Dementia & Memory - September 2018

September 2018


9/30/2018:   Hard Road to Diagnosing Lewy Body Dementia [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/30)

                    Redhead festival misses record, but fun at Hunt4HD | Photos (Central Western Valley News 9/30)

                    Doubling Down on Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/30)

                    Intimacy in Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/30)

                    Free online UTAS course on preventing dementia opens next week (The Advocate Australia 9/29)

                    Lewy Body Disease: 5 Things To Know About The Debilitating Disease Ted Turner Is Suffering From (Hollywood Life 9/29)

                    Parkinson's: New molecule can stop neural damage (Medical News Today 9/29)

                    Should I tell someone with advanced dementia about possible cancer? (Grand Forks Herald 9/29)

                    Risk for dementia in close and elderly caregiver spouses (The Negros Chronicle 9/29)

                    Caregivers Corner: Dementia diagnosis likely to affect intimate relationships as well (Capital Gazette 9/29)

                    Understanding LBD, Lewy Body Dementia [VIDEO] (News 96.5 WDBO 9/28)

                    Play It Again, Sam (Scientific American 9/28)

                    As Alzheimer's numbers grow among Latinos, need for research grows too, say experts (Medical Xpress / UCSD 9/28)

                    Bedbound dementia suffer's family still searching to find her a new care home [w/VIDEO] (Derby Telegraph UK 9/28)

                    In Small Corner of Alzheimer's Research, 'Germ Theory' Begins to Gain Traction (Contagion Live 9/28)

                    Can a Test in Your Teens Predict Your Alzheimer’s Disease Risk? (Infosurhoy 9/28)

                    Stern warning as dementia deaths increase dramatically in Australia (Starts at 60 9/28)

                    Music website launched to help people with dementia (Gibraltar Chronicle 9/28)

                    Alzheimer's Disease: Pharma wants to Stop Drug Research—This is a Mistake | Opinion (Newsweek 9/28)

                    Alzheimer's research gets funding boost (Your Basin 9/28)

                    Fighting Insulin-Resistance Fights Dementia (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/27)

                    Fixing 4 Alzheimer's Myths [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/27)

                    Get In & Out of Cars with Dementia [VIDEOs] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/26)

                    Design of Homes and Living Spaces for People with Dementia [w/BOOK] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/26)

                    Feelings Fight Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/24)

                    Harvard's Dr. Tanzi on Preventing Alzheimer's [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/24)

                    Antipsychotics Drop 20% If Focus is on What Dementia Residents CAN Do (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/23)

                    Saffron Improves Alzheimer's [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/23)

                    Saffron Chicken [Recipe w/above story] (Alzheimer's & Dementia 9/23)

9/29/2018:   Ted Turner reveals Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis, but what is LBD? [w/VIDEO] (USA Today 9/28)

                    Limited screen time linked to improved cognition in children, study suggests [w/VIDEO] (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 9/28)

                    Nuplazid’s Mortality Risk Not Different from Seroquel, Combo Treatment, Study Finds (Parkinson's News Today 9/28)

                    10 Facts About Alzheimer's Disease You Should Know (Self 9/28)

9/28/2018:   Working to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (Open Access Government 9/28)

                    Can a Test in Your Teens Predict Your Alzheimer’s Disease Risk? (HealthLine 9/28)

                    BBC Music website offers dementia lifeline [w/VIDEO] (BBC News 9/28)

                    ‘There Are Many Nights I’ve Cried Myself to Sleep’: The Stress, Guilt & Logistics of Long-Distance Caregivers (Being Patient 9/27)

                    Survey says… public “ignorant” to dementia (Aged Care Guide 9/27)

                    Alzheimer’s caregiver shares tips for the road ahead [w/VIDEO] (News 4 Oklahoma 9/27)

                    Positive Studies Offer Limited Hope: Dimensions of Dementia (Coastal Breeze News 9/27)

                    Families struggle to pay Alzheimer’s toll in Alamance, everywhere (The Times-News 9/27)

                    Exercise Linked to Less Pathology, Better Function in Familial AD (Alz Forum 9/27)

9/27/2018:   Having That ­ Difficult Talk (Bay Weekly 9/27)

                    Cures Within Reach Funds Huntington’s Disease Clinical Trial with Nilotinib at Georgetown (NewsWise 9/27)

                    Reclassification of juvenile Huntington’s disease may be required (MedWire News 9/27)

                    Donepezil Slows Cognitive Decline, Does Not Ward off Psychosis in Parkinson's (Psych Congress Network 9/27)

                    UW-Milwaukee Team Researches Alzheimer's Uneven Impact On Women (WPR 9/27)

                    Passion and purpose drive Dementia Care Education founder to make impact (AZ Central 9/27)

                    As Alzheimer’s Numbers Grow Among Latinos, Need for Research Grows Too, Say Experts (UC San Diego Health 9/27)

                    Memory for Memory gives back to Alzheimer’s research (Recycling Today 9/27)

                    Smartphone app could improve dementia diagnosis (Chichester Observer UK 9/27)

                    Dementia cure hit by lack of funds (Express UK 9/27)

                    Medical-records study links dementia-related brain changes to hospital stays for critical illness (Medical Xpress / JHU Med 9/27)

                    One Thing Alzheimer's Sufferers Don't Forget About Is Sex (Forbes 9/27)

                    New promising research in the fight against Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (CBA 3 KBTX 9/27)

                    KCNB1 may be a root cause of Alzheimer’s disease (Drug Target Review 9/27)

                    Cortexyme Assembles World Class Clinical Advisory Board to Support Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Dev Prog (Business Wire 9/27)

                    Congress Approves Historic Funding Increase for Alzheimer's and Dementia Research (NBC KARK 9/27)

9/26/2018:   Traffic fumes can bring on early dementia, study shows (The Irish World 9/27)

