PTSD & TBI Research - July 2018


July 2018

7/31/2018:  PTSD, Depression: MyndVR Tech Puts Aging Veterans In a Peaceful Place (Dallas Innovates)

                   PTSD Service Dogs Are Saving Lives (The Fix)

                   Hacking sleep: Study finds National Guard soldiers self-treat sleep issues (San Francisco State Univ)

                   A soap empire, Burning Man, and Bitcoin riches: MDMA’s unlikely shot at legalization (Consumer Affairs)

                   Montreal PTSD expert willing to help Broncos victims (Regina Leader-Post)

                   BioMed SA to recognize pioneers in military health care and beyond (San Antonion Business Journal)

7/27/2018:  Predicting Suicide Ideation in US Soldiers Based on PTSD Trajectory (Psychiatry Advisor)

7/26/2018:  Migraine Pain Location May Not Have Clinical Implications (Clinical Pain Advisor)

7/25/2018:  How To Deal With PTSD (Chicago Defender)

                   One in four frontline gardai described as 'walking wounded' when it comes to mental health (Irish Mirror)

7/24/2018:  Practitioner Mental Wellbeing: Can We Be More Proactive? (JEMS)

                   The other PTSD: When memories of the ICU won't go away (The Inquirer Philadelphia)

                   Suicide and its links – Recognizing risks, catalysts (Miami News-Record)

                   Effects of Hydrocortisone and D-Cycloserine on fear extinction in Veterans with PTSD (BMJ)

7/23/2018:  Suicide linked to mood disorders, substance abuse (The Morning Sun)

7/22/2018:  Honest talk about PTSD (The Chronicle)

7/19/2018:  Ecstasy For PTSD: ‘It Gave Me My Life Back’ (CBS 4 Denver)

                   Recent Study Has Revealed Link Between Sleep Quality and Fear (NewsWire)

7/18/2018:  Addabbo Speaks On Panel Focused On Veterans Affairs (Queens Gazette)

                   Veteran suicides: The impact PTSD has on British veterans explained (Chichester Observer UK)

                   Has Violence Created PTSD for Blacks? (Chicago Defender)

7/17/2018:  Improving Therapeutic Options for Patients With PTSD (MD Magazine)

                   Here’s Why Canada Will Be Home To The Best Cannabis Research (The Fresh Toast)

                   Service dogs may reduce suicidal impulses, stress among veterans (Medical Xpress / Georgia State Univ)

                   Acupuncture Helps War Veterans Sleep Better (HealthCMi)

7/16/2018:  The VA Health Administration claims PTSD affects up to 30 percent of military veterans (The Pantagraph)

7/15/2018:  The July 15 attempted coup and PTSD (TRT World)

7/14/2018:  Lamb aims to use virtual reality to treat PTSD (Univ at Buffalo)

                   Explore post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - phase, trial status, end points status (WhaTech)

7/13/2018:  Ariana Grande says her anxiety became "physical" following Manchester terror attack (Digital Spy)

                   Memories Can Be Altered in Mice. Are Humans Next? (National Geographic Science)

                   PTSD rate among prison employees equals that of war veterans (EurekAlert / Weshington State Univ)

                   Autoimmune diseases more often affect people with stress disorders (Science Nordic)

                   Integrating yoga into health care benefits numerous patients (Healio Internal Medicine)

                   Cannabis use may negatively impact people with anxiety, mood disorders (Healio Psychiatry)

7/12/2018:  More than a third of youth with PTSD did not receive treatment in 2012 (Healio Psychiatry)

                   Nature is proving to be awesome medicine for PTSD (Berkeley News)

                   Autonomic Dysfunction May Distinguish Posttraumatic Headache From Migraine (MedScape Psychiatry)

                   When Panic Attacks: How to Stop a Panic Attack (PsyCom)

7/11/2018:  Business of using ketamine to treat depression, PTSD, other ailments is growing (Northern Nevada Business View)

