PTSD & TBI Research - January 2019



'There's a stigma': First responders gather in B.C. to talk trauma (01/31)

San Juan LEADS Serves’ 2019 calendar (01/31)

Rush University earns HIMSS Davies Award Of Excellence (01/31)

Florida doctors have a lot of discretion when prescribing medical marijuana 🎥 (01/31)

Neural computations of threat affect PTSD symptoms after combat trauma (01/31)

Woman deals with PTSD through knitting 🎥 (01/30)

Bill Removes PTSD Physical Injury Requirement (01/30)

Court orders county to pay part of veteran commission head’s legal fees from PTSD controversy (01/30)

EPS officers’ struggle with PTSD leads to unique re-integration program (01/30)

Healium Helps You De-Stress in VR Using Your Brain and Heart Rate (01/30)

Court affirms denial of PTSD benefits for police officer (01/30)

Cariboo MP Continues to Lobby for those with PTSD (01/30)

Awake on the Table (01/30)


Mild traumatic brain injury linked to higher risk of PTSD, depression 🎥 (01/30)

How Exercise Has Helped My PTSD Recovery (01/30)

Improved study pathways for young veterans (01/30)

Their Story: 'Don't be afraid or ashamed to reach out and ask for help' (01/30)

Repeated exposure to trauma “rewires” brains of police officers (01/30)

The startling toll on children who witness domestic violence is just now being understood 🎥 (01/29-30)

Yale, Icahn study links PTSD to brain properties (01/29)

Lawmakers push bills on mental health issues (01/29)

Foster dog easing stress for Johnson County 911 dispatchers 🎥 (01/29)

'I had some kind of complex PTSD' - Veteran has 'sound platform' to build on making poppies (01/29)

Sergeant who responded to police ambush sues Urbandale over 'abusive treatment,' says he has PTSD 🎥 (01/29)

Silent Witness has an opportunity to tackle male mental health – will it take it? (01/29)


Hamilton Co. program aims to help people with mental illness stay out of jail and get into treatment 🎥🎥🎥 (01/29-30)

Study sheds light on the development of PTSD symptoms in combat veterans 📃 (01/29)

Melbourne drug trial offers hope for treatment-resistant PTSD (01/29)

American Legion leader: Reclassify cannabis to help with PTSD testing (01/29)

New Model Helps Predict Patients Likely to Develop PTSD (01/29)

Brain biomarkers could help identify those at risk of severe PTSD (01/28)

Reboot program seeks to help vets (01/28)

Lawmakers push to help first responders with PTSD 🎥 (01/28)

A Discussion of Moral Injury and PTSD: How They Differ, and How They're Related 🔊(01/28)

Which Mental Illness Is Most Disabling? (01/28)

Behind the Badge: High stress and hopelessness contribute to high suicide rate for police (01/28)

Why Ida Lupito's taboo-breaking films could be set today (01/28)

Decision-making tool fails to ease anxiety for families of life-support patients (01/28)

Parents to hold meeting on West York district bullying concerns (01/28)

Foster dog at dispatch center helps animal, workers cope (01/27)

Save a dog, save a veteran: Donated shoes help shelter dogs become service dogs (01/27)

Post-traumatic stress isn't limited to veterans (01/27)


Does PTSD Contribute To Dementia? San Antonio Congressman Is Asking VA (01/25)

For veterans working in US federal prisons, PTSD and government shutdown is a 'disaster waiting to happen' 🎥 (01/25)

Idaho lawmakers consider bill to get workers' comp. to pay for mental health treatment 🎥 (01/25)

Bowen man helps develop app to aid PTSD sufferers (01/25)

Traumatic stress can lead to depression when it interferes with daily activities, study finds (01/24)

5 Ways Yoga Can Benefit Your Mental Health (01/24)

Local sexual assault survivors say their work isn't done (01/24)

Local Mental Health providers launch new website to address community needs 🎥 (01/23-24)


EVENT [01/31]: Carbondale hosts ‘non-hallucinogenic’ psychedelic seminar (01/23)

Clinical Trials Recruiting Participants (01/23)

Meet The PTSD Assistance Dog Making The Daily Commute Possible (01/23)

Are Psychiatric Disorders Related to Each Other? (01/23)

Traumatic stress: Who counsels the fire chief? (01/23)

Debar Lodge should be for veterans (01/23)

Minnesota governor backs expanded court option for veterans (01/23)

Central Texas veteran says he needs new prescription for service dog 🎥 (01/22)

