Dementia & Memory - October 2018

October 2018

10/31/2018:  Online dementia courses win export award (Community Care Review Australia 11/1)                     

                     ProMIS Neurosciences Identifies Tau Protein Targets Involved in Development of Alzheimer's & Dementias (PR Newswire 11/1)

                     British man with CJD gets experimental treatment in world first (The British Medical Journal 10/31)

                     New study offers hope for patients suffering from a rare form of blindness (Duke Univ School of Medicine 10/31)

                     96pct of us may have CRISPR immunity, but there’s no need to panic just yet (Silicon Republic 10/31)

                     New National Strategy Aims To Up Participation In Alzheimer's Clinical Studies (Forbes 10/31)

                     TGen’s MindCrowd seeks 1 million people around the world to help cure Alzheimer’s (Cronkite News 10/31)

                     Three neuroscientists earn prestigious NIH grant for brain research (UCLA Newsroom 10/31)

                     EVENT [11/3-7]:  Advances in Ionis' Novel Antisense Tech to be Presented at 2018 Society for Neuroscience (Stockhouse 10/31)

                     New strategy aims to enhance recruitment for Alzheimer’s disease clinical studies (Nat'l Institute on Aging 10/31)

                     Guns and Dementia (Wealth Management 10/31)

                     Parkinson’s disease warning - the ‘overlooked’ NOSE symptom that could reveal risk (Express UK 10/31)

                     Plico Biotech Wins “Best in Show” at 1st Pitch Life Science Competition (AP 10/31)

                     Program helps people diagnosed with early-stage dementia connect with others (Global News 10/31)

                     Local doctor identifies, treats Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders (Newsline 10/31)

                     Study hard and you might lower your chances of dementia (The Conversation 10/31)

                     Leeds researchers use high-powered microscopes to tackle Alzheimer’s (Verdict Medical 10/31)

                     ASSISTANCE NEEDED: Huntington’s Disease Association seek Volunteers (Costa Blanca & Costa Calida Leader 10/31)

                     Language Barrier Means Millions Of Elderly Can't Access Alzheimer's Trials (NPR 10/31)

                     EVENT [11/19]: Alzheimer’s Disease Research Symposium, November 19 (Stony Brook Univ 10/31)

                     UNO student raises money, awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association (UNO Gateway 10/30)

                     Hallucinations, tremors and sleep issues: when dementia doesn’t mean memory loss (Irish Times 10/30)

                     York Hospital discussion about dementia (Seacoast Online 10/30)

                     The Funding Spree for Neuroscience Startups (Psychology Today 10/30)

                     Medical Devices Help Improve Lives of Patients with Parkinson’s (Journal-News 10/30)

                     Parkinson's Disease News (Viartis 10/30)

                     Parkinson’s SA director unpacks the symptoms and realities of the disease (Boksburg Advertiser 10/30)

                     $25 million gift will advance Parkinson’s research at UCLA (UCLA Newsroom 10/30)

                     Alpha-Synuclein Could Be Biomarker for Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson’s, Study Suggests (Parkinson's News Today 10/30)

10/30/2018:  New research affirms potential of eye scans to detect Alzheimer’s disease early (New Atlas 10/30)

                     Silicon valley philanthropist and Alzheimer's Association build the research pipeline (EurekAlert / Alzheimer's Ass'n 10/30)

                     Study: Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Linked to Alzheimer's Disease (BioSpace 10/30)

                     Lower blood pressure, BMI may precede dementia (Cardiovascular Business 10/30)

                     7 Ways Loneliness, And Connectedness, Affect Mental Health (Forbes 10/30)

                     Mutation associated with als causes sugar-starved cells to overproduce lipids, study shows (Medical Xpress / JHU 10/30)

                     EVENT [11/14]: Registration open for Delaware Dementia Conference (Dover Post 10/30)

                     'She is looking for memories': love after dementia – photo essay (The Guardian 10/30)

                     Politicians try out virtual reality therapy (Belfast Telegraph 10/30)

                     Young blood really can help ease dementia symptoms (Barchester Healthcare 10/30)

                     Charles River to Present Collaborative Methods at Neuroscience 2018 (AP 10/30)

                     Ultra-high-field brain scanner receives FDA approval for clinical use (Medical Xpress / USC 10/30)

                     Here’s How High Blood Pressure Affects Your Brain (Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet 10/30)

                     HKBU's New Nanomaterial Could Enable Early Detection and Diagnosis of Alzheimer's (PR Newswire / HKBU 10/30)

                     Alzheimer’s symposium explores new neuroscience frontiers (Cornell Univ 10/30)

                     Regular exercise reduces fall-related injuries for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s (Consumer Affairs 10/30)

                     75-year-old man not fit to stand sex assault trial due to dementia (RTE 10/30)

                     Herpes Virus May Raise Risk of Alzheimer’s, but Only in Those With Specific Genetic Factor (Everyday Health 10/30)

                     State Street Flags Honor Alzheimer’s Association Central Coast Chapter (NoozHawk 10/29)

                     Loneliness pushes up dementia risk by about 40 percent (UPI 10/29)

                     New program aims to knock out Parkinson's disease (ABC 27 News 10/29)

                     Gene therapy trial for Parkinson's disease begins (BioNews 10/29)

                     Large-scale study finds loneliness may increase the risk of dementia (CTV News 10/29)

                     Funding bids to help delay dementia by five years (Aged Care Guide 10/29)

                     Unapproved therapies cause significantly more patient injuries than reported (Medical Xpress / AAO 10/29)

                     My Dad was taken off in the back of a squad car. His crime? Dementia (Irish Times 10/29)

                     Alzheimer's Foundation of America Encourages Free Memory Screening in Alzheimer's Awareness Month (PR Newswire 10/29)

10/29/2018:  World’s leading minds will gather for Global Burden of Disease Brain Summit at AUT (New Zealand Doctor 10/29)

                     Alzheimer's and the body's 'acid bath' (ABC Australia 10/29)

                     Caregivers Corner Q&A: How to deal with multiple people caring for a loved one (ABC 11 News 10/29)

                     EVENT[11/7]: Free program on self-care for caregivers (Hoopston Chronicle 10/29)

                     Boxing helps battle Parkinson’s (Rock Island Dispatch-Sentinel 10/29)

                     EVENT [11/30]: For Caregivers: Senior Resource Fair and Dementia Care Workshop (Univ of Kentucky 10/29)

                     Something seems to work in Alzheimer’s – and it’s more blood than brain (Evaluate 10/29)

                     New Alzheimer’s caregivers support group in Greenville (WHIO News 10/29)

                     In search of an Alzheimer's cure (Medical Xpress / Univ of Tech, Sydney 10/29)

                     Applications now open for medical marijuana patients and caregivers (My North Dakota 10/29)

                     New app launched in Singapore as a one-stop resource for dementia caregivers (Healthcare IT News 10/29)

                     Mounting Evidence Links Sleep Disturbance To Alzheimer's Disease (Forbes 10/29)

                     How an outsider in Alzheimer’s research bucked the prevailing theory — and clawed for validation (STAT 10/29)

                     Rising to the Dementia challenge (The Hitavada 10/29)

                     Kane Center’s Caregiver Celebration offers guidance for enjoying holiday season (TC Palm 10/29)

