing With Trauma After A Mass Shooting  Over The Long Term 🔊

New Mexico weighs marijuana access to counter opioid crisis

Treatment and support: Suicides highlight residual trauma of mass shootings

John McCoy: It's official! Fishing relieves stress

Newtown, Parkland suicides point to need for mental health recovery plans

Reports detail veteran’s final days before VA Center suicide

Local band writes song to honor, support Veterans 🎥

My First Battlefield Defeat as a US Soldier

Pet Tax Deductibility

'I watched Royal Marine husband suffer mental breakdown on Remembrance Sunday'


What Exactly is PTSD? 🎥

Scientists Look For Ways To Erase Bad Memories

PU Proves Service Dogs Impact Handlers’ Psyche

A Moment in the The Miraculous Spiritual Science of Sobriety and Medication

Butler Hospital receives U.S. grant for brain science research

PTSD Conference returns to UNI 🎥

Veteran sues University of Toledo for disclosing PTSD

Kids Can Get 'Stuck' on Traumatic Event, Leading to PTSD

Homeless shelter workers across Alberta struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, study finds

Vets quieting PTSD through 'trauma conscious' yoga

Community meeting offers hope for Parkland shooting survivors 🎥

Ask the Expert: What are the signs and how can we prevent suicide among those who have gone through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/survivor's guilt?

Parkland, Newtown Community Suicides Prompt Dialogue On Trauma Support 🔊


New music therapy program helps Phoenix area veterans relieve PTSD symptoms 🎥 📅

Children develop PTSD when they 'overthink' their trauma

From Parkland to Sandy Hook, Trauma of School Shootings Haunts Survivors for Decades

Sandy Hook and Parkland survivors need not suffer in silence 🎥

'Don't pull away:' Vet says isolation is the worst thing a vet with PTSD can do

Is It Time to Pull the Trigger on 'Trigger Warnings'?

Marine veteran's death shines light on post-traumatic stress 🎥

Southeastern Guide Dogs helps veterans get past PTSD 🎥

After Sandy Hook and Parkland, trauma and survivor’s guilt remain

Local counselor speaks about PTSD in adolescents 🎥

After Success in Florida, The Use Of Virtual Reality To Treat PTSD Is Expanding 🔊

For Mass Shooting Survivors, More Help Is Needed


Firefighters call for Marion Fire Chief to step down after disconcerting comments 🎥

Campus resources help sexual assault survivors overcome trauma and PTSD

Movie review: ‘Us’ offers chilling experience through creative cinematography

Police officer’s PTSD claims not time-barred: Appeals court

Anesthesia Might Assist Take Away Painful Reminiscences Of PTSD Sufferers

War-weary troops receive free sex therapy after combat stress affected their love lives

PTSD study: How you feel now influences your recall of past trauma symptom severity


A Common Anesthetic Could Ease PTSD and Other Stress Disorders

Study shows 33% of workers at homeless shelters suffer PTSD

Can extreme sports and adrenaline help veterans with PTSD?

Development and psychometric evaluation of the Treatment Adherence Questionnaire for Patients with Combat Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Military Veterans Organizations Press Congress On Medical Marijuana Research

Conference in Billings to focus on helping military vets, families with struggles

PTSD Expert Available To Discuss New Zealand Mass Shooting

Traumatic Stress: 11 Circumstances We Fail To See As Traumatic 🎥 📅

Warrior Music Foundation offers free life-altering music lessons for veterans

Dear Rita Skeeter: Newsrooms need to prioritize journalists’ well-being to prevent burnout

David Morris's new book "Coming Full Circle: Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" is a reflection on the enduring effects of war on a Vietnam veteran's life.

Military wives start support group to connect with other families 🎥

Idaho Enacts Expanded PTSD Law for First Responders

Military veterans with PTSD turn to yoga and meditation


1 in 13 young British people have PTSD. Here’s why

Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Council Elects New President, Vice President to Its Board of Directors

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Captain Marvel’s Trauma

'Some people don't make it home' | Veteran opens up about PTSD with her son for the first time 🎥

TSD Conference Keynote Addresses Bullying in Schools, Buses

‘Buddy’ Review: Who’s a Good Pup? This Pack of Lifesavers

Veteran helping other veterans through equine therapy 🎥

Groundbreaking for The Battle Within Memorial

Proposed bill would protect first responders suffering from PTSD 🎥

O’Ban: Honoring education and treatment about Post Traumatic Stress a reminder of a debt society owes those who serve in the military

Combat veterans, post-traumatic growth and the role of the church

Trigger warnings do little to reduce people's distress, research shows

NHL Alumni Study Centres on CBD, Puts THC on Ice

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in trauma-related conditions

