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LinkedIn Helps Individuals and Organizations Grow

Originally published on February 18, 2018

Have you wondered what the prospects are for a new job in the area where you live? What about the prospects of finding the right people to work at your organization or company? Did you know that each month, you can get a detailed look at trending job and career opportunities? Did you know that this analysis is FREE?

By now, many career professionals and job-seekers have found that LinkedIn is an essential tool in the business world. Of the half-billion people using the platform, there are opportunities to establish connections, build relationships, and expand your professional network on a global scale.

Enhancing the usefulness of LinkedIn is a report that provides a monthly analysis of job market growth across various industries in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. You can see the February 2018 report for Phoenix, AZ here: The report also provides information on how to access monthly reports for other major metro areas.

For the business professional, the monthly workforce report provides insight into the growing industries in the selected area; for career-seekers, it provides a look into what industries are seeking their skill sets. This makes the report a useful tool for job-seekers and across many business professional areas–recruiters, HR specialists, staffing firms, non-profit organizations that assist people, and even post-secondary education and training establishments.

Check out the report and see how it may help you as a career-seeker, professional or be a useful tool for your company or organization.


Need help with LinkedIn? I have been coaching users of LinkedIn for five years, helping individual users and organizations enhance their professional reach. As a Veteran of three decades of military service before re-entering the private sector, I am able to optimize how Veterans translate their military service and skill sets into targeted private sector equivalents, enhancing the effectiveness of their LinkedIn profiles and resumes.

Connect with me on LinkedIn at, if you are in the Phoenix metro area, come see me at Career Connectors events in Phoenix, N. Scottsdale, Glendale, and/or Gilbert. An event schedule is available at — a weekly opportunity to gain insight into available jobs and FREE resources to enhance your career search, including: Career and financial coaches, LinkedIn and Social Media experts, a professional photographer to take your business portrait, professional resume writers, education and training opportunities, networking, and companies presenting career opportunities AVAILABLE NOW for the right candidates. Come check it out!



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