Neuroscience & Neurofeedback

May 2019


Cable-free Imaging Method May Take Social Neuroscience to Next Level

Groundbreaking Partnership Gathers Top Neuroscientists, Clinicians, and Neuro-engineers to Napa Valley

MMA’s Neuroscience Cognition Research assesses duration at which mobile ads can be recognised and processed

Researchers avoid ‘messy’ hormonal female mice. And that hurts women

Brain activity in teens predicts future mood health


International Symposium to Honor Pioneer in Neuroscience and Fasting

BCHA brings Neurofeedback Therapy to Barbour County

RAPID® Imaging Platform Expands Options for Speedy Stroke Treatment at Atlantic Health System Neuroscience

Brain Stimulation May Improve Visual Learning

Neuroscientists at Emory University Terminated Following Scrutiny of Chinese Funding Ties

International experts in cancer and neuroscience collaborate with the aiForward program to bring AI to medical research

Anti-inflammatory Fat Found in Dirt may Curb Stress-Related Disorders


Neuroscience could be key to unlocking your brain’s true potential

Advances in Optical Methods for Systems Neuroscience

Enriching the neuroscience data commons: An interview with the Editors-in-Chief of NeuroCommons

New cable-free brain imaging method may take social neuroscience to the next level


Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute seeking to advance tech, digital medicine in WV

These three neuroscientists went from leading a hot startup to helping lead a key Intel initiative...

Brain stimulation speeds up visual learning and recovery​


New center focuses on future

Collaboration with China on brain and intelligence science

Cannabis use linked to cognitive abnormalities, impairments in working memory: study

The Mental Health - Overall Health Connection


William Macewen: meet the pioneering Glasgow surgeon behind world's first brain tumour op

Canada’s smartest teenagers competed at the National Brain Bee contest for a chance to represent our country in South Korea 🎥

Growing up high: Neurobiological consequences of adolescent cannabis use


The single most proven thing you can do right now to get smarter and happier

This is the best way to relax at the end of a seriously long day


Neuroprosthetics and deep brain stimulation: Two big neuroscience breakthroughs 🎥

Brain science blooms at Brown

In a first, scientists keep cells alive in the brains of dead pigs

New research sheds light on how specific circuits in the brain can simultaneously make decisions and learn from their outcomes.

This is when creativity can take a psychopathic turn

Why Leaders Must Harness The 'Wild Horses' Of Emotion

Students, faculty protest to regents, MSU stands by decision

New Twist on AI Evolutionary Algorithms in Neuroscience


A symphony of neuroscience: Understanding brain stimulation

Partners Join Forces for Stroke Awareness, Recovery

CMU Researchers Identify How Learning and Decision-Making Share a Common Underlying Brain Mechanism


The neuroscience of sleep and dreams

Optogenetics Flaws Reveal Clues About Huntington’s Disease

The real definition of learning science


Naked Neuroscience news roundup! 🎥

Product News: CARTANA Launches In Situ Sequencing Service for Neuroscientists

Nielsen Audio Podcast Looks At How Neuroscience Principles Can Make Better Radio


Though Few In Number, Young Neurons Have Big Impact

Resilience: The Power of our Thoughts

Anxious people quicker to flee danger

Researchers Find Blood Flow Command Center in Brain


I Am Human is a tech doc with a refreshing focus on people 🎥

New workforce training programs at New River CTC beginning in June

Neuroscience reduces speeding on Queensland roads

WVU Medicine steps up efforts to fight state's drug epidemic


Life-changing efforts continue by WVU medical researchers

A Neuroscientist’s Journey From Addiction To Recovery 🔊

Special report: The future of forgetting

New neuroscience reveals 5 rituals that will make you happy

Marion native making his mark in neuroscience


New neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy

‘World Class Neuroscience To Your Driveway’: Bucks County Unveils Lifesaving Mobile Stroke Unit 🎥

The Neuroscience of Conversations

Circadian Rhythms Researcher Wins Gruber Neuroscience Prize

Armbrae Academy student takes on neuroscience challenges at Canadian Institutes of Health Research Brain Bee

Innovator Finalist: Dr. Anthony Stringer works to expand cognitive rehabilitation treatments


Neurofeedback counseling helping those battling mental health issues 🎥

Neuroscience should take sex differences in the brain more seriously

The PLOS Cognitive Neuroscience Channel – Meet the Editors

Improving Treatment by Measuring Neuroscience Domains

WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute unveils new Innovation Center