Seattle VA to focus on PTSD research, service

New research identifies potential PTSD treatment improvement


P.E.I. veterans learn the ‘how-to's’ of medical marijuana from other vets

The Healing Power of Art

Senator David Perdue Receives 2019 Inspirational Leader Award

'One Day at a Time' Faces the Stigma of Mental Health, Head-On

Venezuela's hidden damage: mental stress as desperation grows

CA Firefighters Battle Stress with Tool Used by War Vets

Camp Fire cops, firefighters fighting stress turn to tool used by war vets for PTSD

Challenging mask Everyman play deals with Post Traumatic Stress

Denton Veterans Advocates Secure Building for PTSD Treatment Center 🎥

LI officials, groups urge state to restore funds for vet support program 🎥

Ebola survivors face high burden of ongoing health issues

Exposés Explore Child Sex Abuse by Celebs and Complicit Family Members

Education is key in fighting sexual violence epidemic

Accelerated Resolution Therapy offers healthy way to cope with PTSD 🎥


Discovery Gives Researchers a New Tool for Combating PTSD in Women

Indiana University Researchers Develop Blood Test for PTSD

Prion-Like Protein Controls PTSD Symptoms in Female Mice

Efforts underway to reduce PTSD in Children's Services staffers

American Legion wants funding for veterans program restored

What disasters reveal about mental-health care

First Responders Bill to provide mental health coverage signed into law 🎥

Tester introduces veterans' mental health bill named after Helena man

Latest performance update on Cohen Veterans Network

A BRAVE FACE Comes to Theatre Royal Winchester

Stress is Contagious: Stop 'Strezazzled' People from Encroaching on Your Brain


Adrian Noon Rotary, Beauford Woodworking Institute team up to provide program for veterans

North Carolina man buys Chick-fil-A for servicemen in honor of late veteran brother 🎥

Towards precision medicine for stress disorders: diagnostic biomarkers and targeted drugs

PSU Altoona hosts PTSD Night Thursday

New mental healthcare facility in Brackenview

Bill to extend first responders' mental health coverage now law

Idaho first responders will now be able to file workers' compensation to help with PTSI alone

Puppies start journey to help with PTSD

We now have hard scientific evidence that microdosing psychedelics ‘could be beneficial’

Skin test shows promise for identifying predisposition to mental illness

American Legion wants funding for veterans program restored

Many doctors have this disorder and don’t even know it

Gene that keeps PTSD-like behavior at bay in female mice

IU School of Medicine researchers discover groundbreaking test for post-traumatic stress disorder


Adrian Noon Rotary, Beauford Woodworking Institute team up to provide program for veterans

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety in Recovery: An Interview with Dr. Tasha Bollermann

The weight of the badge: Former Willmar police officer finds new direction in creating art

Dennis Charney, MD: The Hope of Ketamine for Depression

‘Trauma Toys’ helps kids impacted by ISIS

Hmong community opens new center for elders 🎥

Lawmakers look to promote better mental health among police officers

Maryland's Ron Capps helps veterans tell their tales: BTN LiveBIG

If You're A Compassionate Person, You May Be Experiencing 'Vicarious Trauma'

PTSD For Emergency Responders

FDA Rescinds Two Breakthrough Therapy Designations

Guitars for Vets puts healing power of music in hands of heroes 🎥

Bit of Hope Ranch offering veteran’s healing program

NWA Veterans With PTSD Try Yoga for Relief 🎥

Portraits of PTSD: Vets share how art series captures the daily struggle to stay alive 🎥

New PSA featuring female service member's battle with Military Sexual Trauma launches on International Women's Day; Service dog helps recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Cumberland County to host training for veteran mentors

Firefighters get peer support training 🎥

The journey to sexual abuse healing

Soul crushing. PTSD symptoms showing up in more than half of Children's Services workers 🎥

Extreme weather and mental health

Firefighters Implement Peer Support Group to Improve Mental Health 🎥

Healthwatch: Treating PTSD in Kids 🎥

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Senators urge VA not to fumble expansion of caregiver benefits

Thousands of Alaskans report post-earthquake anxiety and other psychological distress in study

Boston VA Researchers Aim to Understand the Effects of Blast Injuries in Veterans

Why Do We Think Suffering Is Good for Us?