                    Why Auf Wiedersehen, Pet star Kevin Whately wants you to download this smartphone app [w/VIDEO] (Chronicle UK 9/27)

                    Working mechanisms of dyadic, psychosocial, activating interventions for people with dementia & caregivers (DovePress 9/27)

                    EVENT [11/1]: Cambridge to showcase local brain research at public event [Register HERE] (Cambridge Network UK 9/27)

                    Using Rheumatoid Arthritis as a Model for Treatment Development in Dementia (Rheumatology Advisor 9/26)

                    Triathlete continues valiant battle against Huntington’s disease (Sun-Sentinel 9/26)

                    Alzheimer's Foundation of America Praises Passage of $2.34 Billion in Federal Funding for Alzheimer's (PR Newswire 9/26)

                    Donepezil slows cognitive decline, does not ward off psychosis in Parkinson's (MD Linx / Reuters 9/26)

                    Chinese Soup Ingredients May Hold Key to Fighting Dementia (Bloomberg 9/26)

                    Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine Use for CTD Not Linked to Alzheimer Disease Risk (Rheumatology Advisor 9/26)

                    The association between orthostatic hypotension & dementia: A meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies (MD Linx /  JGP 9/26)

                    UPDATE - Amydis Awarded Prion Disease Grant from NIH (Globe Newswire 9/26)

                    Alzheimer's: Groundbreaking plan aims to target root cause (Medical News Today 9/26)

                    Alzheimer's disease care can cost up to $200k for two years (UPI 9/26)

                    Braddon leads Tasmania for dementia sufferers (The Advocate Australia 9/26)

                    Sharing the wealth to increase Alzheimer's research (Nat'l Institute on Aging 9/26)

                    Martha Madison Opens Up About Heartbreaking Family Illness (SoapHub 9/26)

                    Alzheimer’s disease researchers makes significant breakthroughs (Medical Life Sciences News 9/26)

                    What you need to know about yet another study on Alzheimer’s and exercise (Health News Review 9/26)

                    Exercise may delay rare form of Alzheimer's disease (UPI 9/26)

                    New AFTD PSA Produced with Discovery, Inc. Will Bring Awareness of Young-Onset Dementia (PR Newswire 9/26)

                    HILL: Hope for Alzheimer's and dementia (Journal-Advocate 9/25)

                    Research from USC detects gene that protects against dementia [w/AUDIO] (USC Annenberg 9/25)

9/25/2018:   Alzheimer's BREAKTHROUGH: Cure one step closer as scientists discover cause in world first (Express UK 9/26)

                    How high blood pressure can give you dementia--and what you should be doing to protect yourself (Daily Mail UK 9/25)

                    Alzheimer's Assoc/Ventanillas De Salud Collaborate to Increase Alzheimer's Information and Resource Access (PR Newswire 9/25)

                    New Research Says Alzheimer's And Other Dementias Will Hit Minorities Hardest In Coming Years (Forbes 9/25)

                    European Scientists Have Made an Intriguing Discovery in Alzheimer's Drug Research (Gizmodo 9/25)

                    Zombie Cells and Tau; CGRP Inhibitor Prescribing; Privacy and Addiction (MedPage Today 9/25)

                    Multiple pathways explain age-linked increase in dementia risk (Medical Zpress 9/25)

                    Gene therapy could improve Alzheimer’s disease (Response Source 9/25)

                    Earliest Alzheimer's warning could come from blood-brain barrier (UPI 9/25)

                    Treating Pigs With A Gene Therapy For Huntington’s Disease (Science Trends 9/25)

                    Multiple pathways explain age-linked increase in dementia risk (Medical Xpress 9/25)

                    NIH Awards IQuity $320K Grant to Identify Alzheimer's Disease Early (PR Newswire 9/25)

                    Study explores link: genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's & cardiometabolic risk factors (Medical Life Sciences News 9/25)

                    Promising novel treatment against Alzheimer's disease (Science Daily / McGill Univ 9/25)

                    Genervon: Findings that drug candidate GM6 attenuates Alzheimer's disease in mice model (Medical Life Sciences News 9/25)

                    Depression May Aggravate Motor, Cognitive Symptoms in New Parkinson’s Patients, Study Reports (Parkinson's News Today 9/25)

                    Consumer class action lawsuit vs. VPX Sports over claims BANG drink can 'reverse mental retardation' (Northern CA Record 9/25)

                    Minnesota History Center's international partnership leads to app for people with dementia  (Grand Forks Herald 9/24)

                    EPAD Passes the Mark of 1,000 Participants for Its Longitudinal Cohort Study (Markets Insider 9/24)

                    Prevention and management of dementia in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (RACGP 9/24)

                    Local family hopes to raise awareness about early-onset dementia [w/VIDEO] (WPRI 12 News 9/24)

                    Study: Smoking and dementia might be linked [w/VIDEO] (AOL News 9/24)

                    Searching for my swag -- and my glasses -- as I start training to dunk (Alabama 9/24)

                    Vascular dementia: Eight ways to prevent symptoms of the degenerative disease [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 9/24)

                    Peers, support programs assist patients with early stage dementia (The Mainichi Japan 9/24)

                    Update on the T2D-Dementia Link: Interview With Experts (Endocrinology Advisor 9/24)

                    Alzheimer's: Drugs Targeting Dementia-Causing Toxic Particles could be Trialed in Two Years [w/VIDEO] (Newsweek 9/24)

                    A biomarker in the brain's circulation system may be Alzheimer's earliest warning (EurekAlert / USC 9/24) 

                    Roche Set to Start 2 Clinical Studies of Potential Huntington’s Therapy RG6042 (Huntington's Disease News 9/24)

                    Prion Disease Harms Neurons via Stress Pathway (Genetic Engr & BioTech News 9/24)