                     Data Lacking on Link Between Genetic Mutations and Parkinson’s Symptoms, Review Finds (Parkinson's News Today 10/29)

                     Some insights on being proactive in fighting Alzheimer's disease (Tallahassee Democrat 10/29)

                     Delight as Frank’s Law auction success benefits dementia cure (Courier UK 10/29)

                     Project Lifesaver available (Leader-Herald 10/29)

                     ‘Whole thing was just bogus:’ Keep an eye out for caregiver job scams [w/VIDEO] (Fox 6 Now 10/29)

                     You Are Not Alone: Help for Parents & Caregivers [w/VIDEO] (Kentucky New Era 10/29)

                     The ABCs of Parkinson’s: ‘J’ Is for the Junk and Jewels of PD (Parkinson's News Today 10/29)

                     'It's inhumane': B.C. Parkinson's patients frustrated with long waits for life-changing surgery (CBC 10/29)

                     Loneliness increases risk of dementia by 40%, study finds (McKnight's Senior Living 10/29)

                     Controversial additive MSG improves the memory of patients, claim scientists (Daily Mail UK 10/29)

                     Memory’s Last Breath: Field Notes on My Dementia (Psychiatric Times 10/29)

                     Epigenetic signature linked to Alzheimer's discovered (BioNews 10/29)

                     Suprun Said About the Factors that can Influence the Occurrence of Stroke (Siver Telegram 10/29)

                     Alzamend Neuro™ Secures New Licenses from USF to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease (AP 10/29)

                     Historic breakthrough: WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience team first to use ultrasound to treat Alzheimer's (WV News 10/28)

                     Range of resources available in northeast Kansas for those dealing with dementia (CJ Online 10/28)

                     Billerica center to start Parkinson's support group (Lowell Sun 10/28)

                     Preliminary tests of newly-found drug for Alzheimer's disease show promising results (Xinhua Net 10/28)

                     Acute Kidney Injury Linked with Higher Dementia Risk (MedPage Today 10/28)

                     RESEARCH NEED: Major Parkinson's study is seeking 10,000 healthy volunteers (Express UK 10/28)

                     Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) Versus Parkinson's Disease (Medical Life Sciences News 1/28)

                     Evidence Mounts That an Eye Scan May Detect Early Alzheimer's (PR Newswire / American Academy of Opthalmology 10/28)

                     EVENT [11/3]: Health News: Huntington's Disease Education [scroll down on the page] (Times Free Press 10/28)

                     Pets can judge time, study says (Infosurhoy 10/28)

                     People coming together to work for good (Frederick News-Post 10/28)

10/28/2018:  Fruit fly study helps explain why some gain more weight than others on carbohydrate diet (Xinhua Net 10/28)

                     Can a Herpes Treatment Cut Alzheimer's in Half? (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/28)

                     Benefits of Blueberries for the Brain [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/28)

                     AIIMS studying 7,000 to detect stroke, dementia (Times of India 10/28)

                     Diagnosing Dementia the Right Way [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/28)

                     How Can Regular Physical Activity Reduce the Risk of Dementia? (Herald of Fashion 10/27)

                     National Database Could Be ‘Game Changer’ in MS, Parkinson’s Research (HealthLine 10/27)

                     Link between what we see and how we remember 'breaks' as we get older (Medical Xpress / Baywood Geriatric Ctr 10/27)

                     Dennis Eckersley threw out the first pitch of World Series Game 4 to Kirk Gibson [w/VIDEO] (SB Nation 10/27)

                     SVIMS gives new life to 25 Parkinson’s patients in Andhra Pradesh (The New Indian Express 10/27)

                     New role set to highlight challenges (Worcester Observer UK 10/27)

                     WOWK News Director Joins Alzheimer's Walk For Her Dad [w/VIDEO] (CBS 13 WOWK 10/27)

                     What Causes Sundowning? Frustration or Chemistry? (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/26)

                     The Underestimated Cerebellum Gains New Respect From Brain Scientists (NPR 10/25)

                     Alzheimer's "Pacemaker" Works Well in Trial [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/25)

                     4 Ways to Prevent Memory Loss in the Hospital ICU [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/25)

                     Robin Williams and the Science of Lewy Body Dementia [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/25)

                     How Lewy Bodies Affect Life Expectancy (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/25)

                     Just to Hold Her Hand {Music VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/24)

                     Managing Money & Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/24)

                     Sleep Tips to Fight Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/23)

                     Fake-Sweet Drinks & Dementia [VIDEO] (CBS News / Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/22)

10/27/2018:  Work remains to combat Alzheimer's (Bowling Green Daily News 10/27)

                     Parkinson’s: SVIMS helps poor patients with DBS (The Hindu 10/27)

                     Grifols demonstrates 61% reduction in progression of moderate Alzheimer's using AMBAR protocol (PR Newswire 10/27)

                     Kate Moss and Eddie Redmayne items help raise £35,000 for Sue Ryder centre (The Press & Journal UK 10/27)

                     G B Pant Hospital Takes Lead in Congenital Brain and Spine Diseases (APN News 10/27)

                     Sudbury speaker moves doctors (Sudbury Star 10/27)

                     Support helps patients, caregivers of Alzheimer's patients (Scottsbluff Star-Herald 10/26)

                     EVENT [12/6]: Arizona Coyotes vs. Washington Capitals: Valley of the Sun United Way Night! (Fevo 10/26)

                     Ruvo center in Las Vegas recognized for Parkinson’s treatment (Las Vegas Journal-Review 10/26)

                     New fitness program for Parkinson's disease patients in Franklin County [w/VIDEO] (NBC 10 WSLS 10/26)

                     Fruit fly study challenges theories on evolution and high-carb diets (EurekAlert / Univ of New South Wales 10/26)

                     Houston TV News Anchor and Young Professionals Help the Fight Against Parkinson’s (Paper City Magazine 10/26)

                     Scottsbluff woman treasures the smallest moments with her husband after Alzheimer's diagnosis (Scottsbluff Star-Herald 10/26)

                     Do African-Americans Have More, or Different, Alzheimer’s Disease? Too Little Data to Tell (Part 2 of 2) (AlzForum 10/26)

                     Alzheimer’s Researchers Seek Advice on How to Include African-Americans (Part 1 of 2) (AlzForum 10/26)

10/26/2018:  Dementia Risk for People Who Have Type 1 Diabetes (Diabetes in Control 10/27)

                     Link between what we see and how we remember 'breaks' as we get older (Science Daily / Baycrest Geriatric Care Ctr 10/26)

                     Researchers Discover Function of Gene Linked to ALS, Frontotemporal Dementia (ALS News Today 10/26)

                     Healthy brain initiatives to combat dementia (Xenia Daily Gazette 10/26)

                     Doctors to harness AI to diagnose dementia (Barchester Healthcare 10/26)

                     Empowering clinicians to diagnose neurological diseases (Neuro News 10/26)

                     What’s the Difference Between Normal Age-Related Memory Decline and Signs of Dementia? (Self 10/26)

                     Massive study by FSU researchers confirms that loneliness increases risk of dementia (Florida State Univ 10/26)

                     Missouri’s 2018 medical cannabis initiatives: Part 1 – The basics (JD Supra 10/26)

                     TES Pharma presents new treatment approach towards AKI and NALFD (European BioTech 10/26)

                     A Personal Approach (Richmond Magazine 10/26)

