Dementia & Memory - November 2018

November 2018



          Duke Neurology Research Round Up, November 2018 (Duke Univ Med School 11/30)

          Low-Protein, High-Carb Diet Could Help Stave Off Dementia (Being Patient 11/30)

          European collaboration paves way for new research into health, social care for neurodegenerative diseases (Politics Home 11/30)

          Research Roundup: Alzheimer’s vaccine successful in animal trials, HIV vaccine shows promise, more! (Speaking of Research 11/30)

          Enlarged heart linked to a higher risk of dementia (Medical Xpress / Univ of Minnesota 11/30)

          Three Common Dementia Screens Faulty, Inaccurate (MedScape Psychiatry 11/30)

          Midlife Lung Disease Linked to Later Dementia (MedScape Psychiatry 11/30)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Solar Bears forward Curt Gogol advocates Alzheimer's awareness in honor of grandmother (Orlando Sentinel 11/30)

          Science Snippet: Alzheimer’s (Door County Pulse 11/30)

          Le Sueur company's device could help detect Alzheimer's earlier (Free Press 11/30)

          Culturally tailored text messages improve Alzheimer’s education among African-Americans (USC News 11/30)

          Curcumin Showing Promise In Alzheimer’s Research (World Health Net 11/29)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Detecting signs of neurodegeneration earlier and more accurately (Medical Xpress / Polish Academy of Sciences 11/30)

     Huntington's Disease

          Thieves steal electric bike from Huntington's sufferer in Brighton (The Argus UK 11/30)

          Pharmacist Feature Friday: Providing Hope for Patients with Neurological Diseases (Specialty Pharmacy Times 11/30)

          A man with Huntington’s called police for a safe ride home. He ended up in a hospital (Star-Telegram 11/30)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Imaging Data Resurrects Abandoned Parkinson’s Gene Therapy (AlzForum 11/30)

          Michael J. Fox turned to alcohol after Parkinson's disease diagnosis (Film News UK 11/30)

          New Imaging Technique May Aid Early-Stage Diagnosis of Parkinson’s, Study Says (Parkinson's News Today 11/30)

          Getting strong now (Isthmus 11/29)

          Parkinson’s Gene Therapy Creates New Brain Circuits For Motor Function (ReliaWire 11/29)

          Harrisonburg creates exercise program for people with Parkinson's Disease 🎥 (The Breeze 11/29)

          Parkinson's Disease Key Regulator Uncovered Through Single-Cell Sequencing of Neurons (GenomeWeb 11/29)

          Local gym fights Parkinson’s disease one punch at a time 🎥 (Fox5 News 11/29)

     Vascular Dementia

          EVENT [1/15]: Hastings therapist’s talk will explore the causes of Type 2 diabetes (Hastings Observer UK 11/30)

          We’ll pay in the years to come if we fail to improve circulatory health today (Nat'l Health Executive 11/30)



          Dementia prescribing 'needs to be improved' (Otago Daily Times NZ 11/30)

          Global burden of dementia estimated (MedWire News 11/29)

          Study: Dementia Tests in Doctors' Offices Often Wrong (NewsMax Health 11/29)

          Research Brief: Enlarged heart linked to a higher risk of dementia (Univ of Minnesota 11/29)

          Certain Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Cognitive Function in Older Adults At Risk for Dementia (PR Newswire 11/29)

          7 Best Clocks for Dementia (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/27)

          Make a Dementia-Friendly House 🎥 (Alzheimer's& Dementia Weekly 11/27)

          Vision in Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/26)

          Oral Health for Older Adults (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/23)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Montana State researchers awarded $2.9 million for study of neurodegenerative disease (EurekAlert / Montana St Univ 11/29)

          Alzheimer's Disease May Be Found Earlier with MRI (MedPage Today 11/29)

          Shriver's Women's Alzheimer's Movement Awards 7 Grants To Accelerate Gender-Based Research In Alzheimer's (PR Newswire 11/29)

          Top Biopharmaceutical Research Companies Publish Update On The State Of Alzheimer's Research In US (Forbes 11/29)

          Common antibiotic may help prevent Alzheimer's and boost lifespan (New Atlas 11/28)

          Reducing Alzheimer’s risk (St. Louis American 11/28)

          Oskar Fischer Project: A $5 Million Challenge to Find Alzheimer's Cause (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/27)

          Ketogenic Diet Clears Plaque, Improves Brain Blood Flow 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/27)

          Hippocampal-Sparing Alzheimer's Goes Dangerously Misdiagnosed 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/27)

          Are F18-PET Scans for Alzheimer's Worth It? (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/26)

          9 Tips for Coping with Agitation and Aggression (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/25)

          How to Travel with Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's& Dementia Weekly 11/25)

          Mama, It Don't Bother Me When You Forget My Name 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/23)

          Wine Cleans Alzheimer's Plaque (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/22)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Former vet student turned neuroscientist launches nootropic supplement based on efficacious doses (Nutra Ingredients USA 11/29)

          Chronic wasting disease spreads in Wisconsin: Should humans be concerned? (Fox News 11/29)

          Here's How Dangerous, Deadly Prions Spread to the Brain (Live Science 11/29)

          Eye Testing May Aid Early Diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (MedScape Psychiatry 11/28)

     Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's Disease

          Alzheimer’s: drug trials for preventing the disease in people with Down syndrome may soon be possible (The Conversation 1/29)

          Understanding Down syndrome opens door to Alzheimer's prevention trials (EurekAlert / King's College London 11/28)

     Huntington's Disease

          Specialist neurological centre raises more than £2.5 million but more work is to be done (Press and Journal UK 11/29)

          Young People Caring for Huntington’s Disease Parent Worry ‘This Could Be Me’ (Huntington'sDisease News 11/29)

          Huntington's legal case could impact 'access to insurance' (Cover UK 11/29)

          Where you can get prescribed medical marijuana in Lebanon County (Leb Town 11/29)

          Leominster Golf Club hold charity event (Hereford Times 11/29)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

          Increased serum levels of α-synuclein in patients with major depressive disorder (MD Linx Psychiatry 11/29)

          IntraBio Announces Clinical Results for Treatment of Dementia (Digital Journal 11/28)

          Tracking the landscape of dementia research and resources (National Inst on Aging 11/28)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Michael J. Fox recalls the moment he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease: ‘It freaked me out’ (Fox News 11/29)

          Canadian Groups Launch Large-scale Initiative to Capture Data on Parkinson’s Patients Nationwide (Parkinson's News Today 11/29)

          Plant Compound, Arbutin, Eases Some Symptoms in Parkinson’s Mouse Model, Study Shows (Parkinson's News Today 11/29)

          Throwback Thursday: Fighting Parkinson’s disease (Baylor College of Medicine 11/29)

          PA Live: Your Health Live (Parkinson's Disease) November 28, 2018 🎥 (PA Homepage 11/29)

          Staying Active Versus Exercise (Parkinson's News Today 11/28)

          Parkinson’s disease: How drinking TEA could lower risk of condition symptoms 🎥 (Express UK 11/28)

          UAB recognized nationally for Parkinson's Disease research 🎥 (ABC 33/40 News 11/28)

          Study Links Smoking, Reduced Parkinson’s Risk, But Comes with Caveat (Parkinson's News Today 11/28)

     Vascular Dementia

          The Oldest Twins in the World have Marked the 102 Birthday (The Koz Post 11/29)

          Project Elf Launched To Encourage People To Give An ‘Elfing’ Hand (Wales 247 UK 11/29)

          Reducing Alzheimer’s risk [includes vascular dementia] (St. Louis American 11/28)



          IntraBio Announces Clinical Results for Treatment of Dementia (Digital Journal 11/28)

          Trazodone tied to similar risk of falls, major fractures as antipsychotic use for seniors with dementia (Long-Term Care News 11/28)

          Paid leave for caregivers of adults with dementia is charting new territory in the workplace (HR Dive 11/28)

          Young people with dementia need new approaches to care (Medical Xpress / Univ of Hertfordshire 11/28)

          Study finds biases in widely used dementia identification tests (EurekAlert / American Academy of Neurology 11/28)

          Tracking the landscape of dementia research and resources (National Institute on Aging 11/28)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Can You Change the Course of Your Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s? (Being Patient 11/28)

          Alzheimer's research offers reasons to hope 🎥 (Delmarva Now 11/28)

          EVENT [11/30]: Alzheimer’s Association’s Your Brain Matters Luncheon to Honor Actress Sarah Rafferty (NoozHawk 11/28)

          The Truth About that Alzheimer's Vaccine Everyone's Talking About (Men's Health 11/28)

          Antibiotic may slow or prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, study says (UPI 11/28)

          Dem senator calls for 'pouring' money into Alzheimer's research (The Hill 11/28)

          Burlingame girls run nonprofit camp (San Mateo Daily Journal 11/28 [2013])

          NP forum encourages turning ‘fear into action’ on Alzheimer’s (Valley Breeze 11/27)

          A Personal Look At Alzheimer's Disease 🎥 (NBC 5 DFW 11/27)

     Huntington's Disease

          Wholesome Makers Market celebrates 5 years (Brookings Register 11/28)

          Huntington's disease case could impact patient confidentiality (Cover Magazine UK 11/27)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

          Potential breakthrough for dementia treatment: IntraBio announces clinical results for Lewy body dementia (MD Linx Neurology 11/28)

          Seascale golfers raise cash for good causes (Cumberland News UK 11/27)

          Ontario judge turns to expressive art after diagnosis of Lewy body dementia (CTV News 11/27)

     Parkinson's Disease

          How AI helped a graphic designer with Parkinson's disease draw again (Evening Standard UK 11/28)

          Rock Steady Boxing gives Parkinson’s patients a fighting chance 🎥 (ABC/NBC/CW 8 KAIT 11/27-28)

          How your brain can predict the future (Big Think 11/27)

          Discovery of New Brain Region Could Have Implications for Neurodegenerative Disorders (Parkinson's News Today 11/27)