New PTSD treatment a life-changer for vets (01/22)

Frederick County launches program to help students after traumatic stress (01/22)


Electric current treatment helps veterans tackle PTSD (01/23)

Forefront, UW Tacoma receive Boeing grants for veteran career services, suicide prevention (01/22)

‘Many Sides of Jane’: What is Dissociative Identity Disorder? (01/22)


Brain Biomarkers may Explain Severe PTSD (01/22)

Bisexual Veterans More Likely to Suffer from Depression and PTSD (01/22)

VA-Enrolled Veterans Invited To Submit Art For Competition 🔊 (01/22)

Wounded Warrior Project Provides New Grant to Boulder Crest in Support of Veterans (01/22)

Verily Study Watch gets FDA nod for EKG (01/22)

There’s Shortage Of Mental Health Care Centers In Georgia State (01/22)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a journey (01/22)

Group formed to help PTSD victims (01/22)

Parental PTSD affects health behavior and aging among offspring of Holocaust survivors (01/22)

Our view: New law supports first responders (01/22)

She kept losing her eyesight, and no one knew why. Then a doctor asked about her mental health. (01/22)

Hope for veterans with PTSD: Brain zapping technique that 'resets' their internal rhythm eased symptoms for 60% within 4 weeks (01/21-22)

Experimental Brain Therapy Helping SEALS With PTSD (01/21)


Brain biomarkers identify those at risk of severe PTSD symptoms (1/21)

War veterans who suffer PTSD wait four years before seeking help, Help for Heroes study finds (01/21)

Local Strays Soon Could Serve as Veteran’s Best Friend (01/21)

EVENT [03/16]: Turkey ROCK Trot organizers launch benefit for PTSD (01/21)

Philanthropy on Tap: Lifting our glasses to Kern County’s hardworking nonprofits (01/21)

Lakeland Fire Department rolls out Peer Support training (01/20-21)

Forlorn Hope working to better serve veterans (01/20)

Former firefighter with PTSD sues Syncrude over suspended benefits, dismissal (01/20)

Blue Monday: RAF veteran who suffered depression and PTSD urges others to get help (01/20)

War veterans with PTSD given £25m in compensation in seven years (01/19)


Vietnam veterans fear loss of PTSD group therapy program (01/18)

FDA clears ECG feature on Verily Study Watch for medical research (01/18)

ICE detained Marine with PTSD after incident (01/18)

Survivors of Montecito mudslides likely triggered by recent storm, research shows 🎥 (01/17)

Gaetz reintroduces pot legislation (01/17)

Bill to address mental-health, post-traumatic stress disorder (01/17)

New bill looks to educate more police officers about getting PTSD on the job 🎥 (01/17)

This Film Captures the Sights and Sounds of a Mission to Help Veterans Vanquish PTSD (01/17)

Veteran with PTSD who served in Afghanistan faces deportation to Jamaica (01/17)

Defense contractor with PTSD eligible for comp: Ruling (01/17)

Is Cannabis Good or Bad for Mental Health? (01/17)


A beginner’s guide to Tapping, a self-help tool to help manage anxiety (01/11)

New analytic model can accurately predict patients at risk of developing PTSD 📃 (01/11)

Inmates battling addiction get an unlikely ally: A puppy (01/11)

Veteran who was in a coma for a month thanks doctors for survival 🎥 (01/11)

Bill would expand PTSD protections for first responders (01/10)

First review in two decades shows all the ways Maine failed kids with mental health problems (01/10)

Clerk says robber held knife to friend’s throat, tossed over display 🎥 (01/10)

South Carolina panel advances bill on medical pot research (01/10)

Wounded Heroes: The organisation helping our soldiers continue the fight against PTSD 🎥 (01/10)


Bringing Healing to the Healers: How ART Treats PTSD (01/10)

Man died 'in agony' after stroke amid ambulance delays (01/10)

Harvey PTSD more common than acknowledged, counselors warn (01/10)

PTSD cases on rise with local paramedics (01/09)

Plymouth Police take unique steps to address officers' mental health 🎥 (01/09)

Puppies behind bars: Inmates train future service dogs through Hero Pups program (01/09)

Movie showcasing war veteran's battle with PTSD coming to select theater in Colorado Springs (01/09)

Pay It Forward: Coming Home Inc. 🎥 (01/09)

Don’t allow politicians to boil down mental health (01/09)