                     Researchers discover link between acute kidney injury and dementia (Deccan Chronicle 10/26)

                     EVENT [11/8]: Understanding Your Medicare Choices Informational Session Offered Nov. 8 (The Chattanoogan 10/26)

                     For area nursing home residents with dementia, antipsychotic drug use remains common [w/AUDIO] (Newport RI 10/26)

                     Dementia: Do you know someone who has it? [w/VIDEO] (FIU News 10/26)

                     CWD in Upper Peninsula deer is no surprise (Times Herald 10/26)

                     Catching herpes raises the chance you'll end up with Alzheimer's - study [w/VIDEO] (NewsHub 10/26)

                     Is Your Trembling Caused by Parkinson’s — or a Condition That Mimics It? (Cleveland Clinic10/26)

                     Research: New Cell Structures, Herpes & Alzheimer’s, Metformin Mechanism & How to Double Your Lifespan (BioSpace 10/26)

                     Student nurses urged to read new book on patient stories of care at home (Nursing Times 10/26)

                     Cyndi Lauper performs at benefit concert for Alzheimer's research [VIDEO] (CBS 12 WJTV 10/25-26)

                     Milestone Moment: A Parkinson’s Drug Moves Forward With Help From Michael J.Fox (Forbes 10/25)

                     Treatment options for Parkinson's disease (Medical News Today 10/25)

                     Calcium Channels May Be Therapeutic Target in Parkinson’s, Stem Cell Study Suggests (Parkinson's News Today 10/25)

                     Facial Expressions in Parkinson’s Patients Mirror Asymmetry Seen in Motor Symptoms: Study (Parkinson's News Today 10/25)

                     Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease symptoms shows promise (UPI 10/25)

                     Iowa officials scale back plans for controversial pesticide near Easter Lake [w/VIDEO] (Des Moines Register 10/25)

                     Stress Tied To Worse Memory in 40-Somethings (MedPage Today 10/25)

10/25/2018:  New Funding Bid to Delay Dementia Onset by at Least Five Years (Mirage News 10/26)

                     Lack of Huntington's disease specialists causing heartache for Tasmanian family [w/VIDEO] (ABC Australia 10/26)

                     The Hidden Reasons Why Alzheimer's Caregivers Are So Stressed (Time 10/25)

                     "Where did they go?": The faces of Alzheimer's in Northern Nevada [w/VIDEO] (Fox 11 Reno 10/25)

                     Coronary heart disease remains second leading cause of death in England and Wales (British Heart Foundation 10/25)

                     Dementia Care Initiative Lands $3.5M Grant (Inside Indiana Business 10/25)

                     Patient's vision problem is Alzheimer's (CBS WTAJ 10/25)

                     Dementia: New research centre in hope of finding dementia CURE opens in Cardiff (Express UK 10/25)

                     DNA-based Therapy Reduces Anxious Behavior in Huntington’s Mouse Model, Study Shows (Huntington's Disease news 10/25)

                     £2.7 million study to focus on dementia support workers in primary care (EurekAlert / Univ of Plymouth 10/25)

                     Taking care of your hearing and vision slows cognitive decline by 50-75% (Big Think 10/25)

                     Neuralstem Announces Study Showing Benefits of Neural Stem Cell Transplantation in Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s (AP 10/25)

                     BioArctic Announces Additional BAN2401 Phase 2b Study Results in Early Alzheimer's Presented by Eisai (BioSpace 10/25)

                     Molecular P-Tau Status May Track Alzheimer Pathology, Symptoms (MedPage Today 10/25)

                     WSU to lead new Center for Alzheimer’s Research in Native People (WSU 10/25)

                     Frequency of frontotemporal dementia gene variants in C9ORF72/MAPT/GRN: academic vs. commercial (DovePress NZ 10/25)

                     Acute kidney injury linked to higher risk of dementia (EurekAlert / American Society of Nephrology 10/25)

                     NIH grant to UTA researchers aims to reduce caregiver stress (EurekAlert / Univ of Texas Arlington 10/25)

                     CWD in Fall River County (Rapid City Journal 10/24)

                     Parkinson’s Disease Medication Adds to the Struggle, But Also Relieves It (Parkinson's News Today 10/24)

                     Parkinson’s Study Analyzes Levodopa‐induced Dyskinesia’s Effect on Sleep (Parkinson's News Today 10/24)

                     Commemorating MUSC as a Parkinson's Center of Excellence [w/VIDEO] (NBC 2 News 10/24)

                     Rare Form Of Alzheimer’s Affects What The Eyes See [w/VIDEO] (CBS 4 Denver 10/24)

                     Harrisonburg exercise program for people with Parkinson's and similar conditions [w/VIDEO] (ABC 3 WHSV 10/24)

                     Is your straw ban really helping? (The University News 10/24)

                     ‘It takes a village’: Alzheimer Society of Muskoka on dementia and dignity (Muskoga Region 10/24)

                     Innovative gene therapy trial for Parkinson's disease (EurekAlert / Univ College London 10/24)

                     Premier Health partners with Dartmouth on research (Dayton Daily News 10/24)

                     New Collaboration Aims to Launch Parkinson’s Disease Research Into Space (Parkinson's News Today 10/24)

                     MRI markers of vascular brain injury associated with higher risk of stroke, dementia (Health Imaging 10/24)

                     Sir Jackie Stewart commits £2 million to dementia research [w/VIDEO] (GP News 10/24)

                     Reviewing Aevi Genomic Medicine (GNMX) & Microbot Medical (MBOT) (Fairfield Current 10/24)

10/24/2018:  Questions to Ask When a Loved One Is Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia (US News & World Report 10/24)

                     Fruit flies' brains studied to help crack dementia (BBC News 10/24)

                     FREE TESTING: Roper St. Francis offering free memory assessments in battle against Alzheimer's disease (NBC 2 News10/24)

                     Support crucial in helping care for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s (Mohave Valley Daily News 10/24)

                     US first female SC justice O'Connor has dementia, here's information on disease (Deccan Chronicle 10/24)

                     Optos and Amydis Establish Clinical Alliance to Develop Early Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer’s Disease (Globe Newswire 10/24)

                     RESEARCH NEED: People needed to share their experience of dementia or memory problems (Univ of Bristol 10/24)

                     Stevenage and Biggleswade family ravaged by early-onset dementia are determined to fight back (The Comet 10/24)

                     Normal function of ALS and dementia linked gene determined for the first time (EurekAlert / Univ of Bath 10/24)
New Haven Drugmaker Starting Clinical Trial Of Alzheimer's Treatment (Hartford Currant 10/24)

                     Stressed-Out People May Have Smaller Brains, Study Says (Time Magazine 10/24)

                     Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease Using Microfluidics (Medical Life Sciences News 10/24)

                     Study: 'Heart flutter' linked to dementia (ABC 7 KVIA 10/24)

                     We have a budget for FY 2019! (Nat'l Institute on Aging 10/24)

                     Readers respond: The importance of Alzheimer's research (The Oregonian 10/24)

                     Art Program Connects Adults With Parkinson's To Local Youth (Deerfield Patch 10/23-24)

                     MRI signs of vascular brain injury linked to stroke, dementia (MD Linx Neurology 10/23)

                     Alzheimer's dementia: what it can do, how to prevent [w/VIDEO] (NBC 11 News 10/23)

