PTSD & TBI Research - February 2019


TBI & CTE News

February 2019


Deptherapy Members Organise 24-hour Pool-Dive

Someone is embedding disturbing images in children’s YouTube videos 🎥

Untreated, untested, insurance company says injured employee ready to go back to work

Paws for Peace brings healing to veterans, dogs

Vigil Bose’s short film ‘Fall’ explores post-traumatic stress through a former undercover operative in the US

Ohio fraternal order calls for PTSD care for first responders

This Black Vietnam Veteran Had PTSD For Years Without Knowing 🎥

GILLESPIE: PTSD diagnosis traced back to car accident 35 years ago

Horses at Michigan farm helping people with PTSD 'move forward in a positive way' 🎥

Idaho house OKs bill to help emergency responders with PTSD

Moderating content doesn’t have to be so traumatic

Neural Processing To Augment Basic Symptom Of PTSD

Environmental enrichment therapy could be very effective for people with PTSD, experts say

Martinsburg service dog helps veteran cope with PTSD 🎥

Outreach event supports PTSD Foundation of America Phoenix Chapter


Bradley professor studies PTSD treatments for veterans (02/26)

Arizona’s Dr. Sisley Completes Marijuana for PTSD Study (02/26)

Employment and Immigration Law Update - Disability and post-traumatic stress disorder (02/26)

New study links concussions with increased risk of ‘major depressive symptoms’ and PTSD (02/26)

Veteran suicides push group to action (02/26)

Police: Florida groomer charged after picking up German shepherd by tail, hitting dog on back (02/26)

Australis Capital to Acquire California Cannabis Brand Mr. Natural Productions, Inc. (02/26)

Trauma symptoms may be hidden but can be crippling (02/26)

First responders share experience with PTSD (02/25)

Facebook vows to improve content reviewing after moderators say they suffered PTSD (02/25)

Healing Invisible Wounds: A Look at a Major Push on Veterans’ Mental Health (02/25)

Firefighters walk Southwest Florida to honor first responders battling cancer (02/25)

Invisible wounds: How our soldiers are dying at home 🎥 (02/25)


Seminole County sergeant speaks candidly about suffering from PTSD, suicidal thoughts 🎥 (02/23)

Veterans start snowmobiling support group 🎥 (02/23)

Young adults ‘aging out’ of Arkansas foster care system struggle to adapt (02/23)

Post-traumatic stress is part of first responders' job; Nampa officers are teaching each other how to manage it (02/23)

Go Red: Laura and Ava Escobedo (02/23)

Good news of the week (02/23)

CBD oil: Miracle cure or junk science? 🎥 (02/23)

Review: Inner battles pour out into the streets in ‘PTSD’ (02/22)

8% of children experience PTSD by the time they reach 18, according to a new study (02/22)

Post traumatic stress disorder: An overview (02/22)

'It takes a piece of you': First responders answer the call when help is needed, and now many are speaking up about how traumatic situations and PTSD have impacted their lives (02/22)


One in 13 teenagers has experienced PTSD, research finds (02/21)

Arizona Researcher Completes First Study Of Marijuana As PTSD Treatment 🔊 (02/21)

Service dogs could be a solution to the veteran suicide crisis (02/21)

Generally-prescribed blood-pressure drug could fight PTSD (02/21)

Service Members in Crisis: Protecting Our Heroes (02/21) 📅

Advocates Gather in Boise to Be the Voice for Suicide Prevention (02/21)

3M settlement shows how little we care if veterans come home whole (02/21)

VA Approves Fewer Male Veterans' Claims for PTSD Related to Sexual Trauma (02/21)

Inheriting the Trauma of Genocide (02/21)

'I could feel my skin burning again' | Former firefighter opens up about his fight with PTSD 🎥 (02/20-21)

P.E.I. cottage will become a retreat for soldiers with PTSD (02/20-21)

