PTSD & TBI Research - August 2018


August 2018

8/31/2018:  Accelerated Resolution Therapy for PTSD (Psychiatric Times 8/30)

                   Treating Recalcitrant PTSD With ECT: Are We There Yet? (Psychiatric Times 8/30)

8/30/2018:  The hidden world of underground psychedelic psychotherapy in Australia (ABC Australia 8/30)

                   VA’s mental health care crisis draws private firms pitching dubious PTSD treatments (Reveal 8/29)

                   Antidepressant Mechanism of Ketamine Revealed? (MedScape Psychiatry 8/29)

                   Party Drug Ketamine Could Be Used to Treat Depression — But a New Study Says There's a Risky Catch (Fortune 8/29)

                   Report: LGB troops twice as likely to experience sexual assault as non-LGB population (Military Times 8/29)

                   Subthreshold PTSD contributes to future disorder burden in military (Healio Psychiatric Annals 8/28)

                   What to know about complex PTSD (Medical News Today 8/28)

                   High Mental Distress Tied to Heart Troubles (MedPage Today 8/28)

                   Mel B Is Seeking Treatment Following PTSD Diagnosis (Self 8/28)

                   Dogs: Our best friends in sickness and in health (Medical News Today 8/26)

                   Severe depression: Vagus nerve stimulator improves lives (Medical News Today 8/24)

8/28/2018:  The Role of the Physician When a Patient Discloses Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration (MedScape Psychiatry 8/28)

                   New study examines wartime experiences and PTSD among female Air Force personnel (EurekAlert / Journal of Women's Health 8/27)

                   TNXP: Retrospective Analyses from honor and Atease Trials Presented (SCR Digest 8/27)

                   FDA Clears 3-Minute Brain Stimulation Protocol for Depression (MedScape Psychiatry 8/22)

8/24/2018:  UI student's service dog given national award (NBC 17 WAND 8/24)

                   The long fight for a cure for PTSD (Financial Times 8/23)

                   What doesn’t kill you really makes you stronger: post-PTSD individuals experience mental growth (ZME Science 8/23)

8/22/2018:  Kalypso Wellness Centers Moves to Secure Patent for Ketamine Treatments (PR Web 8/22)

                   PTSD increases risk for mortality in men with HFrEF (Healio Cardiology 8/21)

                   Optogenetics – controlling neurons with light – may lead to cures for PTSD, Alzheimer's (Phys 8/21)

                   7 Self-Care Strategies To Help Manage Trauma, According To Experts (Bustle 8/20)

                   Why these patients, retailers and researchers say Canada shouldn't drop medical cannabis post-legalization (CBC 8/20)

                   The Real Story of PTSD (MedScape Psychiatry 8/17)

8/20/2018:  The medical benefits of illicit drugs: Can marijuana and LSD be used to treat illnesses? (News Australia 8/19)

                   Research eyes role of stress in mental illnesses (Medical Xpress 8/17)

                   Culture may affect the way your brain processes everything. Here's why that's important (ABC Australia 8/16)

                   Traumatic Brain Injury Can Lead to Issues With Suicide (Emax Health 8/16)


8/16/2018:  Letting PTSD patients choose method of treatment improves their health, quality of life: new research (Medical Xpress)

                   Exposure Therapy Administered by Nonspecialty Healthcare Workers Effective in Treating Adolescent PTSD (Psychiatry Advisor)

                   Psychotherapy with MDMA may be an effective treatment for PTSD (Medical News Bulletin)

8/15/2018:  Research: Evidence On Medicinal Cannabis' Efficacy Divided (Ten Daily Australia)

                   The Treatment of PTSD With CBD (Facts About CBD)

8/14/2018:  Intensive outpatient program eases veterans’ PTSD symptoms (Healio Psychiatric Annals)

8/13/2018:  Wireless Brain Sensors Market Demands with Major Applications (Open PR)

                   Can animals suffer from PTSD? (The Oakland Press)

                   Hallucinogens: Potential Mental Health Benefits (World Health Net)

8/10/2018:  Psychedelic Drugs Show Promise for Treating Anxiety, Depression, PTSD (Psych Central)

                   How The DEA Is Jeopardizing Marijuana-Related PTSD Studies On Veterans (The Fresh Toast)