                   9/11 first responders cannot get compensated for higher stroke risk (Infosurhoy)

7/10/2018:  World Trade Center first responders with PTSD face higher risk for heart attack, stroke (The Columbian)

                   Remission of Treatment-Resistant Depression in Veterans Depends on Close Clinical Observation (Psychiatry Advisor)

                   Ready Patient One: Video Games as Therapy (MedScape Psychiatry)

7/09/2018:  Neuroscientists report findings on cannabis use in treating anxiety, inflammation (Xinhua News)

                   UT neuroscientist working on method to remove fear memories and help PTSD patients (WTOL CBS Toledo OH)

                   Anxiety, some types of inflammation may be alleviated by cannabis-like drugs – Research (Premium Times Nigeria)

7/07/2018:  Navy veteran and hockey player launch PTSD group (The Record-Courier)

                   More young vets committing suicide (Akron Beacon Journal)

7/06/2018:  Congress Calls On VA To Study Medical Marijuana To Treat PTSD (NPR)

                   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Understanding PTSD Symptoms and Causes (PsyCom)

7/05/2018:  Efficiency of CBD oil in treating PTSD (ABC News)

                   Study supports use of dogs to help veterans with PTSD (Ponte Vedra Recorder)

                   Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Pipeline Healthcare and Therapeutic Survey Report 2018 (Business Tactics)

7/02/2018:  Newly Discovered PTSD Study of Fear Conditioning in Men vs Women Veterans (Disabled Veterans)

                   3 reasons the IDF has the lowest PTSD rates in the Western world (The Rebel)

                   PTSD Among Working Women in a Developing Country [PDF] (UNLV)

7/01/2018:  IDF offers couples therapy to veterans grappling with PTSD (Times of Israel)

TBI News

July 2018

7/31/2018:  Heading a soccer ball harms women more than men, study finds (NBC News)

                   Finding Lost Emotions after Brain Injury (PLOS)

7/30/2018:  Rutgers study proposes novel approach for treating traumatic brain injury (WhyY / Rutgers Univ)

                   Football Head Impacts Elevate TBI Biomarkers in Asymptomatic Athletes (Neurology Today)

                   We May Soon Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injury With a Single Drop of Blood (LA BioTech EU)

7/27/2018:  Think your ski helmet will prevent concussion in an accident on the slopes? The latest research shows otherwise (The Telegraph UK)

                   Study: Kessler Foundation Seeks Volunteers with Traumatic Brain Injury for Ongoing Research Study (TAP New Brunswick)

7/26/2018:  New Diagnostic Test Confirms Absence of TBI (Technology Networks)

                   Traumatic brain injury: Discovery of two molecules could lead to new drug treatments (EurekAlert / Rutgers Univ)

                   Blood test reduces risk for brain injury patients (Hospital Healthcare)

                   Cannabis Concussion Pill Progress (HempGazette)

7/25/2018:  Blood test could spot traumatic brain injury (Futurity)

                   Marines Who Fired Rocket Launchers Now Worry About Their Brains (NPR)

                   Blood Test From Banyan Biomarkers for TBI Validated in Multicenter Observational Trial (360 Dx)

7/24/2018:  Healing rhythm: Music therapy to help those with cerebral palsy, brain injury (New Straits Times)

                   ALERT-TBI study on biomarkers for TBI: has science suffered? (The Lancet: Neurology)

                   Study supports blood test to help diagnose brain injury (MedicalXpress / Univ of Rochester Med Ctr)

                   Blood test might help reduce unnecessary CT scans after traumatic brain injury (EurekAlert / Lancet)

                   ADHD tied to increased concussion risk for kids (WSAU WI)

7/23/2018:  As Easy as Riding a Bike (New York Times)

                   Should You Let Your Kid Play Football? Here’s The Truth About Concussions (Men's Journal)

7/22/2018:  Pill To Treat Concussions Using Chemical CBD Found In Pot Has ‘Enormous Potential,’ New Medical Study Shows (Inquisitr)