                    FDA OKs Augmented Reality GLOW800 Fluorescence for Vascular Neurosurgery (MedScape Psychiatry 9/24)

                    EVENT [10/6]: Fundraising walk in Sudbury branches out with memory tree (Suffolk Free Press UK 9/24)

                    Gran writes letters to grandkids in heartbreaking gesture before dementia stops her remembering them (Daily Record UK 9/24)

9/24/2018:   Have we got Alzheimer's disease all wrong? (ABC Australia 9/25)

                    Senolytic Therapies Seem To Stop Alzheimer's Disease 'In Its Tracks' (Forbes 9/24)

                    Brain Research NZ Features in International Programme (Scoop NZ 9/24)

                    EVENT [10/27]: Frank’s Law fundraising dinner to auction off treasure trove of sporting shirts at Tannadice (Courier UK 9/24)

                    Scientists discover a way to target toxic particles that destroy brain cells - could lead to treatment for Alzheimer's (Mirror UK 9/24)

                    Update on the T2D-Dementia Link: Interview With Experts (Endocrinology Advisor 9/24)

                    EVENT [9/27]: Author of book about ND family devastated by Alzheimer’s to speak in Fargo (InForum 9/24)

                    Alabama’s Southern Research focusing on ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s treatments (Alabama Newsletter 9/24)

                    Health Care Digest: Genentech's neuro legacy, uBiome's haul, plus saving moms (San Francisco Business Journal 9/24)

                    Cytox Expands Alzheimer's Disease Collaboration With AIBL (Genome Web 9/24)

                    Government must boost dementia research spending (HSJ UK 9/23)

9/23/2018:   Windsor welcomes international staff in World Alzheimer’s Month (Cambridge Network UK 9/24)

                    Eye health: Six conditions that having your vision tested can pick up (The Irish Times 9/24)

                    Dementia risk can be minimised by reducing heart disease risk factors (The Qatar Peninsula 9/24)

                    Family Matters: Move it for mental well-being (The Eagle-Tribune 9/23)

                    Artificial intelligence used to detect early signs of dementia (Digital Journal 9/23)

                    Research reveals mitochondrial gene that protects against dementia (The Siasat Daily 9/23)

                    Does one need to get tested for Alzheimer’s Disease if a family member has it? (Daily O India 9/23)

                    Warning Signs of Alzheimer's with Examples [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/23)

                    12 Health Benefits of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) (HealthLine 9/23)

                    Lessons from a Dementia-Friendly Town [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/23)

                    Purple bike ride through Rotorua marks end of Dementia-Friendly Awareness Week [w/VIDEO] (NZ Herald 9/23)

                    Scott Eastwood And LearnAboutAlz Fight For The 5.7M Suffering With Alzheimer's (Forbes 9/23)

                    Daffodils for Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/23)

                    Eating A High-Fiber Diet Linked To Improved Brain Health In New Animal Study (Forbes 9/23)

                    Does Smoking Cause Dementia? Study Finds Higher Risk Link (Brinkwire 9/23)

                    Upstate group raises money for Huntington's disease research [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 WYFF 9/23)

                    I got dementia at I fear family seeing me suffer [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 9/22)

                    US Alzheimer's, dementia burden to double by 2060, CDC warns (WXPI 11 News 9/22)

                    Where've You Been? A True Alzheimer's Story [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/21)

                    Xadago for Parkinson's Hits USA Market (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/20)

                    Sound-Stimulation for Dementia [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/19)

                    Alzheimer's Drugs: Why Take Them, Why Stop Them [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/18)

                    No Matter What I Do, It's Not Right [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/18)

                    What's the Best Way to the Least Risk of Alzheimer's? [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/17)

                    F18 Alzheimer's Scan Delivers Better Prescriptions & Fewer Tests [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/17)

                    Alzheimer's Communication & Therapeutic Fibbing (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/17)

9/22/2018:   Could new WVU study lead to Alzheimer's cure? (Observer-Reporter 9/22)

                    How Smart Brain Aging hopes to hold off dementia with brain training games [w/VIDEO] (Venture Beat 9/22)

                    Researchers finding connection between knowledge as a teen and dementia (Journal Star 9/22)

                    UTHealth and Astros lead charge against Huntington’s disease and help patients have a ball (News Wise 9/22)

                    Daughter's desire to remain employed conflicts with mom's needs (Bemidji Pioneer 9/22)

                    Toxic air has been linked to dementia and birth are as much at risk inside your own home (Daily Mail UK 9/22)

                    Group aims to boost Alzheimer’s awareness throughout East Texas (Kilgore News Herald 9/22)

                    September 21st: World Alzheimer’s Day around the world (Markets Insider 9/21)

                    Flortaucipir Imaging Distinguishes Alzheimer’s From Other Disorders (AlzForum 9/21)

                    Physical Activity Tied to Lower Parkinson's Risk in Men (MedPage Today 9/21)

                    Prion diseases: BU researchers define molecular pathway for neurodegeneration, treatment targets (Outbreak News Today 9/21)

                    Researchers uncover previously unknown dementia, Alzheimer's risk factor (MD Linx / USC 9/21)

                    UC Davis breaks fundraising record with $846.7 million in awards (Sacramento Business Journal 9/21)

                    Natural Nutritional Formula Offers Hope for People with Alzheimer's Disease (BioSpace 9/21)

                    BWW Interview: Karen Archer Talks The Other Place at Park Theatre (Broadway World UK 9/21)

                    Are You at a Higher Risk of Alzheimer’s? (Z Living 9/20)

9/21/2018:   World Alzheimer’s Day: Every 3 seconds someone in the world develops dementia (BioMedCentral 9/21)

                    World Alzheimer’s Day 2018: 5 Myths about The Commonest Form of Dementia (Latest LY 9/21)

