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A Trip Back in Time: Navajo Village

May 11, 2018 - Page, AZ.

Before leaving Page following my week of teaching at the SRP Navajo Generation Station

(NGS) and again visiting the wonderful people of the Navajo Nation here, Jo and I stopped by the Navajo Village exhibit just outside of town. The exhibit presents replicas of some of the structures found in Navajo villages of the past. We were there early, so we did not have the opportunity to partake of any docent lectures on the village and its structures.

Among the structures was a communal meeting place in the center of the village, where tribal meetings would be held. Surrounding the meeting hut were other replicas of how the historic Navajo people lived. It was clear that, over the past year, a lot of effort was put into making this a nice replica of the village, now clearly visible from the road with a nice sign to let people know that this piece of history is there for them to learn more about the historic Navajo people.

The photos below show the structures in the village. Enjoy the show!


Want to visit the village and beautiful Page, AZ?


1253 Coppermine Rd.

Box 2464

Page, AZ 86040

Phone: 928.660.0304

Sun: Closed

Mon: 7AM–6PM

Tue: 7AM–6PM

Wed: 7AM–6PM

Thu: 7AM–6PM

Fri: 7AM–6PM

Sat: 7AM–6PM


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