PTSD & TBI Research News


April 2019


Anti-stress brain chemical is related to PTSD resilience after trauma

Moral injury: Violating your ethical code can damage mental health – new research

New research shows CBD oil could help reduce life-threatening seizures in dogs 🎥

Trump Administration Opposes Bills On Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans

New Study Reveals Puerto Rican Students Show PTSD Symptoms Post-Hurricane Maria

First responders fight for better resources to cope with PTSD 🎥

This study showed PTSD can be identified with 89 percent accuracy — using speech markers

Anti-stress brain chemical is related to PTSD resilience after trauma

VA opposes new legislation aimed at improving access to medical marijuana for veterans

Firefighter cancer bill advances in House 🎥

‘Mateship’ hailed at Anzac Day ceremony

Eglin Air Force Base building new brain treatment facility

How Sumner County homicides could impact first responders' mental health 🎥

Documentary on post-war life ‘The Welcome’ to be screened at Havenwood Heritage Heights

Church of Scotland agrees £1m payout to three abused siblings

Why I Relate to 'Captain Marvel' as Someone With C-PTSD


Hero veteran who SAVED Londoners from serious 2012 Olympic threat makes mental health plea 🎥

Hoosier woman supports veterans by giving comfort through quilts

Bismarck Program Helps People With Mental Health Disorders

Men need to get better at taking care of their health

Ancient Greek Tragedy Is Given A 21st Century Makeover In A New Adaptation Of AJAX

Ohio State’s Harding Hospital opens 18 new inpatient rooms for psychiatric patients

Psychedelics to treat mental illness? Australian researchers are giving it a go

House to Conduct Hearings for Veterans' Marijuana Access at End of April

AI in Mental Health: Using Speech Analysis to Diagnose PTSD

Service dogs can help veterans with PTSD


Did PTSD Change Ariana Grande's Brain?

Artificial Intelligence Diagnoses Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Using Voice Analysis

Lexaria Bioscience welcomes four new experts to advisory board to guide ongoing research

Young Warriors program to help kids cope with trauma to be offered in Marion

News coverage of violent events may contribute to 'cycle of distress'

Binge-Watching Terror Attack Videos Impacts Your Mental Health And You Don’t Even Know It

Psychology professor receives funding for firefighter PTSI research

Meet Luna: Massachusetts State Police Introduce First-Ever Comfort Dog 🎥

La. Veterans Affairs Department heads discuss benefits, services 🎥

Uncovering a Military Culture Split Between Loyalty and Justice

Anzac Day 2019: Trauma burden to grow for veterans grappling with PTSD

Leyva ‘Service Dogs for Veterans’ bill passes committee

‘I like to move it, move it!” How dance and other rhythmic movement can reduce the impact of ACEs


Voice analysis software may help diagnose PTSD in veterans 🎥

Some women could be more susceptible to PTSD than others, study finds

Hormone duo may protect some women against PTSD 📅

More than 6,700 Afghan war veterans receiving federal assistance for PTSD

Health district surveys City of West to research long-term effects of explosion

Natural Antioxidant Robuvit Shown to Improve Symptoms Related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Bridlington woman speaks out about living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Judge warns veteran that PTSD is not a 'get out of jail free card'

Dr. Lynda M. Gantt: How children respond to domestic violence

This is what PTSD does to your voice, according to new research

After 2 Hurricanes, A 'Floodgate' Of Mental Health Issues In The Virgin Islands

Legislative Preview: Gun storage, insurance for first-responders

Lawmakers carve out more earmarks for veterans

Little: 'I plan to visit and conduct business in every corner of the state'


Can brain scans diagnose PTSD?

Can Scientists 'hack' Memory?

Dispatcher PTSD: Actions Public Safety Leaders Can Take & Self-Care

State budget funds PTSD program for veterans

‘I’m depleted’: Ariana Grande worries fans with alarming tweet while touring US 🎥

PTSD patients can get heart attack too, study finds

Prince Harry backs PTSD lifeline that has already saved 11 heroic veterans

'A text I sent to my boyfriend went unanswered. Then he came home a different man.'