                     Why are U.S. neuroscientists clamoring for marmosets? (Science Magazine 10/23)

                     Is Pregnancy a “Stress Test” for Future Dementia Risk? (Medical Research 10/23)

                     'Owning' Doctors; Record-Time Therapy; Why Human Neurons are Unique (MedPage Today 10/23)

                     Grant Brings Ultrasound Therapy for Neurological Disease a Step Closer [w/VIDEO] (Technology Networks 10/23)

                     Islands of Mutated Neurons Dot the Brain. Are They Bad for Us? (AlzForum 10/23)

                     This Week in PNAS (Genome Web 10/23)

                     New Program Designed to Help Parkinson's Patients [w/VIDEO] (KIMT 3 News 10/23)

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10/23/2018:  ADNI: Understanding Alzheimer’s disease through collaboration and data sharing (Plos Neuro 10/24)

                     Dementia Patients Like Sandra Day O’Connor May Hold Key to Cure (Daily Beast 10/23)

                     Alzheimer’s can occur in 30s & 40s: Signs include repeating questions, becoming suspicious of others (Economic Times 10/23)

                     Unique Collaboration Utilizing Int'l Space Station Accelerates Parkinson's & Multiple Sclerosis Research (PR Newswire 10/23)

                     Alzheimer's Ass'n Statement on Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's Announcement of Dementia Diagnosis (PR Newswire 10/23)

                     EVENT [11/3]: Country barn hosts masquerade ball to raise funds for brain tumour and CJD charities (Buckingham Today 10/23)

                     London researchers develop test for dementia (The Gazette 10/23)

                     So you think music is beneficial for people with dementia? (OUPlog 10/23)

                     Counseling can ease shock of unexpected genetic results (Spectrum 10/23)

                     What do we Need to Know About Online Genetic Testing? (Univ of Melbourne Pursuit 10/23)

                     Stiff arteries increase risk for dementia, study says (UPI 10/23)

                     Genetic testing results will not be used against customers - ABI (Cover Magazine 10/23)

                     New Alzheimer’s research suggests herpes as a cause, opening up new avenues for treatment (Quartz 10/23)

                     OCD symptoms could be reduced with 'brain-training' app, study says (UPI 10/23)

                     Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: What you need to know (Baylor College of Medicine 10/23)

                     Parkinson’s Disease patients learn to speak out and loud | Martin Health for You (TC Palm 10/23)

                     Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Parkinson Disease in Older Adults (Neurology Advisor 10/23)

                     Local musicians to perform in Terry Lawlor Band Jam (Inverill Times 10/23)                     

                     Williams addresses ANA Symposium; Recounts struggle to diagnose late husband’s Lewy body dementia (NewsWise 10/23)

                     Art stars join the fight against Parkinson’s disease with charity sale Cure3 (The Art Newspaper 10/23)

                     Profiles in precision medicine (MIT Technology Review 10/23)

                     U. Professor integrates use of spinal taps in Alzheimer’s diagnosis (Brown Daily Herald 10/22)

                     START THE WEEK OFF RIGHT: Punching out the progression of Parkinson's (Quad City Times 10/22)

                     Panel: Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers need more support (Yakima Herald 10/22)

                     Machine learning may help identify ideal dementia treatments (UPI 10/22)

                     Antipsychotics Make No Difference for Delirium or Dementia in the I.C.U. (Being Patient 10/22)

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                     Biomarker May Distinguish Parkinson's From MSA (MedScape Psychiatry 10/22)

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                     Meet the Wyo. company that could halt Parkinson’s disease (Wyoming Business Report 10/22)

                     ‘Waste Removal System’ Could Deliver Drugs to Brain (Futurity 10/22)

10/22/2018:  Personalised DNA testing: don’t believe the hype (The Islander 10/23)

                     Young woman becomes mom's caregiver – trend amid rise of early dementia [w/VIDEO] (Greenville News 10/22)

                     Model Maps ‘Domino Effect of Alzheimer’s Protein Misfolding [w/VIDEO] (Futurity 10/22)

                     Researchers discover drug that could combat brain cell death in those with Alzheimer’s disease (UCLA 10/22)

                     Research Seeks Candidates for Alzheimer’s Drug to Block Production of Amyloid Peptide (Rensselaer Polytech Inst 10/22)

                     Spontaneous DNA errors may lead to dementia (BioNews 10/22)

                     Losing control of gene activity in Alzheimer's disease (Science Daily / Univ of Exeter 10/22)

                     AB Science announces that masitinib phase 3 study in Alzheimer's disease completed patient recruitment (P&T Cmty 10/22)

                     CME: Overcoming Clinical Challenges in Alzheimer's: Implementing Diagnostic Methods/Therapies (Neurology Advisor 10/22)

                     Antipsychotic Drugs Don't Ease ICU Delirium Or Dementia (NPR 10/22)

                     Scientists may now be able to grow a brain using human neurons (Fox News 10/22)

                     BioArctic Granted Concept Patent in Europe for Strategy: Disease-modifying Treatment of Parkinson's (PR Newswire 10/22)

                     Dementia risk can be cut if you follow these five golden rules (Mirror UK 10/22)

                     Kilsyth artists boost local charity auction (Cumbernauld News 10/22)

                     The new Dr Who and a view of dyspraxia (Newsroom NZ 10/22)

                     What does dementia feel like? Exhibit lets you live a day in the life [w/VIDEO] (CTV 10/22)

                     Biker Rides Into Town Raising Awareness Of Younger Onset Dementia [w/VIDEO] (What's on Invers NZ 10/22)

                     Huntington's Disease sufferer, 33, who slurs words humiliated: Tesco store boss smelled breath before sale (Daily Mail UK 10/22)

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                     EVENT [10/30]: Parkinson’s support group to meet (CT Post 10/21)

                     Inspiring puppy diary: Tala & Nel learn to harness ability to sniff diseases from cancer to Parkinson’s (Daily Mail UK 10/21)

                     Pay more attention to mental health (Jordan Times 10/21)

                     Mental illness and healthy relationships can coexist (Independent Florida Alligator 10/21)

                     Butterfly Model of care raising red flags for dementia experts [w/AUDIO] (CBC 10/21)

                     Kansas High School Senior Stuti Dalal-led Research May Help Cure Alzheimer’s (India West 10/21)

                     New study bolsters hypothesis that herpes virus causes Alzheimer's (New Atlas 10/21)

                     New Alzheimer’s drug undergoing trials at two Connecticut sites (New Haven Register 10/21)

                     Alzheimer's Disease and Sleep Disruption [w/VIDEO] (Medical Life Sciences News 10/21)

                     Community comes together for trunk-or-treating for Huntington’s disease [w/VIDEO] (Fox 13 SLC 10/20)

                     Dementia: Good cholesterol linked to women’s brain health: Study (Starts at 60 10/20)

10/21/2018:  The Smile and Despair of Robin Williams (Weekly Standard 10/21)

                     EVENTS [M/W]: Local Shop Offers Classes on Growing Medical Marajuana (KRMG News 10/21)

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                     Vitamin D Deficiency Ups Dementia By 53% [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/15)

                     Treating Dementia with Coconut Oil [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/15)

10/20/2018:  Study revealed personalized goal setting could help people with dementia (Tech Explorist 10/20)

                     Scientists Use Stem Cells to Grow Functioning 3D Brain Tissue (Interesting Engineering 10/20)