          Parkinson's nurse Rachael Mackinnon starts work in Port Macquarie (Macquarie Port News Australia 11/27)

          Canadian Open Parkinson Network funding begins collaboration to accelerate Parkinson's research, knowledge (Newswire 11/27)

          Clinical trial will explore how Sensoria's smart socks can help Parkinson's patients (Mobi Health News 11/27)

          EVENT [11/29]: Disability Action Center to host Parkinson's film and discussion (Moscow-Pullman Daily News 11/27)

          Exercise That Motivates Parkinson’s Patients to Push Limits Can Offer Range of Benefits, Experts Say (Parkinson's News Today 11/27)

          Couple Shares Incredible Journey Of Falling In Love After Both Being Diagnosed With Parkinson’s (Guacamoley 11/26)

     Vascular Dementia

          Well-earned reward for beloved Coatbridge couple (Daily Record UK 11/28)



          Can learning music deter dementia? (Medical Xpress / Massey Univ 11/27)

          Diabetic ketoacidosis further increases risk of Alzheimer’s disease in patients with type 2 diabetes (MD Linx Neurology 11/27)

          MRI Scans Highly Accurate in Predicting Onset of Dementia (Psych Congress Network 11/27)

          Young dementia patients more likely to face discrimination in low paid roles (Personnel Today 11/27)

          New Study Uses MRI Scans to Predict Alzheimer's and Dementia (Interesting Engineering 11/27)

          Qatar launches national plan to counter dementia 🔊 (Gulf Times 11/27)

          Lung disease may increase dementia risk (Medical News Today 11/27)

          Virtual Tour Demonstrates Dark World Of Dementia 🎥 (WUFT 11/26)

          Statistics on the burden of dementia: need for stronger data (The Lancet Neurology 11/26)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Advanced imaging technology measures magnetite levels in the living brain (Science Daily / Mass Gen Hospital 11/27)

          Which Are the Right Tests to Satisfy New FDA Guidance? (AlzForum 11/27)

          Insight into the brain's hidden depths: Scientists develop minimally invasive probe (Science Daily / Leibnitz-Inst of Photonic Tech 11/27)

          EVENT [12/5]: Learn Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia (NoozHawk 11/27)

          Progranulin: A Mark of Worsening Alzheimer’s? (AlzForum 11/27)

          Study: Exercise may be key in delaying onset of Alzheimer's disease (Local 12 News 11/27)

          Grant Supports Salk Team’s Cutting-Edge Alzheimer’s Studies (NBC 7 San Diego 11/27)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Tragedy as mother dies DECADES after contracting dementia through own baby 🎥 (Express UK 11/26)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Zebrafish help unlock mystery of motor neurone disease (Medical Xpress / Univ of Sheffield 11/26)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Teen of the Week: CV senior eyes career in health care (Cumberlink Sentinel 11/26)

          Drug treatment targets mutant proteins to stop neurodegenerative diseases (The Conversation 11/26)

          New neurology studies a 'wakeup call' for global health (Medical Xpress / Inst for Health Metrics & Eval 11/26)

          Researchers offer guidance on monitoring Parkinson’s with wearable sensors, machine learning (Mobi Health News 11/26)

          Deterioration of Nerve Cell Structure Not Main Cause of Early Parkinson’s, Mouse Study Suggests (Parkinson's News Today 11/26)

          Mission, Abbvie Partner to Develop DUB Enzyme Inhibitors for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s (Parkinson's News Today 11/26)

          The ABCs of Parkinson’s Disease: ‘L’ Is for Lists (Parkinson's News Today 11/26)

          Can Immunotherapy Offer New Hope for Parkinson’s Sufferers? (Labiotech Europe 11/26)

          Breakdown of brain’s autopilot mode may explain Parkinson’s disease (New Scientist 11/26)

     Vascular Dementia

          Simple Way to Reduce Alzheimer's Risk (Newsmax 11/27)

          Air pollution and cognition (British Medical Journal 11/27)



          New Outline Seeks to Give Providers Balance for Antipsychotic Prescribing (Provider 11/26)

          Trazadone associated with similar risk of falls and major fractures as antipsychotics in seniors with dementia (EurekAlert / CMAJ 11/26)

          Insurance Cares: Guide sets out how insurance can help dementia patients (Insuraance Age 11/26)

          New neurology studies a 'wakeup call' for global health (Medical Xpress / Inst for Health Metrics & Eval 11/26)

          Lung disease in middle age may be a risk factor for dementia later in life (EurekAlert / American Thoracic Society 11/26)

          Researcher Gets $3.37 Million Grant To Improve Quality Of Life For People With Dementia (Georgia State Univ 11/26)

          Roll for a Reason event raises funds for dementia research (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11/26)

          Global, regional, and national burden of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, 1990–2016 (The Lancet Neurology 11/26)

          Researcher: Alzheimer's vaccine could cut dementia in half, human trials may be next 🎥 (NBC 8 KGW 11/25)

          Property Industry Unite to Wipeout Dementia, Raising $150,000 (Urban Developer 11/25)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Mission, Abbvie Partner to Develop DUB Enzyme Inhibitors for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s (Parkinson's News Today 11/26)

          Microglia react distinctively during inflammation (Science Daily / Luxembourg Institute  of Health 11/26)

          Drug treatment targets mutant proteins to stop neurodegenerative diseases (The Conversation 11/26)

          How Coffee May Protect Brain Health: A New Study Suggests The Benefits Aren't Just From Caffeine (Forbes 11/26)

          Study: More exercise linked to delayed onset of Alzheimer's 🎥 (ABC 7 WXYZ 11/26)

          Genetic 'reshuffling' by brain cells may link to Alzheimer's disease (Bio News 11/26)

          Promising Alzheimer's vaccine draws closer to human trials, researchers say (Atlanta Journal Constitution 11/25)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Mum dies after ‘catching a rare form of dementia from her husband through her baby’ (Irish Sun 11/26)

     Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's Disease

          The Kennedy Center to host forum on Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease (Westfair Online 11/26)

     Huntington's Disease

          Seeking your feedback on health care in the Western Isles (Stornoway Gazette 11/26)

          Public consultations to be held on neurological conditions (Press & Journal UK 11/26)

          How can we treat a genetic disease like Huntington’s? (Medical News Bulletin 11/25)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Fitness group deals blow to Parkinson’s symptoms (Hot Springs Sentinel-Record 11/26)

          Insulin Resistance and Parkinson's Disease (Medical Life Sciences News 11/26)

          All Bob Wollman wants is to go home for final days (Riverdale Press 11/25)

          Science show prize winner's innovation a boon to Parkinson’s patients (Gulf Times 11/25)

          Kilkeel mum to climb Japan's Mount Fuji after shock Parkinson's disease diagnosis (Belfast  Line 11/25)

          Class helps 'boxers' rise up to the challenge of Parkinson's (Fredericksburg Online 11/24)

          Army assistant Waugh persevering vs. toughest foe yet — Parkinson’s (Record Online 11/24)

     Vascular Dementia

          These women – most elderly in the world Gemini. Photo (Mice Times Asia 11/27)

          Londonderry memory center spots cognitive decline, gives strategies for independent living (New Hampshire Union Leader 11/25)



          The human brain has two internal clocks that allow you to see the future, new research says (Indy 100 11/24)

          Chris Sutton calls on PFA chief Gordon Taylor to stand down in emotional plea in wake of players’ dementia row (Scottish Sun 11/24)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Studies About Brain Supplements Wisconsin Citizens Needs to Know (My Fox Wisconsin 11/25)

          Support of caregivers is vital for Alzheimer’s, dementia patients (Tullahoma Tennessee News 11/25)

          Unscrambling the egg: how research works out what really leads to an increased disease risk (The Conversation 11/25)

          Final Patient Enrolled in Landmark Alzheimer’s Treatment Trial Targeting Stress Hormone Cortisol (Business Wire 11/25)

          Rep. Tom Cole: Hope for curing Alzheimer’s disease (News OK 11/25)

          UT Researchers Discover Alzheimer's Vaccine, Hope To Test In Humans Soon (Forbes 11/23)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Infectious Prion Proteins Detected In Eye Tissues Of People With Rare Brain Disease (Daddyhood 11/25)

          Your Eyes Are The Key To Transmission Of A Deadly Brain Disease, Doctors Say (Comic Sands 11/24)

          Chronic wasting disease incidents continue as hunting season nears end (Ravalli Republic 11/24)

     Huntington's Disease

          Woman who inherited fatal illness to sue doctors in groundbreaking case (The Guardian 11/25)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

          Mary Parkes was 'stripped of her dignity' at London care home (The Guardian 11/23)

     Parkinson's Disease

          ‘At Home with Muhammad Ali — A Memoir of Love, Loss and Forgiveness’ review: Outside the ring (The Hindu 11/24-25)

          Medical experts must collaborate for solutions to diseases that are difficult to treat (Business Standard 11/24)

          Brown Bag Consult: A Patient with Parkinson's Disease and Depression 🎥 (Pharmacy Times 11/24)

          EVENT [12/4]: Tomah Memorial Hospital Parkinson’s Support Group meets Dec. 4 (Tomah Journal 11/23)


     Alzheimer's Disease

          Researcher: Alzheimer's vaccine could cut dementia in half, human trials may be next 🎥 (USA Today 11/24)

          These Measures will Save You from Alzheimers (Newstrack Live 11/24)

          Special test almost 60 years ago still follows Douglas trio (Tucson Online 11/24)

          To Crack the Puzzles of Alzheimer's, a Foundation Takes a Laser Approach (Inside Philanthropy 11/24)

          Alzheimer’s is a bipartisan battle Trump can win (New York Post 11/24)

          UT Researchers Discover Alzheimer's Vaccine, Hope To Test In Humans Soon (Forbes 11/23)

     Mixed Dementia

          The Caretaker of the Chin Hairs (New York Times 11/23)

     Parkinson's Disease

          You’ve heard about Black Friday, but did you know this black drink could prevent Parkinson's? (Yahoo News 11/23)