Military veteran living with PTSD recalls night APD officer helped save his life 🎥

Film about Waianae man credited for his heroism on 9/11 coming to digital platforms 🎥

Calif. first responders with PTSD seek workers’ comp for mental trauma

‘That first officer could be any one of you’

Time to put mental health at the heart of our schools

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, April 20, 2019

Australian War Memorial expansion to house more of stories that heal

How EMDR can help people process traumatic events

Is your mind making you physically sick?


What is PTSD?

Brain scans help shed light on the PTSD brain, but they cannot diagnose PTSD

Post-traumatic stress therapy involving eye movement helps soldiers and civilians 🎥

Media coverage of violent events is found to fuel a cycle of stress

Coverage of mass killings is bad for mental health — yet makes people seek more

School shootings draw attention to officers’ mental health

Taking back my freedom after the trauma of assault

'Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret' promotes awareness, healing

PTSD can impair and age your brain

She has bipolar disorder and PTSD. When should she tell people she dates? 🎥

San Diego brewers create beer to benefit vets, responders with PTSD

Veteran with PTSD takes message to students

Podcast: There’s More to Trauma than PTSD 🔊


If I Had Chosen Suicide

Guest opinion: Rulebreaking and Lawmaking: The 2019 #IDLEG Story

‘I stepped out of the darkness’

UCLA Operation Mend receives $1 million gift for veterans’ mental health services

Family of Florence officer killed in shootout ‘deeply angered’ over alleged killer’s letters appearing in newspaper 🎥

Doctor says Antioch church shooting suspect was 'delusional,' heard voices before shooting

Aldrick Scott fights PTSD with art

Mother of veteran killed by Elbert County deputies sues, claims son was suffering from PTSD and seeking help

“God For Us All, Guluva For Himself: A Homeless Man’s Experience Of Repeated Trauma” Thembelihle Lobi

Acute Stress, PTSD Linked To Cardiovascular Disease

Proposed Legislation Aims to Help First Responders Struggling With Psychological Trauma 🎥


Ariana Grande shared a brain scan on Instagram that appeared to show her 'terrifying' levels of PTSD

Mourning the lack of a beloved one will increase your threat of coronary heart illness by 64%

MDMA reopens a ‘window in the brain’ that lets PTSD victims form new bonds

Lung cancer, skin cancer, PTSD claims on the rise among city firefighters

Sam Hemingway documentary film exploring PTSD

Stress-Related Disorders May Be Tied to Greater Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Sleep armor helps veterans with trauma

MP Doherty to host town hall in Williams Lake April 15

Our children need us

Anxiety, depression and PTSD all results of global warming 🔊

Right on time, inaugural class graduates from Veterans Watchmaker Initiative 🎥

Senate panel silences Kelsey’s Green Alert bill

Remembering the Sacrifices: National Vietnam War Veterans Day

ISU Veteran and Military Appreciation Week events set April 15-19; Military Ball set April 26

Canadian veteran reunites with soldier who helped save him in Afghanistan 🎥


New study advances treatment options for PTSD

Large study ties PTSD, acute stress to cardiovascular disease

PTSD Research

Ariana Grande's Brain Scan Instagram Shows The Realities Of Trauma

Mourning the loss of a loved one or being told you have cancer 'could increase your risk of heart disease by 64%'

Scientists edge closer to understanding how Ketamine can treat depression 🎥

Veterans Suffering from Both Traumatic Brain Injuries and PTSD

Buses, bacterial resistance, and black holes?