Unconventional Approach for PTSD May Expand Treatment Options (01/09)


Study: PTSD may increase heart disease, cancer risk (01/09)
Parental CPTSD increases transmission of trauma to offspring of Tutsi genocide survivors (01/09)

With the passage of the 2018 farm bill, will the VA finally study cannabis? (01/09)

How Tetris helps PTSD victims piece their lives back together (01/09)

Local family donates specialized chair to veterans non–profit (01/09)

James Brokenshire prioritises social houses for former servicemen and women with PTSD (01/09)

5 things to know about PTSD (01/08)


Special intervention could help alleviate flashbacks in people with PTSD 📃 (01/08)

Nobilis files IND for trial to study drug-device PTSD therapy (01/08)

Health benefits of CBD earn high praise from a veteran, businessman, and doctor. But what does the research show? (01/08)

Dr. David Mahjoubi Of The Ketamine Healing Clinic Of L.A. Named 2019 Top Doctor By Los Angeles Magazine (01/08)

Legislators look to add PTSD to 'Firefighter Occupational Disease Act' 🎥 (01/08)

Exposure to cannabis and stress in adolescence can lead to anxiety disorders in adulthood (01/08)

Titusville to get its first medical marijuana dispensary 🎥 (01/08)

'It's legit': Cayuga County businesses offering CBD in variety of products (01/08)

Police Advocacy Group's Mission Gets Mobile Upgrade, Help From Retired Cop (01/08)

Post-traumatic stress disorder: Alleviating flashbacks by playing Tetris (01/08)


Why Women Need to Make Mental Health a Priority (01/07)

Privatizing VA health services a bad idea (01/07)

Witch-hunt of old soldiers is 'terrorism by Government' (01/07)

Helping Loved Ones with PTSD (01/07)

Phoenix firefighters spark creation of mental health recovery center (01/07)

Mark Russo: The gift of golf is appreciated year-round (01/07)

Vietnam War vet writes book to stay out of jail (01/07)

Newark firefighter hopes to raise awareness after struggle with post-traumatic stress (01/07)

Disaster-related media coverage may impact later mental health outcomes (01/07)

Ontario’s workplace safety board should rethink how it handles harassment (01/07)

WV House Democrats talk marijuana legalization, decriminalization (01/06)

WorkCover Tasmania to review if private sector workers can be included in presumptive PTSD legislation (01/06)


Why PTSD Gives You An Unfair Advantage In Life (01/05)


PTSD Awareness Helps First Responders During Holidays 🎄 (01/04)

Trek leading to better PTSI support for veterans (01/04)

Pulse nightclub first responder with PTSD granted pension (01/04)

‘All veterans have PTSD’ and other myths — debunked (01/04)

Therapy dog helps dispatchers cope with loss of LMPD detective 🎥 (01/03)

WBI helps adolescents succeed (01/03)

New Book Teaches Readers About Personal Healing (01/03)


The Top 5 Tools To Help You Relax From PTSD 📃 (01/03)

Police and PTSD are part of a growing epidemic 🎥 (01/03)

Six-year-old Hatter meets his heroes on wish trip to Florida (01/03)

Podcast: A Veteran’s Powerful Story on Healing After PTSD 🔊 (01/03)

Squirrels help man recover from PTSD after Deptford High Street attack (01/03)

Mental Health And Terrorism: What Are The Links? (01/03)

Ohio medical marijuana cards: How to get a card (01/03)

CBD to be Used as a Cure for PTSD? (01/03)

Kippens man who helped at accident scene says mental health of Good Samaritans should be assessed post-event (01/02-03)

Combat recovery course for veterans offered in Bloomfield Hills (01/02)

For Third Straight Year, Police Suicides Outnumber Line-Of-Duty Deaths (01/02)


Combat recovery course for veterans offered in Bloomfield Hills (01/02)

Amsterdam Mayor Expresses "Hope" for City's Future in New Year's Address (01/02)

Are You at Risk for a Violent Sleep Disorder? (01/02)

Chosen's mission to help children in foster and adoptive care 🎥 (01/02)

Local man to run for those suffering from PTSD (01/02)

VA Shuts Down Long-Term PTSD Therapy For 12-Week Talk Therapy (01/02)

Groundbreaking Study to be Revealed at CES 2019 - Cortisol Levels May Stabilize at the Push of a Button During Stressful Tasks (01/02)

New Minnesota law to help first responders get workers' comp for PTSD (01/01-02)