                     Memory Keepers assembles dementia, diabetes researchers in Duluth (Business North 10/19)

                     Infectious disease news: Top 5 posts for the week Oct. 13-Oct. 19 (Outbreak News Today 10/19)

                     The story behind the viral story about a man who ate squirrel brains (Democrat & Chronicle 10/19)

                     Woman who lost her dad three times says time has come to expose disease (Warrington Guardian UK 10/19)

                     New Research May Totally Turn Our Understanding of Dementia on Its Head (BioSpace 10/18)

                     Non Inherited DNA and Dementia: Things to Know (The Sentinel 10/18)

10/19/2018:  UsAgainstAlzheimer's Announces Projects to Advance National Strategy for Alzheimer's Clinical Research (PR Newswire 10/20)

                     NIA releases National Recruitment Strategy to spur Alzheimer's and related dementias research (Nat'l Inst on Aging 10/19)

                     Memory Keepers assembles dementia, diabetes researchers in Duluth (Business North 10/19)

                     Chronic Inflammation May Boost Alzheimer's Risk for APOE4 Carriers (MedPage Today 10/19)

                     October 19 Research Roundup: Dementia, Frankenstein Proteins, and Epigenetic Sperm Changes (BioSpace 10/19)

                     Research shows importance of setting personal goals for dementia care (UCLA News 10/19)

                     Promising new dementia treatment [w/VIDEO] (News 9 Australia 10/19)

                     York Region offers alternative way to help dementia patients, caregivers (York Region 10/19)

                     Online auction under way for Frank’s Law signed shirts from across sporting spectrum (Courier UK 10/19)

                     Okanagan clinical team to research Alzheimer’s Disease drug (Vernon Monring Star 10/19)

                     Rethinking the UK approach to dementia care (Health Europa 10/19)

                     Alzheimer’s Disease And Antiepileptic Medication (Epilepsy Research UK 10/19)

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                     Kuru disease: What is CANNIBAL infection and how is it spread? [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 10/19)

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                     Could HSV1 Vaccination Prevent Dementia? (Precision Vaccinations 10/19)

                     Half of all Alzheimer's cases may be caused by the HERPES virus that is carried by two thirds of people (Daily Mail UK 10/19)

                     IU School of Medicine receives $44.7 million towards Alzheimer’s research (Indiana Daily Student 10/18)

                     What you need to know about BSE and the current case (Daily Mail UK 10/18)

                     Senior Helpers® Opens Doors in Bryan, TX (Franchising 10/18)

                     New Research May Totally Turn Our Understanding of Dementia on Its Head (BioSpace 10/18)

                     Symptoms of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease linked to Mad Cow BSE (Devon Live 10/18)

                     Bangor family hosts second annual fun day and charity football match for dementia research (N. Wales Chronicle 10/18)

                     Exercise Prompts Neurogenesis and Prevents Cognitive Decline in Animal Models of Alzheimer's (Neurology Today 10/18)

                     Study points to new method to deliver drugs to the brain (Medical Xpress / Univ of Rochester Med Ctr10/18)

                     If You Have These Types of Dreams, You Could Be at Risk for Dementia (Reader's Digest 10/2018)

10/18/2018:  Did you know your heart health affects your risk of dementia? (Aged Care 101 10/19)

                     Loved ones given a glimpse into life with dementia on virtual tour in Abergele (Rhyl Journal UK 10/18)

                     Story-listening shows promise as an intervention for people living with dementia (British Psychological Society 10/18)

                     4 Your Health: Feeling better with seafood [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 KVOA 10/18)

                     Advanced Huntington’s Patients Have Marked Difficulties in Driving, Study Shows (Huntington's Disease News 10/18)

                     Voyager Therapeutics Announces Promising Animal Study Data of VY-SOD102 for ALS (ALS News Today 10/18)

                     HDSA FAQ on the Roche/Genentech RG6042 program (HD Buzz 10/18)

                     How Good Cholesterol can Keep Women's Brains Healthy (Pursuit Australia 10/18)

                     The glymphatic pathway in neurological disorders (Lancet Neurology 10/18)

                     Rodin Therapeutics Launches Clinical Trial of Neuroimaging Tool for Measurement of Synaptic Density (Citizen Tribune 10/18)

                     At the Bench-Vascular Dementia: New Clues to the Role of APOE4 in Vascular Dementia (Neurology Today 10/18)

                     Reducing arterial stiffness could reduce the risk of dementia, new study suggests (CTV News 10/18)

                     Baycrest to create brain research and wellness centre in North York (Toronto News 10/18)

                     New chemical eyed in fight vs. Alzheimer’s (Boston Globe 10/18)

                     Preeclampsia Tied to Tripling of Dementia in Later Life (US News & World Report 10/18)

                     EVENT [10/19]: The Changing Face of Alzheimer's Research (Shepherd Express 10/18)

                     New Research May Totally Turn Our Understanding of Dementia on Its Head (BioSpace 10/18)

                     Scientists Developed Digital Brain to Show How Toxic Protein Trafficking Leads to Neurodegenerative Disease (Fact MR 10/17)

                     At 58, I start training to dunk a basketball, with 'secret weapon' (Alabama News 10/17)

                     Subtle stimulation: Spokane neurologist offering transcranial magnetic stimulation (Spokesman Review 10/17)

                     EVENT [10/20]: Art for Alzheimer’s: Memory care residents auction artwork for research (Chesterfield Observer 10/17)

                     Symposium highlights innovations in Alzheimer's disease research [w/VIDEO] (The Rhode Show 10/17)

                     New research shows dementia may not be tied to your family tree (ABC 33/40 10/17)

                     Map of Mouse Hippocampus Could Be Weapon Against Alzheimer's (Health Day 10/17)

                     Just 5% of Dementias Are Inherited. Here’s What Might Cause the Other 95% (Being Patient 10/16)

10/17/2018:  Fast Five Quiz: Dementia (MedScape 10/17)

                     Promising research finds this diet could help prevent Alzheimer's disease (Better Homes & Gardens 10/17)

                     New Canadian-made app aims to help people with early dementia or mild cognitive impairment (Mobile Syrup 10/17)

                     New app aims to help people manage life in the early stages of dementia or mild cognitive impairment (PR Newswire 10/17)

                     Latinos are more at risk for Alzheimer’s, and FSU researchers want to know why (FSU News 10/17)

                     EVENT [10/19]: The Changing Face of Alzheimer's Research (Shepherd Express 10/17)

                     Type 2 diabetes: High blood sugar raises the chances of dementia - how to lower your risk [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 10/17)

                     Pre-eclampsia linked to an increased risk of dementia later in life (EurekAlert / BMJ 10/17)

                     Regulating microglial activity may reduce inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases (Medical Xpress / Mass Gen Hosp 10/17)

                     For making untreatable disease treatable, Frank Bennett shares $3 million Breakthrough Prize [w/VIDEO] (SD Union-Trib 10/17)

                     Confused, anxious, far from home: Dementia patients turned away from many Iowa nursing homes (Des Moines Register 10/16)

                     REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: A Clinical Challenge (Clinical Advisor 10/16)

                     EVENT [10/20]: Redlands High School violinist to present concert to benefit Alzheimer’s Association (Redlands Daily Facts 10/16)

