Dementia & Memory - June 2018

June 2018

6/30/2018:   Former ABQ students to participate in dementia study (Albuquerque Journal)

                    Dr. Ellie Cannon: Will my 'happy pills' give me dementia? (Daily Mail UK)

6/29/2018:   Antiepileptic drugs linked with increased risk of dementia, study concludes (The Pharmaceutical Journal)

                    New research shows further connection between Alzheimer’s, retinal nerve fibers (MultiBriefs Exclusive)

                    Alzheimer’s Drugs Targeting Tau May Actually Exacerbate Disease (Genetic Engineering & BioTechnology News)

                    MicroRNA snippets may warn of Alzheimer’s down the road (Indiana University)

                    People Power, Berkeley, IBM develop smart dementia solutions (Internet of Business)

                    Alcohol Consumption Hinders Brain’s Ability to Clear Amyloid Beta, Early Study Reports (Alzheimers News Today)

6/28/2018:   KU Leuven, UCL partnership strengthens neurodegenerative research (Science|Business)

                    Dementia research gets a boost with new Schlegel Research Chair (Exchange Magazine)

                    Poor eye sight in old age drives cognitive decline due to a lack of brain stimulation, study finds (DailyMail UK)

                    Study: Cannabinoids Exert Neuroprotective Effects in Those With Vascular Dementia (NCBI/NIH)

                    Why is Alzheimer's Giving Me Sleep Problems? (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Memories Fade But Feelings Remain (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Caffeine Boosts Dementia-Fighting Enzyme (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Low B-12 and folate levels in mature adults 'of concern' (Medical News Today)

6/27/2018:   Microglia: Cells linked to Alzheimer's Disease act like construction crew on brain cells, research suggests (Newsweek)​

                    Packets of Neuronal Aβ42 Spotted in the Presynapse (AlzForum)

                    Research Finds That Grandmothers Who Babysit Are Less Likely to Develop Dementia (The Western Journal)

                    Scientists discover new protein involved in neuron formation (Medical Life Sciences News)

6/26/2018:   Sleep disorders prevalent in elderly with neurodegenerative disorders (Healio)

                    Retinal Thinning Tied to Cognitive Decline (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Israeli professor shares new optimism in preventing onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s (Jewish United Fund of Chicago)

                    Novel MRI Reveals Early Impact of Hypertension on Dementia Risk (MedScape)

                    First Scientifically-Supported Dementia Intervention Program Available to Aging Americans--Online and App (Globe Newswire)

                    Dementia and Risk of 30–Day Readmission in Older Adults After Discharge From Acute Care Hospitals (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Research findings may offer new path to treat or prevent neurodegenerative diseases (Medical Life Sciences News)

6/25/2018:   Is It Alzheimer's or a Bad Mix of Medicine? (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Tailored Light Exposure Improves Sleep, Mood, Behavior in Alzheimer’s Patients, Study Shows (Alzheimers News Today)

6/24/2018:   New Brain Implant Technology Can Boost Memory Up To 15 Percent (Wonderful Engineering)

                    As drug development flounders, people fearing Alzheimer’s embrace lifestyle changes (Boston Globe)

                    Olive Oil & Lettuce Protect Brain from Vascular Dementia (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Transforming the Dementia Unit (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

6/23/2018:   How Leo's doggy dementia reversal gives hope for a cure in humans (Sydney Morning Herald)

                    7 Actions You Can Take to Prevent Alzheimer’s (Psychology Today)

                    Researchers convey that genetic influences of psychiatric disorders can lead us to their causes (Sunrise News)

                    Experts question Irish scientists’ groundbreaking Alzheimer’s study (Irish Central)

                    Alzheimer’s is transmitted from person to person, according to British researchers (The Weekly Observer)

6/22/2018:   Staff caring for dementia patients must be trained in understanding their identity, NICE says (Nursing Times)

                    Brain food: Beat cognitive decline with daily serving of green veg (Irish Examiner)

                    Will people with Down syndrome unlock the mystery of Alzheimer's disease? (ABC News)

                    Your Family Now: Addressing an Alzheimer's diagnosis (KMTV 3)

                    Living with Dementia – Could light therapy hold the key to fighting one of the world’s most dreaded brain disorders? (CanIndia)

                    Scientists may have found way to 'hack' into brain to boost memories (KCCI 8 Des Moines)

                    Diagnosis, Treatments Affected by Amyloid Results in Dementia, Nondementia Patients (Clinical Advisor)

                    What are the signs of early-onset Alzheimer's? (Medical News Today)

                    Researchers discover shared genetic basis for psychiatric disorders (Medical Life Sciences News)

6/21/2018:   Best of 4 Alzheimer's Drugs (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    New therapeutic approach may delay neurodegeneration in rare genetic disease (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    Studies at Cleveland Clinic will work toward early detection of Alzheimer’s (Fox 8 Cleveland)

                    Cheek swab tests for Alzheimer's studies coming to CNY (WSYR)

                    How Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease Hide Their Forgetfulness (Asian Scientist)

                    Combined Imaging and Neuropsychological Biomarkers Predict Progression to Alzheimer's (Neurology Today)

                    Scientists Find High Levels of Two Herpesvirus Strains in Brains of Alzheimer’s Disease Patients (Science News)

                    This is Northern Ireland's first dementia friendly shopping centre (Digital Reporter)

                    Breakthrough discovery reveals brain metals that may drive progression of Alzheimer’s disease (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    Having a brain injury does not mean you’ll get dementia (The Conversation)
                    Mild TBI May Double Dementia Risk in Veterans, VA Data Suggest (Neurology Today)

