PTSD & TBI Research - December 2018


December 2018


Impact and Recovery: The Mental Health Crisis in Mosul (12/31)

More than 200,000 police days lost to mental ill health (12/30)

How Do I Cope? (12/30)


Can medical marijuana for veterans move forward in 2019? (12/28)

Report: Number of medical marijuana users in state is growing (12/28)

The U.S. military must tell veterans the truth: Spirituality can help significantly with PTSD (12/28)

Holiday cheer? Not so easy for a veteran living with PTSD (12/28)

The Big Trip: How psychedelic drugs are changing lives and transforming psychiatry (12/28)

Rescued Birds Are Helping Veterans Manage PTSD (12/27)

Study Finds Risk Factors for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (12/27)


Giving PTSD the Attention it Deserves (12/27)

For wildfire survivors, mental health can be a struggle 🎥 (12/27)

Vietnam veterans find peace sharing untold stories of war (12/27)

Feeling stressed? Try the Community Resiliency Model 🎥 (12/27)

Psychological intervention helps women experiencing domestic abuse (12/27)

Retired Peel police officer countering mental health stigma among first responders with new peer-to-peer program (12/27)

Medical marijuana proving to be popular (12/27)

ACLU opposes proposed ban on medical marijuana at R.I. Veterans Home (12/27)

Class of Vets Certified in Fight Over Army Discharge Reviews (12/27)

Retired firefighter questions city digging in over PTSD claims (12/27)

PTSD Drug May Do More Harm Than Good (12/27)

WH vet leads in fight against PTSD, veteran suicides (12/27)

José Menéndez Wants Cannabis Legal For Cancer Treatment, PTSD And More (12/27)

Local veteran plans to spread PTSD awareness in the Pee Dee (12/27)

Local police grow beards for veterans (12/26)

Violent sleep disorder research (12/26)


Living With PTSD? How to Manage Anxiety and Flashbacks (12/26)

Four sisters reveal details of sexual abuse for first time 🎥 (12/26)

Worker compensation, insurer drug coverage laws to change next week (12/26)

Series to focus on mental disorders (12/26)

Warriors Hockey hits to ice to battle PTSD 🎥 (12/26)

Neurofeedback training could build soldiers' resilience to stress (12/26)

First Responders Push for Help Battling Mental Scars 🎥 (12/26)

Kicking, yelling during sleep? Study finds risk factors for violent sleep disorder (12/26)

Residents plead for consideration when it comes to popping fireworks 🎥 (12/25)

Montana firefighters pushing for bill to have workers comp to cover cancer, PTSD 🎥 (12/25)


‘Every day is a battle’: portraits of US veterans capture hidden toll of PTSD (12/24)

Court advances lawsuit from PTSD-affected Army veterans with ‘bad paper’ discharges (12/24)

EVENT [01/17]: Great Falls Forum to feature Maine novelist Paul Doiron (12/24)

Horses healing veterans with PTSD 🎥 (12/23-24)

Keira Knightley Reveals She Took a Year Off Acting After a PTSD Breakdown 🎥 (12/23)

Self-publlished author's debut novel deals with PTSD (12/23)

New North Las Vegas horse therapy program focuses on PTSD sufferers (12/23)

Mo. Fire Dept. Peer Support Program Helps First Responders with PTSD (12/23)

Johan Franzen living with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression (12/23)

Base Camp Lindsey feeds Faith Mission and gives out winter necessities 🎥 (12/22)


'It physically hurt' | A firefighter's story of PTSD and suicide 🎥 (12/21)

Zac Brown Band Addresses PTSD in Intense ‘Someone I Used to Know’ Video (12/21)

71 military personnel and veterans have taken their lives in 2018, ITV News understands (12/21)

Breaking your silence: First-hand accounts from our first responders and their families 🎥 (12/21)

Fishing therapy is helping war survivors with their mental health (12/21)

An untold crisis faces veterans today (12/21)

Columbia Purple Heart recipient wins free customized car 🎥 (12/21)

Inside New Gloucester 🎄 (12/21)

Emergency services workers carry "ghosts" of impaired driving crashes 🎥 (12/21)

Menopause Symptoms Associated With Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault (12/21)

Warfighter Hemp Proposes Bipartisan VA Medicinal Hemp Research Act of 2019 (12/21)