Kiwi missing in Outback 'suffering from PTSD' (01/01)

EVENT [02/11-14]: Milwaukee VA Creative Arts Festival (01/01)

2017 Justin Begins to Recognize the Signs (01/01)

Portsmouth veterans said loss of helpline for troops with PTSD would be a ‘blow’ (12/31)


Military-related PTSD: Our year to act (01/01)

Struggling couples could soon be seeking relationship help from AI 'woebots' instead of human counsellors as demand for online support soars (01/01)

Women Traumatized Following Birth Are More Likely To Become Depressed And Unhappy In Their Relationships (01/01)

Fireworks can have negative effects for veterans with PTSD (12/31)

Fireworks, poppers, the champagne bottle: Any of these could trigger PTSD sufferers (12/31)

A skin test after a traumatic event may identify those at risk of PTSD (12/31)

Phoenix firefighters instrumental in opening addiction recovery center (12/31)

Orlando clinic develops virtual reality to treat PTSD in veterans (12/31)

Inspiration for Cohen Veteran Network calls Tampa fortunate to have a clinic in its future (12/31)

Mass. ordered to reconsider denial of veterans’ Welcome Home Bonus money (12/31)

Veteran awarded quilt of valor Sunday (12/31)

Ohio inches closer to launch of medical pot program (12/30)

TBI & CTE News


New Device Detects Concussions By Tracking Eyes 🎥 (01/10) 📅

Concussions fall in Premiership but length of injuries rise to all time high (01/10)

NFL drops appeal over dementia claims in concussion case (01/10)

Making the case for all high schools to have full-time athletic trainers (01/10)

Behavioral Therapies May Treat Headache and Post-Concussive Symptoms (01/10)

‘Sgt. Will Gardner’ brings awareness to post-war trauma (01/10)

Mental health video marks two years since death of B.C. bull rider Ty Pozzobon 🎥 (01/10)

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine releases study on concussion prevention 🎥 (01/09)

FDA gives nod to Beaver Dam native's concussion detection device (01/09)

VIDEO: Broncos player with brain injury skates for the 1st time since accident 🎥(01/09)

CES: How technology can help diagnose concussions 🎥 (01/09)


New Animated Video Explains “What It’s Like To Live With A Brain Injury” (01/10)

Concussions remain English rugby's most prevalent injury (01/09)

Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio (01/09)

How Proactive TBI Measures Could Change Football for the Better (01/08)


Schools struggle with concussion 'return to learn' strategies (01/08)

Traumatic Brain Injuries And How They Affect Your Personal Injury Case in Georgia (01/08)

AM Best Webinar—Sudden Impact: How Insurers Are Dealing with the Rise in Head Injury Claims (01/08)

CDC-funded research aims to improve children's recovery from mild traumatic brain injury (01/07)

New ways to evaluate concussions in kids 🎥 (01/07)


Brain Injury and CTE in Our New Issue of Living Safer (01/07)

Motorsport: Michael Schumacher's former boss reveals fresh hope for recovery (01/07)

FDA grants marketing authorization to concussion tool (01/07)

Increased risk of comorbid neck injury in females with a concussion-related ED visit (01/07)

Life lines (01/07)

The unseen cutting-edge technology used by players in the Welsh derby that could be very important (01/07)

THE Matt Duffin Show - New Year? The Hope is For a New Day... 🎥 (01/06)

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Concussions (01/06)


'Brain Tsunami': Spreading Depolarization After SAH (01/04)

The Full 60 Q&A and podcast: Chris Pronger on his near-death experience, concussions and hitting in today’s game (01/04)

Concussion diagnostic device EyeBox receives FDA nod (01/04)

Forget Baseline Tests, Eye-Tracking Brings Greater Clarity to Concussion Diagnosis (01/03)

Nursing Professor Looks for Links Between Domestic Violence, Strangulation and Damage to the Brain (01/03)


Helping people recover from brain injuries at Mary Free Bed 🎥 (01/03)

Oculogica Receives FDA Marketing Authorization for EyeBOX®, the First Non-Invasive, Baseline-Free Test for Concussion (01/03)

FWC officer critically injured in crash recovering, thankful for 'the many miracles' (01/03)

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces Fourth Partnership to Implement Clinical Experience Programs with PoNS™ Treatment in the United States (01/03)

Ohio medical marijuana cards: How to get a card (01/03)

Explaining Why Concussions May Activate A Pituitary “Dimmer Switch” (01/03)