Wellness and mental health apps Market including top key players like PTSD Coach, Talkspace, Big White wall, Calm, Headspace, Moodnotes, Moodpath

Wellness workshops aim to provide participants with mental health 'toolbox'

Ohio's medical marijuana program slow to get going

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Focus

Reflections from an examining physician


Unlocking the secrets hidden inside your voice 🎥

PTSD And Parents: How Hospitals Work With Families Whose Children Are Suffering Life-Threatening Illnesses 🔊

Even Without New Reform Legislation, New Jersey Employers May Have to Accommodate Medical Marijuana Use Enters Partnership to Provide the First "Behavioral Health and Opioid and Substance Use Disorders" Network

After Years of Conflict, Iraq Grapples with a Mental Health Crisis

Bay District Schools issues minimum of 50 percent for school grades 🎥

Balancing Safety And Privacy When A Veteran Goes Missing 🔊

Mentally ill criminals to have specific sentencing guidelines

New federal action plan aims to lower stigma around PTSI

Today's vets seek mental health help sooner than peers

Disturbed Sleeps Derails Therapy for Complicated Grief

Why Do Trauma Survivors Develop Depression?

MDMA reopens a 'window in the brain' that lets PTSD victims form new bonds and memories to overcome trauma, study suggests

Natural Antioxidant Robuvit® Shown to Improve Symptoms Related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Researchers discover neural patterns key to understanding disorders such as PTSD


'Never seen it as bad as it is now': Law enforcement shines light on police suicides

Lawsuit: Torrington employer made life miserable for Las Vegas shooting survivor 🎥

Unhygienic -- and anxious about it

NC lawmakers propose bill allowing first responders to get workers compensation for PTSD 🎥

The bipartisan bill that could save veterans’ lives

Pete’s Dragons offers hope through heartache

Humboldt crash changed Sask., but Moe says more change is needed

Rowing Toward Recovery at the San Diego Crew Classic

Seacoast Veterans Conference offers ‘Path to Wellness’

Redding police release names of officers in the three 2019 fatal shootings

5 reasons physicians should take ‘stop days,’ and how to maximize them

Can Scientists 'hack' Memory?

'Centres of Excellence needed' to treat Australian veteran mental health

IU researchers say they’ve developed a blood test to diagnose PTSD 🎥


Scientists Spot Brain Cells That Control Traumatic Memories

Brain area identified that may predict how PTSD patients respond to therapy

Las Vegas shooting survivor's employer told him to "suck it up" and "get over it," lawsuit claims

Parkland, PTSD, and Suicide

MDMA Study Reveals How It Returns the Brain to a Teenage "Critical Period"

Under a cloak of darkness

Funding restored for program to assist veterans with brain injuries and PTSD

'Many will not acknowledge it': Tackling the big issue plaguing WA police

CBD Helps Reduce Anxiety in These Common Disorders

Study: Nanotechnology for augmenting human capabilities

Vietnam Veterans Day service held in Grantsville

Local Yoga Instructor Offering Free Group or Private Yoga Sessions to MSD Community to Facilitate Healing


Royal Marine wife's powerful plea for support for families living with PTSD 🎥

Progress not likely this year on workers’ comp bills for first responders with PTSD

Healing PTSD: Yoga classes help veterans relax, reduce stress

PTSD often abused in the court system | Opinion

Governor approves PTSD measure for firefighters

After success in Florida, the use of virtual reality to treat PTSD is expanding 📅

Alcohol misuse is more common in the armed forces than post-traumatic stress disorder

Women exposed to BP spill have higher levels of post-traumatic stress, study finds

Concord Police Welcome Liberty The Comfort Dog To The Ranks

Husker Pavilion to host Remembering Our Fallen

Hopkinton police chief pulls gun licenses from three officers

Why the Suicide Risk for Trauma Survivors Is Higher

How ‘compassion fatigue’ led a TV journalist to bring Healium VR therapy to market

New federal questionnaire making it harder for PTSD veterans to get help, critics warn

TBI & CTE News

April 2019


Abbott, DoD Planning Clinical Study of Traumatic Brain Injury Test

Can the effects of the ketogenic diet help prevent epilepsy after traumatic brain injury?

