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Nostalgic Mel's Diner in Phoenix, AZ

Originally published on April 23, 2017

May 2012. How many of you remember the old TV show Alice? You know, that adorable little greasy spoon diner with Linda Lavin playing Alice, and there was Flo, Vera, and (of course) Mel. The scene for the show was in Mel’s Diner, a little, sort of off-base diner where episode after episode resulted in laughter, drama, and more laughter. Basically, it was fun!

Well, right here in Phoenix, AZ, we have our very own Mel’s Diner where you can stop in and partake of many of the good ol’ home-grown American dishes served up in the show.

From your essentials–like grilled cheese sandwiches, a variety of burgers from which to choose, to a killer pork tenderloin sandwich that is three times larger than the bun–to more formal offerings like soup and salad and full entrees and meal platters, Mel’s Diner is a trip back into the past of the neighborhood diner. You know, the kind where everybody knows your name that came before the famous tavern Cheers.

If you are ever in Phoenix, this diner plus museum has rich food and rich history that you will not want to miss! Enjoy the pics of the cuisine:

Bring your appetite…Or Kiss My Grits!


Would you like to visit Mel’s Diner? Here are some of the information points to help you discover the area and how to find this slice of nostalgia:


Contact Information:

Mel’s Diner

(602) 252-8283


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