PTSD Alone Does Not Increase Heart Disease Risk in Veterans (02/20)

Yoga to the rescue for those with PTSD (02/20)

Fifteen percent of Cornwall SD&G Paramedics on leave for work related injury (02/20)

Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Protect Officers Seeking Mental Health Assistance (02/20)

Justice Gone touches on Veteran casualties of PTSD (02/20)


New study shows Transcendental Meditation reduces PTSD in South African college students (02/19)

Commonly-prescribed blood pressure drug may combat PTSD: Study finds those battling trauma are less afraid after taking the controversial hypertension treatment (02/19)

Study shows drug commonly prescribed to veterans could be making suicidal thoughts worse (02/19)

Incoherent testimony from sexually abused children with PTSD can indicate credibility (02/19)

Pacemaker for the brain: An inside look at an experimental PTSD treatment (02/19)

First responders in KY are working without a 'safety net'. House Bill 40 could change that. 🎥 (02/19)

Aptinyx Initiates Phase 2 Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of NYX-783 in Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (02/19)

Sanchez: Police suicide is the toll of unaddressed post-traumatic stress (02/19)

Early Adversity May Make Some Prone to PTSD Symptoms After Trauma (02/19)

5 Ways Bosses Can Reduce the Stigma of Mental Health at Work (02/19)

High school brings special gifts for active military members to Hits for Heroes 🎥 (02/18)

Flood-affected farmers facing ‘immense grief, trauma’ urged to ask for help 🎥 (02/18)


Proposals call for more resources for emergency responders in Pa. (02/16)

Keep up Rep. Jones’ fight for veterans rights 🎥 (02/16)

Prince Harry makes poignant vow to fallen soldier hero's mum to rid army of PTSD (02/16)

California Legislation Introduced Establishing a Service Animal Assistance Program Providing Support to Disabled Veterans Suffering from PTSD (02/16)

Good dogs at work: Service dogs get training experience help from the Ogden Fire Department (02/16)

Maryland artist uses painting to cope with PTSD 🎥 (02/15)

Letter: Getting over our collective PTSD (02/15)

Medical marijuana sales near $100 million in first year (02/15)

Snoop Dogg will headline the new Salute the Troops festival in Riverside (02/15)


New research: PTSD does not increase risk of heart disease (02/14)

Brain Biomarkers May Help ID Those at Risk for Severe PTSD (02/14)

Neural processing with trauma and adversity interact to increase core symptom of PTSD (02/14)

Service dogs benefit the well-being of their handlers, research shows (02/14)

Marine vet takes girl whose PTSD-afflicted dad killed self to father-daughter dance 🎥 (02/14)

Neural circuits underlying a psychotherapeutic regimen for fear disorders (02/14)

Covering the Lives of Veterans, Revered but Often Forgotten (02/14)

What It’s Like to Go Back to School After a Shooting (02/14)

Watch: Virtual reality PTSD therapy demonstrated at Glenrose Hospital 🎥 (02/14) 📅

When You've Survived a Shooting, the Emotional Recovery can be the Hardest to Navigate (02/14)

France and Hamilton team up to study depression (02/14)

Group offers virtual-reality PTSD treatment for military members (02/13)

Idaho Senate passes comp bill for first responders with PTSD (02/13)

Police Officer PTSD: Former Officer Opens Up About His Struggles 🎥 (02/13)

Bill would require PTSD coverage for first responders 🎥 (02/13)


Yoga vs. PTSD (02/14)

Does PTSD Really Harm Veterans' Hearts? (02/13)

PTSD alone didn't increase heart disease risk in veterans (02/13)

Stimulating the vagus nerve in the neck might help ease pain associated with PTSD (02/13)

Virtual reality used to help treat PTSD 🎥 (02/13)

'Mind-blowing': Virtual reality PTSD treatment central to launch of consortium (02/13)

Riverstyx: A Small Family Foundation That Funds Psychedelic Research and Other Fringe Causes (02/13)