7/21/2018:  “Concussion pill” on horizon as World Brain Day marked (HorseTalk NZ)

7/20/2018:  Don Schumacher Racing makes major commitment to concussion research (NHRA News)

7/18/2018:  Military personnel with head trauma and football players with suspected CTE show similar brain changes (Medical Life Sciences News)

                   Qrons and Dartmouth College Enter into One Year Sponsored Research Agreement (Digital Journal AccessWire)

                   UM study finds brain injury markers in Ann Arbor football players not diagnosed with concussions (Univ of Michigan)

                   Educational videos for rodeo athletes address concussions, mental health (Peace Arch News)

                   Adjusting for confounding by indication in observational studies: a case study in traumatic brain injury (Dove Press)

7/17/2016:  St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation supports latest St George Hospital study of acute brain injuries (St. George & Sutherland Shire Leader)

                   Cannabis for Concussion; Prodromal MS; Rising Parkinson's Numbers (MedPage Today)

                   Scientists Hunt For A Test To Diagnose Chronic Brain Injury In Living People (NPR)

                   New Research Finds Link Between Brain Trauma, Dementia (Law Firm Newswire)

7/16/2018:  NeuroTrauma Sciences and Henry Ford Health System Announce Research and License Agreements to Develop Exosome Technology for Neurological Injury (BioSpace)

                   Biomarker’s Potential for Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury Solidified (Genetic Engineering & BioTech News)

                   MIMH Professor David Tate honored for his research on traumatic brain injuries (UMSL Daily)

                   Can These Brain Scans Make High School Football Safer? (LAist)

                   Obesity Adds to Burden of Traumatic Brain Injury (HealthDay)

                   Traumatic brain injury biomarker shows promise to support rapid damage evaluation and predict outcomes (Medical Xpress)

7/13/2018:  Scythian Biosciences Announces Positive Pre-Clinical Data on the Safety and Efficacy of Cannabis Derived Combination Therapy for Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (Globe Newswire)

                   Prevacus Announces Use of blinktbi's EyeStat in Upcoming Phase 1 Clinical Study (The Virginian-Pilot)

                   Exosomes in Blood Indicate Mild TBI: Study (The Scientist)

7/12/2018:  Defend Your Head adds Penn, Temple to roster of clients (Philadelphia Business Journal)

                   Traumatic Brain Injury in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (Healio Pediatrics)

7/10/2018:  Ready Patient One: Video Games as Therapy (MedScape Psychiatry)

7/09/2018:  Validation and refinement of a clinical decision rule for the use of computed tomography in children with minor head injury in the emergency department (CMAJ)

                   Do mild concussions increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease? (Medical News Bulletin)

7/08/2018:  Generous Donations From Public And Business Will Help Vital Work Of Headway Surrey (Guilford-Dragon News)

                   Brain Injury Survivors Who Become Obese Face Greater Risk for Chronic Illness (PsychCentral)

7/06/2018:  Obesity and overweight linked to long-term health problems after traumatic brain injury (EurekAlert)

                   'Recovered' concussed athletes returning to play too soon (Medical Xpress)

7/03/2018:  Increased brain injury markers in response to asymptomatic high-accelerated head impacts (EurekAlert / Journal of Neurosurgery)

                   Brain stimulation could zap out violent and criminal thoughts, according to new research (Business Insider)

                   LLNL employs high-performance computing for better understanding of TBI [w/PDF] (Medical Life Sciences News)

                   AI, imaging project to improve precision medicine for treating concussions (Health Imaging)

                   UC researchers receive grant to study blood clotting mechanism in traumatic brain injury [w/PDF] (Medical Life Sciences News)

7/02/2018:  University of Cincinnati awarded $1.5 million to study blood clotting in traumatic brain injury (EurekAlert / Univ of Cincinnati)

7/01/2018:  Modern medicine isn’t always the answer for veterans   (JD News)