                    New research reveals a mitochondrial gene that protects against dementia and other diseases of aging (USC 9/21)

                    New UHealth center takes on fight against Alzheimer’s (Miami Herald 9/21)

                    New Center to Research Early Detection, Treatment of Alzheimer’s and Other Diseases (Signals AZ 9/21)

                    Stiffening of blood vessels may point to dementia risk (Medical Xpress 9/21)

                    Age, sex, APOE genotype identify alzheimer's, dementia risk (Medical Xpress / Copenhagen Univ. 9/21)

                    Is Dementia Becoming More Common? (Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet 9/21)

                    COMMENTARY: Dementia in Indian Country (Cherokee One Feather 9/21)

                    BU researchers define possible molecular pathway for neurodegeneration in prion diseases (EurekAlert / BU Med Sch 9/21)

                    My life isn’t over just because I have dementia – stop treating me like it is (Metro UK 9/21)

                    Does Smoking Cause Dementia? Study Finds Higher Risk [w/VIDEO] (Newsweek 9/21)

                    Memory care expert offers Carson City families, caregivers new directions in dementia treatment (Carson Now 9/21)

                    My heart-breaking battle with parents' dementia (Sky News 9/21)

                    Crosslake family takes steps to end Alzheimer's disease (Brainerd Dispatch 9/21)

                    EVENT [9/26]: First Knoxville show house to fight Alzheimer’s disease opens Sept. 26 [w/VIDEO] (Know News 9/21)

                    EVENT [9/28]: Maplewood to host dementia event (Cleveland Jewish News 9/21)

                    In 1960, about half a million teens took a test. Now it could predict whether they get Alzheimer's (Chicago Tribune 9/21)

                    Chronic Pain Common in Parkinson’s Patients & Weighs Heavily on Quality of Life, Study Reports (Parkinson's News Today 9/21)

                    Priceline Pharmacy to make its Stores "Dementia-Friendly' (AJP Australia 9/21)

                    Jeans For Genes Day: Dressing in denim funds help for families affected by around 6,000 genetic disorders (Sunday Post 9/21)

                    EVENT [9/22]: Pearl River community and others rally behind Kevin O'Brien [w/VIDEO] (Iohud 9/21)

                    Acadia Receives A Rubber Stamp From FDA On Nuplazid Risk-Benefit Profile (Seeking Alpha 9/21)

                    Alzheimer's in Nevada: Help is out there, but underused (My News 4 9/21)

                    Scottish and German scientists hail breakthrough in Huntington’s treatment (The National Scot 9/20)

                    First study of benefits and risks of dementia screening for family members of older adults ( 9/20)

                    FDA concludes examination of Parkinson's drug [w/VIDEO] (CNN 9/20)

                    FDA Issues Statement Reaffirming the Positive Benefit-Risk Profile of NUPLAZID®(pimavanserin) (Business Wire 9/20)

                    I'm going to dunk or die trying, says 58-year-old man (Alabama 9/20)

                    Rapid-Eye-Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder, a New Book (Sleep Review 9/20)

9/20/2018:   ALS, Frontotemporal Dementia Have Distinct Patterns of Brain Inflammation, Study Shows (ALS News Today 9/20)

                    Genetic overlap between vascular pathologies and Alzheimer's dementia and potential causal mechanisms (MD Linx 9/20)

                    World Alzheimer's Day: Research That Holds The Key To Understanding Alzheimer's (Fox 47 News 9/20)

                    World Alzheimer’s Day 2018: 5 Myths about The Commonest Form of Dementia (Latest LY 9/20)

                    The Storm Within: Protecting Loved Ones with Dementia During Florence (Bonner County Bee 9/20)

                    Living a wonderful life with dementia (Times NZ 9/20)

                    CDC: Alzheimer's, Dementia Rate To Double By 2060 (Fortune 9/20)

                    Arizona becomes a national hub for research on Alzheimer’s (AZ Big Media / Cronkite News 9/20)

                    ‘Biomarkers of Resilience’ May Protect Us From Alzheimer’s (Next Avenue 9/20)

                    In the Pipeline-Alzheimer's Disease: Focused Ultrasound Safely Opens Blood-Brain Barrier in AD Patients (Neurology Today 9/20)

                    OSU doctor leading efforts in fight against Alzheimer's disease [w/VIDEO] (TV 10 News 9/20)

                    New study offers Alzheimer's hope (News Australia 9/20)

                    Study clarifies ApoE4's role in dementia (Medical Xpress / Weill Cornell Medical College 9/20)

                    19th Annual Conf on Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Highlights Multiple Approaches to Prevent/Treat Alzheimer's (Virginian-Pilot 9/20)

                    Australians stumped by dementia: study (News Australia 9/20)

                    Poor Sense of Smell Evident in Parkinson’s Patients in Small Study, But Not Linked to Dementia (Parkinson's News Today 9/20)

                    Helping Dementia Patients During a Hurricane (US News & World Report 9/20)

                    Senior Helpers® Opens Doors in Corpus Christi (Franchising 9/20)

                    Partnership with patients: The way forward to better and sustainable health service (Open Access Government 9/20)

                    Dr Tracey Baird: Integrative approach is essential in managing neurological conditions (The Scotsman 9/20)

                    Dad credits late wife's touch for helping him, son find Oktoberfest medallion (LaCrosse Tribune 9/20)

                    Calls for people across Wales to give up smoking to help prevent a dementia diagnosis (South Wales Argus 9/20)

                    James Cant: Playing a vital role at the heart of new research into circulatory disease (The Scotsman 9/20)

                    Zombie cells found in brains of mice prior to cognitive loss (Science Daily / Mayo Clinic 9/19)

                    Renfrew Eastern Star supports dementia research (Inside Ottawa Valley 9/19)

                    Scientists discover why many Alzheimer’s drugs fail and identify one that may work (Independent UK 9/19)