          Lenexa Teenager Makes Forbes '30 Under 30' For An App She Created To Detect Parkinson's (KCUR News 11/23)

          'Best birthday present I've had': Advanced surgery zapping Parkinson's symptoms comes to Utah (Deseret News 11/23)

          Scientists discover a tiny hidden region in the brain that is UNIQUE to humans and could help cure Parkinson's (Daily Mail UK 11/23)

          Don't stop them now: Pedaling for Parkinson's program participants push boundaries of disease (Daily Chronicle 11/23)

          EVENTS [11/8-3/29]: UVMC to offer Parkinson’s wellness classes (Troy Daily News 11/23)

     Vascular Dementia

          This woman is going for a walk and not coming back for FOUR YEARS (Wales Online 11/24)



          Advance care planning crucial for people living with dementia – and the carer (Mirage News 11/23)

          Dementia: How to make your home dementia friendly and provide comfortable care 🎥 (Express UK 11/23)

          Low-Protein & A High-Carbohydrate Diet Is Ideal For Healthy Brain Ageing & Warding Off Dementia (Health 11/23)

          Mortality in people with dementia, delirium, and unspecified cognitive impairment in the general hospital (DovePress 11/23)

          New Alzheimer's vaccine 'could reduce dementia cases by half' (CBS 13 KVAL 11/23)

          Imagine a cure for dementia – how medical research holds the key (Noted NZ 11/23)

          Entries open for cycling sportive series to boost dementia research (Cycling Weekly 11/23)

          Program helps Cowichan families maximize quality of life with dementia (Cowichan Valley Citizen 11/22)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Mediaplanet Partners with Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation and Others to Help Raise Alzheimer's Awareness (BenZingA 11/23)

          Running the (Lab) Table: Dal Researchers win big at 16th Annual Discovery Awards (Dalhousie Univ 11/23)

          New Alzheimer's vaccine 'could reduce dementia cases by half' (CBS 13 KVAL 11/23) 

          Arizona Alzheimer's Disease Center awarded $3.7 million grant to slow, halt disease (Tucson Online 11/23)

          Raising awareness and money to fight Alzheimer's (All About AnnArbor 11/23)

          Reshuffling of DNA in neurons may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease, landmark study finds (European Scientist 11/22)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Farming couple questioned their future after discovery of cow with BSE (Wirral Globe 11/23)

          Eyes may be portal for prions to enter the body finds study (Medical Life Sciences News 11/23)

          Infectious Prion Proteins Detected In Eye Tissues Of People With Rare Brain Disease (Tech Times 11/23)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Imagine a cure for dementia – how medical research holds the key (Noted NZ 11/23)

     Huntington's Disease

          National Family Caregivers Month: The selfless act of helping others (Shelbyville News 11/23)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Benefits and side effects of CBD oil (Augusta Free Press 11/22)

          A season for giving thanks (Commerce Journal 11/22)

          Mayo Clinic provides treatment option for Shuswap woman with Parkinson’s (Eagle Valley News 11/22)

          Parkingson's Disease may soon be Treatable (Koz Week 11/22)

          Eat, shop, recover and GIVE (Elmore Magazine 11/21)

          Elderly Army vet meets teen who saved his life 🎥 (Fox 2 News 11/21)

     Vascular Dementia

          What’s good for the heart is good for the mind (Harvard Medical School 11/23)

          Ultrasound Therapy May Treat Patients With Dementia (World Health Net 11/22)



          Property industry unites to eliminiate dementia (Mirage News 11/23)

          Why talking about the ‘D’ word is so important (Jewish News 11/22)

          Dr Miriam Stoppard: How furry pet robot could help fight against dementia (Mirror UK 11/22)

          Poorest dying nearly 10 years younger than the rich in 'deeply worrying' trend for UK (Medical Xpress / Imperial College London 11/22)

          Robot cats and dogs and innovative thinking wins Holyhead care home owner gold at dementia award (North Wales Chronicle 11/22)

          Insurance industry answers call to service (Insurance Business 11/22)

          Jeff Astle's family ‘hurt’ after West Brom manager tells daughter to stop talking about PFA (Telegraph UK 11/22)

          MRI technique predicts dementia up to three years before symptoms appear (New Atlas 11/21)

          Little things lead to something bigger (Alabama Online 11/21)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          New Vaccine Could Cut Number Of Alzheimer's Cases In Half (Daily Wire 11/22)

          Could managing cholesterol prevent Alzheimer's? (Medical News Today 11/22)

          Breakthrough Alzheimer's discovery (Medical Life Sciences News 11/22)

          Saving Memories Together: Part One 🎥 (CBS 5 WABI 11/21)

          Saving Memories Together: Part Two 🎥 (CBS 5 WABI 11/21)

          Slowed brainwaves linked to early signs of brain cells going haywire due to dementia (Science Daily / Baycrest Geriatric Care 11/21)
          Important to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease as early as possible (Pocono Record 11/21)

          MRI brain scans better ID people likely to develop Alzheimer’s (Health Data Management 11/21)

          Give Thanks for These Foods That Help Preserve Aging Memory (US News & World Report 11/21)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Infectious, Deadly Prions Could Be Spreading Via People's Eyes, Scientists Warn (Science Alert 11/21)

          CWD found in Grand Teton (Jackson Hole News & Guide 11/21)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

          Global Lewy Body Dementia Treatment Market Is Estimated To Grow At Highest Rate Till 2018-2025 (Management Journal 11/22)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Learn to live your best life now with Parkinson's disease (Canberra Times 11/22)

          PF-360 Provides Some Benefits But Does Not Improve Dopaminergic Function, Mouse Study Shows (Parkinson's News Today 11/21)

          Smoking found to reduce risk of developing Parkinson’s disease (Queen Mary Univ of London 11/21)

          Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved One with Parkinson’s (Parkinson's News Today 11/21)

          Using Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies for Key Parkinson’s Disease Targets (Medical Life Sciences News 11/21)

          CXCL12/CXCR4 Blood Levels Can Help Diagnose Inflammation Linked to Parkinson’s, Study Suggests (Parkinson's News Today 11/21)

          Does Exercise Slow Parkinson's Disease Progression? (Medical Life Sciences News 11/21)

          Parkinson's Disease and Helicobacter Pylori (Medical Life Sciences News 11/21)



          4 Meaningful Thanksgiving Tips (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/22)

          A Big Thanksgiving Laugh from A Little Old Lady 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/21)

          10 Precautions for Celebrating Thanksgiving with Dementia (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/21)

          Dementia carers unprepared and distressed by end-of-life decisions (Mirage News 11/21)

          Body, Brain, Life for Cognitive Decline (BBL-CD): protocol for a multidomain dementia risk reduction trial (DovePress NZ 11/21)

          Column: Dance now to remember later (Oakland Press 11/21)

          Frustrated Alzheimer’s researchers seek better lab mice (Nature 11/21)

          MRI scan may help predict dementia: study (XinHua Net 11/21)

          Low-protein, high-carb diet may help ward off dementia (The Guardian 11/20)

          5 Ways Music Helps Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/20)

          Simple Tests for Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/19)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          SPECIAL EDITION: Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Development 9-part Series

          Briggs Equipment smashes Alzheimer’s Research annual fundraising goal (SHD Logistics 11/21)

          OptumLabs is using AI to predict Alzheimer's disease (Healthcare Finance 11/21)

          Alzheimer’s research funding reaches $1.9 billion, but experts say it’s still not enough (Arizona Daily Sun 11/20-21)

          UF-led consortium aims to make Alzheimer’s treatable, preventable and one day curable (UF News 11/20)

          Tulane professor receives NIH supplement for Alzheimer’s research (Tulane Univ 11/20)

          God & Alzheimer's: Appreciating People with Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/20)

          Researchers use MRI to predict Alzheimer's disease (EurekAlert / Radiological Soc of North America 11/20)

          Harvard's Tau Scans: A Turning Point in Fighting Alzheimer's 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/20)

          Will We Ever Cure Alzheimer’s? (New York Times 11/19)

          Alzheimer's Isn't Destiny 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/19)

          Alzheimer's patients, their caregivers need our support. Step up this month, Coachella Valley. (Desert Sun 11/19)

          "Beet" Alzheimer's with Betanin 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/19)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Revellers enjoy charity masquerade ball at Winters Tale Country Barn (Buckingham & Winslow Advertiser UK 11/21)

          Eyes of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease patients show evidence of prions (Science Daily / UCSD 11/20)

     Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's Disease

          HIV drugs may help Alzheimer’s, says study proposing an undiscovered root cause (Herald-Mail Media 11/21)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Frontotemporal Dementia: Silke married Kalle, she is 48 and corresponding (Celebs Net UK 11/21)

          Memory Matters frontotemporal dementia caregiver support group (Southern Utah Independent 11/21)

     Huntington's Disease

          Irish scientists use CRISPR to unlock potential soft tissue cancer treatment (Silicon Republic 11/20)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

          Crash Course in Lewy Body Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/21)

          Lewy Body Dementia: Is It PDD or DLB? 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/21)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Biopharma UCB and Verint Systems launch new Parkinson’s patient app dubbed ‘April’ (Fierce Biotech 11/20)

          Talk to me: UCB’s new 'PD Coach' app uses voice AI for Parkinson’s patients (Fierce Pharma 11/20)

          Parkinson's Disease and the Gut Microbiome (Medical Life Sciences News 11/20)

          Veteran with Parkinson’s disease finds healing through dance 🎥 (Q13 Seattle 11/20)

          Smokers ‘have up to 50 per cent lower risk of Parkinson’s disease’ (iNews UK 11/20)

          Study Outlines Risk Factors for Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Newly Diagnosed PD Patients (Parkinson's News Today 11/20)

          Inhibiting USP13 Enzyme Can Help Destroy Toxic Alpha-Synuclein Clumps, Mouse Study Finds (Parkinson's News Today 11/20)

          Ithaca College Associate Dean with Parkinson's 'humiliated' after JetBlue flight incident 🎥 (CNYCentral 11/20)