8/09/2018:  Study Need: Study On Marijuana And PTSD In Military Veterans Only Needs A Few More Volunteers (Marijuana Moment)

                   The potential healing powers of psychedelic drugs (Earth: Your World)

                   Chronically Disabled Should not be Forgotten During War and Terrorism (Breaking Israel News)

                   Women veterans treated for fibromyalgia exhibit high rates of childhood abuse (Medical Life Sciences News)

8/08/2018:  Childhood bullying can cause lifelong psychological damage – here’s how to spot the signs and move on (The Conversation)

                   Military sexual assault linked to PTSD and depression in LGB veterans (EurekAlert / Wiley)

                   The Role of Obesity in the Association Between Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Incident Diabetes (JAMA)

                   Suicide prevention workshop geared toward veterans comes to Butte (Montana Standard)

8/07/2018:  Federally-Grown Weed Is So Bad That Researchers Might End PTSD Study (Merry Jane)

                   PTSD relief without drugs (American Thinker)

8/06/2018:  Stress Can Be Especially Detrimental to Those with Autoimmune Diseases (HealthLine)

                   Fishing helps veterans battling with PTSD (Daily Gazette / Essex County Standard)

                   A prescription for MDMA? We're getting closer (Big Think)

                   After PTSD recovery, Boise firefighter wants to help others and change law (Idaho Press)

                   Burgaw Man uses Farming as Therapy for Veterans (WWAY 3)

                   PTSD, Suicide, and Despair: The Silent Perils of Being a Firefighter (Vice)

8/05/2018:  The link between sleep, memory, and PTSD (Big Think)

8/03/2018:  DEA’s lack of action to license marijuana growers threatens next phase of PTSD study (Stars & Stripes)

                   PTSD expert Israel Liberzon joins Texas A&M staff (The Eagle)

                  When Will America Get Serious about Addressing PTSD in Veterans? (American Thinker)

8/02/2018:  'An absolute minefield': Why Darryl couldn't get travel insurance (Sydney Morning Herald)

                   He Was Nearly Killed in the Line of Duty. Here’s How Cycling Helped His PTSD (Bicycling)

                   Harvard study finds trigger warnings increase anxiety (Campus Reform)

                   Low Acetyl-L-Carnitine a New Biomarker for Major Depression? (MedScape Psychiatry)

8/01/2018:  Intensive outpatient treatment shows rapid and meaningful changes in veterans' PTSD symptoms (Medical Life Sciences News)

                   Do Trigger Warnings Help or Harm? (Psychology Today)

TBI & CTE News

August 2018

8/31/2018:  In Spokane, parents weigh the dangers of youth football against the love of the game (Inlander 8/30)

                   Hospital Staff Question Officials aftert 2nd Attack in a Week (News 95.5/AM 750 WSB 8/30)

                   Is High School Football Dying In New Jersey? (CBS 2 New York 8/30)

                   Omaha firefighter grateful for support after bull riding injury [w/VIDEO] (ABC 7 KETV 8/30)

                   Despite evidence, skeptics try to cast doubt on CTE-football link [w/VIDEO] (NBC News)

8/30/2018:  Your Healthy Family: Recovering from a traumatic brain injury (NBC 5 KOAA 8/30)

                   Brain injury steals some senses but not one man's sense of purpose (Stuff NZ 8/30)

                   With danger of concussions better known, high school football programs take notice (Trib Live 8/29)

                   Medicortex Finland Oy: Clinical Trial Extended for Detection of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Business Wire 8/29)

                   Brain Injury Alliance turns to private fundraisers after state budget cuts (Missoula Current 8/29)

                   Paediatric traumatic brain injury: what is the future? (SciTech Europa 8/28)

                   Cowboy Brady Jandreau Portrays His Real-Life Brain Injury in 'The Rider' ( 8/28)

                   Army Deploying New Brain Injury Detection Devices In September For Troops In Iraq, Afghanistan (Defense Daily 8/28)

                   Concussions in youth sports: How to spot them and what to do next [w/VIDEO] (APP 8/28)

                   Blood Test for Neurofilament Light Chain Kicks Up Biomarker Research (AlzForum 8/28)