Abbott, the U.S. Department of Defense and TRACK-TBI Partner to Study Point-of-Care Blood Test for Concussions

Brain area tied to emotions is larger in vets, service members with mild TBI and PTSD

$25,000 donation, benefit race net $40,000 for brain injury organization

U of T researchers look back in time to help prevent future brain injuries

BU Receives Massachusetts Life Sciences Capital Grant

Four BU Professors Receive University’s Highest Faculty Honor

UFC veteran Babalu Sobral suffering from CTE: ‘I can’t walk a straight line’ 🎥

Retired Renato Sobral believes he’s showing signs of CTE: ‘I don’t know if I’ll be able to see my grandkids’

DRYDEN: NHL needs to address these concussion issues 🎥

Dalhousie football players among first in Canada to use high-tech helmets that detect impacts

SFA urged to act by Frank's Law campaigner after deaths of Billy McNeill and Stevie Chalmers from dementia


Traumatic brain injury survivor makes miraculous recovery 🎥

Dr. Wood: Heads up! Here are the facts about concussions and brain injuries 🎥

Florida Woman Becomes Medical Cannabis User, Advocate After Brain Injury

Nazareth student who suffered severe head injuries will graduate at the top of her class and study medicine

Former Lions QB Hipple speaks out to fight effects of brain injury

Blazing new trails: Meet New Bedford’s first firefighter to be pregnant on the job

Lenders Who Bought Into NFL Concussion Settlement Score Reversal

Answers must be found on the links between football and dementia


Which car crashes cause traumatic brain injury?

Preventing Suicide When Caring for Patients With a History of TBI

VA gets federal funds to address brain injuries, heart disease

Local brain center providing relief to concussion, dizziness patients

The Tragic Post-Hockey Life of an NHL ‘Enforcer’

Synthetic speech generated from brain recordings

New study could lead researchers closer to distinguishing CTE in living patients

The Tragic Consequences of the NHL’s Science Denial 🎥

CTE growing prevalence in collegiate athletics

Inside the Head of an Athlete

West Brom legend Jeff Astle at heart of Beautiful Brain


The bottom line: Cause for concern

Africa Peace dinner honors doctor whose work rocked football

‘Seau’ and football’s grim future

Lawmakers carve out more earmarks for veterans

Advocating for vets must be our priority

Blood Test Tracks Alzheimer's Progression

A Handle On Your Health: Concussions

FDA warns consumers against use of devices for assessing head injury

Mother wakes from coma 27 years after crash left her with traumatic brain injury


Program gives brain injury survivors a Second Chance

LearningRx franchises aid memory, learning skills

Jennifer Lawrence set to play Afghanistan war veteran with a brain injury in upcoming movie

Hockey sees steep decline in fighting as focus turns to speed, skill and safety

Meet the award-winning Butler County leaders driving growth in the region


Obesity may be symptom of traumatic brain injury 🎥

Contact sports responsible for nearly half of kids’ traumatic brain injuries: study

Traumatic brain injury victims learn how to ward off obesity

'Hi I'm Blake': Local young man with TBI needs help spreading message of hope 🎥

Stem Cell Therapy Improved Motor Deficit in Traumatic Brain Injury Trial

Taking care of people with TBI: New tool could speed caregiver research

It’s kids who are tackle football’s victims

Car Accident-Related Brain Injuries

Qrons Announces Filing of PCT Patent -- Techniques for Promoting Neuronal Recovery

The 'brain is something that's forever': Concussions are major concern in youth soccer


Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Learn How to Ward Off Obesity 🎥

One woman's path to 'profound gratitude' for life after her husband suffered a major brain injury

AANS 2019: SB623 Demonstrated Statistically Significant Improvement in Motor Function Among Patients with Chronic Motor Deficit from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Tim Siegel releases book to share story of hope following son’s traumatic brain injury 🎥

KC Career and Technical Center SkillsUSA team brings home gold

Brain Scans Show High Tau Levels in Living Former Football Players with Suspected CTE

Plaistow woman named Dole Foundation fellow for state

Affordable housing for brain injury survivors to be built in Campbell River

Lou Ruvo Center on cutting edge of CTE research 🎥

Can Brain Scans Spot CTE in the Living?