FDA Clears Freespira Digital Therapeutic for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (12/20)

Artwork honoring veterans on display at Galaxy Theatre in downtown Victorian Square 🎥 (12/20)

The unhappy holidays: How to support the veterans in your life suffering from PTSD 🎄 (12/20)

Dissociative Identity Disorder: The disorder that splits personalities apart caused by childhood abuse 🎥 (12/20)

Spark of Hope Offers Free Mental Health Screenings to Veterans and First Responders During the Holiday Season (12/20)


Air Force Pilot Who Penned Award-Winning Novel In Combat Zones Hopes Writing Can Help Others With PTSD (12/20)

Spark of Hope Offers Free Mental Health Screenings to Veterans and First Responders During the Holiday Season 🎄 (12/20)

What nightmares can tell us about our health (12/20)

Pre-deployment insomnia linked to increased risk of PTSD for soldiers (12/20)

"The Tiger In The Yard’s" Author Barbara Weber Survives Childhood Abuse Triggering Life-Long PTSD (12/20)

Wounded Warriors Weekend PTSD program to expand (12/20)

Alaska marijuana board weighs on-site consumption (12/20)

Wrentham student sells hats for a good cause (12/19)

Holiday Hopes: After PTSD struggle, Carrollwood couple longs to bring children under one roof 🎄 (12/19)

Digital Therapeutic Freespira Gets FDA OK to Treat PTSD (12/19)

Sheyenne students blanket PTSD victims (12/19)

Lubbock’s Daughters of the American Revolution remember veterans with Christmas wreath 🎄 (12/19)

The Brutal Math of Drug-Seeking Behavior in Prehospital Care (12/19)


2019 Expeditions For Disabled Veterans Being Offered Through OPD (12/19)

Many Say Ketamine Eased Their Depression, But Is It Safe? (12/19)

How to support a veteran during these un-happy holidays 🎄 (12/19)

What does #EndTheStigma mean? 🎥 (12/19)

Ultimatum Inc. and StrainConnect Partner with New York Based Nonprofit, Veteran’s Ananda, to Support Cannabis as an Alternative for Veterans with PTSD 📃 (12/19)

Workplace 'resilience' programs might not make any difference (12/18)

Canada and its allies ally to help veterans (12/18)

South Kingstown officer denied again in nearly decade-old pension case (12/18)


'I didn't recognize it': When PTSD is ignored 🎥 (12/18)

6 Simple Ways to Support Someone Estranged From Family During the Holidays 🎄 (12/18)

Research uncovers how memory works (12/18)

Marine vet with PTSD sues Paterson over rejection for job as firefighter 🎥 (12/18)

Soldier turned veterans counselor gets early Christmas present (12/18)

Palo Alto Health Sciences Obtains FDA-Clearance for Freespira in Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (12/18)

City of Cleveland denying PTSD support for EMS workers 🎥 (12/18)

ONU Faculty Mamber Earns NIH Grant to Study PTSD-Related Behaviors (12/18)

PTSD: Help for armed forces 'improving, but still not good enough', says minister (12/18)

How to tell if your child is traumatized by the Pittsburgh shooting, and what to do about it (12/18)

Halifax police chief launches new consulting company (12/18)

VA expert: First 24 hours after traumatic event can determine whether a soldier develops PTSD (12/17)

People Who Experience These 9 Painful Symptoms Have The Most Difficulty Finding True Love 🎥 (12/17)

Documentary on Area Firefighters Aims to Inform Public on PTSD Issues 🎥 (12/17)

Summer Camp to Aid Wounded Warriors on Paths to Healing (12/17)


Measuring speed of mental replay of movies gives new insight into accessing memories (12/17)

New support group for Post Intensive Care Syndrome 🎥 (12/17)

Survey: Cops avoid mental health assistance despite suicidal thoughts (12/17)

Borderline Personality Disorder Is No Joke (12/17)

Spiritual Approaches Critical to Veterans Dealing With PTSD (12/17)

Stressed into silence: When the worst calls hit home for first responders 🎥 (12/17)

Veteran Traumas and how best to Help (12/17)

Strong Committed Relationships can Buffer Military Suicides (12/17)

The challenges of technology for PSAPs (12/17)

'This is the story about my worst run'; Firefighter battling PTSD breaks his silence 🎥 (12/16-17)