Workplace Bullying Is a Workplace Safety Issue (02/13)

Biological clues to an enigmatic treatment for traumatic stress (02/13)

Police shortages: 'Working alone left me with PTSD' (02/13)

Service Dogs Helping with PTSD (02/13)

Retreat at Lancaster County to add behavioral health services (02/13)

My Struggle With PTSD (02/12)

People taking antidepressants are more likely to experience severe intestinal bleeding (02/12)

Lawmaker wants to see more veterans treatment courts in the state (02/12)

Iowa Considering Magic Mushrooms & MDMA for Medical Use (02/12)

Minnesota medical marijuana program nearly doubled in 2018 🎥 (02/12)


News 11 Exclusive: Accepting the Aftermath 🎥 (02/12-13)

Study finds association between PTSD treatment and compensation (02/12)

Mushrooms as Medicine? Psychedelics May Be Next Breakthrough Treatment (02/12)

Africa: A journey of healing for Ellsworth chaplain (02/12)

Congress Poised to Help Veterans Exposed to ‘Burn Pits’ Over Decades of War (02/12)

Could PTSD Worsen Rheumatoid Arthritis? (02/12)

Bill to help first responders with PTSD passes Idaho Senate (02/12)

How Trauma Impacts Your Body (02/12) 📅

Spotting the Signs of Depression (02/12)

Is It PTSD or Something Else? 6 Conditions That May Occur With the Mental Illness (02/12)

How Stress Affects Digestion (02/12)

10 Nutritional Deficiencies That May Cause Depression (02/12)

Why Anxiety Spikes With Your Periods (02/12)

‘War Zone’ Culture Leads Kids To Crime (02/12)

CIHR Grant Will Allow PTSD Research of Thunder Bay Firefighters (02/11)

Mild ecstasy use linked to greater empathy, PTSD research 📃 (02/11)

Federal government investing $11 million to study post-traumatic stress injuries among first responders (02/11)

Service dog helps San Diego veteran with PTSD 🎥 (02/11)

Healers connect community: Resiliency and stress reduction to be highlighted (02/11)


How to help those suffering from PTSD (02/09)

The new face of PTSD 🎥 (02/09)

Research looks at firefighter stress (02/09)

PTSD – one family’s journey (02/08)

CBD Oil for Depression, Schizophrenia, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar & More (02/08)

Study of yoga treatment for PTSD clinches federal funding (02/08)

Madera police identify man shot and killed: Had PTSD, left officers no options, chief says (02/08)

Equine Program Aids Veterans With PTSD (02/08)

University of Regina research playing major role in national PTSI research (02/08)

Lakehead University Researcher Receiving $100k From CIHR to Examine Post-Traumatic Stress Injury in Thunder Bay Firefighters (02/08)

First responders bill heads to Idaho Senate floor 🎥 (02/08)

Toke On This: Marijuana Helps Me Parent Through My PTSD (02/2019)


Inside the Push to Legalize Magic Mushrooms for Depression and PTSD (02/07)

Linda R. Bryant: Bullying is real (02/07)

Local Marine veteran takes part in documentary series about PTSD 🎥 (02/07)

Lawmakers introduce bills to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas (02/07)

Stop locking up teen girls for nonviolent offenses (02/07)

Coleman Natural Foods Pledges $800,000 to American Humane's Pups4Patriots Program (02/07)

The parking lot suicides (02/07)

Ex-cop wins $1.4m PTSD claim against NSW (02/07)

AHA News: Many Women Plagued by Anxiety After Stroke (02/07)

Priyanka Chopra's movie about sexual assault survivor dealing with PTSD to be shown on Netflix 🎥 (02/07)

Parents: seclusion and restraint techniques harming children (02/06)

What police can fix when responding to sexual assault 🎥 (02/06)

Bill seeks to add more qualifying conditions to Arkansas medical marijuana amendment (02/06)