9/19/2018:   Theranostic applications of nanoparticles in neurodegenerative disorders (DovePress NZ 9/20)

                    Game of Thrones star in new film to highlight dementia fight (Entertainment TV News 9/20)

                    EVENT [9/23]: Oklahoma event raising awareness for Huntington’s Disease [w/VIDEO] (News 4 Oklahoma 9/19)

                    Giving Up Smoking Lowers Risk Of Cognitive Decline (Asian Scientist 9/19)

                    Removing faulty brain cells staves off dementia in mice (The Guardian UK 9/19)

                    Study probes possibility of walking-talking test to predict dementia (London Free Press 9/19)

                    Survey reveals worldwide belief that dementia cure is possible in our lifetime (BioSpace 9/19)

                    Metformin Reversed Symptoms Associated with Huntington’s Disease in Mouse Study (Huntington's Disease News 9/19)

                    Juvenile Huntington's disease: left behind? (The Lancet Neurology 9/19)

                    New center to research early detection, treatment of Alzheimer’s and other diseases (Cronkite News ASU/PBS 9/19)

                    Alector announces initiation of Phase 1 trial of AL001 for treating frontotemporal dementia (Medical Life Sciences News 9/19)

                    Destroying 'zombie cells' in the brain could hold the key to treating Alzheimer's, researchers say (Mirror UK 9/19)

                    Dementia pressure for Tasmanian aged care sector (The Examiner Tazmania 9/19)

                    ‘He’s unstoppable’: Michael Palin gives update on Terry Jones’s health since dementia diagnosis (Metro News UK 9/19)

                    New tau-PET method shows superior accuracy in diagnosing Alzheimer's disease (Medical Life Sciences News 9/19)

                    Discovery could explain failed clinical trials for Alzheimer's, and provide a solution (EurekAlert / King's College London 9/19)

                    Motor skills research could help detect Alzheimer's (NBC 6 / Fox UP 9/19)

                    Docs say test identifies people most likely to get Alzheimer’s (York Dispatch 9/19)

                    So THAT’S The Difference Between Alzheimer’s And Dementia (Huffington Post 9/19)

                    Dr. Keith Roach: Tumor of brain lining doesn't increase Alzheimer's risk (LaCrosse Tribune 9/19)

                    EVENT [10/6]: Strides 4 CJD - a walk to build awareness of Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (Hometown Source Minnesota 9/19) 

                    NCRAD poised for major expansion (National Institute on Aging 9/19)

                    Williams, Sloan put the past where it belongs (NBA / Utah Jazz 9/18)

                    Antipsychotic drugs are rarely effective in 'calming' dementia patients (Medical Xpress 9/18)

                    Allergan and Sosei Halt Alzheimer’s Trial Over Safety Concerns (BioSpace 9/18)

9/18/2018:   HIV: Aging, Cognition and Neuroimaging at 4-year Follow-Up (MedScape Psychiatry 9/18)

                    Is a Decline in Will to Live a Consequence or Predictor of Depression in Late Life? (MedScape Psychiatry 9/18)

                    Neurodegeneration research boosted by $1.25 million gift (Mirage News 9/18)

                    Parkinson’s disease symptoms: If this happens to your nose it could indicate the disease [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 9/18)

                    Potential drugs for ALS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's garner $3 million grant (EurekAlert / Scripps Research Institute 9/18)

                    In landmark study, UM doctors say test identifies people most likely to get Alzheimer’s (Miami Herald 9/18)

                    Retrotope’s Experimental RT001 Now Available for ALS Under Expanded Access Program (ALS News Today 9/18)

                    Alzheimer’s disease treatment: Amyloid β-protein could be making a comeback (Health Europa 9/18)

                    Court told of medical conditions afflicting bus driver after crash (Belfast Telegraph UK 9/18)

                    Alzheimer's or Not; DBS for Autism; Dopamine-Tracking Sensors (MedPage Today 9/18)

                    To Help Alzheimer’s Patients, a Care Center Re-Creates the 1950s (Wall Street Journal 9/18)

                    Learn more and help find a cure: County Alzheimer’s forum, local research both want you (The News Tribune 9/18)

                    Health Shorts: Saunas, ADHD, Dementia risk (Herald-Tribune 9/18)

                    Dementia: Is it possible to slow down symptoms of the brain disease? [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 9/18)

                    Dementia: Air Pollution could Increase Risk by 40 Percent, Study Finds (Newsweek 9/18)

                    Alzheimer’s research: More focus needed on sex differences (Medical News Bulletin 9/18)

                    EVENT [9/29]: Edward Jones Investments joins fight to end Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (Daily Advertiser 9/18)

                    Factual Films: Fall Documentaries At Lakewood Public Library (The Lakewood Observer 9/18)

                    High occurrence of psychiatric disorders and suicidal behavior across dementia subtypes (MD Linx 9/17)

                    Giving their all; One man's family puts face to cruel disease (The Blount Daily Times 9/17)

                    Drug That May Treat Incurable Neurodegenerative Disease Moves Forward (California Health Line 9/17)

9/17/2018:   PureTech Health Collaborator Publishes in Nature Neuroscience Highlighting Key Role of Brain Lymphatics (OA Online 9/18)

                    Potential breakthrough drug for Huntington's to enter advanced clinical testing (San Diego Union-Tribune 9/18)

                    Women have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease – Don (Punch 9/18)

                    Blood test to detect Huntington’s disease early (Verdict Medical Devices 9/17)

                    Roche announces details of its 'pivotal' huntingtin-lowering study (HD Buzz 9/17)

                    This professor began studying Alzheimer's caregivers. Then her mother showed symptoms  (NBC News 9/17)

                    Genes and chromosomes 4: common genetic conditions (Nursing Times 9/17) 

