PTSD & TBI Research - June 2018


June 2018

6/29/2018:  Controlled exposure and downtime to reduce PTSD: report (Canberra Times)

                   'Sacred' Word Repetition May Improve PTSD Symptoms, Insomnia (MedScape)

6/28/2018:  Study Summary: Link Between Migraine and Suicidal Behaviors (AJMC)

                   What Is Complex PTSD? There Isn’t Nearly Enough Awareness Around This Illness​ (Bustle)

                   Microbiome study on PTSD sufferers adds to baseline data for gut-brain connection (NutraIngredients USA)

6/27/2018:  Study: Meditation Can Change Body’s Response to Stress (Good Therapy)

                   One in Four women who have a miscarriage suffer experience PTSD (RSVP Live)

                   Resistance training reduces the cardiovascular response to psychosocial stress, study finds (PsyPost)

6/26/2018:  5 Things Never to Say to Someone With Mental Illness, and What You Can Say Instead (PsyCom)

6/25/2018:  The Link Between Autoimmune Diseases and PTSD HealthLine)

6/23/2018:  Researching coping strategies for PTSD (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

                   Addressing PTSD through ancient art of drum therapy (The News Herald)

6/22/2018:  New Orleans children need their schools to help them with trauma (The Times Picayune)

                   New AMA Policy Calls for Physician Training on Suicide (MedScape)

                   A peak behind the curtain: PTSD barriers, stigmas (Andrews Gazette)

6/21/2018:  Study on instinctive behaviour elucidates a synaptic mechanism for computing escape decisions (Medical Press)

                   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Children (Medical Life Sciences News)

6/20/2018:  Behavioral Wellness: The Unseen Occupational Realities (Fire Engineering)

6/19/2018:  Connection between stress and autoimmune disease affirmed by massive 30-year study (New Atlas)

                   Ecstasy-assisted psychotherapy is bringing peace to people with PTSD (Yahoo News)

                   Veteran Suicide Rate Still Rising (MedScape)

                   Veterans Twice As Likely To Commit Suicide Says New VA Study On Veteran Suicide (Disabled Veterans)

6/18/2018:  Equine-assisted therapy may help Autism, PTSD, and pain. Why isn't it used more? (WTVA)

                   Medical Monday: PTSD Awareness Month (WXOW)

6/17/2018:  PA. dispensaries to participate in national research program on chronic pain (Herald Mail Media)

6/15/2018:  Neurons That Rewrite Traumatic Memories Have Been Identified By Researchers For The First Time (Bustle)

                   Graduate trauma studies coordinator discusses PTSD awareness (SUNY)

6/14/2018:  How does Therapy Work? Part of the Brain which Stores Trauma Might also Heal, Study Suggests (Newsweek)

6/13/2018:  Content of service members' art linked to their trauma levels (ScienceDaily)

                   Study: Adolescents who consume a diet high in saturated fats may develop poor stress coping skills, signs of post-traumatic stress disorder as adults (Loma Linda University Health)

                   LSD, MDMA potentially could treat depression and PTSD, according to new health study (Philly Voice)

6/12/2018:  Study shows how using service dogs may provide physiological benefits to veterans with PTSD (Medical Life Science News)

                   Agony and Ecstasy: Psychedelics as the next big health remedy? (The Irish Times)

6/11/2018:  San Diego VA Studies the Role of Guilt in PTSD Treatment (KPBS)

                   School shootings: why some young people are more traumatised than others (The Conversation)

                   Discussions To Raise Awareness About PTSD in Central NewYork (LocalSYR)

                   Sudden Hearing Loss May Prompt Affective Disorders (MedScape Psychiatry)

6/10/2018:  Rat Study Suggests Probiotics Injection Can Reduce Stress (Psych Central)

                   Leahy Protects Funding For Vermont-Based PTSD Research And Treatment Facility (Vermont Digger)

6/09/2018:  Can PTSD be Treated with a Simple Gas? (Newsweek)

                   Breaking down anxiety one fear at a time. (Stripes)

                   The risk of 'contagion' after suicides is real (CNN)

6/08/2018:  7 Apps Designed to Help Reduce Depression and Anxiety (Fortune)

                   Restless Legs Syndrome an Independent Suicide Risk Factor? (MedScape Psychiatry)