Carroll College students train service dog for Montana veteran (02/06)


Study shows need for PTS management (02/05)

Army Veteran reunited with K-9 partner after six years apart 🎥 (02/05)

Don McCullin photo show looks at 6 decades covering conflict (02/04-05)

Retired Navy firefighter uses social media challenge to raise awareness for veterans' mental issues 🎥 (02/04-05)

Dalmatians offer emotional support for Memphis firefighters 🎥 (02/04-05)

Agents of the Cloth 🎥 (02/04)

Study: Maria had worse effect on mental health of Puerto Ricans who moved to Orlando 🎥 (02/04)

Indiana veteran reunited with military dog 🎥 (02/05)

When Religion Leads to Trauma (02/05)


EXIT WOUNDS Part 1: Cop wrestles with career of horrors 🎥 (2019)

EXIT WOUNDS Part 2: Hidden toll can plague emergency workers 🎥 (2019)

EXIT WOUNDS Part 3: How 'warriors' help each other cope 🎥 (2019)

EXIT WOUNDS Part 4: Cutting-edge technology, continued progress 🎥 (2019)

U.S. vets near end of 3,000-mile ocean rowing race (02/01)

'Just one' (02/01)

RSM Steps up for Charlestown – Donates More than $250k to Local Schools, Organizations (02/01)

Five people open up about what it’s like to experience PTSD (02/01)

Widowed by suicide, first responders' wives help others fight PTSD 🎥 (02/01)

Avon and Somerset PCSO has PTSD after 2009 stabbing (02/01)

Evan Rachel Wood opens up on her stay in psychiatric hospital: ‘I have absolutely no shame about it’ 🎥 (02/01)

Business going to the dogs? Here's what owners need to know about allowing four-legged friends (02/01)

Police departments emphasize mental health after death of former Cape Coral cop 🎥 (01/31)

Survey: Three Of Four Military Veterans Would Consider Using Medical Cannabis (01/31)

February 2019


Ask the VA: What is traumatic brain injury?

What is CTE? 🎥

Marlo Hampton Asks for Prayers After Her Brother Suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury

Making the Case with Munley Law | Traumatic Brain Injury 🎥

Brain injury survivor turns experience, passion into reality

March 1 begins Brain Injury Awareness Month 🎥

Get all your brain questions answered at SIU’s 2019 Brain Awareness Month 

Special Report: Brain injury awareness, rehabilitation 🎥

Brain imaging helping to develop treatments

SOF veteran thinks outside the box for TBI treatment and beyond

Backlash toward CTE inspired law is abhorrent

Pop Warner football bans traditional three-point stance

Researchers 'bait' pathological proteins underlying many neurodegenerative disorders

Is Cannabis Effective In Treating Brain Injuries?

Bill tackling head injuries calls for ban on

Proposal to ban youth tackle football faces backlash

Taking a Seat: Of football and racism

Concussions, CTE & U Sports: The Concussion Legacy Foundation at Western

Concussion laws must be strengthened in Oregon

Dazed & Confused: The Aftermath of Concussions in Sports

Landmark concussion study may change standard of care

French rugby deaths 'unusual spike', says World Rugby chief Gosper

Sam Warburton's Advice for Parents of Rugby-Playing Kids will Stop Many in Their Tracks 🎥


Development of Military Concussion Readiness Inventory for Dizziness and Balance (02/27)

Could Learning to Cook Again Be the Best Prescription for Traumatic Brain Injuries? (02/26)

Brain injuries in women prisoners are linked to mental illness and reoffending (02/26)

Beating brain injury in abuse victims 🎥 (02/26)

EVENT [03/13]: Brain injury support group to meet March 13 (02/26)

Doctors, experts warn of serious injuries to kids at trampoline parks 🎥 (02/26) 📅

New study links concussions with increased risk of ‘major depressive symptoms’ and PTSD (02/26)

Editorial: Let parents call the plays (02/26)