                    Quebec election: CAQ pledges $5 million for Alzheimer's research [w/VIDEO] (Montreal Gazette 9/17)

                    How are dementia and Alzheimer’s disease related (Manila Standard 9/17)

                    Low-dose aspirin has no effect, causes harm in some older people, study says [w/VIDEO] (USA Today 9/17)

                    Retrotope Announces the Initiation of Expanded Access (Compassionate Use) Trial of RT001 in ALS (Globe Newswire 9/17)

                    World's largest Alzheimer's survey reveals most adults believe a cure will be developed in their lifetime (Globe Newswire 9/17)

                    Michela Gallagher receives Goodes Prize for Alzheimer's research (Hub 9/17)

                    Weiss: AARP Takes a Look at the Prescribing of Dementia Drugs (GoLocal Worcester 9/17)

                    Machine Learning IDs Markers to Help Predict Alzheimer's (News Wise 9/17)

                    Are you smarter in summer? Brain health changes with the seasons (Spectator Health UK 9/17)

                    Japanese researchers use machine learning to detect dementia (Tech Circle 9/17)

                    Buy Alzheimer’s postage stamps to help end the disease that took my wife (San Luis Obispo Tribune 9/17)

                    UCSF Receives Six-Figure Grant to Investigate Dementia in LGBTQ Elders (Advocate 9/17)

                    Feds Spend $142,974 Studying Elderly LGBT With Alzheimer’s (Washington Free Beacon 9/17)

                    Alzheimer's and dementia: What you should know (Journal-Advocate 9/16)

9/16/2018:   Walks raise awareness of Alzheimer's, addiction recovery and Down syndrome (Southeast Missourian 9/17)

                    Let’s challenge the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s (Asian Age 9/17)

                    Diagnosis of diseases to get cheaper, more accurate (Times of India 9/17)

                    Vol fans to go ALL IN against Alzheimer’s Disease (The Advocate and Democrat 9/16)

                    Daily low-dose aspirin found to have no effect on healthy life span in older people (National Institute on Aging 9/16)

                    A ewe-nique project (Faribault County Register 9/16)

                    Greenville woman proves she is a fighter (The Daily News 9/16)

                    Idaho Sisters cope with father's Alzheimer's (ABC 6 KIVI 9/16)

                    Former Blackpool footballer Serella unites with 2,800 people at Blackpool Alzheimer's Society Walk  (Blackpool Gazette UK 9/16)

                    Exploring Alzheimer's & Infection (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/16)

                    Genetic Test Predicts Alzheimer's Better (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/16)

                    Easy Upgrades Liven Up Dementia Home [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/16)

                    Family living with Haw River Syndrome needs help (The Times-News 9/16)

                    Stranger in the House (Boston Globe 9/15)

                    EVENT [10/7]: Alzheimer's and dementia alliance annual walk [w/VIDEO] (NBC 15 WMTV 9/15)

                    Raymour and Flanigan help bring awareness to Alzheimers (NBC 18 WETM 9/15)

                    EVENTS [Tuesdays--see story]: Care2Cure Car Show for Huntington's Disease [w/VIDEO] (ABC 7 KSWO 9/15)

                    Age, Gender, APOE4 Variant May Help Identify Those at High Risk for Dementia, Study Suggests (Alzheimer's News Today 9/14)

                    Alzheimer's Caregiver's Prayer (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/14)

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                    Phase 3 Trial Results Suggest Flortaucipir Tracer Agent Can Help Predict Alzheimer’s Diagnosis (Alzheimer's News Today 9/12)

                    Turn "No" into "Yes" in Dementia [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/12)

                    Scientists Show Brain Games Work [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/11)

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                    How Much Coconut Oil Helps Alzheimer's? [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/10)

                    Alzheimer's & Vitamin E [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 9/10)

9/15/2018:   To Manage Dementia Well, Start With The Caregivers (NPR 9/15)

                    EVENT: [9/16]: Huntington's (The Pantagraph IL 9/15)

                    Carlisle Memory Walk gives boost to Alzheimer's Society [w/VIDEO] (News & Star UK 9/15)

                    Researcher tells senior group Alzheimer's cure is possible [w/VIDEO] (NBC Newscenter Maine 9/15)

                    Looking for an earlier sign of Alzheimer’s disease (Harvard Medical School 9/15)

                    Blue Bridge, Mckay Tower will be purple for Alzheimer's (ABC 13 WZZM 9/15)

                    Sad songs: Top tearjerkers involving death [w/VIDEOs] (Alabama [] 9/15)

                    Deficits Worse with ALS Stage (AlzForum 9/15)

                    Urgent need to cure Alzheimer’s (Kearney Hub 9/15)

                    Fabu: Don't miss Black Women's Wellness Day or Alzheimer's Poetry Party (The Cap Times 9/15)

                    5 tips to beat dementia as growing number of young people fall prey to disease (Mirror UK 9/15)

                    Family's heartache as mum of three diagnosed with Alzheimer's at just 39 [w/VIDEO] (Grimsby Live UK 9/15)

                    Liectroux Alzheimer’s Disease Accompany Robot: Good News To Alzheimer’s Patients & Family Caregivers (Digital Journal 9/15)

                    Cognitive and Behavior Changes Common Early in ALS (MedScape Psychiatry 9/14)

                    Why This Runner Won’t Let Huntington’s Disease Keep Him From the Start Line (Runner's World 9/14)

                    'Computer avatar may help detect dementia' (DevDiscourse 9/14)

                    EVENT [9/29]: Alzheimer’s research ‘swab party’ to be held at WaterFire (Providence Journal 9/14)

                    Defects in gene expression partially responsible for ALS and dementia (Medical Xpress / Radboud Univ 9/14)

                    Local group helps fund Alzheimer’s research (Fremont Tribune 9/14)