6/06/2018:  Is an immunization for stress on the horizon? (University of Colorado, Boulder)

                   Veteran celebrates 1 year with service dog and regained freedom (WCAX 3)

                   What You Need To Know About Survivor's Guilt (Refinery 29)

                   Your stress, my brain: Communicating stress to others (MultiBrief)

                   A Turning Point for Psychedelics? (Psych Congress Network)

                   Study finds a combination of meditation and aerobic exercise can help women after trauma (Washington Post)

6/05/2018:  Psychedelics reduce partner violence in men by improving emotional regulation: study (The Star: Vancouver)

6/04/2018:  ICD-11 Proposed Criteria Identifies Fewer Cases of PTSD (Psychiatry Advisor)

                   Learned Helplessness and C-PTSD (PsychCentral)

                   Affect Dysregulation and C-PTSD (PsychCentral)

                   New medicine designed to improve sleep for those with PTSD (WNDU 16)

TBI News

June 2018

6/28/2018:  Rise of the athletic brain savers (Radiology Business)

                   MRI Confirmatory Evidence of Neuroplastic Change after Investigational PoNS™ Treatment (Helius Med Tech)

6/27/2018:  UCalgary researchers develop a diagnostic tool to test for signs of brain injury​ (University of Calgary)

                   Follow-up care for mild brain injury lacking, study shows (Healio/JAMA)

6/26/2018:  Increasing number of young athletes, like Tyler Hilinski, suffering from CTE (The Spokesman-Review)

6/25/2018:  A powerful voice for those with brain injuries (Inside Ottawa Valley)

6/23/2018:  New Breakthroughs In TBI Science For Veterans  (Disabled Veterans)

6/21/2018:  Mild TBI May Double Dementia Risk in Veterans, VA Data Suggest (Neurology Today)

                   'Antifreeze' molecules may stop and reverse damage from brain injuries (Univ of PA School of Medicine)

                   Having a brain injury does not mean you’ll get dementia (The Conversation)

                   Soon, a bedside blood test could help detect brain injury, ensure timely treatment (Hindustan Times)

6/19/2018:  Simple cognitive task after brain injury improves memory function, study finds (Medical Life Science News)

6/17/2018:  How Domestic Violence Is Harming Women’s Brains (Care2)

6/15/2018:  NCAA settles CTE lawsuit filed by widow of Texas player  (CBS47 Jax)

                   With a $6.6 million DoD grant, OHSU begins landmark concussion study (KATU2)

                   Carrying the Ball for Sleep Awareness (Sleep Review)

6/14/2018:  Pew Scholarship Will Investigate Molecular, Cellular Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury​ (UC Davis)

6/13/2018:  South Oakland startup sees early progress with drug to protect optic nerve (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

                   Concussion Symptoms Vary Depending On Your Sex, & Here’s Why It Matters (Bustle)

6/12/2018:  Kessler Foundation awarded four grants by NJ Commission on Spinal Cord Research (EurekAlert!)

                   Brain Injuries Can Affect Mental Health In An Unexpected Way & We Need To Talk About It (Bustle)

6/11/2018:  A new brain injury [CTE] lawsuit could be the undoing of college football as we know it (Quartz)

                   Neuralstem Awarded Phase I SBIR Contract to Support Research into Neural Stem Cell Therapy for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (NASDAQ)

                   MANF Therapeutics Announces Independent Publication of Positive Data for MANF in Traumatic Brain Injury Animal Model (Business Insider)

6/09/2018:  Startup product could detect concussions, win contest (Philadelphia Inquirer)

6/08/2018:  Holes in the head (University of Miami)

6/07/2018:  'Stunning' Lack of Follow-up Care for Concussion Patients (MedScape Psychiatry)

6/04/2018:  Domestic violence’s overlooked damage: Concussion and brain injury (Medical News Today)

6/03/2018:  New VA Research On TBI Migraines, Light Sensitivity (Disabled Veterans)

6/01/2018:  Cognitive Training Reduces Depression and Changes Brain Structure in Individuals with Chronic TBI Symptom(JDSupra)

                   Novel microscope technology offers images of the brain with 4K resolution and 3D visualization (Medical Life Sciences News)