Massachusetts Lawmakers Are Trying to Save Kids from Tackle Football (02/26)

New study links concussions with increased risk of ‘major depressive symptoms’ and PTSD (02/26)

Rob Van Dam Opens Up About The "Hundreds" Of Concussions He's Suffered In His Career 🎥 (02/26)

Lawmakers push concussion awareness (02/26)

A Former Football Player Told Congress How The NCAA Misleads The Public On Concussions (02/26)

EVENT [03/06]: Concussion discussion in Fergus Falls on March 9 (02/26)

Legislators support bill to ban tackling in youth football (02/25-26)

Researchers: Traumatic brain injury rampant among domestic violence survivors 🎥 (02/25)

Healing Invisible Wounds: A Look at a Major Push on Veterans’ Mental Health (02/25)


Northam signs bill on concussions and student-athletes (02/23)

How art helped one woman recover from traumatic brain injury  (02/23)

Court program looking for local veterans to serve as mentors (02/23)

As brain injury patients struggle to find basic services, families look to Olympia for help (02/22)

Nixing Neuron Receptor Improves Recovery from Stroke, Trauma (02/22)

Joe Namath says after oxygen treatments, his brain is once again healthy (02/22)

Missouri Western Gets New Football Helmets (02/22)


Student athlete concussions and lack of certified athletic trainers 🎥 (02/21)

Lawmakers push concussion awareness and best practices in all sports (02/21)

You want concussion records? Sign away your right to sue 🎥 (02/21)

EYE-SYNC Concussion Assessment System May Become Standard of Care (02/21)

APEX Brain Centers hosts post-concussion Q&A Feb. 27 (02/21)

American Youth Football & Cheer Enlists TeachAids VR CrashCourse to Educate Athletes About Concussions 🎥 (02/21)

Running interference on youth football injuries (02/21)

A cancer drug might be useful in treating traumatic brain injuries, U. researchers say 🎥 (02/21)

Music for Healing 🎥 (02/21)

Brain Condition CTE Seen in H.S. Football Players: Study (02/21)

Antidepressants and the risk of traumatic brain injury in the elderly: Differences between individual agents (02/21)

Gene in Infamous Experiment on Embryos Points to New Stroke Treatment (02/21)

New Target Could Enhance Stroke and TBI Recovery - Clinical Trial Is Underway (02/21)

Brain Condition CTE Seen in H.S. Football Players: Study (02/21)

Head injuries in collision sport: A silent killer? (02/21)

CTE Was First Identified In 1928. It's Only Now Being Understood. 🎥 (02/20) 📅


‘I hit my head.’ Let’s talk about traumatic brain injury (02/19)

March is Nation Brain Injury Awareness Month (02/19)

EVENT [05/16-17]: 9th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference (Arlington, United States) (02/19)

Pioneering Study To Assess Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids In Brain Injury Recovery (02/19)

College of Optometrists in Vision Development & Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association Issue Joint Recommendation for Optometric Evaluation Following Brain Injury (02/19)

Penn engineers can detect ultra rare proteins in blood using a cellphone camera 🎥 (02/19)

Changing concussion policy in youth sports (02/19)

49ers star Richard Sherman throws a flag on NFL’s concussion policy (02/19)

Stanford concussion education initiative partners with American Youth Football (02/19)

SPORTS MEDICINE: 50th state is No. 1 in care of high school athletes (02/18)

Parlee Center highlights brain injuries in sports (02/18)


The concussion turned the man into a musical genius (02/16)

Keep up Rep. Jones’ fight for veterans rights 🎥 (02/16)

Kraft awarded NSF CAREER Award focused on brain mechanics (02/15)

Precision Ortho Express treats sports injuries in Southlake (02/15)

If you plan on sledding, doctors say there are some things to look out for (02/15)

EVENT [02/19]: Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospital of Dover to welcome first responders (02/15)

