Neuroscience News

October 2019


Pedagogy Focus: Growth mindset



Five insights into how the brain works

Student Research Program Explores Brain Wellness

The brain inspires a new type of artificial intelligence

Health effects of eating marijuana is subject of a new study


Sweat-Triggered Brain Stimulation Proposed for PTSD, Other Disorders

Brain researchers invent an affordable smartphone measurement for testing of medications

The brain inspires a new type of artificial intelligence

Families sought to participate in URI autism research

What Neuroscience Can Tell Us About Why Magazine Ads (and All Good Print Marketing) Work

New Neuroscience Major at Elizabethtown College Provides Students Multiple Career Pathways


Tulane launches new Clinical Neuroscience Research Center

Raising the Standard for Psychology Research

Just one season of playing football—even without a concussion—can cause brain damage

Schrödinger's scissors: Why can't we see things right in front of us?

New Study Reveals Harm From Abortion Pills

Readers React: Why Pennsylvania should spend more on child care


Scientists can now manipulate brains using smartphones: study

New Publication Demonstrates First Use of NanoString’s GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler in Neuroscience

Student Research Program Explores Brain Wellness

Picciotto to be Recognized with Marion Spencer Fay Award

Spotlights Neuropsychologist Dr. Janene M. Donarski to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Sharif University to hold interdisciplinary meeting on neuroscience

Neurofeedback Treatment

WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute researchers first to test aneurysm treatment device


Future of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics, Precision Medicine, Neuroscience, and Diagnostic Technology to Be Explored at the 71st AACC Mtg

Neuroscience: Managing change in the workplace

Sheffield scientist awarded funding to develop a new treatment for Parkinson's disease


The Future of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics, Precision Medicine, Neuroscience, and Diagnostic Technology to Be Explored 

In-Depth Company Profiles of Key Players, Upcoming Prominent Players Revenue, Gross Margin, and Future Market Prospects Until 2025


Waltham Resident's Work On Lie Detection Gets Recognized

Student Research Presentation: International Conference for Psychological Science in Paris

Tech startup is unlocking esports potential through neuroscience

How Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) Is Changing Chronic Pain Treatment

Narbis Launches Smart Glasses Using Neurofeedback and NASA-Developed Algorithm to Encourage Practicing Focus and Concentration

The Xbox studio battling mental illness with video games and neuroscience


Engineering the brain: the promise of neural engineering in medicine

Editorial Article: RNA analysis helps to push back the frontiers of neuroscience research

Exploring Cognitive Differences Between Men and Women

How a studio art major turned neuroscientist is trying to cure hearing loss

Untangling The Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease And Diabetes: What The Latest Science Tells Us

Student organization CruX creates neurotechnology for medical solutions


Neuroscience: rewiring the brain to learn more effectively

Rats Taught How to Drive Tiny Cars

Randomized, sham-controlled trial of real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging neurofeedback for tics in adolescents with Tourette's​

Neuroscience Professor Publishes Collaborative Research Article


Scientists worry lab-grown human ‘mini-brains’ may become sentient

The debate on neuroscience's value to learning and development

Oligomerix Presents Preclinical Data on Lead Alzheimer’s Disease Candidate at Neuroscience 2019

Gray Matter: Using neuroscience to bridge the political divide

Train Your Brain – Front Range Neurofeedback & Parker Neurofeedback


Can you stimulate a better short term memory?

Timing of food may be nearly as important as how much we eat

Latest Research Report to uncover key Factors of Global Neurophysiology Needles and Electrodes Market

Metabolic disturbance in the brain exacerbates, may forewarn Alzheimer's pathology

Autism spectrum disorder risk linked to insufficient placental steroid

IRLAB is presenting at the Society for Neuroscience 2019 Neuroscience conference

Scientists 'may have crossed ethical line' in growing human brains

Enduring Lessons from Early 20th Century Neuroscience


Impacts of Neurofeedback Therapy on Neurodegenerative Disorders



Studying the impact of hormone therapies on the brain and cognition during aging

Male and female mice have different brain cell

Beware These Marketing Trends in Psychological Assessment


Happy, angry or neutral expressions? Eyes react just as fast

Albuquerque Neuroscience makes better treatments available through clinical trials

Neurofeedback Therapy for Depression Boosts Self-esteem and Brain Connectivity

Eli Lilly to shutter neuroscience R&D center next year


Pain and Emotion: The Role of the Amygdala

Campus event recognizes Mental Health Awareness Week

How we define death changes with technology, research suggests


Neurofeedback increases self-esteem by rebalancing brain circuits in depression

Dial In to the Cutting-edge Neuroscience at ANA2019 during the October 15 Media Roundtable

Neuroscientists show how different brain regions interact to create and retrieve memories

Why rats prefer company of the young and stressed

Marketing neuroscience needs deeper rigour

The Fearful Mind

Enhancing memory network via brain stimulation


Editorial Article: Neuroscience 2019: 6 exhibition highlights to look out for

Editorial Article: Join the SelectScience team for full coverage of Neuroscience 2019

[Funding alert] Applied neuroscience startup NeuroLeap raises undisclosed sum from India’s leading business families
Taking out the ‘neurotrash’ of sexist neuroscience



Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute announces third round of seed grants


Language and the brain

Neuroscience: techniques to help you learn more effectively

Using neuroscience to gain support for learning at work

Charles River Laboratories Joins Dementia Consortium, Reaffirms Commitment to Neuroscience Research

Cannabis Meets Biochemistry and Neuroscience In Entrepreneurial Business