Volunteers wrap thousands of presents to donate to families of Armed Forces (12/16)


Anxiety disorders, PTSD, and OCD linked to inflammatory dysregulation, study finds (12/14)

No one knew retired firefighter 'Captain Bob' was struggling with PTSD. Now his peers are learning the signs (12/14)

How I Live With PTSD, An Invisible Illness Most People Don't Know I Have (12/14)

How to tell if a girl is a victim of sex trafficking and where to seek help 🎥 (12/14)

How Adaptive Climbing Is Helping Veterans Fight PTSD 🎥 (12/14)

Study on Holocaust survivors suggests parental PTSD impacts successful aging among offspring (12/13)

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries (12/13)

Nightmares, flashbacks and hallucinations: Meet the women living with PTSD (12/13)

New study suggests energy drinks could contribute to PTSD in veterans (12/13)


Addressing Military Mental Health: A Proposed Solution 🎥 (12/13)

Sexual Assault Survivors Share How Weed Treats Their PTSD (12/13)

For some, Christmas can be more than overwhelming (12/13)

I was my dad’s caregiver through his fatal illness. I had no idea I’d be at risk for PTSD. (12/12)

Risk of dementia increased among female veterans with TBI, PTSD, depression (12/12)

Injured parent can equal sleepless nights for kids 🎥 (12/12)

GB Sciences, LSU Partner on Cannabinoid Research and Development Project for MS, Other Diseases (12/12)

12 Days Of Charitable Giving 2018: America's VetDogs (12/12)

CDISC and Cohen Veterans Bioscience Announce Release of First Data Standard to Improve Research for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (12/12)

Former Arapahoe student: ‘Talk about mental illness ... with anyone that will listen’ (12/12)

Inquiry to be held into PTSD discrimination allegations against Halifax police (12/12)

UNDP in Yemen provides Psychological Support Services (PSS) to 600 war-affected people in Aden and Lahj governorates (12/11)


Aidan Knight's mother wishes 'somebody listened' before his death (12/12)

3 Ways to Manage PTSD 🎥 (12/11)

St. Luke’s Expands Behavioral Health at Sacred Heart, Elsewhere (12/11)

What Jessica Jones Teaches Us About Surviving Sexual Assault (12/11)

Ocala gets first medical marijuana dispensary (12/11)

Brain-imaging therapy shows promise in treating PTSD symptoms in military personnel (12/11)


Research findings could help improve treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders (12/11)

Toward an improved treatment of anxiety disorders (12/11)

ART therapy offers PTSD relief (12/11)

Using neurofeedback to prevent PTSD in soldiers (12/11)

Relationship impairments hinder men seeking mental health treatment (12/11)

Evaluating firefighters for risk of developing PTSD (12/11)

EpiVario Raises $445K in Seed Funding to Develop a Novel Drug to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the Source of the Disease (12/11)

Improving PTSD care through genetics (12/11)

Research findings could help improve treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders (12/11)

Group treatment reduces veterans’ PTSD symptom severity (12/11)

Nampa dispatcher retires after 33 years, stresses need for Rule of 80 retirement (12/11)

Queensland paramedic refused PTSD compensation (12/11)

Post-traumatic stress disorder may mimic autism in some children (12/11)

Former cop left waiting for months for post-traumatic stress payout (12/11)

First responders & PTSD: Stressed into silence (12/10-11)

Yoga, equine therapy help Cincinnati veterans find peace 🎥 (12/10)


10 of the most important things we learned about mental health this year (12/11)

How imagination can help people overcome fear and anxiety (12/10)

Wounded Warrior Project released report on veterans mental health (12/10)

PTSD Support Group In Steinbach Gets Big Response (12/10)

An Air Force psychologist was found guilty of sexually assaulting military patients under the guise of 'exposure therapy' (12/10)


'We are so very proud': Eleven ready to graduate from This Able Veteran (12/07)

Study finds stress responses in mice vary between sexes (12/07)

‘Children who witnessed brutal killing could be at risk of PTSD’ 🎥 (12/07)

A tale of PTSD in 'The Great Alone' (12/07)

Art as therapy: Valor Recovery Program hosts first exhibit of art by PTSD patients 🎥 (12/07)

Feds give funding for PTSD (12/07)