Battling concussions: Solving a funding puzzle (02/15)

Former Notre Dame player sues school over brain injuries (02/15)

At vigil, a plea for answers on what happened to Christopher McCallum (02/15)


Amantadine may be effective treatment for headaches after traumatic brain injury (02/14)

3rd annual 'Hit the Green for HOPE’ Marriott Golf promotion generates more than $65k for PGA REACH (02/14)

Santa Clarita Orthodontist: Custom Mouth Guards For Kids Can Help Prevent Concussions While Playing Sports (02/14)

Rob Van Dam Discusses Concussions, His New Documentary (02/14)

Windsor school officials implement concussion protocols (02/14)

Aerobic Exercise May Speed Concussion Recovery in Teens (02/14)

New Study Shows Chronic Head Injuries Lead to Mental Health Issues (02/13)

Deadlifting helps woman recover from traumatic brain injury 🎥 (02/13)

Bill to expand medical marijuana dies as ADH issues health advisory (02/13)

App is helping to protect vulnerable Minnesotans and law enforcement (02/13)

New Jersey Unveils New Limits on High School Football Practices (02/13)

New spring pro football league’s violence sends wrong message (02/13)

Study suggests aerobic exercise may shorten recovery times for concussions (02/13)


Research shows China's clinical ability in treating brain injuries (02/13)

International Stem Cell Corporation Publishes Successful Results in Traumatic Brain Injury (02/13)

ISCO Gains on Publication of Brain Injury Tests (02/13)

Makers of Brainwave Optimization Technologies and Cereset Announce New Clinical Trial for Mild-Traumatic Brain Injury (02/13)

Cole Madison’s Absence from the Packers Has Significance Beyond Football (02/13)

Sport Australia tackles concussion and insists we should play on (02/13)

One too many concussions (02/13)

Masters swimming: Non-violent concussions, fins and DAM records (02/13)

New Helmet Liner May Reduce Football Concussions (02/13)

Saline company's mouthguard could help detect concussions in athletes (02/13)

New Jersey looks to reduce contact in high school football practices (02/13)

Legislature hears debate on helmet law... again 🎥 (02/12)

Balanced reporting of sports head injuries (02/12)

Technology in football helmets advancing faster to combat concussions 🎥 (02/12)


CM students bring senior project to county commissioners (02/12)

Association of concussion with the risk of suicide: A systematic review and meta-analysis (02/12)

FDA grants breakthrough designation to BioDirection Tbit System (02/12)

Concussion in sport and why I welcome this new initiative (02/12)

Must-read: How Bob Costas and NBC butted heads over concussions (02/12)

Oregon's concussion 'haves' and 'have-nots' (02/12)

'A child's brain is worth the wait': Sport Australia's concussion plan (02/12)

It's not concussions that cause CTE. It's repeated hits, a study finds (02/11)

One Class At A Time: Kendra Lunday 🎥 (02/11)

Trump’s comments revisit the dangers of football (02/11)

Kickoff rule tied to fewer concussions in Ivy League football, new research says (02/11)


Bob Costas confirms he got fired from the Super Bowl for talking about concussions (02/09)

Lasting Impact 🔊 (02/09)

Concussion laws: How does your state stack up? (02/09)

Local man joining Donna Marathon, using his disability to inspire others 🎥 (02/08)

‘Night to Shine' gives special needs adults in Jacksonville the experience of a lifetime 🎥 (02/08)

Canada insists it takes health of diplomats 'very seriously' amid suit over Cuba incidents (02/08)

Community Champion: Woman helps change lives of Veterans 🎥 (02/08)

Letter: NFHS misleads on issue of football, concussions (02/08)

Akron Children's in Boardman studying effects of cooling technology on concussions 🎥 (02/08)

Wave of concussion lawsuits to test NCAA’s liability (02/08)

Lindros wants Rowan's Law carried across the country 🎥 (02/08)