     Vascular Dementia

          Leeds MP to highlight case of 91-year-old woman: change marriage laws to protect people with dementia (Yorkshire Post UK 11/21)

          Deep Sleep, Sleep Apnea & Vascular Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/20)



          'Behind the Blue': Recognizing Dementia Warning Signs During the Holidays (Univ of Kentucky News 11/20)

          How CARBS could help you live longer… ‘bread, pasta and rice help prevent dementia’ (Irish Sun 11/20)

          Low-protein, high-carb diets could protect against dementia, study finds (Metro UK 11/20)

          Insurers and brokers raise over £50,000 for dementia research (Insurance Times 11/20)

          MRI scans shows promise in predicting dementia (Washington Univ St. Louis School of Medicine 11/20)

          Improving dementia care and treatment saves thousands of pounds in care homes (Medical Xpress / Univ of Exeter 11/20)

          Could your dog have dementia? Here’s what you need to know about pet senility (Philly Inquirer 11/19)

          Research and contribution to ageing and cognitive decline recognised (Aged Care Guide Australia 11/19)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Dementia cure: New vaccine JAB could HALVE Alzheimer’s cases (Express UK 11/20)

          New information on the pathological mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease (EurekAlert / Univ of Helsinki 11/20)

          Will We Ever Cure Alzheimer’s? (New York Times 11/19)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Artist’s doodles featured in gallery exhibit (Sun Current 11/20)

          Mutation Common to ALS Affects How Lipids Are Metabolized in Motor Neurons, Study Shows (ALS News Today 11/20)

          QurAlis Raises $5.5 Million Seed Round (OA Online 11/19)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Lisa Origliasso shares behind-the-scenes clips of glamorous wedding weekend to Logan Huffman 🎥 (Celebrity Nine Australia 11/20)

          Shakti Gawain, Marin author of ‘Creative Visualization,’ dies (Marin Independent Journal 11/19)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Horse Community Rallies for Parkinson’s Research; Can You Help Advance the Goal? (Thoroughbred Daily News 11/19)

          Design, Development of BeatHealth System for Parkinson’s Gait Impairments Described in Study (Parkinson's News Today 11/19)

          Last year was going to be the final PD Shimmers light show, until a neighbor saved it (Lakeshore Weekly News 11/19)

          Al Bruce: Comes a time: Living with Parkinson’s cont. (The Evening Tribune 11/19)

          New Parkinson's support group launched in Dickinson (Dickinson Press 11/19)

          Finding Hope for Today (Parkinson's News Today 11/19)



          Study links medication with dementia, fractures (Taipei Times 11/20)

          50% Less Memory Loss by Improving Sight & Hearing​ 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/19)

          Why Bother with a Dementia Diagnosis? 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/19)

          Your patient wants to be a medical tourist—6 things you should do (AMA Wire 11/19)

          Health calendar (Post & Courier 11/19)

          Cathy Lee on journey to understanding grandmother’s dementia: ‘I felt bad that we ignored the signs’ (South China Morning Post 11/19)

          New Canada Research Chair bridges gap between research and practice with groundbreaking dementia studies (U Today 11/19)

          Insurance firms raise huge total in dementia fight (Insurance Business 11/19)

          Memory — New Research Reveals Cells Have It, Too (Evolution News & Science Today 11/19)

          How to make your home dementia friendly (Spectator Health 11/19)

          Could lab-grown human minibrains help treat Alzheimer's and epilepsy? 🎥 (Sydney Morning Herald 11/19)

          Voice coach works with Parkinson’s patients (Steamboat Pilot & Today 11/18)

          Wellspan to host community programs (Gettysburg Times 11/18)

          Don't worry, be happy - and live longer (New Hampshire Union Leader 11/18)

          Surprising Risk Factor for Dementia Revealed (Bel Marra Health 11/18)

          Deep Brain Stimulation Slowed Progression Of Parkinson’s Disease (Open Minds 11/18)

          Bringing Independence Back to Sufferers of Parkinson's! (Yanko Design 11/18)

          Scientists Discover A Way To Get Drugs To The Brain Faster And More Efficiently (Forbes 11/18)

          Emergency Room "Paradise" Heals Dementia's Delirium 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/18)

          6 Tips on Repetitive Questions Due to Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/15)

          Dementia-Friendly Buses 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/15)

          Turmeric Spice Drug Shows 7 Brain Benefits (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/13)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Concomitant use of sleeping pills and strong painkillers is common among people with AD (EurekAlert / Univ Eastern Finland 11/19)

          Structure used to escort nanoparticles across blood–brain barrier also resists protease degradation (Chemistry World 11/19)

          How well can you walk, think at same time? URMC uses ability to predict Alzheimer's risk (Democrat & Chronicle 11/19)

          UM stem cell research lifts hope for Alzheimer's patients (Detroit News 11/19)

          A Crash Course in Alzheimer's & Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/18)

          Family raises money for child with rare disease known as childhood Alzheimer's 🎥 (Local DVM 11/18)

          Holiday Hints for Families Living with Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/16)

          Bill Gates On His Alzheimer's Mission 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/15)

          Alzheimer's Agitation: Citalopram May Help 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/14)

          How to Persuade an Alzheimer's Driver (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/13)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Teenage girl born with mad cow disease faces becoming homeless under Universal Credit (Mirror UK 11/18-19)

     Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's Disease

          For Down Syndrome Adults, Death and Dementia Often Come Together (US News & World Report 11/19)

          Could lab-grown human minibrains help treat Alzheimer's and epilepsy? 🎥 (Sydney Morning Herald 11/19)

          Dementia Linked to Death in Most Older Adults with Down Syndrome (MedPage Today 11/19)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Life in Balance: Caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's can be a full-time effort 🎥 (KTVB 7 News 11/18)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          VIDEO: Ted Turner sings at his 80th birthday party (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/18)

     Mixed Dementia

          Nearly half of dementia patients in Japan put in restraints: study (Japan Today 11/19)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Woodford Patient Investee Forms Collaboration With Roche Unit (Morningstar 11/19)

     Vascular Dementia

          Vascular Dementia for Professional & Family Caregivers 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/19)

          Brave fight of dementia girl, 6, to save her little sister from cruel illness (Mirror UK 11/18)



          A look at hospice, palliative care (Hutchinson News 11/18)

          PFA's Purkiss on mission to redistribute more funds to dementia research (League Two 11/16)

          Northern Medical Program professor wins research prize (Prince George Citizen 11/16)

          Tackling neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s (Open Access Government 11/16)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Community Matters: Support for curing Alzheimer’s (Times Record 11/18)

          EVENT [12/19-21]: Doris Dear Christmas Special Joins with Alzheimer's Assoc for Performance at the Triad (Broadway World 11/16)

          Tackling Alzheimer’s Biomarkers Using Machine Learning: Interview with IQuity CEO, Dr. Chase Spurlock (MedGadget 11/16)

          A simple type of daily meditation may alter the course of Alzheimer's (Medical News Today 11/16)

          EVENT [11/29]: Kennedy Center to host community forum on Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s (Trumbull Times 11/16)

          A New Treatment for Alzheimer's? It Starts With Lifestyle (Discover 11/16)

          Alzheimer’s Foundation of America awards $100,000 to Feinstein Institute for Alzheimer’s research (The Island Now 11/15)

          EVENT [11/27]: Local Business Owner’s Gala for Alzheimer’s Research Entering 12th Year (Cornell Sun 11/15)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Pot derivative offers pain relief without the high (Fosters 11/18)

          EVENT [11/20]: Parkinson's Support Group hosting speaker at its next meeting (Scottsbluff Star-Herald 11/18)

          Lefty's hosts Strike Out Parkinson’s fundraiser (Cape Gazette 11/17)

          Members honored at annual Silver Haired Legislative session (Great Bend Tribune (11/17)

          Study Reveals New Ways Coffee Can Protect Your Brain (Care 2 Green Living 11/17)

          Billy Connolly seen for first time since Michael Parkinson's claims about his health (Mirror UK 11/17)


     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Yuletide Sampler and tree-lighting ceremony kick off holiday season (Park Rapids Enterprise 11/17)

          Thruxted Mill to be turned into houses (Kent Online 11/15) 

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Facebook's CFO is joining the board of a biotech company trying to cure Alzheimer's disease (CNBC 11/16)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Making Sense of Medicine: Do I know you? (Newbury Port News 11/15)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Our scoop on experimental Parkinson’s treatment fuels hope – and a little anxiety too (The New Daily 11/17)

          Should everyone be taking statins? (MD Linx 11/16)

          Functional Imaging in Movement Disorders: Diagnostic Advantages (Neurology Advisor 11/16)

          Moderating Impulsivity: Train the Brain to Stop the Train (Parkinson's News Today 11/16)

          WATCH: Life-changing device being made for Parkinson’s disease at Boston Scientific Clonmel (Waterford Live 11/16)

          AbbVie Enters Industry Collaboration to Fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease (Labiotech 11/16)

          UNS’ Investigational Vaccine UB-312: Potential to Prevent Parkinson’s, Other Neurological Diseases (Parkinson's News Today 11/16)

          Reprogrammed stem cells implanted in patient with Parkinson’s for the first time (European Scientist 11/15)

     Vascular Dementia

          Social care: 'How do others manage without the extra we're able to afford?' (Guardian 11/17)

          Acupuncture for vascular dementia: Proteins implicated (Separations Now 11/15)

          Widow's plea for Bristol people to attend RAF veteran's funeral as she fears empty church (Bristol Live 11/14)



          Thirty-year trends in dementia: a nationwide population study of Swedish inpatient records (DovePress NZ 11/16)

          Being on marae is a protective factor against dementia - researcher (Radio NZ 11/16)

          Making Sense of Medicine: Do I know you? (Newbury Port News 11/15)

          Why It’s so Important to Control Your Blood Pressure (Bel Marra Health 11/15)      

          'Together In Song' chorus to present its first concert at Mercy Medical Center 🎥 (The Gazette 11/15)