What Obituaries Are Trying to Tell Us About Veterans & PTSD (12/07)

Missouri's Medical Marijuana Law Goes In Effect, But Don't Burn One Down Quite Yet... (12/06-07)

Local diner to fundraise for veteran therapy program 🎥 (12/06)

The psychological impact of intensive care (12/06)

NCAA Champ Jaimie Phelan Finds Strength In Sharing Mental Health Journey (12/06)

Petitioners seek ballot spot for psilocybin (12/06)

Different combinations of PTSD meds may be equally effective (12/06)

PTSD study of combat veterans finds similar outcomes among common therapies (12/06)


PTSD study of combat veterans finds similar outcomes among common therapies (12/06)

PTSD, Depression Weaken Cardiovascular Response to Stress in Women with Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests (12/06)

Widnes park gang attack girl left with PTSD (12/06)

My Husband Was Hurt by an I.E.D. The Lasting Injury Was to Our Family. (12/05)

New Study Shows Brain Change After Psychological Trauma (12/05)

'When you almost die three times, you start living life to the fullest': Touching new portrait series shines a light on veterans and PTSD (12/05)

Druze soldier suffering from PTSD after racist bullying, abuse on base (12/05)

2YH: Dealing with post-earthquake stress (12/05)

Guyhirn soldier who was shot while serving in Iraq encourages those with PTSD to seek help (12/05)

Survey finds obesity, mental health are continuing problems for wounded warriors (12/05)

End Children’s Trauma, Harm By Prioritizing Them When Parents Arrested, in Court (12/05)


New Study Shows Brain Change After Psychological Trauma​ (12/05)

Four in five people in UK believe veterans with PTSD would struggle to stay in work (12/05)

8 Essential Books on Addiction and Recovery (12/05)

Report: 78 Percent of Veterans Experience PTSD 🎥 (12/04-05)

Coping During the Holiday Season if You Have C-PTSD/PTSD (12/04)

Lynne Ramsay Made the Boldest Directing Choices of 2018, So Why No Oscar Buzz? (12/04)

How You Can Fund Life-Changing Mental Health Treatment For Veterans (12/04)

Newfoundland and Labrador introduces greater coverage for mental injuries (12/04)

Toronto woman with PTSD reunited with beloved dog 🎥 (12/04)

How one hotel brand is going above and beyond to show support to veterans (12/04)

Binge Drinking And Drunk Driving Are On The Rise Among Veterans (12/04)

KCPD officer hospitalized after 24-hour crisis, police negotiation in KCK hotel (12/04)

Did your mental health suffer from the earthquake? Here are the specific resources (12/04)

MDMA helping with PTSD and Autism (12/04)


Labour Unions, First Responders Applaud Presumptive Coverage For Work-Related PTSD (12/04)

How parents and teachers can identify and help young people self-medicating trauma with drugs and alcohol (12/04)

Coping During the Holiday Season if You Have C-PTSD/PTSD (12/04)

Ben Foster’s “Leave No Trace” Tackles PTSD, Mental Health (12/04)

PAWS program takes dogs from shelter to service for veterans with PTSD 🎥 (12/03-04)

Hidden Scars and the Road to Resiliency (12/03)

Brain repository sits an hour from Frederick (12/03)

Military Charity SOS launches single to educate young people about PTSD (12/03)

How pets improve mental health issues, from depression to PTSD (12/03)

Tool quickly identifies risk for deadly COPD complications (12/03)

Federal Judge Approves PTSD Veterans’ Benefits Lawsuit Against Military (12/02)

New study tracks community dancing therapy on veterans with PTSD (12/02)


Ottawa urged to reunite Yazidi refugees with their families to help treat rare disorder (12/02-03)

Eilis O'Hanlon: 'It is modern life, not work, that causes stress' (12/02)

Toronto woman offering $300 for return of dog that helps her cope with PTSD (12/02)

None too fragile arm tackles PTSD in ‘Boogieban’ (12/02)

Realtors’ group donation to help train medical service dog (12/02)

State ramps up veterans mental health training with new grant (12/02)

Neil deGrasse Tyson addresses sexual misconduct 🎥 (12/02)

Inside the Lake District recuperation centre that helps injured firefighters back to health (12/02)

Bryan Counseling Center welcomes Sandra Breach, LICSW (12/02)