Multiple Concussions Linked to Decrease in Executive Brain Functions (01/03)

Concussion diagnostic tech on rise with FDA clearances (01/03)

Study Finds that Cognitive Impact can Persist in Young Adults with Concussions (01/02)


BrainScope Receives FDA Clearance for Multi-Modal, Multi-Parameter Concussion Assessment (01/02)

New Year’s not so happy for some: a stray bullet, fireworks cause injuries in 3 states (01/02)

In Texas, the Land of Football, It’s Rugby to the Rescue (01/02)

Veteran’s Club offers free therapy (01/02)

Study Finds that Cognitive Impact can Persist in Young Adults with Concussions (01/02)

EVENT [01/13]: Declan Dore brings Trauma to Triumph to the Strand Hotel on January 13 (01/01)

The positive power of music for these wounded veterans (01/01)

Impressio Is Trying to Reduce Sports-Related Concussions (01/01)


Be Alert for Concussions in Young Athletes (01/01)

UK study looks at concussion injuries in horse riders (01/01)

Get Your Head out of the Game? Player Safety Movement Makes its way to High  Schools (01/01)

Lithium: Cellular Trickster (12/31)

Two brothers hit by car during Santa Run have a long road to recovery 🎥 (12/31)

Oldham County man creates unique tribute to fallen LMPD officer 🎥 (12/31)

Ohio inches closer to launch of medical pot program (12/30)


Mild traumatic brain injury linked to higher risk of PTSD, depression (01/31)

Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Mitigating Concussive Brain Injuries (01/31)

Was C.T.E. Stealing His Mind? A Gunshot Provided the Answer (01/31)

Super Bowl: Why you don’t need an MRI to detect concussion (01/31)

Panel updates concussion-care guidance 🎥 (01/31)

Young football players need to see and hear the dangers of head injuries (01/31)

COLUMN: NFL's brain injuries cannot be worth it (01/31)

EVENT [02/18]: Tourney to support concussion research (01/31)

Fall-related traumatic brain injury is a silent epidemic; we can do more to curb it (01/31)

Opportunities Unlimited to open new short-term living facility 🎥 (01/31)

Updated concussion guidance dispenses with ‘cocoon’ therapy (01/30)

Tommy Nobis’ daughter reflects on challenges of understanding traumatic brain injury 🎥 (01/30)

Is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Genetic? Some Studies Say Yes (01/30)

Daughter of NFL Coach Remembers Impact Of Father's Head Trauma 🔊 (01/30)

For the love of the brain: One mother's fight for CTE awareness 🎥 (01/30)

The moral dilemma of the progressive football fan (01/30)


Boston University CTE expert cautions that the NFL's 24% drop in concussions did NOT necessarily reduce the risk of the degenerative brain disease (01/30)

Let's Talk Mental Health In Rodeo (01/30)

Concussions do not happen to just athletes (01/30)

Doctor discusses most common winter injuries — and how to avoid them 🎥 (01/29-30)

Portable EEG Makes 'Real Time' Call on Sports Concussions (01/29)

Virginia Lawmaker’s Bill Promotes Education Among Parents, Student-Athletes About Concussions (01/29)

‘Mr. Falcon’ Tommy Nobis had most severe type of CTE (01/29)

Traumatic Brain Injuries Linked to Epilepsy Development (01/29)

Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association Presents 14th Annual Education Conference April 10 (01/29)

Documents detail horrific injuries in Auburn child abuse case involving two-year-old victim 🎥 (01/29)

Insurers Could End Football. It won't be the First Industry They've Transformed. (01/28)


Share the Health: Concussions 🎥 (01/29)

Hockey mom concerned after son’s concussion (01/29)

How to change attitudes around concussion in sport (01/28)

Football’s future: At what point will there be too many blows to the head? (01/28)

Two bills in the works to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas 🎥 (01/28)

Local senator supports proposal to eliminate helmet use for motorcyclist older 21 (01/28)

FDA sets approval record, lays out 2019 strategy (01/28)

University of Lethbridge holds discussion looking at psychological impacts of concussions 🎥 (01/28)

Comorbid Neck Injury Up for Women With Concussion (01/28)


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy attenuates neuronal apoptosis induced by traumatic brain injury (01/25)

EVENT [01/28]: Jaye Watson explores ‘Your Fantastic Mind’ on GPB starting January 28 (01/25)

Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury in your child (01/24)

Dementia Risk May Be Increased in Female Veterans (01/24)