10/16/2018:  Dear Dr. Nina: My Mother's behaviour has become extremely difficult (Independent 10/16)

                     In the fight against Alzheimer's, Down syndrome may hold vital clues (EurekAlert / ASU 10/16)

                     Advancements in Gene Editing Therapies Pose New Challenges (Applied Clinical Trials 10/16)

                     Don’t Be Afraid of Being ‘Old’ (Journey Ahead 10/16)

                     Your Risk Of Alzheimer's May Be Decided While You Are Still In The Womb (Forbes 10/16)

                     Aging Mind Foundation writes a bigger check to fund Alzheimer's research thanks to success of its gala (Dallas News 10/16)

                     How Exercise Might “Clean” the Alzheimer’s Brain (Scientific American 10/16)

                     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Man Contracts Rare Disorder After Eating Squirrel Brains [w/VIDEO] (Int'l Business Times 10/16)

                     Tremor-Dominant Parkinson’s Linked to Less Severe Cognitive Decline, Study Says (Parkinson's News Today 10/16)

                     US Study Shows Patterns of Prescription Errors for Dementia Therapies to Parkinson’s Patients (Parkinson's News Today 10/16)

                     Genetic study underway in CT that could help prevent Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (News 8 WTNH 10/16)

                     Infection specialists at IDWeek conference keen to investigate microbes as triggers of Alzheimer's disease (PR Newswire 10/16)

                     Age Matters: Facing dementia can be confusing time (Roanoke Times 10/16)

                     New research identifies modifiable dementia risk factor in elderly people (Medical Life Sciences News 10/16)

                     EVENT [10/24]: Free educational conference on Alzheimer's comes to New Orleans next week (NOLA Health 10/16)

                     Psychotropic Polypharmacy Common in Alzheimer's Despite Risks (MedScape Psychiatry 10/16)

                     Irregular Heartbeat May Raise Dementia Risk, But You Can Do Something About It (HealthLine 10/16)

                     Researcher: Blood pressure, pregnancies may affect risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life [w/VIDEO] (NBC 4 KTIV 10/16)

                     Hypothesis underpinning dementia research 'flawed' (Medical Xpress / Univ of Manchester 10/16)

                     How the Keto diet ‘could protect against Alzheimer’s’ – but is it really good for you? (The Sun UK 10/16)

                     Anna Wintour To Attend AFTD's Hope Rising Benefit (Look to the Stars 10/15)

10/15/2018:  Aging Parents With Dementia? Beware Of Thieving Financial Advisors (Forbes 10/15)

                     NIH Boosts Down Syndrome Research Funding (Disability Scoop 10/15)

                     Dementia Linked with Spontaneous Mutations during Embryonic Development (Genetic Engr & BioTech News 10/15)

                     Neurological Dysfunction Detectable Before Huntington’s Diagnosis, Study Finds (Huntington's Disease News 10/15)

                     Antidepressants could stave off dementia (Medical News Today 10/15)

                     Lost in Space: Advances in Spatial Memory as a Prognostic Tool (Psychiatric Times 10/15)

                     Bolstering Alzheimer's Research [w/AUDIO] (KUAF 10/15)

                     Does dementia start in the WOMB? May be caused by 'spelling mistakes' in DNA when an embryo (Daily Mail UK 10/15)

                     New immunotherapy targeting blood-clotting protein (EurekAlert / Gladstone Institutes 10/15)

                     Alzheimer’s Progression Tracked through Antioxidant Levels (Genetic Engr & BioTech News 10/15)

                     Retiring Later May Be One Way to Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk (Healthline 10/15)

                     Higher Alzheimer's risk for sleepless teens [w/VIDEO] (Daily Mail UK 10/15)

                     Under The Volcano (Seeking Alpha 10/15)

                     Scots racing legend Jackie Stewart in £2million drive to fight dementia after wife's struggle (Daily Record UK 10/15)

                     EVENT [10/25]: Dodge County dementia workshop fast approaching (WI Daily Citizen 10/14)

                     Dementia Care In India (Business World 10/14)

                     World Futures: Ethics, Technology & Time – Part One (Los Alamos Daily Post 10/14)

                     Harry M. Miller's memory faded. But in his final moments, he uttered five profound words. (MamaMia 10/14)

1014/2018:   Computer model simulates how Alzheimer’s disease spreads through the brain [w/VIDEO] (New Atlas 10/14)

                     What Alzheimer's Can Teach Us About Love [SHORT FILM] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/14)

                     6 Foods that Reduce Brain Inflammation (Care2 10/14)

                     Volunteers find passion in fight against Alzheimer’s disease (Ocala Star-Banner 10/14)

                     It's Not Alzheimer's. It's Just MCI (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/14)

                     Cheaper dementia drugs help NHS save more than £10 million a year [w/VIDEO] (Express UK 10/14)

                     The One Disease You Never Knew Could Cause Alzheimer’s (360 NOBS 10/14)

                     10 Signs & Symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/14)

                     Research shows Alzheimer’s disease relationship with obesity and testosterone (The Statesman 10/14)

                     President Trump Adds $425 Million to Alzheimer's Research [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/14)

                     Mixed Messages: mRNA Splicing Errors May Promote Alzheimer’s (AlzForum 10/13)

                     EVENT [10/25]: Baptist Health to Host Free Dementia Care Program (West Kentucky Star 10/13)

                     R.I. researcher helps pioneer Alzheimer’s diagnostic (Providence Journal 10/13)

                     Alzheimer's Association partners with ECMC for driving evaluation program (WNY Papers 10/13)

                     Turning 65: Alzheimer’s and sleep deprivation, part 2 (Magic Valley Times-News 10/13)

                          Turning 65: Alzheimer’s and sleep deprivation, part 1 (Magic Valley Times-News 9/29)

                     DICE Method Helps Handling Agitation & Aggression in Dementia (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/13)

                     Sans Synuclein Tetramers, Mice Mimic Parkinson’s Disease (AlzForum 10/12)

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                     Dolly the sheep institute spin-out gets £1.3m for stem-cell research for brain disease (The Herald Scotland 10/11)

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                     Harvard's Dr. Tanzi on Diet & Alzheimer's Risk [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 10/8)

10/13/2018:  Preventing Cognitive Impairment in Children with Epilepsy (MedPage Today 10/13)

                     Human brain cell transplant offers insights into neurological conditions (MD Linx 10/12)

                     Researchers model how toxic proteins course through the brain, lead to disease [w/VIDEO] (Phys Org 10/12)

                     Lifetime Risk of Developing Parkinson’s Similar Between Women and Men, Study Reports (Parkinson's News Today 10/12)

                     Those with Alzheimer's disease need friends, family (Citrus County Chronicle 10/12)

                     First Signs of Huntington's Disease Detectable Via a New Blood Test (Rare Disease Report 10/12)

                     Early changes to synapse gene regulation may cause Alzheimer's disease (Science Daily / Tokyo Med/Dent Univ 10/12)

                     Early Alzheimer’s Brain Pathology Linked to Psychiatric Symptoms (UCSF 10/12)

                     What A Dementia Care and Cure Initiative Task Force Means For Gainesville (PBS 5 WUFT 10/12)

                     Language Barrier Means Millions Of Elderly, Like My Grandmother, Lack Access To Alzheimer's Trials (WBUR 10/12)

