Neuroscience & Neurofeedback

August 2019


The Neurobiology of Stress With Professor Michael Meaney

National Neuroscience Institute to train primary care doctors to detect early dementia

Neuroscience Kung Fu: Use Contrast to Immediately Guide the Eye to the Most Critical Elements of Your Images

The Kavli Foundation gifts Salk $3 million for cutting-edge neuroscience research


The Neuroscience of Reality

Gray Matter: Neuroscience offers insight on institutionalized racism

Astrocytes Help Brain Establish Long-Lasting Memories, Animal Study Finds

A New Type of Visual Prosthetic

S. Korean researcher chosen as neuroscience body's secretary general

Australian app hailed a breakthrough in predicting falls among elderly

BRAIN grant will fund new tools to study astrocytes


Is Neuroscience the Key to Confidence?

What Does Your Brain on Influencer Marketing Look Like?

Patient completes cancer-free year after Qatar's first endoscopic brain surgery

My lightbulb moment: Health foodie Olivia Wollenberg, reveals the inspiration behind her healthy snacks company


6 Targets To Teach The Way The Brain Learns

US tariffs on monkeys could hurt America’s biomedical research

Human Brains and Mouse Brains: So Similar, So Different

Tourette Syndrome Treated with Functional MRI

Electrophysiological Classification Divides Neurons Into Four Groups


The Lonely Mind

The Moral Mind

Reading and listening to books stimulates the same areas of the brain

Study: Neurofeedback and Methylphenidate May Improve ADHD Inattention Equally

Phenotypic Neuroscience


Researchers Discover New Pain Organ in Human Skin


The Neuroscience Roundup - 08/16/19

The Art of Neuroscience is beautiful

NexCore Opens Neuroscience Specialty Center in Arkansas

What drives creativity? A complex network that scientists are striving to better understand

The Worm Gets a Wiring Diagram


Neuroscientists Suggest that Social Inequalities can Permanently Alter our Brains

Whole Brain Emulation: A Giant Step for Neuroscience

The Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform: Catching Up to Plan S and Going Further

Why Purpose Matters: The Neuroscience Of Marketing


Neuroscience + Tesla: DIY neural interface for Model 3

Birmingham physician to open institute in Seattle

Book excerpt: Taming the Serpent: How Neuroscience Can Revolutionize Modern Law Enforcement Training

New River CTC offers neurofeedback course

Psychophysics Breakthrough Presents Answer to 200-year Old Neuroscience Mystery


Brain Development

Finding the brain's compass

Neuroscience as a Key Role in Branding and Marketing

Dr. Kathy Abbott leads local residents to peak performance

Louisiana university launches neuroscience research facility — 4 things to know



Neuroscientists make major breakthrough in 200-year-old puzzle

Neurofeedback May Be The Way Out Of Chronic Anxiety

Tulane launches Clinical Neuroscience Research Center

A neuroscience-based action plan to deal with stress after mass shootings


Mindwell Introduces Artificially Intelligent Meditation

What Meditation Looks Like In Your Brain, According To Experts

Tractography imaging creates beautiful 'brainbows' that are helping doctors treat tumours

Laugh tracks and pen lassos are making us giggle

‘Nature’ Neuroscience study published with participation of GIScience researchers at Heidelberg University

The New Neuroscience of Left-Handedness

This advertising CEO uses neuroscience to sell you stuff | How I Made It


Pedagogy Focus: Growth mindset



Five insights into how the brain works

Student Research Program Explores Brain Wellness

The brain inspires a new type of artificial intelligence

Health effects of eating marijuana is subject of a new study


Sweat-Triggered Brain Stimulation Proposed for PTSD, Other Disorders

Brain researchers invent an affordable smartphone measurement for testing of medications

The brain inspires a new type of artificial intelligence

Families sought to participate in URI autism research

What Neuroscience Can Tell Us About Why Magazine Ads (and All Good Print Marketing) Work

New Neuroscience Major at Elizabethtown College Provides Students Multiple Career Pathways


Tulane launches new Clinical Neuroscience Research Center

Raising the Standard for Psychology Research

Just one season of playing football—even without a concussion—can cause brain damage

Schrödinger's scissors: Why can't we see things right in front of us?

New Study Reveals Harm From Abortion Pills

Readers React: Why Pennsylvania should spend more on child care


Scientists can now manipulate brains using smartphones: study

New Publication Demonstrates First Use of NanoString’s GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler in Neuroscience

Student Research Program Explores Brain Wellness

Picciotto to be Recognized with Marion Spencer Fay Award

Spotlights Neuropsychologist Dr. Janene M. Donarski to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Sharif University to hold interdisciplinary meeting on neuroscience

Neurofeedback Treatment

WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute researchers first to test aneurysm treatment device


Future of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics, Precision Medicine, Neuroscience, and Diagnostic Technology to Be Explored at the 71st AACC Mtg

Neuroscience: Managing change in the workplace

Sheffield scientist awarded funding to develop a new treatment for Parkinson's disease


The Future of Direct-to-Consumer Genetics, Precision Medicine, Neuroscience, and Diagnostic Technology to Be Explored 

In-Depth Company Profiles of Key Players, Upcoming Prominent Players Revenue, Gross Margin, and Future Market Prospects Until 2025