                   I'm donating my brain to science for the sake of football and facts. Really. (USA Today 8/27)

                   South Bay program adopts new safety protocol for football, influenced by rugby [w/VIDEO] (ABC 7 News 8/27)

                   Repeat Head CT for Expectant Management of Traumatic Epidural Hematoma [w/PDF] (AAP News & Journals 8/24)

8/28/2018:  REF Equips Traumatic Brain Injury Detection Devices (DVIDS 8/27)

                   UNM Children’s Hospital Opens State’s First Concussion Clinic (UNM Health Sciences 8/27)

                   Why high school players lead the way in football fatalities [w/VIDEO] Commercial Appeal 8/27)

                   Traumatic brain injury linked to higher risk of suicide, study finds (KYW Newsradio 1060)

                   Special Report: More girls suffering concussions (ABC 3 / CBS 2 Palm Springs)

8/26/2018:  There's a link between head injuries and the risk for suicide (NBC 9 News CO 8/26)

                   Study: Kids’ bike rides often lead to injuries and visits to emergency rooms (The News-Herald 8/26)

                   Five local nonprofits highlighted by Community Foundation for ‘incredible impact’ (Gwinnett Daily Post 8/25)

                   Ernst cosponsors bill studying domestic violence, brain injury link (Neighbor News 8/25)

                   Brain Basics program aims to help caregivers of people with brain injuries (CBC 8/25)

                   At Work: Music therapist in Southington (Record-Journal 8/25)

                   A traumatic brain injury almost kept West Jordan standout from becoming the 'heart and soul' of the Jaguars football team (Deseret News 8/25)

                   United Way asks volunteers to 'imagine what we can do together' (UA Now 8/24)

                   Ohio Justice Sharon Kennedy advocates for veterans’ courts (The Alliance Review 8/24)

                   Researchers close in on CTE diagnosis in living, one brain at a time [w/VIDEO] (ABC 10 8/24)

                   High school football participation [in U.S.] has dropped 7 percent since 2009 amidst CTE concerns and the sport could have fewer than 1 million participants by 2020 (Daily Mail UK 8/24)

                   Researchers Reproduced Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury, Recovery (Laboratory Equipment / Univ of Georgia 8/24)

8/24/2018:  Researchers stimulate neural recovery in model of traumatic brain injury [w/PDF] (Medical Life Sciences News 8/24)

                   CT decision guidelines in patients with minor head injury (BMJ Opinion 8/24)

                   Different, but still whole: A young scientist reflects on his journey back from a brain injury (Dallas News 8/24)

                   Brain injury support group to meet Sept. 12 (Daily Messenger 8/23)

                   Researchers explore retention of minorities in TBI Model System Study of race/ethnicity (Medical Xpress / Kessler Foundation 8/23)

                   Traumatic brain injury recovery via petri dish (Science Daily / Univ of Georgia 8/23)

8/23/2018:  Senators Ernst and Cortez Masto Introduces Amendment to Study the Connection between Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injuries (Mix 107.3 KIOW 8/23)

                   Local girl, 5, faces long recovery (My Kenosha County 8/22)

8/22/2018:  Protecting against brain injuries (Medical Xpress / Univ of Oxford 8/22)

                   Diagnosed: Under-Reported Brain Injuries And Their Lasting Effects (Utah Public Radio 8/22)

                   Traumatic Brain Injury An “Urgent Public Health Crisis”, Warn New York Brain Injury Attorneys (EIN Newsdesk 8/22)

                   Traumatic Brain Injury and Incarceration: Ending a Vicious Cycle (US News & World Report 8/22)

                   Aptinyx Presents Preclinical Data from Fast-Track Designated PTSD Program at Military Health System Research Symposium (Markets Insider 8/21)

                   ISU Institute of Rural Health seeks comment on statewide traumatic brain injury plan (Meridian Press 8/20)

                   MGH to study medical device for concussions, Alzheimer's (Boston Business Journal 8/20)

                   $32M BOOST-3 trial aims to improve severe TBI outcomes (Health Imaging 8/20)

                   Scientists Dosed an Artificial Brain With Meth (Motherboard 8/20)

                   NFL: Changing the Fight Culture (iSports Web 8/20)