Rothko Chapel presents Neuroscience and Visual Art: The Complex Relationship of Light, Color and the Brain

URGOnight uses EEG-based brain training to help improve your sleep

Montana State Cuts Neuroscience Department


We Think, Therefore We Learn

Concord Health Partners Completes Investment in MIVI Neuroscience

Abbott and NIH Join Forces to Advance Neuroscience Research


CHI St. Vincent Foundation sets fundraising record for new Arkansas Neuroscience Institute Research and Education Center

WVU Medicine Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute hopes to move forward on addiction clinical trials this summer

Abbott inks neuroscience research deal with NIH

Concord Health Partners Completes Investment in MIVI Neuroscience

Learning styles theory: what does neuroscience say?

Neuroscience study shows power of contextual radio ads

Neuroscience nursing wins award for excellence


Letter: How does drumming affect the neuroscience of the brain?

New device is big advancement in brain aneurysm treatment 🎥

Bruker and Champalimaud Foundation Collaborate to Develop Novel Ultra-High Field 18 Tesla Preclinical MRI System, Applications

International autism meeting tilts balance back toward biology


With families facing months-long waits for care, Boys Town launches neuroscience initiative

Neuroscientist Dr Hannah Critchlow: ‘Changing the way that you think is cognitively costly’

Louisville doctors use new procedure to treat aneurysms in brain via patients' wrists


Continuing Education: Neuropuncture – The Complete Neuroscience Acupuncture System
Jefferson and Wills Eye center to focus on connections between neuroscience, vision care
Dr. Takahashi receives global award for pioneering work on circadian rhythms

Record number of UAB students awarded William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship

'His flame is still burning': Iowa firefighter, now back at work, reflects on 88-foot fall that killed colleague 🎥

Pokémon experts’ brains shed light on neurological development

Scarred Brains or Shiny Statistics: The Perils of CCA

Continuing the drug conversation: Professor to discuss treatment research in Red Wing


Neuroscience Student Overcomes Depression, Works To Help Others

CoastLine: Neuropsychologist On Fostering Healthy Brains; Why War Zone Brain Injury Is Prolific 🔊

This is a visualization exercise that actually works, according to neuroscience

Using Math To Better Understand The Brain


Strengthening Neuroscience Clinical Research Through Innovation, Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Xtalks

Racism on the brain: a neuroscientist explains how the world moved right


Baylor Researchers Share Sleep and Memory Recall Tips to Help Tackle College Finals

Research clarifies role of posterior parietal cortex in decision-making

How neuroscience beats PowerPoint coma

Fight for Neuroscience at Montana State


Neuroscience Plan Seen As Game-Changer

State commission approves establishment of two IUN neuroscience degree programs

Neuroscience and Computer Vision Collaborate to Better Understand Visual Information Processing

Brain scans reveal a ‘pokémon region’ in adults who played as kids

Autism gene linked to brain and behavior deficits in mice

How Wearable Tech, Neuroscience and Nutrition Can Unlock Peak Performance


How can neuroscience support the development of ATM in the future?

Dataset bridges human vision and machine learning

Spotlight on dyslexia: Conference shines light on ‘How the Brain Reads’


A New Vision for Neuroscience 🎥

Hot-car deaths can reflect a brain malfunction


How Wearable Tech, Neuroscience and Nutrition Can Unlock Peak Performance 🎥

Judges, Neuroscientists Consider How Science and Criminal Justice Converge at Roanoke Neurolaw Conference

From Breakthroughs to Bedside: AAN Meeting

How is obesity related to self-control?

Paul Sajda awarded DoD's Vannevar Bush Fellowship


Q&A: How can neuroscience help philanthropy?

An AI used art to control monkeys’ brain cells

Evolving Images for Visual Neurons Using a Deep Generative Network

New Research Director to Lead Future of Landmark Burke-Blythedale Partnership


A new vision for neuroscience

Why Mental Health Is An Executive Priority 📅

Students petition Montana State to save neuroscience department

Looking beyond the disease to the person living with it

Restoring brain function in mice with symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Brain mapping: New technique reveals how information is processed

Matching dreams of a career in medicine with reality


Takeda Opens New Global Research Center in San Diego

Neuroscience asks: Is your mind your own?

Thomas Jessell, prominent neuroscientist and former director of the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, is dead

Using the neuroscience of motivation to get things done

What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About the Mascots We Love and Hate