New study tracks dancing therapy on veterans with PTSD (12/02)

TBI News

December 2018


Massachusetts judge sides with ‘bad paper’ veterans denied bonuses (12/31)

Tackle football poses a grave risk to young athletes. Fans hope to make the sport safer 🎥 (12/31)

Gulfstream Riders Receive Concussion Baseline Testing (12/31)

Researcher hopes study of mental illness in student athletes will reduce stigma, raise awareness (12/30)


Home to call their own (12/28)

Donated puppy will aid needy area veteran (12/28)

Sports Concussion Study Aims to Benefit Everyone (12/28)

Gulfstream Jockeys Complete Baseline Tests For New Concussion Protocol (12/28)

U.S. turns to military, medical research to solve diplomats' 'health attacks' 🎥 (12/27)

Adonis Stevenson latest: Family reveal boxer is moving arms and legs after waking from coma and believe he can recognise them (12/27)


Promoting better understanding, treatment of traumatic brain injury (12/27)

Parents begging for answers after WVU student injured at fraternity 🎥 (12/27)

Class of Vets Certified in Fight Over Army Discharge Reviews (12/27)

Tracking Small Eye Movements Can Help Diagnose Concussions, Study Finds (12/27)

Ultrasensitive Test Reveals Corrupted Protein Linked With Alzheimer’s & CTE (12/27)

Women’s soccer causes more concussions than football (12/27)

Man turns tragedy into motivation to help others 🎥 (12/26-27)

More than a bump (12/26)

New sports-related concussion protocol 🎥 (12/26)

Wake County military family's heartbreaking journey leads to Christmas tradition 🎥 (12/26)


Curbing Concussions: Brain Injury Moves To The Forefront Of Sports Medicine (01/2019)

Ex-NFL star working on 'intercellular' helmet to curb concussions, CTE (12/26)
‘Tech addicts’ seek solace in 12 steps and rehab (12/26)

Man says recovering from addiction harder than recovering from 200-foot fall 🎥 (12/26)

New research could change the way concussions are treated in children 🎥 (12/26)

Study: Student Athletes With Limited Access To Trainers Less Likely To Have Concussions Diagnosed 🎥 (12/26)

Dr. Colby's Clinic: Concussion (12/26)

Concussion Safety Is Discussed With Experts on "Information Matrix" With Laurence Fishburne (12/26)


Advisors Weigh Whether To Reply Promptly To Clients At All Hours (12/24)

Muscle atrophy among critically ill kids occurs within one week of mechanical ventilation (12/24)

After emergence, Jared Antle faces long 'hard to predict' recovery (12/24)

Local veteran turns Invictus Games champion (12/24)

Persistent Postconcussive Symptoms in Soldiers With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (12/24)

Westside Story – Hypocrites Promote Kid Danger (12/23)

Will America Outgrow Football? (12/23) 📅


Are Kids With Depression Who Play Football At Higher Risk For Concussions? (12/21)

Dan Carcillo’s NHL career ended after concussions. Now he wants the league to better protect players from the same fate. (12/21)

Neurons from stem cells may stop seizures, improve cognitive function (12/20)

New test locates protein linked to Alzheimer's, CTE (12/20)

Army Ranger to inmate: Veteran who believes he has CTE has message for other soldiers 🎥 (12/20)

Heyburn woman thanks 25 'guardian angels' at PMC for saving her life (12/20)

UTV Crash Victim Asks Suspect “Why?” During Impact Statement (12/20)

Fresno officer talks about the devastating crash that nearly took his life 🎥 (12/20)

Jasmin Porr makes miraculous recovery from TBI 🎥 (12/20)

#20 Strong: Caleb Comes Home 🎥(12/20)


Hatch-sponsored traumatic brain injury bill set to become federal law (12/20)

EVENT [01/17]: Register for Our Upcoming Brain Training Webinar on Thursday, January 17, 2019 (12/20)

Kasich signs law sparked by death of local high school football player (12/20)

Even non-concussion head hits affect young football players' vision (12/20)

NIH-developed test detects protein associated with Alzheimer’s and CTE (12/20)

Ten-foot fall from ladder while doing DIY led to Barrow granddad's fatal brain injury, inquest heard (12/20)

