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Women in Business Leadership Speaker Series 2018: “Together We Give”

Originally published on March 14, 2018

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce started off 2018 with an exceptional program, brought to us by the Chamber’s Women in Business Council. These presentations took place over four weeks from January 26th to February 16th, hosted at the MarinaLink venue at the new State Farm regional HQ in Tempe, AZ. The discussions provided insight into the great topics presented by these accomplished Women in Business.

February 9th. Together We Give: "Cause Marketing and Your Business"

This was an enjoyable presentation to me, because a lot of the focus dealt with social selling–spreading the word and supporting a cause using social media as well as other electronic media. Because this is part of my field of expertise, I took few notes during the presentation; however, 

One of the trending–and very effective–methods of connecting with potential customers or clients is aligning your business with supporting a cause. This can take many forms–animal welfare, ending poverty, homelessness, hunger alleviation, or any number of important social and societal topics.

To view some of these relationships between company and cause, all you need do is watch commercials on television or take a look at man company websites. “For every $xx.xx of products you buy at _________, we will provide food to a local pet shelter.” “For every test drive you take, _________ will donate $100.00 to help feed impoverished families.” And so on…

Causes are what drives much of America in contemporary times. We all want to make a difference–some by stepping forward, some by making anonymous contributions, some by doing what they can to help even though they do not have a lot of resources themselves. Linking to companies and products that support the causes that are in tune with the buyer’s interests is a way to gain a customer through a deep connection, add the customer to your revenue stream, and provide support for a non-profit organization or other operation that helps others.

It is, to me, an example of a relatively simple way to create a win-win-win scenario:

  • The customer gets the product they want

  • The company adds a customer to its revenue stream

  • An organization supporting a common cause receives assistance

Much like the professional world, where networking and connections based on common goals and principles is key, creating a connection between potential customers and your company is key in today’s social environment. 


The discussion above was developed from attending the presentation by Mindy Weinstein. Please note that the concepts, quotes, and methods contained therein are the intellectual property of Mindy Weinstein and are not the original thoughts of this writer.

Interested in learning more? You can find Mindy at various sites:

Thank you to Margo Brown and the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Council for bringing together this outstanding four weeks of leadership speakers! Thanks to Sukki Jahnke for arranging an outstanding venue and superb catering for each day’s breakfast!

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