                   How concussion stresses the heart, to protect the brain (The Conversation 8/19)

                   Youth football at a crossroads (Daily Camera 8/18)

8/20/2018:  BU researcher receives DoD grant to study TBI, military service in AD (EurekAlert / Boston Univ School of Medicine)

                   The FDA Approves Blood Test to Help Detect Traumatic Brain Injury in Patients (Law Firm Newswire 8/17)

                   Blood Test May Accurately Identify Need for CT Scan in Patients with Suspected TBIs (Neurology News 8/17)

                   How UT-Dallas researchers are changing injured brains for the better (Dallas News 8/16)

                   Traumatic Brain Injury Can Lead to Issues With Suicide (Emax Health 8/16)

                   In the Clinic-Disorders of Consciousness: The Latest Guideline on Consciousness Disorders (Neurology Today 8/16)

                   CBD Treatment Case Traumatic Brain Injuries TBI (Facts about CBD 8/16)


8/15/2018:  ‘BOOST-3’ Trial Seeks to Improve Outcomes After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (Univ of Michigan Health Lab)

                   TBI linked to increased risk of suicide (Health Imaging)

8/14/2018:  A traumatic brain injury may increase the risk of suicide, study says (Washington Post)

                   Suicide risk nearly double for traumatic brain injury sufferers: Study (My Central Oregon)

                   Study identifies distinct origin of ADHD in children with history of brain injury (Science Daily / Elsevier)

                   The concussion question: NCAA concussion, head trauma messaging remains work in progress (Wisconsin State Journal)

                   Study Shows 40% of Patients Supposedly in a “Vegetative State” are Actually Fully Aware (Life News)

8/13/2018:  Wireless Brain Sensors Market Demands with Major Applications (Open PR)

                   Research and science of concussions: Diagnosis, treatment, prevention (Volleyball Magazine)

8/11/2018:  Cognitive training can reduce depressive symptoms in individuals with traumatic brain injury (PsyPost)

8/10/2018:  Studies question link between contact sports and CTE (Aunt Minnie)

                   New 3D-Printed Device Could Help Treat Spinal Cord Injuries (EIN007)

8/09/2018:  Researching traumatic brain injury (SciTech Europa)

                   Valley Stream coma survivor studies brain (LI Herald)

                   Research brief: New 3D-printed device could help treat spinal cord injuries (EurekAlert / Univ of Minnesota)

8/08/2018:  Researchers link residential characteristics with productivity one year after brain injury (EurekAlert / Kessler)

                   Neuroscientist identifies biomarker for traumatic brain injury (UCLA)

                   Healthy sleep for healing (Stripes Okinawa)

                   New guideline released for managing vegetative and minimally conscious states (EurekAlert / American Academy of Neurology)

                   Suicide prevention workshop geared toward veterans comes to Butte (Montana Standard)

8/06/2018:  Traumatic brain injury linked to onset of neurodegeneration (Mental Daily)

8/05/2018:  Don't limit access to air medical support (Springfield News-Leader)

8/04/2018:  Neurosurgeon Dr. Charles L. Rosen Discusses Fall Sports Safety (PR)

8/03/2018:  Modesto veteran doesn’t want his ‘invisible injuries’ to be the death of him (Modesto Bee)

                   Blood tests for brain injuries: A boon to rural healthcare? (Health Issues India)

8/02/2018:  Traumatic Brain Injury Can Induce Abnormal Tau Protein Deposits (ReliaWire)

                   ABCDx Prepping Point-of-Care TBI Test for Launch in Late 2018, Early 2019 (360 Dx)

                   Researchers develop diagnostic test for brain injury detection (BioSpectrum Asia)

8/01/2018:  Dementia-like damage to brain from just one blow (The Times UK)

                   Claims surrounding new brain injury blood test short on evidence (Health News Review)

                   Focused ultrasound opens the blood–brain barrier (Physics World)

                   Penn State University College of Medicine Pilot Study Finds MicroRNA in Saliva Can Be Used in Diagnosis and Treatment of Concussions in Children (Dark Daily)

                   Duke Neurology Research Round Up, July 2018 (Duke Univ Med Sch)

                   Single brain trauma linked to form of dementia in study (UPI)