                    EVENT [9/29]: Kelly is a hero we can never forget (Indian Newslink NZ 9/14)

                    Sex Doesn't Stop with Dementia (MedPage Today 9/14)

                    ALS Tied To Cognitive, Behavioral Impairment (MedPage Today 9/12)

                    Combined Alcohol-Depression Screens; Alzheimer Infection Prize (MedPage Today 9/12)

9/14/2018:   ‘I cried for days – we didn’t know what to do’: Sydney couple's shock at dementia diagnosis [w/VIDEO] (9 News Australia 9/15)

                    Rutgers unveils $115 million building for research on drugs, cancer, alternative energy [w/VIDEO] (North Jersey 9/14)

                    EVENT [10/24-25]: Garrison Institute presents Regional Healthy Aging and Dementia Research Symposium (Daily Toreador 9/14)

                    Infections may be the new paradigm explaining the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (Open Access Government 9/14)

                    Teenagers with cognitive disabilities may be at higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease (Healio 9/14)

                    Transdermal buprenorphine poorly tolerated in people with dementia (Pharmaceutical Journal 9/14)

                    GlobalData reviews state of Alzheimer's research (The Pharma Letter 9/14)

                    Researchers at ASU link air pollution to Alzheimer's disease [w/VIDEO] (AZ Central 9/14)

                    Mother, 30, whose partner died Christmas Eve kept it from their young sons so they could enjoy the festivities (Daily Mail UK 9/14)

                    Three boys recorded a heartbreaking Christmas message for their dad – unaware he had died [w/VIDEO] (VT News 9/14)

                    People who smoke Accept as true with a Increased Probability of Rising Dementia (Newsline 9/14)

                    Dementia rates slightly lower for LGB adults (Washington Blade 9/14)

                    Shameless Alzheimer’s sales pitch masquerades as solid science (Health News Review 9/14)

                    Study: ALS affects brain's cognition skills (UPI 9/13)

                    40 Years of Alzheimer's Research Failure: Now What? (MedPage Today 9/13)

                    Smoking Cessation Lowers Dementia Risk (MedScape Psychiatry 9/12)

                    Novel Intervention Markedly Slows Cognitive Decline in MCI (MedScape Psychiatry 9/10)

9/13/2018:   BioArctic, Brain Biomarker Solutions Form Alzheimer's Disease Dx Partnership (360 Dx 9/13)

                    Early Therapeutic Intervention Seen to Reverse Huntington’s Symptoms in Mouse Study (Huntington's Disease News 9/13)

                    Data from the Phase 2 LEGATO-HD study of laquinimod in Huntington's disease will be presented at EHDN (Nasdaq 9/13)

                    Blood and Spinal Fluid Show Early Tell-tale Signs of Huntington's Disease (Diagnostics/Technology Networks 9/13)

                    Brits want to be remembered for generosity and humour rather than wealth and work (British Heart Foundation 9/13)

                    5 Resources for Arizona caregivers (KTAR News 9/13)

                    Cannabis use played a part in man's death (Newbury Today UK 9/13)

                    Health dangers of Nigeria’s rice revolution (The Nation 9/13)

                    Smokers Have a Higher Risk of Developing Dementia (Healthline 9/13)

                    British hospitals are having a dementia-friendly makeover (The Economist 9/13)

                    Computer avatars play a part in dementia detection (EurekAlert / Osaka Univ 9/13)

                    Deutsche Telekom facilitates important progress in dementia research (WebWire 9/13)

                    Open-source software may aid brain imaging to find disease treatments (Health Data Management 9/13)

                    Researchers working to predict dementia 10 years in advance (Mirage News 9/13)

                    Dementia cure less than 10 years away, claim experts (Barchester 9/13)

                    Despite Setbacks, Hope Remains for Alzheimer’s Drug Treatments (WTTW Chicago 9/13)

                    Researchers at University of Oklahoma Report New Data on Alzheimer Disease (Insurance News Net 9/13)

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                    Is that 'midlife crisis' really Alzheimer's disease? (Medical Xpress 9/12)

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                    Healthy Midlife Diet May Preserve Memory, Prevent Mental Illness (MedScape Psychiatry 9/12)

                    Blood and brain fluid change first in Huntington's disease (Science Daily / Univ College London 9/12)

                    Canada: Attendant Care Benefits - Family Members & Professional Health Care Designations (Mondaq 9/12)

                    Artist’s impression reveals look of upcoming £3m care home in Leeds (B Daily News UK 9/12)

                    Blackhawks to honor Hall of Famer Stan Mikita at home opener (Chicago Sun Times 9/12)

                    New Apple Watch OK'd for Arrhythmia Detection (MedPage Today 9/12)

                    Dementia cafe set up at Springfields Medical Centre (Warrington Guardian 9/11)

9/12/2018:   New Report Details the Setbacks and Challenges to Alzheimer's Research (PR Newswire 9/12)

                    Smoking Cessation Lowers Dementia Risk (MedScape Psychiatry 9/12)

                    Caregivers, Researchers Recount Toll of Alzheimer’s, But Remain Optimistic (WTTW Chicago 9/12)

                    Locals asked to help fight Alzheimer's battle (Ottumwa Courier 9/12)

                    Blood and brain fluid change first in Huntington's disease (EurekAlert / Univ College London 9/12)

                    Successful Aging: How can I prevent Alzheimer’s disease? (Pasadena Star-News 9/12)

                    Alzheimer’s Disease: Peptide Found in Sea Anemones May Prevent Neuron Destruction (Medical Research 9/12)

                    HHMI Awards Hanna Gray Fellowships to 15 Early Career Scientists [w/VIDEO] (Howard Hughes Medical Institute 9/12)

                    Psychology Student Completes Summer 2018 Competitive Research Experience (Webster Univ 9/12)

                    Older adults fitted with cochlear implants exhibit poor brain function (Medical Xpress / Frontiers 9/12)