                     RNA Splicing Events Associated with Alzheimer’s Progression (BioSpace 10/12)

                     These Three Spices Could Hold the Key to Fighting Dementia (One Green Planet 10/12)

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                     Having a heart flutter may raise your risk of dementia, finds new study (Malay Mail 10/12)

                     Technique may help dementia care managers help those with dementia set, meet personal health goals (Senior Living 10/12)

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                     Hearing aids, cataract surgery may prevent dementia: Treatments halt cognitive decline up to 75% (Daily Mail UK 10/11)

                     Trending News Today: FDA Panel Votes Unanimous Support of Rituxan Biosimilar (Specialty Pharmacy Times 10/11)

                     1.1 Billion Millennials Are at Risk for a Condition Linked to Dementia (Reader's Digest Oct 2018)

10/12/2018:  Project Talent, Massive Cold War Era Longitudinal Study, Tackles Alzheimer's Disease in 2018 (PR Newswire 10/12)

                     Letter to the editor: Thanks to police, state patrol for care of dementia patient (My Edmonds News 10/11)

                     General Anesthesia May Unmask Hidden Cognitive Decline (Psychology Today 10/11)

                     Creating an oasis of tranquility in a confusing world (Daily Gazette UK 10/11)

                     Monty Python legend Terry Jones ‘barely recognises comedy pals due to worsening dementia' [w/VIDEO] (The Sun UK 10/11)

                     Supreme Court examines dementia, health issues in death penalty cases (Catholic News Service 10/11)

                     Daytime sleepiness linked to elevated brain amyloid (National Institute on Aging 10/11)

                     EVENT [10/25]: Baptist Paducah Hosting Alzheimer's, Dementia Research Program (Surf KY News 10/11)

                     Alzheimer's research just got a $425 million funding boost. How does this impact the search for a cure? (Duke Chronicle 10/11)

                     AgeneBio gets grants to advance therapeutics to slow Alzheimer’s disease (Technically Baltimore 10/11)

                     Dementia: Atrial fibrillation may increase risk of the condition - but what is it? (Express UK 10/11)

                     Hearing aids slow dementia by '75%', new study finds (Telegraph UK 10/11)

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                     Dementia: Eat THIS food to maintain brain health and lower your risk of the disease (Express UK 10/11)

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                     EVENT [10/13]: Huntington’s education day set in Fargo (Jamestown Sun 10/10)

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10/11/2018:  CENTOGENE, Denali Partnering to Recruit LRRK2 Parkinson’s Patients for Clinical Trials (Parkinson's News Today 10/11)

                     Antidepressant prescribing in Scotland rises by almost 3 million items per year over a decade (Pharmaceutical Journal 10/11)

                     Football seeks answers over dementia link to heading (ABS CBN News 10/11)

                     Study of KCNB1 sheds some light on cause of Alzheimer's and traumatic brain injury (Zenopa 10/11)

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                     EVENT [10/13]: UVA Students Gear up for Pancakes for Parkinson's Fundraiser (NBC 29 WVIR 10/10)

                     SDSU Researchers Team up with UCSD to Study Alzheimer’s in Latino Population (SDSU News 10/10)

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                     EVENT [11/3-7]: Attendees to Meet in San Diego for Neuroscience 2018: The Global Epicenter of Brain Science (AP 10/10)

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                     Antiepileptic drugs increase risk of stroke for those with Alzheimer’s disease (Health Europa 10/10)

                     Columbia scientist awarded $11.3 million to identify new targets against brain disease (EurekAlert / Columbia Univ 10/10)

                     Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Gives Hope To Millions [w/VIDEO] (CBS 2 WLNY 10/9)

                     Is CWD a risk to humans? Health officials weigh in [w/VIDEO] (NBC 13 WEAU 10/9)

10/10/2018:  New AUC published for lumbar puncture and spinal fluid analysis in Alzheimer's diagnosis (Medical Life Sciences News 10/10)

                     Turner, Williams, "The Brightest Person in the Room" - Does someone you love have Lewy Body Dementia? (PR Newswire 10/10)

                     RCA’s ‘Blue Out’ Night supports Huntington’s awareness (Elk Valley Times 10/10)

                     Qatar Biomedical Research Institute workshop raises awareness on Alzheimer’s disease (The Peninsula 10/10)

                     The truth is that dementia can strike at any time...and its effects can be shattering (The London Economic 10/9)

                     New monthly respite programs in Gasport, Lewiston provides social activities for those living with dementia (WNY Papers 10/9)

                     Dementia ‘WORLD FIRST’ cure: Alzheimer’s breakthrough as scientists ‘excited’ for new drug (Express UK 10/9)

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                     Poignant dementia play in memory of WMC president (Telegraph Argus UK 10/9)

                     Oryzon announces first patient enrolled in REIMAGINE: a Phase IIa clinical trial with Vafidemstat (Globe Newswire 10/9)

                     Indian-Origin Researchers Develop AI That Can Predict Alzheimer’s Risk 5 Years In Advance (Analytics India 10/9)

                     African-Americans need to know more about dementia risks (Des Moines Register 10/9)

                     Judge approves treatment for 'mad cow-like' Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (Sky News 10/9)

                     The DESPIAD clinical trial: testing a new approach to treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (UCLH UK 10/9)

                     Scientists Map Brain Region Linked To Alzheimer’s And Other Diseases (ScienceBlog 10/9)

                     Three UChicago scientists earn NIH grants to pursue innovative research (Univ of Chicago 10/9)

                     New biomarker for Alzheimer's disease found thanks to the CRISPR technique (EurekAlert / Univ of Extremadura 10/9)

                     Advocacy Groups, Doctors Question Rising Prices of Rare Disease Treatments (Huntington's Disease News 10/9)

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                     Alzheimer’s Disease Doctors Talk Drug Treatment (UCI News 10/8)

                     EVENT [10/25]: Workshop to Teach How To Fight Dementia With Music (Broadway World Indianapolis 10/8)

                     PolyU Develops eNightLog System for Caring of the Elderly with Dementia (Markets Insider 10/8)

                     Evidence does NOT support statin use for conditions other than heart disease [w/VIDEO] (Daily Mail UK 10/8)

10/09/2018:  Alzheimer's Aberrations; Dime-Sized Nerve Repair; 3-Minute Parkinson's Dx? (MedPage Today 10/9)

                     Deprescribing Antipsychotics for Behavioral & Psychological Symptoms of Dementia & Insomnia (MedScape Psychiatry 10/9)

                     Jane Fonda returns to Atlanta to promote youth health (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 10/8)

10/08/2018:  Why people with dementia don’t all behave the same (The Conversation 10/8)

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                     New Alzheimer’s drug draws on 40 years of research (Financial Times 10/8)

                     Pioneering treatment for CJD to be given to a UCLH patient (Univ. College of London Hospital 10/8)

                     USC scientists create new map of brain region linked to Alzheimer's disease (EurekAlert / USC 10/8)

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                     Previously unknown genetic aberrations associated with Alzheimer's progression (Medical Xpress / Mount Sinai Hosp 0/8)

                     EVENT [10/25]: 1-Hour Program Offered On The Basics Of Alzheimer’s And Dementia Oct. 25 (The Chattanoogan 10/8)

                     Transcriptome Analyses Link Alzheimer's Disease With Brain Gene Splicing, Expression (Genome Web 10/8)