          London air pollution is restricting children’s lung development – new research (The Conversation 11/15)

          Animal welfare breakthrough helps to accelerate brain and diabetes research (Medical Xpress / Univ of Sheffield 11/15)

          Miriam Stoppard: 'Half of women will develop dementia, Parkinson’s or have a stroke - but why?' (Mirror UK 11/15)

          'We have £50m but donate just £100,000 to research into dementia': PFA man at war with chief executive (Daily Mail UK 11/15)

          How to help people with dementia retain the power of choice (The Conversation 11/15)

     Mixed Dementia

          Disease Mechanisms-Alzheimer's Disease (Neurology Today 11/15)

     Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH)

          I’m a former war reporter. I learned a lot about vulnerability being my mom’s caregiver. (Washington Post 11/15)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Parkinson's disease: Scientists find new target to destroy protein clumps (MD Linx Neurology 11/15)

          UCB launches Parkinson's disease app with AI voice chatbot (MobiHealth News11/15)

          Personalized Tissue Implants From Patients’ Own Cells Have Potential to Treat Parkinson’s: Study (Parkinson's News Today 11/15)

          For Your Patients-Parkinson's Disease (Neurology Today 11/15)

          Astilbin, Found in Plants, Protects Neurons and Improves Motor Control, Mouse Study Finds (Parkinson's Disease Today 11/15)

          VPS35 Gene and Parkinson's Disease 🎥 (Medical Life Sciences News 11/15)

          Giving a voice back to people with Parkinson's disease (Daily News Media 11/15)

          Parkinson’s disease warning - do you have this fuzzy symptom? How to reveal your risk (Express UK 11/15)

          Rock Steady Boxing throws a punch at Parkinson's disease 🎥 (CBS 13 WMAZ 11/15)

     Vascular Dementia

          Acupuncture for vascular dementia: Proteins implicated (Spectroscopy Now 11/15)



          Using the arts to create quality care for people living with dementia (Mirage News 11/15)

          UI research examines effectiveness of music therapy on Iowans with Alzheimer’s, related dementias (Iowa Now 11/14)

          HHS graduates from ’60s rejoin national study (Sampson Independent 11/14)

          News or Noise: Diet drinks can triple risk of dementia, stroke (NBC 10 WHEC 11/14)

          Why prescribing playlists for people with dementia is on the money (Guardian 11/14)

          Older adults' abstract reasoning ability predicts depressive symptoms over time (Science Daily / Assoc for Psych Sci 11/14)

          Cream of British business celebrated at 17th Lloyds Bank National Business Awards (Business Matters 11/14)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          New finding adds proof microbes are at Alzheimer's "crime scene" (PR Newswire 11/15)

          Mission Therapeutics and AbbVie Sign DUBs Collaboration in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease (AP 11/15)

          New Emory program will empower patients with mild cognitive impairment (Emory News Center 11/15)

          Research Need: University of Michigan seeks volunteers for Alzheimer's clinical trial (Ann Arbor News 11/15)

          Making Sense of Medicine: Do I know you? (Daily News 11/15)

          Disease Mechanisms-Alzheimer's Disease (Neurology Today 11/15)

          UofL cancer researcher gains NIH funding to study Alzheimer’s disease (The Lane Report 11/15)

          EVENT [11/20]: Alzheimer's Support Group meets Nov. 20 (Journal Press & Register 11/14)

     Huntington's Disease

          At the Bench-Huntington's Disease (Neurology Today 11/15)

          Hope for families living with Huntington’s disease (Third Force News 11/14)

          Woman jailed for life after stabbing Huntington’s disease sufferer to death (Shropshire Star 11/12)

     Korsakoff Syndrome

          Tony Cercy Trial: Psychologist Outlines Effects of Sexual Assault (K2 Radio 11/15)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          10 tips to remember better (Alabama Online 11/14)

     Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH)

          Microbot Medical Inc. (NASDAQ:MBOT) (Newburgh Press 11/13)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Mission Therapeutics and AbbVie Sign DUBs Collaboration in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease (AP 11/15)

          How the appendix may kick-start Parkinson’s (Big Think 11/14)

          Parkinson’s Disease Vaccine Shows Preclinical Promise (Labiotech 11/14)

          Franciscan Health Fitness Centers offers boxing therapy class for people with Parkinson’s disease (NWI Times 11/14)

          The puzzle of a mutated gene lurking behind many Parkinson’s cases (Stanford Medicine 11/14)

          Analysis of Tiny Vesicles Released by Red Blood Cells May Help Identify Parkinson’s Patients (Parkinson's News Today 11/14)

          Researchers find inhibiting one protein destroys toxic clumps seen in Parkinson's (Medical Xpress / Georgetown Univ Med Ctr 11/14)

          Parkinson's disease: Scientists find new target to destroy protein clumps (Medical News Today 11/14)

          Parkinson’s disease warning - do you sleep like this? How to reveal your risk 🎥 (Express UK 11/14)

     Vascular Dementia

          The scanning of the neck may predict dementia - scientists (Click Lancashire 11/14)

          $9.6 million grant to fund research on vascular risk factors for brain aging, dementia (Stanford Medicine 11/14)



          Alzi Center of Excellence and Healthy Aging Inauguration at Atma Jaya University (WOW News 11/14)

          Research Shows Brain-Training Exercises Reduce Indications of Cognitive Impairment 🎥 (NBC 29 WVIR 11/13)

          Five-minute neck scan can spot dementia 10 years earlier, say scientists 🎥 (NBC 5 WPTV 11/13)

          CNN overstates evidence linking neck pulse measurements to increased dementia risk (Health News Review 11/13)

          Be open about drug failures to speed up research (Nature 11/13)

          Baylor College of Medicine experts present latest Alzheimer’s research (TMC News 11/13)

          Co-prescribing "Never Events" Are Common in Medicare Patients With Parkinson's Dementia (Psych Congress Network 11/13)

          'We need their brains': donating to the brain bank in search of a dementia cure (Guardian 11/13)

          Age-Well 2018: Fostering Real-World Solutions to Support Healthy Aging (You Are Unltd 11/13)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Professor awarded $2.9 million federal research grant to study Alzheimer's disease (EurekAlert / Chapman Univ 11/14)

          Educating families affected by Alzheimer’s (LaGrange Daily News 11/13)

          Finding a new way to attack Alzheimer's 🎥 (NBC 16 WNDU 11/13)

          New Report Offers Road Map to Reduce Alzheimer's Risk (Everyday Health 11/13)

          Baylor College of Medicine experts present latest Alzheimer’s research (TMC News 11/13)

          Minorities sought for Wisconsin Alzheimer's research study (Fox WZAW 11/12)

          University Hospitals physician receives $9.6 million grant for Alzheimer's research (Crain's Cleveland Business 11/12)

          Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: The priorities for medical research (Open Access Government 11/12)

          Big data and advanced artificial intelligence techniques to tackle Alzheimer's disease (EurekAlert / Case Western Reserve Univ 11/12)

          ‘Historic breakthrough Alzheimer patients around the globe have been awaiting’ (Health News Review 11/2018)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

          Family seeks court’s approval for administration of treatment (Lexis Nexis 11/14)

          Baxter Highlights Data on Clinical, Economic Benefits When Addressing Malnutrition, Intraoperative Bleeding (Business Wire 11/13)

     Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's Disease

          Kennedy Center hosts Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s forum (CT Post 11/13)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Speech-Language Pathology Professor Collaborates with Johns Hopkins on NIH Grant (Seton Hall Univ 11/14)

          Communique: "Spirituality Of Dementia" At St. James Wednesday | Very Reverend Tracey Lind (NPR WVIK 11/13)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Parkinson's Compared to Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) 🎥 (Medical Life Sciences News 11/13)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Parkinson’s disease - do you walk like this? The signs of Parkinson’s hidden in your steps (Express UK 11/14)

          Parkinson's patients improve symptoms through boxing (CBS 19 News 11/13)

          How Your Morning Cafe con Leche Could Protect You from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease (Olive Press 11/13)

          Athens woman starts Facebook page for those with Parkinson’s (Athens Banner-Herald 11/13)

          Co-prescribing "Never Events" Are Common in Medicare Patients With Parkinson's Dementia (Psych Congress Network 11/13)

          PIG3 Protein’s Role in Development of Familial Parkinson’s Detailed in Studies (Parkinson's News Today 11/13)

          Parkinson's patients battling disease with movement 🎥 (AZ Family 11/13)

          How 2 Proteins Affect Pathway Linked to Early Onset Disease Detailed for Possibly 1st Time (Parkinson's News Today 11/13)

          United Neuroscience Strengthens Vaccine Pipeline with Novel Immunotherapy for Parkinson's Disease (PR Newswire 11/13)

     Vascular Dementia

          Final forum held at Millennium Centre by district council (Haslemere Herald 11/13)

          A 5-minute neck scan could spot dementia 10 years before symptoms appear, according to research (Insider 11/13)



          AI Predicts Alzheimer's; High-Profile Dementia; Let Kids With Concussion Use Their Phones (MedPage Today 11/13)

          Dementia’s hidden darkness: Violence and domestic abuse (The Conversation 11/12)

          EVENT [11/18]: ‘Music for Memories’ jukebox concert Sunday at DPU (Banner Graphic 11/12)

          There's new hope of not only delaying, but reversing symptoms of dementia (LA Times 11/12)

          Genetic factors link Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, study says (UPI 11/12)

          How dementia care has changed, and where it is headed (McKnight's Senior Living 11/12)

          Dementia deaths are rising again – charity calls for more research funding (Health Europa 11/12)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          University Hospitals physician receives $9.6 million grant for Alzheimer's research (Cleveland Business 11/12)

          Compounds From Coffee Offer Hope For Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Diseases (Science 2.0 11/12)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Key considerations for disease- modifying Parkinson’s disease trials (PM Live 11/13)

          First patient receives stem cell transplant in Parkinson's trial (BioNews 11/12)

          iPS cells injected in Parkinson’s disease patient’s brain for 1st time (Asahi Shimbun 11/12)