                    UT Health San Antonio researchers link ‘zombie cells’ to Alzheimer’s (San Antonio Express-News 9/12)

                    Dementia Drugs Market Report On Industry Growth Rate And Trend Analysis And Forecast 2025 (Management Journal 9/12)

                    Tech Talk: Lie detectors, Alzheimer’s research and STEM funding (Tucson Local Media 9/12)

                    Have a Coffee Break to support dementia services (East Kootenay News 9/12) 

                    Healthy Living: Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials [w/VIDEO] (KUSI News San Diego 9/11)

                    This Bellingham facility provides the care and support loved ones with dementia need (Bellingham Herald 9/11)

                    Are dementia symptoms worse in winter? (Medical News Today 9/7)

                    How uncontrolled inflammation leads to brain cell loss (Medical News Today 9/6)

9/11/2018:   Milwaukee researchers work toward cure for Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 WTMJ 9/11)

                    Free memory screenings, support for families at Alzheimer’s conference coming to Atlanta soon (Atlanta Journal Constitution 9/11)

                    A new approach for finding Alzheimer's treatments (Medical Xpress / Canadian Light Source 9/11)

                    Artificial anti-oxidant may be the next go-to supplement (Science Daily / Univ of British Columbia Okanagan 9/11)

                    Alzheimer's Germ Theory; Autism Biomarker; Smoking and Dementia (MedPage Today 9/11)

                    The Cholinergic System in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease (MedScape Psychiatry 9/11)

                    Epigenetics Provides Insight on Potential Relief for Memory Disorders (What is Epigenetics 9/11)

                    Helping those who care for people with dementia (RACGP Australia 9/11)

                    Neurotrope, Nemours to Begin Bryostatin-1 Clinical Trial in Fragile X Children (Fragile X News Today 9/11)

                    Obesity Could Affect Learning and Memory, Research Finds [w/VIDEO] (Newsweek 9/11)

                    Six-week art program to spark a link for people with dementia (Central Western Daily 9/11)

                    We could find a cure for dementia within the decade, claims expert (The Independent 9/11)

                    Older adults’ cognitive skills peak in late summer and early fall, study suggests (Minn Post 9/11)

                    Effects of a specially designed aerobic dance routine on mild cognitive impairment (DovePress 9/11)

                    The depression treatment that helps African-Americans with mild cognitive impairment (Finger Lakes Times 9/10)

                    Patient Psychology Called Key in Pain Management (MedPage Today 9/10)

                    Marlena Books, started at Univ of Waterloo, aims to improve reading experience for dementia patients (Waterloo Chronicle 9/10)

                    Adolescent Cognition Tied to Future Alzheimer's-Related Disorders (MedPage Today 9/7)

                    Amyloid PET May Aid Clinical Diagnosis of Dementia, Whether Negative or Positive (MedScape Psychiatry 8/30)

9/10/2018:   Dementia could have 'cure' within 10 years, leading scientist claims, research targets early stages of disease (Daily Mail UK 9/10)

                    Dementia cure not an unrealistic goal, top researcher says (The Irish Times 9/10)

                    Dementia cure ‘within a decade' [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 9/10)

                    World Alzheimer's Day: All the things being done to help you find hope while losing your mind (Mirror UK 9/10)

                    The depression treatment that helps African Americans with mild cognitive impairment (The Inquirer Philly 9/10)

                    Novel Intervention Markedly Slows Cognitive Decline in MCI (MedScape Psychiatry 9/10)

                    Analyses of Pimavanserin Studies Evaluating Treatment in Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis (BioSpace 9/10)

                    New effort aims to fund Alzheimer's research (NBC 10 News 9/10)

                    Infectious Theory of Alzheimer’s Disease Receives Some Attention with $1 Million Prize (BioSpace 9/10)

                    For Alzheimer's caregivers, self-care comes first (San Diego Union-Tribune 9/10)

                    The 'three horsemen' that could help cure Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (NBC 9 News 9/10)

                    Fulmer, UT Med announce ALL IN effort to combat Alzheimer's, benefit The Pat Summitt Clinic [w/VIDEO] (NBC 10 News 9/10)

                    EVENT [10/4]: How academic data & machine learning can revolutionize Alzheimer’s drug development (Appl Clinical Trials 9/10)

                    It's Registering for John O'Brien: His Final Race is being Run (The Daily Item 9/9)

9/09/2018:   Why diagnosis, treatment of dementia can be difficult (Gainesville Times 9/9)

                    Dementia: A devastating diagnosis, memories lost and moments cherished (Gainesville Times 9/9)

                    Former Lord Mayor of Liverpool says he is battling Alzheimer's - but won't let it win (Liverpool Echo UK 9/9)

                    Scientists make saffron capsules to delay Alzheimer's (Deccan Herald 9/9)

                    EVENTS [Sep]: Dementia friendly events in Coventry & Warwickshire for World Alzheimer's Month (Coventry Live UK 9/9)

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9/08/2018:   Dementia patients 'come alive' in singing classes [w/VIDEO] (BBC News 9/9)

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                    Couple who battle Alzheimer's every day nominated to be Watford Observer Community Heroes (Watford Observer 9/8)

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                    Oryzon receives approval to begin REIMAGINE: a Phase IIa clinical trial with Vafidemstat (ORY-2001) (Nasdaq 9/7) 

                    Being dementia friendly is vital to support those living and caring for people with dementia (Macquarie Port News 9/7)

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9/06/2018:   Dementia Risk Doubles Right After a Stroke (Physician's Weekly 9/6)

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9/05/2018:   Dementia: 10-year risk estimates may inform prevention (Medical News Today 9/5)

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9/01/2018:   Commentary: Revealing dementia diagnosis largely up to the person (Duluth News-Tribune 9/1)

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