What to Watch on Tuesday: ESPN 30 for 30 doc tells the tragic story of Junior Seau

Medical Marijuana Would Have Saved My Brother's Life

Mental Health in MMA

Alex Nowbar’s research reviews—15 April 2019


Avid mountain biker finds healing through yoga after traumatic brain injury 🎥

Doctors Use Electrical Implant to Aid Brain-Damaged Woman

Local Research Center Launches Study of Black People’s Brains

Wounded warrior meets the dolphin that continues to inspire his journey to recovery 🎥

A303 crash victim who has fought back from brain injury meets MP

Playing her way back

In Football Players With Possible CTE, Tau-PET Reveals Subtle Tau Deposition

ASU doctors find new way to see CTE in living football players 🎥

PET Scans Reveal Elevated Tau in NFL Players’ Brains

Cutting-edge microscope will aid IU researchers' understanding of disease, potential therapies

Comparing football and rugby: ‘Brothers from another mother’


Brain scans on former NFL players detect abnormal proteins found in CTE

New Hope For Diagnosing CTE In Living Patients 🔊 📅

MedWatch Today: Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Middletown Man Settles Workers' Compensation Claim for $2 Million After Brain Injury

New 3D Brain Mapping Paves the Way for Precise, Personalized Treatments for Symptoms of Alzheimer's and Traumatic Brain Injury

Improving eyesight, brain function after traumatic injury 🎥

Yoga helps heal brain injuries 🎥

FDA sounds alarm on unregulated brain injury devices

A study of NFL players' brains might help diagnose CTE in living 🎥

New report examines VA's process for determining TBI in veterans seeking disability compensation 📃

Morning Break: Beware the TBI Apps; Nurses Win in NYC; Oprah's Health Cred

Finding CTE in Living People? BU Just Got Closer to Doing It

New techniques may detect CTE in brains of living former NFL players


Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury in U.S. Army Soldiers

SanBio Announces SB623 Regenerative Cell Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury Has Received Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) Sakigake Designation

Animal-assisted therapy improves social behavior in patients with brain injuries

Reframing the Conversation

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Miami unites for brain injury awareness

How CTE research is hastening the evolution of mixed martial arts


Brain Injury Services Opens Leesburg Office

BU fan forged bond with basketball staff after traumatic brain injury

Billings man shares miraculous recovery after surviving motorcycle crash 🎥

The moxie of Kyle Moxley

New ‘PAM’ facility holds grand opening in Dover

Former Newcastle United striker makes sad revelation after being diagnosed with [CTE] 🎥


Traumatic Brain Injury: The Signature Wound Of Iraq, Afghanistan 🔊

Traumatic Brain Injury With a Normal CT Scan

Banyan Biomarkers, Abbott Ink Deal for Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers

Researcher: Mental health issues often progress after brain injury

Intrepid Spirit Center celebrates ‘hope’ during Brain Injury Awareness Month

Symposium highlights the dangers of head injuries in contact sports

Our View: Results offer sobering reminder

Rypien recommends TMS treatment and increasing mental health dialogue

CFL still 'following science' on concussions, commissioner tells House subcommittee 🎥

Eddie Alvarez Reminds Us That MMA's Brain Trauma Reckoning Is Coming

Concussion symposium set for April 6 in Dover

Tony O in Chicago with bro Phil and CTE


Researchers discover gene suppressing stroke and brain injury recovery

Domestic abuse, brain injury link inspires bill

RightEye Helps Fight Neurological Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury and Learning Disabilities with Database of One Billion Eye Tracking Data Points

City wrestles with whether helmet laws make Spokane safer

Collaboration Leads to Blood-Based Concussion and TBI Test

Tests Show Former UMD Hockey Star Suffered from CTE 🎥

Brains don’t lie about hockey’s damage

NFL's 2020 CBA Negotiations Give an Opening to Cannabis Use by Players

Dolphins and Amyloid Plaque; Autism Retraction; Pain-Free Mutation

Opinion: NFL and its 'Legends' hit the mark with investment in youth and high school football

Future of high school football may be compromised

Former NFL player Colin Scotts issues Valentine Holmes with a big warning 🎥

Footballers focus on concussion, but there are many other risk factors