Poe’s Perspective: The concussion issue is more than just a moral dilemma (01/24)

The Super Bowl Doesn't Want You to Know About Medical Cannabis 🎥 (01/24)


Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury Do Not Benefit from Prophylactic Hypothermia, Large Study Finds (01/24)

NFL says concussions down 29 percent in regular season (01/24)

Knocking out concussions: Pittsburgh boxing legend works to protect young athletes through baseline tests 🎥 (01/23)

UVA House Call: Dr. Kristen Heinan on Concussions (01/23)

Researchers create road map for pediatric head trauma (01/23)

Filming for feature length movie underway in Livingston County (01/23)

EVENT [02/12]: NeurExo Sciences to Host Teach-in Featuring Michael Chopp, PhD and Pioneering Exosome Technology (01/23)

Woodland Park nonprofit DayBreak — An Adult Day Program sets sights on expansion (01/23)

Why the Cleveland Clinic Said No to Medical Marijuana (01/23)

Berkeley researchers developing football helmet to prevent brain injuries (01/22)


An accident, a janitor and a Lakeville school's unexpected gift (01/23)

Artist With Disabilities Realizes Dream (01/22)

Point-counterpoint: Kyler Murray (01/22)

Paul Pender: Boxing, CTE, and “Case Zero” (01/22)

Kurt Warner to honor Larry Fitzgerald, raise funds for Treasure House at Celebrity Game Night 🎥 (01/22)

Bill to end motorcycle helmet requirement spurs safety debate (01/21)


Fralin Biomedical Research Institute scientists link concussions to epilepsy development (01/22)

Twellman: 'Barbaric' concussion treatment has got to evolve (01/22)

Purdue-affiliated company releases app to examine brain for symptoms of concussion (01/22)

Ex-Kent State PlayerSUES NCAA OVER CTE (01/22)

Midlife Brain and Dementia; Hidden Concussion Damage; Reducing 'Neurodisparity' (01/22)

Therapeutic Solutions International Continues to Expand Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Intellectual Property Portfolio (01/22)

LHS art students illustrate children's book for local family, medical research fundraiser (01/22)

New app may help improve ability to focus (01/21)


How concussions may lead to epilepsy (01/21)

Simple blood test finds amazing Alzheimer's discovery (01/21)

Brain training app may be the new digital Ritalin: study (01/21)

Northern Michigan Equine Therapy: Horses Healing Humans 🎥 (01/21)

Bill to end motorcycle helmet requirement spurs safety debate (01/21)

Concussions affect adolescent patients’ quality of life more than fractures (01/21)

New Study Says Too Much Rest After A Concussion Can Be Harmful, Especially For Kids 🎥 (01/21)

Alberta company on leading edge of concussion research and prevention (01/21)

Patriot Perspective: When in doubt, sit them out (01/21)

SanBio: Addition of a Cerebral Hemorrhage Program for SB623 Regenerative Cell Medicine (01/20)

Footballers and rugby players 'six times more likely' to have degenerative brain disease - British study (01/20)


Student Athletes aren't the Only Ones Getting Concussions--and Needing Classroom Help (01/18)

Family of brain injury patient looks to community for help (01/18)

Specific cognitive deficits in individuals with spinal cord injury (01/18)

Quarter of prisoners have suffered traumatic brain injury, study suggests (01/18)

Roger Stone: The Real NFL Scandal — Traumatic Brain Injuries (01/17)

For the NFL and all of football, a new threat: an evaporating insurance market (01/17)

UH Rehabilitation Hospitals using bionic robot to get patients on their feet 🎥 (01/17)


Injured football player revives his life following traumatic brain injury (01/13)

Concussed: the long, strange aftermath of a little-understood injury (01/12)

California puts traumatic brain injury drugs on formulary (01/11)

Wilshire Law Firm Reaches New $3.25 Million Settlement (01/11)

Scientists are still fascinated by Phineas Gage. Here's why. (01/11)

Disabled Artist's Work Helps Him Connect With Outside World (01/11)

Around Oneonta: Jan. 12-13, 2019 (01/11)

Local concussion device, parcel lock box featured at CES in Las Vegas (01/11)

Payne: I still struggle with concussion symptoms (01/11)

Demographics Essential in Analysis of Concussion-Related Serum Biomarkers (01/11)

Cleveland Clinic Says Not Yet To Prescribing Medical Marijuana 🔊 (01/10)

Hockey Concussion Recommendations (01/10)