Psychologists Urge Justice Department to Authorize Cannabis Applications

Study: U.S. women soldiers more likely for PTSD than men 🎥


An Epidemic Without a Name

Springfield acting police commissioner has opportunity to redefine job of policing (Letters)

Tax gift options fund local, state projects

Media companies on notice over traumatised journalists after landmark court decision

BU researcher receives grant to study how PTSD may accelerate aging

Groundbreaking set for Eglin brain treatment center

Transforming the Chaos of Cancer to Post-Traumatic Growth

Jacksonville therapist offers free screenings for anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, and other mental health disorders

Kettering VFW seeks donors for its first ever PTSD Awarness event

Linda Bryant: ‘No more’ - Taking on the scourge of bullying

Pilot Study Suggests Possible Connection Between PTSD and Risk for Dementia in 911 Responders

Captain Krankypants Comes to The Albany Theatre


New documentary aims to bring awareness to veteran PTSD 🎥

Wounded Warriors stop in Qualicum Beach 🎥

The Future of Healthcare: “Using VR to treat PTSD” with founder Deborah C. Beidel, Ph.D., ABPP 📅

Police officers struggle to get treatment for PTSD 🎥

How a U.S. Marine veteran was detained by ICE, and what's happened since

Finding Faith: Don’t sweat the big stuff

N.B. veterans fight to receive disability tax credit

Freddy gets a new friend

Calif. Firefighter's Suicide Highlights Increased Stress Among First Responders

TBI & CTE News

March 2019


Veteran in need of service dog raises money with paintings, drawings

PHOTOS: Remington honors Vietnam veterans

Joseph Bradley celebrated at JD for Special Olympics win 🎥

Warren medical marijuana dispensary to open Friday


Brain injury symptoms can last for weeks

Unable to Walk or Communicate Student Overcomes Traumatic Brain Injury to Thrive at VA Tech

BrainScope Completes Large-Scale Clinical Studies of Concussion in Universities, High Schools and Concussion Clinics

Good Day NWA: Brain Injury Awareness Month 🎥

Paradigm Shift Changes TBI Assessment, Treatment 📅

Repurposed Drug Could Offer Hope after Many Alzheimer’s Trial Failures

IU School of Medicine publishes research breakthroughs in two priority areas

PFA chief Gordon Taylor failed my father on dementia – he should go now

CTE expert says James Graham has a 'confused understanding' of brain trauma 🎥

When will we stop butting heads over sporting concussion?


After a traumatic brain injury, woman helps others through yoga 🎥

Diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, Keene child faces long recovery

Novel compound for treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) demonstrates positive results in a preclinical study

New Edition of Severe Pediatric TBI Guidelines Published

Valley man discovers, develops therapeutic talents after brain injury 🎥

Brain injury survivors at Capitol to push for better care

Recognizing, Treating Brain Injuries

Light up the heavens in downtown Victoria for brain injury awareness

This Pop-Up Is Helping Athletes Incorporate Cannabis into Post-Workout Recovery

Rob Gronkowski’s retirement shows the realities of a dangerous game

Kathie Lee Gifford Talks About Being A Widow: If You’re Not Careful ‘What You’ve Lost In Life Can Define You’


Olympia veteran featured in PBS documentary on traumatic brain injury 🎥

Long Island mom leads charge for law to help her care for disabled son

Local soldier recovering after surviving a crash on deployment in Kuwait 🎥 

GMAR Shows their Support for Michigan Veterans by Raising Funds for Service Dogs through Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Tau Tangle Discovery Sheds Light On CTE, Alzheimer's


Soldier Praises Treatment Received At Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic

Know the signs of brain injury

New brain injury center at St. Mary's helping patients with traumatic injuries 🎥

These concussion-preventing bike helmets mimic the brain's protective fluid

Blast and ballistic improvement in helmets earn Carderock engineer another patent

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy proving successful for TBI patients

Soccer's concussion protocol is still not taken seriously, and it’s a huge problem 🎥

Will new Virginia Tech youth helmet ratings make football safer for kids? 🎥

Professor's study helps athletic trainers improve concussion management

Concussion linked with later neuromuscular changes


Booker, a former high school football star, says the sport should be made safer

Ex-49ers lineman Cedrick Hardman asked that brain be part of CTE study

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month 🎥

Brain Injury Awareness Month: Did you know?