After devastating crash, Upper Lake High School football player is making a 'remarkable' recovery (12/20)

National Hockey League under fire over concussion injuries (12/20)

TSU player who suffered brain injury honored at his high school in Atlanta 🎥 (12/19-20)

Pascrell Lauds Final Passage of Traumatic Brain Injury Reauthorization Act (12/19)

A premium paid for in pain (12/19)


New Memoir Shares Story of Determination, Resilience and Persistence Following Author's Brain Injury (12/19)

Researchers find lasting impact of concussions on young adults (12/19)

Study of female rugby players shows concussions even worse than we thought (12/19)

Maine concussion group receives $475,000 NFL grant (12/19)

Lasting impact of concussions on young adults (12/19)

Former teammate and friend Carcillo hopes Blackhawks' Crawford gets proper care for latest concussion (12/18)

Ruston mom honors in an artistic way her son after he was severely injured (12/18)


Brain injury patient shares story with Lancaster nursing students (12/18)

Harwich boy died 15 years after being shaken as baby (12/18)

Teaming up on substance abuse (12/18)

Editor’s Note: Kids Don’t Play Like They Used To (12/2018)

Alden-Conger basketball player shares story of her concussion (12/17)

Editorial: Know the signs and effects of concussions (12/17)

VA backs new effort raising awareness about female concussions 🎥 (12/17)

Concussion Crisis: Can America’s Favorite Sport Ever Be Safe? (Winter 2018)

Maine-based concussion research group receives NFL grant (12/17)

LIFE AFTER FOOTBALL: Cates Copes with Aftermath of Concussions (12/16)


UCLA biologists uncover how head injuries can lead to serious brain disorders 📃 (12/17)

Why We Still Don’t Know How Many NFL Players Have CTE (12/17)

To Your Health: New Method of Screening for Concussions 🎥 (12/17)

St. Michael-Albertville youth hockey coach dies after hitting head on ice (12/17)

Ten-year trends in traumatic brain injury: A retrospective cohort study of California Emergency Department and hospital revisits and readmissions (12/17)

Study makes significant findings related to traumatic brain injury (12/17)

Concussion concerns prompt more Badgers players to leave football (12/16)


Teen suffered brain injury after classmates threw trash can onto him, $2.1 million suit says (12/14)

Psychiatrists warn of life-long impact on survivors after road accidents (12/14)

BLOG: Why ‘minimal brain dysfunction’ is making a comeback (12/14)

Calif. Woman Meets Rescuers Who Saved Her Life Two Years Ago (12/14)

Penn State Health: Concussions (12/14)

Multiple hits over time can cause concussion (12/14)

Family of Richmond football player will donate his brain for concussion research (12/13)

Elizabeth Dole embraces America's 'Hidden Heroes' 🎥 (12/13)


SyncThink Eyes to Leave an Analytical Footprint at CES 2019 (12/13)

Family of Richmond football player will donate his brain for concussion research (12/13)

Studies on recovery on the cutting edge of sports nutrition, expert says (12/13)

Intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury: An “invisible” public health epidemic (12/13)

American CryoStem to file Investigational New Drug Application with FDA (12/13)

Team Luke thanks Patrick Mahomes for My Cause My Cleats (12/13)

Veteran Who Lost Her Happiest Memories Due to TBI and PTSD Finds Help and Healing With Wounded Warrior Project 🎥 (12/13)

Youth football concussion rate is 5%, study finds (12/13)

There May Be a Surprising Link Between Depression and Concussions in Kids Who Play Football (12/13)

Family of Rod Jones: Head trauma led to former Husky football star's suicide 🎥 (12/12-13)

New Findings on Concussion in Football’s Youngest Players (12/12)


Risk of dementia increased among female veterans with TBI, PTSD, depression (12/12)

Air Methods Contributes to Brain Injury Association of America on Behalf of Former Patient (12/12)

4 key takeaways from a new report on sports-related concussions (12/12)

When Present, Athletic Trainers Can Improve Concussion Outcomes For Student-Athletes (12/12)

Take the Equestrian Helmet Use Survey! (12/12)

3D Brain Technology Saves Lives In NWA 🎥 (12/11)

Pascrell Hails House Passage of Bipartisan Traumatic Brain Injury Reauthorization Act (12/11)


Surviving and thriving after a traumatic brain injury 🎥 (12/11)