          EVENT [11/18]: ‘Pharoah’ & Justify Memorabilia Benefit Parkinson’s Research (Thoroughbred Daily News 11/12)

          A posturographic procedure assessing balance disorders in Parkinson's disease: a systematic review (DovePress NZ 11/12)

          Behind many a Parkinson’s case lurks a mutation in a gene called LRRK2 — why? (Stanford Medicine 11/12)

          Compounds From Coffee Offer Hope For Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Diseases (Science 2.0 11/12)

          Phase 3 Trial of Accordion Pill in Treating Parkinson’s ‘Off’ Periods Fully Enrolled (Parkinson's News Today 11/12)

          How to Get Through the Cold of Winter (Parkinson's News Today 11/12)

          Parkinson’s disease warning - the one drink you should AVOID with the brain condition 🎥 (Express UK 11/12)


     Alzheimer's Disease

          Hazardous Alzheimer's Center 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/12)

          What They Had 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/12)

          Diagnosing Dementia: Screens Vs. Tests 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/12)

          Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's Letter: Still Relevant, Still Moving 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/11)

          100 Simple Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's & Memory Loss 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/11)

          Concussion Leads to Dementia If Neglected (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/9)

          What Really Matters in Advanced Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/7)

          Doorway Memory Loss Explained (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/7)

          Resistance in Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/6)

          Alzheimer's & Incontinence (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/6)

          Where Alzheimer's Begins (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/6)

          Alzheimer's, Aromatherapy & Antipsychotics: Just-the-Facts 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/5)

     Parkinson's Disease

          First clinical trial tests iPS cell treatment for Parkinson's (The Dong-A Ilbo 11/12)

          Millennials admit they often don’t stop to help people in need, finds poll (Independent 11/12)

          Singapore Poly students' tech solutions to help Parkinson's disease patients and the elderly (The Straits Times 11/12)

          Meeting Michael J. Fox — '80s icon and inspiration (Finger Lakes Times 11/11)

          Michael J. Fox Performs with Joan Jett at Parkinson's Benefit (Just Jared 11/11)

          UVa study: Focused ultrasound’s benefits extend to quality of life, mood (Daily Progress 11/11)

          Night of music at Hard Rock Lake Tahoe to benefit Trey Stone, musician facing end-stage kidney failure (Tahoe Daily Tribune 11/11)

     Vascular Dementia

          Mild cognitive impairment and dementia in later life: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study (MD Linx 11/12)

          Can Statins Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease? (Medical Life Sciences News 11/11)



          The darker, the healthier – roasted coffee protects our brain from serious diseases (Brinkwire 11/11)

          Grabbing Another Cup of Coffee? Here are 7 Benefits of it (Herald of Fashion 11/11)

          Age-Related Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia, Depression, Heart Attacks and Stroke (Medical Research 11/11)

          Trillion dollar memory loss (The Asian Age 11/11)

          Higher risk of premature death from red meat (Jamaica Observer 11/11)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Alzheimers Q & A: Is a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or dementia becoming more common? (The Advocate 11/11)

          Could Alzheimer’s Disease Be Caused by a Germ? (Brinkwire 11/11)

          EVENT [11/17]: Holiday Bazaar at Vineyard Park Nov. 17 (Mountlake Terrace News 11/11)

          Hope in Alzheimer's fight is found in antibody developed on LI (Newsday 11/11)

     Huntington's Disease

          MMJ International Holdings Files Huntington's Disease FDA Orphan Drug Application (Digital Journal 11/9)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Robin Williams' Mrs Doubtfire child co-stars say he was 'like a father to them' (Mirror UK 11/10)

          My Vinyl Countdown is hot this week with Fire Town, Flamin’ Groovies, and Firefall (Alabama Online 11/9-10)

          New support group helps sandwich generation in Barrie (Simcoe Online 11/9)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Light of Day Europe tour fighting Parkinson’s disease (Music News UK 11/10)

          Impulsivity and Parkinson’s: The Itch that Must Be Scratched (Parkinson's News Today 11/9)

          EVENT [11/14]: Wesley Willows to host Parkinson’s disease support group (RR Star 11/9)

          Kyoto team uses iPS-derived cells to battle Parkinson's in world first (Mainichi 11/9)

          Could singing relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's? (Medical News Today 11/9)

          Mutations on NUS1 Gene Can Significantly Raise Person’s Risk of Parkinson’s (Parkinson's News Today 11/9)

          ‘Parkinson's got the best of me,’ but memories of horses and dancing warm man’s heart (Indy Star 11/9)

          Parkinson’s disease - the one dinner sauce that could prevent signs of brain condition 🎥 (Express UK 11/9)

          Can Injecting Millions of Stem Cells into the Brain Treat Parkinson's Disease? (Live Science 11/9)

     Vascular Dementia

          Neck scan reveals risk of dementia (The Times UK 11/12)

          Five-minute neck scan could spot dementia 10 years before symptoms develop (Telegraph UK 11/11)

          Meet The Nurse Who Supports People In The Armed Forces Community Living With Dementia (Wales 247 11/10)/DLB



          ‘Dementia is everyone’s problem’: Carer’s rallying call at conference (Ipswich Star UK 11/10-11)

          Iranian researchers develop nano-herbal formula to prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia (Tehran Times 11/10)

          We need to help people with dementia more, say university researchers (East Anglican Times 11/10)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Managing cholesterol, triglycerides may reduce Alzheimer's risk: study (XinHua Net 11/11)

          Dark Roast Coffee Can Fight Cognitive Decline (Tech Know Bits 11/10)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          UNC13A: Subgrouping ALS By Genotype? (ALS Research Forum 11/9)

          The Ingenium Foundation: major player in the field of dementia in Bavaria (Health Europa 11/9)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Special-needs caregivers learn how to spot, treat dementia (WhyY 11/9)

    Vascular Dementia

          Pre-eclampsia and risk of dementia later in life: Nationwide cohort study (MD Linx 11/9)

          Diabetes prescriptions now cost the UK £1 billion a year (British Heart Foundation 11/9)



          Research teams from Salk, Stanford, Cleveland to study healthy brain aging, treating neurodegenerative diseases (Idaho St Journal11/9)

          Sitting too much... (Estes Park Trail Gazette 11/9)

          Research teams selected to study healthy brain aging, better treatments for neurodegeneration (EurekAlert / AHA/Allen Institute 11/9)

          Is Anxiety a Risk Factor for Dementia Later in Life? (US News & World Report 11/9)

          87-year-old with dementia forgets daughter but knows every word to Remembrance hymn (Homecare UK 11/8)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Research Roundup: Coffee Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s, Fish Can Decrease Asthma, and Gene Therapy for ALS (BioSpace 11/10)

          Research contest for cause of Alzheimer’s unveiled (Daily Press 11/9)

          UA Center Receives Funding for Alzheimer's Research (Arizona Public Media 11/9)

          Cognition Therapeutics: Phase 2 SHINE Study of Elayta™ in Patients with Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer's (Pipeline Review 11/9)

          ‘Memory Loss’ classes will help explain dementia, brain health (Dayton Daily News 11/9)

          In Alzheimer's clinical trials, combination therapy tied to quicker cognitive decline (MD Linx / Reuters 11/9)

          Salk awarded $19.2 million by the American Heart Association-Allen Initiative to study Alzheimer's 🎥 (EurekAlert / Salk Inst 11/8)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

           Scotland's mad cow disease case was a one-off: Tests reveal other cattle on the farm do NOT carry the disease (Daily Mail UK 11/8)

           Deer disease detected in Liberty, Carbon counties (Independent Record 11/8)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Rahul Desikan's Story of Love, Science, and Facing Down Death (BU Today 11/8)

     Huntington's Disease

          Gene editing technologies bring forth both solutions and ethical questions (State Press 11/8)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Lack of Research / Way of Measuring Hallucinations in Parkinson’s Hinders Its Treatment, Study Says (Parkinson's News Today 11/9)

          When Life Gives You Parkinson’s: Shaking the stigma of depression and anxiety (Global News 11/8)

          World-first pill may stop Parkinson’s (New Daily Australia 11/8)

          Rock Steady Boxing for people with Parkinson's Disease 🎥 (Our Quad Cities 11/8)

          Efficacy of Naftazone on Motor Symptoms of Parkinson Disease (Neurology Advisor 11/8)

          Parkinson’s disease - does your voice sound like this? How to reveal risk when you talk (Express UK 11/8)

          Freezing of Gait Linked to More Severe Disability, Advanced Disease in Parkinson’s Study (Parkinson's News Today 11/8)

          Compounds in Coffee, But Not Caffeine, Prevent Protein Buildup Linked to Parkinson’s: Early Study (Parkinson's News Today 11/8)

          BERG Presents Clinical Target Validation Data for Treatment of Parkinson's Disease at Neuroscience 2018 (BioSpace 11/7)



          Military risk factors for dementia (EurekAlert / Alzheimer's Ass'n 11/8)

          Dame Barbara Windsor, 81, leaves theatre-goers emotional on rare night out: Promotes Dementia cure work 🎥 (Daily Mail UK 11/8)

          Matters of the Mind (Ladue News 11/8)

          Critical Illness and the Brain: Managing Risk for Cognitive Adverse Effects (Neurology Advisor 11/8)

          NfL in Blood Foretells Poor Brain Health After The Heart Stops (AlzForum 11/7)

          Coffee May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease (Psych Central 11/7)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Can germs cause Alzheimer’s disease? (Inquirer Philly 11/8)

          Diabetes Meds May Reduce Alzheimer's Pathology (MedScape Psychiatry 11/8)

          New Medicine for Alzheimer’s Remedy May Emerge from Herpes Analysis (InfoSurhoy 11/8)

          Britain’s most popular charities named (Third Force News UK 11/8)

          Shreveport startup using olive oil to treat Alzheimer’s Disease 🎥 (KSLA 12 News 11/8)

          Marijuana may help Alzheimer's sufferers' memories, mouse study suggests - but it makes healthy rodents forgetful (Daily Mail UK 11/8)