How to prevent brain injuries

20-year-old shares her road to recovery after suffering traumatic brain injury 🎥

New Traumatic Brain Injury Blood Test Approved By FDA

'Overall injury rate is not increasing globally and concussion rate appears to be decreasing for first time'

Concussions in sport: I stopped playing after sustaining head knocks

Study Probes How Concussion Impacts Deep Brain Structure

Bontrager says new helmet material 48 times better at preventing concussions

Concussions in Young Athletes (Healthy You) 🎥

Cannabis being studied as potential treatment for concussions and other brain injuries 🎥


Using your head: how brain health and trauma affects us

Visual concerns following traumatic brain injury

New CDC report on concussions sheds new light on how safe your kids are when playing sports 🎥

Virginia student-athletes receive further concussion protection


Cyclist Kelly Catlin's brain donated to study concussions

NHL Alumni Group Joins Study to Test Cannabis as Brain Trauma Treatment

Capital Health along with Princeton University and the Brain Injury Alliance of NJ Presents: The Changing Landscape of Concussion

Fewer Boys Are Suffering Head Injuries, But Rate Rises for Girls

BridgeLine helps those with brain injuries

Huntsville Group for Traumatic Brain Injury Wants to Raise Awareness for the Disability 🎥

Med Watch Today: March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month 🎥

Kids are most likely to get brain injuries from playing these sports

Study of concussed footballer's brain yields surprising results

Brain Awareness Promotes Healthy Precautions

Rugby and concussions: An insight from Leicester Tigers club doctor Kal Parmar

Family of Kelly Catlin think concussion may have contributed to suicide


Track cyclist Kelly Catlin suffered concussion months before taking own life, says sister

Cyclist Kelly Catlin's Family Donates her Brain for Concussion Research

Did Freeda Foreman Have CTE? Black Women Rarely Commit Suicide

Family Tells of Pain, Perseverance Years After Brutal Capitol Hill Attack 🎥

'What Does War Do To An Entire Person?' — VA Studies Veterans With Blast Injuries 🔊

Child's traumatic brain injury inspires all-inclusive park in New Jersey 🎥

Pain Relief Partners: Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury 🎥

Washington County man continues to overcome obstacles after traumatic brain injury 🎥

Traumatic brain injury can have lifelong impact — here are some steps to reduce your risk

Kids' concussion recovery like snakes and ladders game

School bus ride leaves Sunset students with concussions and sprains, parent says

Gov. Northam signs off on concussion study legislation 🎥

Stanford researchers outline the role of a deep brain structure in concussion

Repercussions of Concussions on and off the Field in the Game of Soccer

What parents should know about concussions


Our Opinion: Wrong way to tackle issue

Our View: Let the parents decide on tackle football

SIU-C Kicks Off Brain Awareness Month with Discussion by Two Alumni

Local hospitals combine to create rehabilitation hospital

Governor Kim Reynolds Proclaims March As Brain Injury Awareness, Colorectal Cancer Awareness And Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Disability Rights Montana debuts the “Unmasking Brain Injury Project”

Western University football program placing emphasis on player safety to minimize concussion risk

WWE star wrestler Matt Morgan holds special event to buy protective helmets for Lyman High football team

Opinion: Latest NFL prospects know the dangers of concussions. But they dismiss them 🎥

Physicists Try to Understand Concussions by Whacking Beakers With Hammers


Scientists teach machines to predict recovery time from sports-related concussions

Former NHLers to take part in study to test cannabis-based concussion therapies

Concussions in the NFL Down 29 Percent in 2018

Mark Henry Plans To Donate Brain To CTE Research 🎥

Total Acton for Progress: Domestic violence is not always visible 🎥


Cannabis trial for post-concussion problems offers hope to former NHL players

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries In Virginia Are Not Minor

Neurodegenerative diseases identified using artificial intelligence

Eye-Tracking Technology for Concussion Gets FDA Thumbs Up

SyncThink Touts an Eye-Tracking Database of Results From 50,000 People

All Football Helmets Are Not Created Equal: What the NFL Is Doing to Make the Game Safer for Players 🎥

Neck exercises are important for sports-related concussions, study urges

Check Your Health: Common concussion myths 🎥

YouTube Personality Logan Paul Reveals Brain Damage That Causes Lack of Empathy 🎥

Completion of Clinical Trial - a Significant Achievement for Medicortex Finland

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital creates awareness during Brain Injury Awareness Month 🎥

Using Yoga to help Hoosiers with brain injuries 🎥

Personal Injury: Traumatic Brain Damage

Brain injury rampant among domestic violence survivors, study says 🎥

Veterans and Civilians Who Have Suffered With Symptoms From Traumatic Brain Injury Are Improving After Being Assessed by Healthcare Providers Using the Millennium-TBI Protocols


NHL Alumni Association Teams Up With Canopy Growth to Research Concussions and Cannabinoids

Massachusetts Legislature Pushes to Ban Youth Tackle Football

EDITORIAL: Youth football, not state, should take on head injuries

Concusssions In Car And Truck Accidents Are Common But Often Are Not Diagnosed Or Treated Correctly.

With fewer concussions on NFL kickoffs, punt plays now a focus

Millburn Township Designates March as Brain Injury Awareness Month

New treatment guidelines for management of pediatric TBI issued 📃

Jim Daly: Military service is the right choice for many