Dementia & Memory - May 2018

May 2018

5/31/2018:   New Report Reveals Current State of Caregiving for Alzheimer's Disease (Medical-Life Sciences News)

                    Neuroscientists discover roles of gene linked to Alzheimer’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

                    How much should seniors exercise to improve brain function? (Medical News Today)

5/30/2018:   Reading Books and Playing Games May Help Prevent Dementia: Study (Time)

                    Risk Factors That Put You on the Road to Dementia (WebMD)

                    UNM researchers seek novel path to understanding Alzheimer’s disease (University of New Mexico)

5/29/2018:   Most with Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease Will Not Develop Dementia (Healio Psychiatric Annals)

                    Link Between Depression and Cognitive Decline Explored  (Medical News Today)

                    How much should seniors exercise to improve brain function? (Medical News Today)

                    Alzheimer's in Latinos expected to increase by more than 800%. Chicago researchers are trying to change that. (Chicago Tribune)

                    Alzheimer's: Rethinking the 'One-Size-Fits-All' Approach (MedPage Today)

                    Research reveals key factors to support quality of life in dementia (University of Exeter)

5/27/2018:   Dementia care summit research recommendations released (NIH: National Institute on Aging)

5/26/2018:   Exercise Program Fails to Ease Dementia (AlzForum)

5/25/2018:   Mount Sinai Hosts First Ever Conference on CTE in the Female Brain (Everyday Health)

5/24/2018:   Early Hearing Loss could pave the way for Dementia, Study Says (Medical News Today) 

5/23/2018:   Study Links Antidepressants, Bipolar Medications, Parkinson’s Drugs To Dementia (CBS5, San Francisco)

5/14/2018:   Parkinson's, Dementia: Is this the Key to Preventative Therapy?  (Medical News Today)

                    Will Alzheimer's Research and Treatment Follow the AIDS Model? Or Malaria's? (U.S. News & World Report)

5/11/2018:   Cholesterol Found to Play a Role in Alzheimer's (Medical News Today)

5/10/2018:   New Dementia Risk Factors Uncovered (Medical News Today)

5/05/2018:   New molecule may stop Alzheimer's from spreading (Medical News Today)