          Women and Alzheimer's disease (Channel 3000 WISC 11/8)

     Huntington's Disease

          MSP samples virtual reality therapy used by charity Sue Ryder (Renfreshire News 11/8)

          The Applications and Ethics of Gene Editing (Medical Life Sciences News 11/7)

          How your genetic makeup impacts your health (San Diego Reader 11/7)

          Epigenetics Test Can Distinguish Between Huntington’s Disease Stages (LaBioTech Europe 11/8)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Tyler man with dementia continues to talk about his disease 🎥 (East Texas Matters 11/7)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Medical Marijuana Amendment Passed in Missouri 🎥 (CBS 7/Fox 14 News 11/8)

          Researchers Find Pathway Responsible for Nerve Cell Death in Parkinson’s Disease 🎥 (Parkinson's News Today 11/7)

          Fighting Back Against Parkinson's (Two Rivers Times 11/7)

          A molecular switch links a Scottish mouse, a Finnish patient and Parkinson's disease (Science Daily / Univ of Helsinki 11/7)

          Parkinson’s disease - do you do this when you eat? The signs hidden in your eating habits 🎥 (Express UK 11/7)

          Singing may reduce stress, improve motor function for people with Parkinson's disease 🎥 (Medical Xpress / Iowa State univ 11/7)

     Vascular Dementia

          Life With Dementia Is Not Always Great, but It’s a Lot Better Than People Might Imagine (Jewish Link NJ 11/8)



          Dancing with dementia (NZ Herald 11/8)

          Dementia: Playing board games can protect the brain against dementia 🎥 (Express UK 11/7)

          Musician who raised £25k for dementia research scoops Pride of Reading award (In Your Area UK 11/7)
          Health services must address multiple conditions in dementia care (EurekAlert / Univ of Exeter 11/7)

          Head Injury Tied to Long-term Cognitive Decline, Dementia (Psych Congress Network 11/7)

          Invisible man? Move over for invisible mouse (Spectrum 11/6)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Dark roast coffee might reduce risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, study suggests 🎥 (USA Today 11/7) 

          Lilly's latest BACE setback embodies obstacles in Alzheimer's R&D (Fierce Biotech 11/7)

          Alzheimer's -- a bipartisan battle we must win | Opinion (Commercial Appeal 11/7)

          Mediterranean diet key to delaying Alzheimer's disease: study (Philippine News Agency 11/7)

          New study on mice suggests that Cannabis can help Alzheimer’s symptoms (NBC 6 KRIS 11/7)

          Research Identifies Potential Predictors of Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Alzheimer's (Univ of Kentucky News 11/7)

          15 Things That Slow Down Alzheimer’s Disease (Reader's Digest 11/2018)

     Corticobasal Dementia

          Gaucher Type 1 Patient Diagnosed with Rare Corticobasal Syndrome, Study Reports (Gaucher Disease News 11/6)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          UPDATE: Incumbent O'Brien rolls over Ring in Registry of Deeds race (Gloucester Times 11/7)

     Mixed Dementia

          Dementia vs Alzheimer’s – Know the Difference! (Red Orbit 11/7)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Parkinson’s disease - the morning drink to lower your risk of the brain condition (Express UK 11/7)

          Dark roast coffee might reduce risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, study suggests 🎥 (USA Today 11/7) 

          ISCO Reports Positive Top-Line Preliminary Results from Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Trial (Street Insider 11/6)

          LA Tech starts new Parkinson's Resource Center 🎥 (CBS 8 KNOE 11/6)

          Inflammation-related Protein Complex a Potential Therapy Target for Parkinson’s, Study Says (Parkinson's News Today 11/6)

          15 CSF Proteins Seen as Possible Biomarkers of Early Parkinson’s Fail at That Task, Study Reports (Parkinson's News Today 11/6)

          Does Appendectomy Reduce the Chance of Developing Parkinson's? 🎥 (MedScape Psychiatry 11/6)

          Physical therapists teach Parkinson’s wellness classes 🎥 (Star News Online 11/6)

          Mary Ann Clark: Exercise is essential to Parkinson’s disease treatment (Gainesville Sun 11/6)

          EVENT [11/12]: Parkinson's Disease Support Group to Meet Nov. 12 (Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls Press 11/6)

          Student company improves lives of patients with Parkinson’s disease (Mustang News 11/5)

     Vascular Dementia

          Researchers Identify Two Ways to Predict Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (VCID) (NewsWise / Univ of Kentucky 11/7)

          Is ADT Linked to Dementia in Men with Prostate Cancer Receiving Definitive Radiotherapy? (Cancer Network 11/7)



          Researchers find correlation between coffee drinkers and a reduced risk of dementia (News Australia 11/7)

          Denali and Sanofi Partner to Advance Small Molecules That Might Treat ALS, Other Diseases (ALS News Today 11/6)

          A Billionaire's Dying Wish: A $10 Million Prize To Fight Brain Diseases (Forbes 11/6)

          Advance stem cell therapy with biodegradable scaffold (Science Daily / Rutgers Univ 11/5)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Mediterranean diet key to delaying Alzheimer's: research (Xinhua Net 11/7)

          AccentCare Joins Alzheimer’s Association’s Dementia Care Provider Roundtable (PR Web 11/6)

          AI could spot signs of Alzheimer's disease six years before normally diagnosed (Telegraph UK 11/6)

          To reduce your risk of autism, dementia and diabetes, avoid breathing in traffic (Progressive Pulse 11/6)

          ProMIS Neurosciences: Critical Importance of Selectively Targeting Root Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease (Globe Newswire 11/6)

          UTSA — with $5 million gift — seeks Alzheimer’s breakthrough (San Antonio News-Express 11/6)

          Advanced Clinical Partners to Advance Recruitment in Alzheimer's Trials (Outsourcing Pharma 11/6)

          Study points to novel epigenetic target for Alzheimer's Disease (Medical Xpress / Univ of Miama 11/6)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Combined approach puts frontotemporal dementia at the forefront (Aged Care Guide 11/6)

     Huntington's Disease

          Suven Life receives product patents in Israel and Japan (Dalal Street Investment Journal 11/6)

     Parkinson's Disease

          UVA: Scalpel-Free Surgery Shown to Enhance Quality of Life for People With Parkinson’s (NBC 29 WVIR 11/5)

          Focused ultrasound helping Parkinson's patients (CBS 19 Charlottesville 11/5)

          ISCC Announces Positive Top-Line Preliminary Results from Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Trial (Globe Newswire 11/5)

          Procedure Pioneered at UVA Shown to Enhance Quality of Life for Parkinson's Patients (UVA Today 11/5)

          Drinking coffee may reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's (EurekAlert / Univ Health Net 11/5)

          Parkinson’s Patients Without Cognitive Impairment Have Normal Life Expectancy, Study Suggests (Parkinson's News Today 11/5)

          We Can Handle the Truth (Parkinson's News Today 11/5)

          VARI leads study on Parkinson’s disease and the appendix (Grand Rapids Business Journal 11/5)

          Program partners Parkinson's disease patients with young volunteers (Chicago Tribune 11/5)

     Vascular Dementia

          Dementia Dog Project hope to find Tayside home for newly trained dog (Courier UK 11/6)



          Dementia patients should be prescribed 'personal playlists' to trigger happy memories (Telegraph UK 11/6)

          Friedrich’s Ataxia: Fighting For Awareness (ReliaWire 11/5)

          Dementia in Europe: a public health priority? (Health Europa 11/5)

          Head Injury Tied to Long-term Cognitive Decline, Dementia Risk (MedScape Psychiatry 11/5)

          Oz & Roizen: Talking to kids about cancer; high blood pressure and dementia (Athens Banner-Herald 11/5)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Alzheimer’s researcher wages a battle for funding (Boston Globe 11/6)

          Greenville Purple Gala raises awareness for Alzheimer's, dementia 🎥 (NBC 7 WITN 11/5)

          Benefits of garlic extend to Alzheimer's (Medical Xpress / Particle 11/5)

          Drinking coffee may reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's (EurekAlert / Univ Health Network 11/5)

          Does a dysfunctional biological clock increase Alzheimer's risk? (San Diego Union-Tribune 11/5)

          Younger onset of Alzheimer’s is rising; start care in 40s (Chicago Sun Times 11/5)

          UA Psychologist to Lead New Core Effort of Arizona Alzheimer's Disease Center (UA News 11/5)

          Alzheimer's may be treated with diabetes drugs (Medical News Today 11/5)

          New prize offers $2 million for finding key to Alzheimer’s in past research (STAT News 11/5)

          Alzheimer's awareness: What it's like to be a caregiver and how to get support 🎥 (Today 11/1)

          What can genetic tests tell us about dementia risk? (Alzheimer's Society UK 10/30)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

          Mad Cow Disease Case Confirmed In Scotland (Oxford Student 11/5)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Why do some people get CTE? It may be in their genes (CNN 11/3)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Parkinson's disease and dance: 'It keeps me alive' (The Guardian 11/5)

          Banner Neuro Wellness helps patients with Parkinson's disease 🎥 (Fox 10 Phoenix 11/4)

          Realizing the potential of gene therapy for neurological disorders (EurekAlert / Society for Neuroscience 11/4)

          7th annual Tybee Island Kite Festival raises funds, awareness for Parkinson’s, movement disorders (Savannah Now 11/3)

     Vascular Dementia

          The link between dementia and cardiovascular disease (EurekAlert / Society for Neuroscience 11/5)



          Massey research investigates impact of young onset dementia (Voxy NZ 11/5)

          A Symphony Concert In Oculus Go: Could It Help People With Dementia? (Forbes 11/4)

          Rock Solid Research on How to Prevent Dementia and Maintain a Healthy Brain (Digital Journal 11/3)

          Magnesium's Importance to Brain Health (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 10/31)

          Magnesium-Rich Pumpkin Pie (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 10/31)

          Walnuts & Alzheimer's 🎥 (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 10/31)

