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December 2019


Addressing our community’s behavioral health: it takes a village

Nearly 60 percent of women experience stalking in the ranks, study finds

Researchers Develop Mobile App To Predict PTSD In Trauma Victims

Vietnam War veteran calls into KMOX seeking help for PTSD

Scott Perry: It's time to take the offensive in the war on PTSD

Operation Battle Buddies matches service dogs with military veterans who have PTSD

MDMA-assisted couples therapy: How a psychedelic is enhancing intimacy and healing PTSD

Wayne County gym helps veterans, first responders with PTSD

PTSD program for B.C. firefighters, first responders facing funding crunch

Voices: Peace and PTSD at Christmas

Which is more effective for treating PTSD: Medication, or psychotherapy?


Trauma Survivors Have Had It With Hallmark-esque Christmas Stories

Woman Who Was Conscious During Operation Says Nobody Could Hear Her Scream

To study treatment for PTSD and substance use

UVM PTSD study first to map early development of disease

Blood will tell: a new diagnostic approach for PTSD

Could mild brain injuries be affecting good order and discipline? The Pentagon wants to find out.

In series of ominous ads, Honolulu firefighters push message of working fire alarms

Columnist John Paradis: Helping vets tired of ‘being sick and tired’

When the Big One hits, emotional scars will last for years. Just ask New Zealand quake survivors


Naples police raise $4,000 during No-Shave November

State leaders share resources for Veterans at risk of suicide

Home Base No Shave Raises over $289,000 to help veterans

Going Back to Work After a Pregnancy Loss

Talking with Vietnam Veterans 50 Years Later

‘She just kind of takes my anxiety’: Service dogs comfort veterans

Area police raise over $9k for veterans services during ‘No Shave’ November

New Healing PTSD stamp raising money for veterans with post-traumatic stress

Firefighter with PTSD helping others recover

Army veteran finds healing from PTSD through martial arts

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