Former UW-Madison football player tries to help heal injuries after suffering from so many 🎥 (02/07-08)

Chronic pain driving registrations for medical marijuana in Ohio 🎥 (02/07-08)

Exercise is better than rest: UB publishes landmark study on concussions 🎥 (02/07)

Sudbury woman creates support group for those with concussions 🔊 (02/07)

Rattling the Data: Concussion Investigation Gleans Lessons from Public Documents (02/07)

Step up concussion prevention, NHL Hall of Famer Eric Lindros tells subcommittee (02/07)

Temple scientist developing blood test to better diagnose traumatic brain injuries (02/07)

Canadian diplomats file suit over injuries suffered in Cuba (02/07)

MAKING A MARK: Mom starts support group after daughter's tragic event 🎥 (02/07)

Legislature considers funding hyperbaric testing (02/07)

Wanderlei Silva talks multiple concussion symptoms, wishes to donate brain for CTE research (02/07)

Marijuana dispensary in Elyria sets opening date (02/07)

CSAC Taking Wanderlei Silva’s Concussion Symptoms ‘Very, Very Seriously’ (02/07)

Editorial: UB research duo makes leap forward in treating concussions (02/06)

Lindros urges MPs to recommend national protocol for sports-related concussions (02/06)

Protecting young hockey players from concussions, other injuries 🎥 (02/06)

Bucking bulls and beatings: the focus on surviving injuries 🎥 (02/06)

Letter to the editor: Football and my morality (02/06)

Bill seeks to add more qualifying conditions to Arkansas medical marijuana amendment 🎥 (02/06)

Getting Wrecked: Brain injuries impact popular rodeo sport 🎥 (02/06)


Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Linked To Mental Health Issues, A New Study Shows, & Here’s Why It Matters 🎥 (02/05)

Trivia: TBI Raises the Risk of Which Mental Health Disorders? (02/05)

Less education, black race increases risk for PTSD, depression after TBI (02/05)

Football players are losing their lives to C.T.E. Can medical cannabis help? 🎥 (02/05)

‘Head injuries in Kashmir turning into epidemic’ (02/05)

Army Master Sgt. George Vera, Marine Sgt. Kirstie Ennis To Serve as Dignitaries for the Advance Auto Parts Clash (02/05)

Column: Two sports, one dream (02/05)

Dave Mirra’s 2016 Death Reported as New in 2019 🎥 (02/05)

Cannabis Studied to Treat Conditions from Football-Related Brain Trauma (02/04)

Poor Students More Likely To Play Football, Despite Brain Injury Concerns 🔊 (02/03)


We Should Be Talking About Traumatic Brain Injuries This Super Bowl Sunday (02/01) 📅

Brain trauma in sport 🎥 (02/01)

This reporter has been covering CTE for 10 years. Here’s what he’s learned (02/01)

Akron Children’s Hospital seeking athletes for concussion study (02/01)

New monitoring software suggests sub-concussive blows cause brain function changes (02/01)

“I have brain damage and I have brain injury symptoms,” an interview with two-time Stanley Cup Champion Dan Carcillo 🔊 (02/01)

BLOG: What I wish my doctors knew (02/01)

Cal football revenue shouldn’t come at the cost of its student-athletes (02/01)

His Brain Was Betraying Him. An Autopsy Showed Why (02/01)

Ahead of Super Bowl 2019, 3D printing promises safer football helmets (02/01)

Football and Concussions: What to Know About Research, Helmets, Symptoms 🎥 (01/31)

Auburn researcher says adding rules to protect player safety in football would decrease viewership (01/31)

Piecing the puzzle together: How alternative medicine helped save Jackie Lithgow's life 🎥 (01/31)

Former Blackhawks player takes on NHL over traumatic brain injury 🎥 (01/31)

Seattle Children's concussion and sports 🎥 (01/31)

Plagued by concussions, former Wildcat sought help for new treatment and the reply was huge (01/30)