          Walnut Streusel Pumpkin Pie (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 10/31)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          Alzheimers Q&A: Why is November known as National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness month? (The Advocate 11/4)

          Visualizing Alzheimer's 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/4)

          EVENT [11/15]: Alzheimer’s Association WV Chapter to host forum (Journal-News 11/4)

          Alzheimer's: What Goes, What Stays 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/4)

          EVENT [11/6]: Alzheimer’s TN to host Alzheimer’s 101 conference (Tullahoma News 11/4)

          Silver Linings: The prescription for preserving your memory (New Hampshire Union-Leader 11/3)

          11 Tips on Personality & Behavior Changes in Alzheimer's (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 11/1)

          7 Stages of Alzheimer's (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 11/1)

          When I Say, "I Have Alzheimer's," Please Don't Say, "Oh!" 🎥 (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 11/1)

          Antibiotics Weaken Alzheimer's (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 10/31)

          Car Tune: "I've Got You Under My Skin" By Dad with Dementia & Son 🎥 (Alzheimers & Dementia Weekly 10/31)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Global Lewy Body Dementia Treatment Market Outlook 2018-2025 (Talk Daily News 11/3)

     Mixed Dementia

          Questions on dementia and how to care for those who have it (Herald-Palladium 11/4)

     Vascular Dementia

          Selfie-Video Fights Off Vascular Dementia 🎥 (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 11/4)



          Bury and Stowmarket MP Jo Churchill says it's time to talk about dementia (Bury Free Press 11/3)

          Here's How You Can Go Vegan and Improve Your Dementia Symptoms (Raise Vegan 11/3)

          How Virtual Reality Can Help Fight Dementia (Daily Beast 11/2)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          EVENTS [11/8-12/27]: Hospital offering many programs in next two months (Rochelle News-Leader 11/3) 

          Why this Gainesville doctor thinks Alzheimer’s disease trial could be ‘game changer’ (Gainesville Times 11/3)

          Optos tie up targets Alzheimer’s detection (Optician Online 11/2)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Local family explains heartbreaking reason why she's participating in 'Walk to End Alzheimer's' [w/VIDEO] (NBC 8 News 11/2)

     Huntington's Disease

          B&M will review store policy after complaint from disabled Scouser (Liverpool Echo UK 11/3)

          Mumbai Diary: Friday Dossier (Mid-Day Online 11/2)

          CBD may help Huntington's (Castanet 11/2)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          Other Things Lewy Bodies Might Do to Our Brains (Parkinson's News Today 11/2)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Diseases that Dogs can Detect (Delano 11/3)

          New Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease Shows Promise (OdishaTV 11/3)

          Fall River studio offers tranquility at a discount (Herald-News 11/2)

          Parkinson’s Disease Might Originate In The Appendix, A New Study Revealed (Health Thoroughfare 11/2)

          Tango therapy for Parkinson’s Disease patients (ABC 27 WKOW 11/2)

          Inflammasomes and Parkinson’s Disease; Androgen Receptor High-Throughput Screening; and More (NewsWise 11/2)

          Parkinson’s Patients Preparing For ‘Breakthrough’ Clinical Trial To Reverse Symptoms (KPBS 11/2)

          UT Medical Center to host Parkinson's symposium (ABC 6 WATE 11/2)

          Fighting Parkinson's disease: Rock Steady Boxing therapy in Anchorage (CBS KTVA 11/2)

     Vascular Dementia

          Route march in Redditch raises bumper sum for Alzheimer's Society (Redditch Standard 11/3)



          Researcher explains the psychology of successful aging (Medical Xpress / Harvard Univ 11/2)

          Preeclampsia Linked to Dementia Decades Later (Psych Congress Network 11/2)

          Arizona universities use TRIF money to expand research, build facilities, launch startups (Flinn Foundation 11/2)

          Hyperglycemia hospitalization exacerbates mortality risk in adults with diabetes, dementia (Healio ITJ 11/2)

          Pregnancy high blood pressure linked to dementia decades later (Reuters 11/1)

          Program helps people diagnosed with early stage dementia connect with others (Global News 10/31)

     Alzheimer's Disease

          NIH greatly expands investment in BRAIN Initiative (Nat'l Inst of Health 11/2)

          Local research key to critical Alzheimer’s battle (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/2)

          Madrona Awards 2018 Madrona Prize to UW Project That Applies Machine Learning to Fighting Alzheimer’s (AP 11/2)

          OCTA Could Help Detect Alzheimer’s in Its Early Stages (Photonics Media 11/2)

          New Evidence That Diabetes Drugs Could Help Alzheimer’s Patients, Too (Being Patient 11/2)

          UAB doctors working to provide different treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease [w/VIDEO] (WBRC 6 News 11/2)

          Daily briefing: Meet the Alzheimer’s research outsider (Nature 11/2)

          Angiotensin-II Receptor Blockers Linked To Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk (Science Blog 11/2)

          Alkahest Scientific Founder Tony Wyss-Coray One of TIME Magazine's 50 Most Influential Health Care (PR Newswire 11/2)

          Residents’ own goal-setting effective for Alzheimer’s care (McKnight's Long-Term Care News 11/2)

          Many with dementia still sexually active (McKnight's Long-Term Care News 11/2)

          AC Immune to Host Key Meeting on Abeta Oligomers in Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases (AP 11/1)

          Diabetes medication could reduce impacts of Alzheimer’s disease: Study (Starts at 60 Health 11/1)

     Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

          Grifols affirms commitment to patients during Alpha-1 Awareness Month (Pharmiweb 11/1)

     Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's

          LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation Launches the Down Syndrome Clinical Trials Network (PR Newswire 11/2)

     Frontotemporal Dementia

          Frontotemporal dementia – combined national focus to raise awareness, improve access, & support services (Mirage News 11/1)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Researchers may stop Parkinson's by 'cooling off' brain (Medical News Today 11/2)

          Boxing class helps people with Parkinson's disease 🎥 (News 12 Westchester 11/2)

          Cancer enzyme affects Parkinson's disease (Science Magazine 11/2)

          Living Cell Technologies shares rise on positive Parkinson’s disease study results [w/VIDEO] (Proactive Investors Australia 11/2)

          Gordon Family Foundation donates $25 million for Parkinson’s disease research (Daily Bruin 11/2)

          The Appendix May Be Linked to Parkinson's Disease. But Don't Run Out and Have Surgery. (Live Science 11/1)

          How Might the Appendix Play a Key Role in Parkinson’s Disease? (Scientific American 11/1)

          Founding SAINT VITUS Bassist Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease ((Metal Injection 11/1)

          Parkinson’s Power Day to give hope to seniors (Hometown News Brevard 11/1)

          Parkinson's Patients Can Have a Normal Life Span (Health Day 11/1)

     Vascular Dementia

          ‘Still me’ sessions offer vital service for people with life-limiting illness (Skegness Standard UK 11/1)

          High blood pressure symptoms: This sign in the face could indicate the condition (Express UK 11/1)



          How women can protect brain health to cut dementia risk (Brisbane Times 11/2)

          People With Dementia Keep Going Missing, But There's Promising Ways We Can Help Find Them (Science Alert 11/1)

          Anticoagulants May Significantly Reduce the Dementia Risk in Older Patients with Atrial Fibrillation (Neurology Today 11/1)

          How to stay healthy and happy through the decades (UCLA Newsroom 11/1)

          UBC Okanagan research determines oxygen may help dementia patients (Coast Mountain News 11/1)

          European Consortium Wins €3.7M to Develop, Study Models of Neurological Disorders (Genetic Engr & BioTech News 11/1)

          Can Drinking One Diet Drink a Day Triple the Risk of Dementia and Strokes? (Snopes)

     Alzheimers's Disease

          STOP Alzheimer’s fundraiser set for Saturday (Marietta Times 11/2)

          RESEARCH NEED: Phoenix researchers seek 1 million people to help cure Alzheimer’s (KTAR / Cronkite News 11/1)

          RESEARCH NEED: Researchers in need of Okanagan residents to participate in Alzheimer’s study (Salmon Arm Observer 11/1)

          AHA: What's the Blood Pressure Connection to Alzheimer's Disease? (Coeur d/Alene/Post Falls Press 11/1)

          Some hypertension drugs linked to reduced Alzheimer's risk (UW Medicine 11/1)

          Diabetes medications may reduce Alzheimer's disease severity (Medical Xpress / Mount Sinai Hospital 11/1)

          Biotech Pinpoints Third Set of Targets for Potential Alzheimer's Treatment (Streetwise Reports 10/31)

          South Carolina should commit to moonshot against Alzheimer’s (Post & Courier 10/31)

          Local artist has raised more than $150,000 for Alzheimer’s research (Valley Breeze 10/31)

     Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's

          LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation Launches the Down Syndrome Clinical Trials Network (PR Newswire 11/1)

     Huntington's Disease

          C-Path, CHDI and CDISC announce therapeutic area user guide for Huntington's Disease (Medical Xpress / CPI 11/1)

          Juvenile Huntington’s More Aggressive, Leads to Early Symptoms, Study Reports (Huntington's Disease News 11/1)

     Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

          See early progress in 58-year-old man’s quest to dunk ( 10/31)

     Parkinson's Disease

          Middle-Onset Parkinson’s Linked to Impaired Ability to Detect Emotions, Study Finds (Parkinson's News Today 11/1)

          Phase 2 Trial Testing Anavex 2-73 Recruiting Parkinson’s Patients With Dementia in Spain (Parkinson's News Today 11/1)

          Parkinson's Disease Drug That Cools "Brains on Fire” Could Enter Human Trials in 2020 (Genetic Engr & BioTech News 11/1)

          Suburban children link with adults suffering from Parkinson's disease (Daily Herald 10/31)

          Good news! Study says life span normal when Parkinson's does not affect thinking (EurekAlert / AAN 10/31)

          Seniors fighting Parkinson's disease with a one-two punch 🎥 (NBC 2 WESH 10/31)

          Had your appendix removed? Your Parkinson's risk may be 20% lower (CNN 10/31)