Arkansas High Schools Get VR Concussion Training from TeachAids (12/11)

Dear Dr. Nina: How serious is repeated concussion for a young boy? (12/11)

Concussions: Lack of 'Return to Learn' training a problem in Kansas 🎥 (12/11)

Ferland on concussions: 'I'm very concerned' (12/11)

Irishman who suffered traumatic brain injury in US miraculously recovering at home (12/11)

Grandfather Will Give Unforgettable Christmas Gift, Thanks To Baseball Card Collectors (12/11)

How to be a Responsible Football Fan (12/11)

Kelli Ewen to Gary Bettman: 'Stop Sticking Your Head in the Sand' 🔊 🎥 (12/11)

Transforming the Trauma Paradigm (12/10)

Addressing sleep disorders after traumatic brain injury (12/10)

Therapeutic Solutions International Signs Agreement for Licensing Jadi Cell's Universal Donor Adult Stem Cell Product for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Traumatic Brain Injury (12/10)


Youth Football Changes Nerve Fibers in Brain (12/10)

Therapeutic Solutions International Signs Agreement for Licensing Jadi Cell's Universal Donor Adult Stem Cell Product for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Traumatic Brain Injury (12/10)

Innovative concussion treatment comes to the west of Ireland (12/10)

Another football player dies far too early after signs of dementia; Issues & Answers 🎥 (12/10)


New research aims to cut the recovery time for concussions by half (12/08)

Concussions fast tracked ex-footballer to career in NASCAR (12/07)

NFL Grant Propels Colby Concussion Research to Next Level (12/07)

RESEARCH NEED: Researchers seek riders over 50 who’ve had concussion after a fall (12-07)

Neuro Kinetics' I-PAS tech could help concussion diagnoses (12/07)

Concussed kids and sports 🔊 (12/06)

Concussion Reporting Workshop at SU hopes to change the way we view sports injuries 🎥 (12/06)

Fighters not swayed by risk of head trauma in combat sports like boxing and MMA (12/06)

Hockey coach suffers traumatic brain injury after simple fall during practice (12/06)


Kevin Pearce (12/07)

Effect of early sustained prophylactic hypothermia on neurologic outcomes among patients with severe traumatic brain injury: The POLAR randomized clinical trial (12/06)

‘Turning Pain Into Art’: Colorado Film Takes On Brain Injury Issues   🎥 (12/06)

Kids In Arkansas Are Using VR To Learn About Concussions 🎥 (12/06)

Using Cooking to Recover from a Concussion: A Novel and Useful Idea (12/06)

New Concussion Diagnosis Tech Tested In Pittsburgh (12/06)

UVic looks at how concussions affect the brains and hearts of ageing athletes (12/06)

Olympic gold medallist Shona McCallin discusses her road to recovery after suffering a concussion while playing for England against Argentina (12/06)

Adonis Stevenson: Former world light-heavyweight champion undergoes surgery after 'severe traumatic brain injury' (12/06)

Hazard alert addresses work-related traumatic brain injuries in Kentucky (12/06)

UPDATE: Mom speaks after teen gets concussion from fatal Marshall Co. school bus accident 🎥 (12/05-06)

The XFL Is a Trumpian Nightmare and It's Coming to Seattle (12/05)

Sports for Dummies: Female athletes must learn to be physical for their safety (12/05)


Tyson Fury has beaten his demons to become a champion for mental health (12/05)

Staggering new study estimates the rate of CTE among NFL players could be more than 25 percent (12/04)

In West Lakeland Township, a home is born for those with traumatic brain injury (12/04)

Center for Accessible Living helps those with disabilities increase independence 🎥 (12/04)

Hurt scooter riders fill Nashville emergency rooms; No citations issued since Sept. (12/03)


Mineola Middle School students’ give Board of Education taste of Albany (12/04)

Column: Football has no place at institutions of higher education (12/04)

Arkansas launches new concussion education using virtual reality (12/04)

Report: Days in a dark room no longer recommended treatment for youth sports-related concussions (12/03)

Kids With Concussions Can Phase In Exercise, Screen Time Sooner Than Before (12/03)

Oilers Athletic Therapist Talks Concussions (12/03)

Spinal injuries throw body clocks off-schedule, new study shows (12/03)


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