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LinkedIn Premium…for FREE? Yep!

Originally published on February 17, 2017

Veterans, did you know that you can get a free upgrade to LinkedIn premium and training videos? Yes, that’s right, I said F-R-E-E FREE!

Just click on the link below to be taken to Vanessa Machin Perez‘s article on how you can take advantage of this FREE offer:

Seriously, this is a great opportunity to get ahead with some of the premium features with LinkedIn as well as checking out the courses on (owned by LinkedIn as of a couple years ago). For the U.S. Veteran LinkedIn Premium or subscriptions, visit: If needed email to:

Are you already on LinkedIn? Have you received the new “upgrade” to the LinkedIn format/layout? Are you confused like most people are finding themselves when they get the new look pushed to them?

Check out this article by Donna Serdula on the new look:

The best position is to have a great profile already set up in LinkedIn. The second best position is to start getting it done TODAY! In order to be seen by most recruiters and hiring managers, you need to get to the All Star level. Here is how to do it:

These 6 Essentials are the key to achieving All-Star status with your profile (McCarley-Cameron, 2013). With the exception of garnering 50 or more connections, the rest of the requirements may be accomplished in as little as an hour!

Headline, Industry, & Location

This section will appear as a default even if you turn all the other options off for public viewing. As simple as it seems, you need to put some time and thought into it. The headline should be 10-12 words comprised of keywords describing your most important traits preceded by strong adjectives.

  • TIP: On searches, keywords in the headline are weighted three times heavier than in the rest of the profile.

A Professional Photograph

Having a professional photograph provides insight to recruiters and hiring managers before they meet you. A professional photograph does not have to be expensive—organizations such as Career Connectors in the Phoenix metro area provide it as a free service to career seekers at their events.

  • TIP: Wear attire appropriate to the industry and position in which you plan on working.

A Well-Written Summary

This is the most important part of your LinkedIn profile! The Summary section provides you with 30-45 seconds to convince the reader to continue reading your profile—that’s it. It should include 4 distinct components: a secondary headline, your 30-second “elevator pitch,” a listing of your primary specialties, and your e-mail address. TIP: Having the e-mail address at the end of the Summary makes it easy to contact you.

NOTE: Putting your phone number in the Summary may invite marketers.

Current Experience + at least Two Prior Experience Entries

This is the experience that comes right off your resume or CV. Use standard conventions for position labels and descriptions, 1-2 lines about what your company does/did (if it is not on LinkedIn), 1-2 lines describing your responsibilities, and 2-4 results/performance-based bullets highlighting your accomplishments in that position. 

  • TIP: If your company has a LinkedIn page, you don’t have to describe it—a link to their profile page appears.

  • TIP: For your current experience, be sure to click “I currently work here” as the end date.

Education and Skills

Often neglected, but simple to complete. Simply add your education here. Do not include dates for education that was over 20 years ago. If you have been to any post-secondary education, do not include high school.  

  • TIP: GPA is only for current students. If you graduated with honors, use that block (it will take letters, too).

  • You also need to select at least 5 skills for your profile.


You need to build to at least 50 connections to be in the top search category–*All Star* status. Start with people you already know, select professional contacts in your field, and connect with people who influence your field. TIP: Work toward 500!

Check out the local Phoenix area events by Career Connectors, an area nonprofit focused on helping people gain the things that they need to get their next career. There are LinkedIn and social media coaches there to help you develop a powerful Linkedin profile that markets your strongest attributes (I have had 6 clients contacted by companies to which they never applied solely because of their LinkedIn profiles–3 got hired! IT WORKS!). there are nonprofits assisting career seekers and transitioning Veterans in many major metro areas–find one near you and you will likely find coaches to help you optimize YOUR Linkedin profile, too!

Contact me here if you would like more information on optimizing YOUR LinkedIn profile! 


McCarley-Cameron, N. (2013). LinkedIn Like an All Star in 6 Easy Steps, in about an Hour!  Retrieved from

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