Neuroscience & Neurofeedback

June 2019


How “Magic” Led to MIT Innovation in AI for Neuroscience

Rockwood Clinic to upgrade neuroscience institute

Is Morality Hard-Wired Into Our Brains?

Is ‘high-functioning autism’ a misleading term?

Poor quality sleep in 50s, 60s increases risk of Alzheimer’s disease

The brain’s internal ‘GPS’ and time tracker provides valuable insight into Alzheimer’s disease, says Nobel Prize winner


Are Our Minds Just Our Brains?

Inside Out And Outside In: Layne Kalbfleisch Uses Neuroscience And Psychology To Help Clients

One-Year Neurophysiology Fellowships in Rabat, Morocco

Neuroscience Is The Next Oncology: Why Biogen Is Doubling Down -

Beat Jetlag With These Neuroscience Hacks


Brief 'Brain Training' Rapidly Boosts Neural Networks

Overlook's Atlantic Neuroscience Institute, Alzheimer’s Association Co-Host Research Symposium

Neuroscience Program Targets Fighter Pilot Coordination

Panther Coffee Invites You to Explore the Neuroscience of Flavor

This is how to become mentally strong: 3 secrets from neuroscience


Researchers identify new hunger pathway in the brain

Bob Fuselier To Address Neuroscience And Emotions At Wednesday’s Los Alamos Faith And Science Forum

How Pro Golfer DeChambeau Uses Neuroscience to Get an Edge 🎥

Settling the debate on serotonin's role in sleep

Pericytes Secretions Protect Against Leaky Brains in Mouse Model

Brain tumor summit unites cancer specialists, investors to ‘innovate, collaborate and accelerate cures’


Kanazawa University Research: Structural Development of the Brain

Star-like cells spark behavioural hyperactivity in mice

RAPID® Imaging Platform Expands Options for Speedy Stroke Treatment at Atlantic Health System Neuroscience

Brainy Perth Mod student wins neuroscience competition


Chris Shaw leads ground-breaking research into motor neurone disease 🎥

Our brain likes new information as much as money: Study

Brainwave Manipulation


Brain Power: Building a neurosciences hub in Spokane

Experts in the field of psychiatry and neuroscience implore the General Assembly to fund programs proven to work, not Victor Pedro

The neuroscience of good decision-making: Lessons from lab rats

Timing of autism treatments may be key to their success

The Brain of a Radical


Neuroscientists find anatomical link between cognitive and perceptual symptoms in autism 📃

Learning constrains further learning, neuroscientists find

Viewpoint: Neuroscientists cannot afford to ignore differences between male, female brains

Ramirez Named to Top Society for Neuroscience Leadership Post

Perceptive Automata Uses Neuroscience to Help AVs Predict Intent

Sestan honored for research in developmental neuroscience


Treating Trauma with Neurofeedback 🎥

Apple, Google, and Facebook Are Raiding Animal Research Labs

Neuroscientists 3-D model 'face identity information' stored in the brain

Lessons in Leadership: How an alternative school improved behavioral outcomes with a neuroscience approach

Whalar Unveils ‘World’s First’ Neuroscience Influencer Study

Sleep history predicts late-life Alzheimer's pathology

Basal Forebrain Neurons Give Mice a Fear of Food


Rules of brain architecture revealed in large study of neuron shape and electrophysiology

Dr Iain McGilchrist on psychology and neuroscience

Neuroscience of terrorism

How to quit bad habits without willpower: 3 secrets from neuroscience


St. Vincent opens neuroscience center

Is Consciousness a Fundamental Quality of the Universe?

Same brain region weighs decisions made for others as well as for self

I don’t have time to rest.

Phantom sensations: When the sense of touch deceives


Neuroscience facility opens in Sherwood; attracts international attention 🎥

Decoding the complexities of the brain by Psychoneurodevelopmental to the Prebirth and Perinatal Medicine

Neuroscience research suggests support-dependent modulation of responses to social exclusion

Rosa Rossi-Goldthorpe ’19 Applies Mathematical Modeling to the Study of Bipolar Disorder


Egnor: Why Neuroscience Points to a Soul


Using gene editing, neuroscientists develop a new model for autism

Neuroscience and orthopedic treatment at Menorah Medical Center 🎥

Trial starts for phone app that uses light, sound and brainwaves to treat pain

Grady Health System establishes Marcus Stroke Scholars Program


The neuroscience of terrorism: how we convinced a group of radicals to let us scan their brains

Critical Care and Emergency Neuroscience: Procedural Innovations for the Sick Neurovascular Patient

Brigid Jensen: Honoring lives lost by dedicating her career to gray matters


New Neuroscience Discovery May Disrupt Biology

Arkansas hospital completes $30M neuroscience institute

How electrical stimulation reorganizes the brain

'The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but choice'

AI software reveals the inner workings of short-term memory

The Brain Forms New Activity Patterns to Enable Learning

AMSA and Sunovion Partner to Inspire Next Generation of Innovators, Provide Students Opportunity to Teach Neuroscience to Classmates


The Near-invisible Mirroring of Our Muscles Is Explored With Electromyography

'My work speaks for itself': Body modifications and the job industry 🎥

IstoVisio's syGlass helping researchers across the U.S. and Europe

CHI St. Vincent Completes $30M Neuroscience Institute

Neurophysiology professor claims top gong


HKU and UC Berkeley jointly develop a new type of optical brain imaging platform Engineering scholar awarded over US$2 million

Mona Lisa's smile not genuine: Study

Even thinking about coffee can boost your brainpower, study suggests


3 Neuroscience-Based Strategies To Have A Better Day 🎥

Christianson Rolls out Neuroscience Major Amid Groundbreaking Research

MOVE pours $1.3m into neuroscience study to develop new digital OOH metrics

Neuroscience – The real driver of organizational growth

Malmö-based Flow Neuroscience launches its brain stimulation headset to treat depression in the UK

Neuroscientists Have Improved Memory Retrieval by Zapping People's Brains

Hearing through your fingers: Device that converts speech


Lecture and book to honor Helen Neville’s brain research

Duke Neurology Research Round Up, May 2019

Bias Against Female Lab Animals Is Messing Up Scientific Research

Howard Stern talks childhood trauma, and a trauma psychiatrist talks about its lasting effects