                     'You don't choose Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's chooses you,' a journalist provides answers (True Jersey 10/8)

                     Benzodiazepines linked to risk of Alzheimer’s disease (The Pharmaceutical Journal 10/8)

                     Dementia keep fit a class above for Thornton personal trainer (Black Pool Gazette UK 10/8)

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                     Blackhawks honor Stan Mikita with tribute video [w/VIDEO] (Second City Hockey 10/7)

                     EVENT [10/10]: Frontotemporal Degeneration Caregivers support group (Mass Live 10/7)

                     EVENTS [Monthly]: Dementia/Alzheimers Spanish support group (Mass Live 10/7)

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07/07/2018:  Barbara Windsor speaks out over her dementia as she pleads with fans ‘to take a stand’ against illness (Metro UK 10/8)

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10/06/2018:  Scientists have warned about the risk of neurological diseases (MiceTimes Asia 10/7)

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                     'It's a when and not an if situation': Sligo researchers studying how to integrate our future robotic colleagues (The Journal 10/6)

                     Global Wireless Brain Sensors Market 2018-2025 Advanced Brain Monitoring, Muse, Neurosky (Insurance Day 10/6)

                     “Smart” Homes for Patients with Dementia (The Koz Telegram 10/5)

                     Alberta Cannabis Cultivator Partners With University For Dementia Study (Candid Chronicle 10/5)

                     Redditch man Jordan vows to live life to the full despite diagnosis (Redditch Standard UK 10/5)

                     Blood sugar control tied to long-term brain health with type 1 diabetes (Reuters 10/5)

                     Dipeptide Repeat Proteins Trigger TDP-43 Pathology, Faulty Nuclear Import (AlzForum 10/5)

                     NIH awards Indiana researcher $44.7M for early onset Alzheimer’s study using imaging (Health Imaging 10/5)

                     Teen Cannabis Use Tied to Lasting Cognitive Changes (MedPage Today 10/3)

10/05/2018:  Leading an Active Life With a Diagnosis of Dementia (New York Times 10/5)

                     AI could spot Alzheimer's five years before major symptoms appear (Telegraph UK 10/5)

                     Women More At Risk Of Having Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke' Than Men (Business Times 10/5)

                     “A Very Disappointing Outcome”? New GMO Ruling From EU Court (The Oxford Student 10/5)

                     The Best Way To Improve Brain Health (Forbes 10/5)

                     Participants in dementia prevention research motivated by altruism (EurekAlert / UC San Diego 10/5)

                     Irish professor provides dementia prevention tips (Irish Central 10/5)

                     NYU Nursing Receives $3.47 Million NIH Grant to Improve Oral Health in People with Dementia (Daily Nurse 10/5)

                     Emmerdale actor who played vicar with dementia delights care home's elderly (CareHome UK 10/5)

                     Collins-led effort to increase Alzheimer’s research signed into law (Ripon Advance 10/5)

                     IU To Study Why Alzheimer's Is Affecting More People Under 55 (93.1 WIBC 10/5)

                     A meeting of the minds: brain sciences celebrated at annual retreat (Imperial College London 10/5)

                     Reducing Levels of Mutated Protein Restores Cognitive Function in Mouse Model of Huntington’s Disease (Sci News 10/5)

                     Eric Kandel, Nobel laureate in his book “In Search of memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind” (The Hindu 10/5)

                     Leaving your brain to science: don’t let myths dissuade you [w/VIDEO] (National Geographic Oct 2018)

                     Former State Rep. Larry Larranaga released from hospital, family says [w/VIDEO] (KRQE 10/4)

                     Alzheimer’s research brings new hope for young Oklahoma woman fighting the disease [w/VIDEO] (KFOR 4 OK 10/4)

                     Case Western Reserve researchers to examine skin prions in fatal neurodegenerative disease (EurekAlert 10/4)

10/04/2018:  The Many Faces of Alzheimer's (Harvard Medical School 10/4)

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                     People with dementia to lead and control new research (Homecare UK 10/4)

                     Parkinson’s Institute & Clinical Center, Retrotope Collaborate on New Drug Therapies for Parkinson’s (Globe Newswire 10/4)

                     NYU Meyers Receives $3.47 Million NIH Grant to Improve Oral Health Among People with Dementia (NYU 10/4)

                     Half of Women Will Experience One of These 3 Medical Events After Age 45 (Being Patient 10/4)

                     IU-led study of younger Alzheimer's patients aims to pave the way toward new treatments (Indiana Univ 10/4)

                     Mutant Huntingtin & Neurofilament Light Protein Could be Biomarkers in Huntington’s (Huntington's Disease News 10/4)

                     Study: Periodontal disease may spur Alzheimer's (UPI 10/4)

                     IU researcher wins $44.7M to study rare form of Alzheimer's disease (Indianapolis Business Journal 10/4)

                     Hormone in plants 'REVERSES the brain damage caused by a high-fat diet', claim researchers (Daily Mail UK 10/4)

                     Can a healthy diet reduce your dementia risk? (British Heart Foundation 10/4)

                     OU assistant professor of research leads study on Alzheimer's disease (Oklahoma Univ Daily 10/3)

                     Shawnee Mission East senior’s research might one day help cure Alzheimer’s [w/VIDEO] (Fox 4 WDAF 10/3)

                     23-year-old man told told he will almost certainly develop dementia in later life in youngest case ever (Irish Post 10/3)

                     Jane Fonda on Ted Turner’s diagnosis, G-CAPP, and her new HBO documentary (Atlanta Magazine 10/3)

                     Alice’s Clubhouse to launch first location in Mount Pleasant (Moultrie News 10/3)

10/03/2018:  We invest in research to spur innovation, not to line executives’ pockets (The Times UK 10/4)

                     Antibodies for Parkinson's disease targets (abcam 10/3)

                     'It's a licence to live' says 23-year-old, UK's youngest person with dementia (Homecare UK 10/3)

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                     EVENT [10/10]: Parkinson’s support group to meet Oct. 10 at Jenkins Living Center (Watertown Public Opinion 10/3)

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                     U.S. House Passes $425 Million increase for Alzheimer’s Research funding (Helena/West Helena World 10/3)

                     U of S study wants to see if cannabis eases anxiety in people with dementia (CBC 10/3)

                     Huntington's disease-struck young women vow to fight family curse, saying 'it's stopping with me' (ABC Australia 10/3)

                     New CRISPR gene editing technique holds promise for genetic disease treatments (Medical News Bulletin 10/3)

                     Penn Medicine to deploy precision medicine to study Parkinson's (Philadelphia Business Journal 10/3)

                     Supreme Court Grapples With Planned Execution of Convicted Killer With Dementia (Wall Street Journal 10/2)

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10/02/2018:  The next frontier of precision medicine: Parkinson's disease (MD Linx Neurology 10/2)

                     Man, 23, diagnosed w/dementia AND Parkinson's after watching his mother succumb to the diseases at 52 (Daily Mail UK 10/3)

                     Alzheimer Society of Huron County to host “I’m Still Here!” — drama on living with dementia (Clinton News Record 10/2)

                     Northwestern to lead national team studying aging and neurodegenerative disease (EurekAlert / Northwestern Univ. 10/2)

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                     Study estimates 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men set to develop dementia, Parkinson's disease, or stroke (Medical Xpress / BMJ 10/1)

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