                    Shifting Paradigms: Advance Care Planning for Pain Management in Older Adults With Dementia (MedScape)

                    Proton Pump Inhibitor Use and Risk of Hip Fractures Among Community–dwelling Persons With Alzheimer's Disease (MedScape)

6/20/2018:   Blood Pressure Affects Dementia Risk Only in People Under 60 (Alzheimer's Forum)

                    Alzheimer's research yields little in way of new drugs; some suggest alternatives (Citrus County Chronicle)

                    Potential Alzheimer’s Treatment Targeting Bacteria Seen as Safe in Early Trial, Cortexyme Says (Alzheimers News Today)

6/18/2018:   Could we spot dementia decades before diagnosis? (NZ Herald)

                    GPS SmartSole® Used to Predict Wandering of Individuals with Dementia (Markets Insider)

                    The Dementia Discovery Fund and Immuneering announce a Research Collaboration for Alzheimer's disease (Globe NewsWire)

                    Grand Valley researcher awarded $2.2M grant to study dementia (Michigan Live)

                    Dementia: Can it kill you? Do this mind exercise daily to prevent the disease developing (Express)

                    Researchers Using A Game And Citizen Scientists To Advance Alzheimer’s Disease Research [Audio] (KJZZ)

                    Funding boost helps NZ researchers (Health Research Council)

                    Millions in funding for Otago research (Otago Daily Times)

                    Scientists to focus on big data and genetics to identify risk factors for dementia (News-Medical Net)

                    Often Overlooked Glial Cell Is Key to Learning and Memory (UC Riverside)

                    Cognition Therapeutics Initiates SPARC Study to Assess Changes in Synaptic Density & Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease (Yale)

6/17/2018:   To vaccinate or not to vaccinate (Times of Malta)

                    Here's why we should put more money into Alzheimer's research (The Hill)

                    Fort Myers businessman brings awareness to Alzheimer's disease with #OneMemory (News-Press)

6/16/2018:   Dementia checks from 40 to be carried out by GPs under plan to tackle disease (The Telegraph)

                    Dementia, Notes to Remember (Sampson Independent)

                    Scientists claim smoking can cause dementia by clogging up part of the brain used for memory (The Sun)

                    Giving Voice Chorus adds dignity, harmony to lives changed by Alzheimer’s (Twin Cities Pioneer Press)

6/15/2018:   Study shows regular exercise has no effect on dementia (Medical Herald)

                    Florida, Georgia AGs Talk Up Elder Abuse Enforcement (Daily Business Review)

                    The impact of Alzheimer's is staggering (Iowa City Press-Citizen)

                    Gout in the elderly linked to higher risk of dementia (EurekAlert!)

                    Poor fitness linked to weaker brain fibre, higher dementia risk (The New Daily)

                    Seagrass Village offering monthly dementia support group (Panama City News-Herald)

                    Amyloid PET Scans Leads to Changes in Diagnosis, Treatment in Patients (Neurology Today)

                    Your Family Now: Early diagnosis offers benefits for Alzheimer's patients (KMTV 3 Omaha)

                    Avoiding The 'Black Hole' Of Disease Development (Seeking Alpha)

                    Communication challenges when parents have Alzheimer’s disease (Illinois State University)

                    Alzheimer's Awareness & Education Non-Profit in Bergen County's Div of Senior Services Every Tuesday (Tapinto Hackensack)

                    Programs to combat cognitive decline offered at Park Centre (Newton Daily News)

                    Five myths about Alzheimer’s disease (The Washington Post)

                    The Beautiful Mind: Why friendship is a smart move (Courier Post)

6/14/2018:   Alzheimer's Patient #1 [Video] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Mother’s book helps explain Alzheimer’s diagnosis to young adult Down syndrome patients (Florida Times-Union)

                    Senior Q&A: Understanding Alzheimer’s disease (Wicked Local Bridgewater)

                    At Boise State, Idaho’s only Alzheimer’s researchers labor to grasp a growing disease (Idaho Statesman)

                    Alzheimer's breakthrough is coming, says research expert (VC Star)

                    Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease (Medical Life Sciences News)

6/13/2018:   How Dorseters Live Well with Dementia [Video] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Call to factor gender into Alzheimer’s research (Cosmos)

                    Dementia can be caused by hypertension (ScienceDaily)

                    Eisai to open Alzheimer's research center in Alewife next year (Boston Business Journal)

                    New mechanism by which Alzheimer's disease spreads through the brain discovered (Linkoping University)

                    How innovative home design could revolutionise dementia care – and even slow down symptoms (New Statesman)

                    Alzheimer's and Veganism (Medical Life Sciences News)

6/12/2018:   Music can call back loved ones lost in Alzheimer's darkness: 'So much we can do to improve quality of life' (Chicago Tribune)

                    The way an elderly relative uses their computer could reveal early signs of Alzheimer’s (Barchester Healthcare)

                    ProMIS Neurosciences Initiates Manufacture of PMN310, Therapeutic Antibody for Treatment of Alzheimer's (Cision Newswire)

                    Seniorlink's "My Wish - An Alzheimer's Story" Wins New England Emmy for Outstanding PSA (Cision Newswire)

                    AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly terminate clinical trials of Alzheimer's disease treatment lanabecestat (World Courier)

                    Alzheimer's disease: How amyloid aggregates alter neuronal function (CNRS)

                    Could We Reverse Alzheimer’s Symptoms by Restoring Epigenetic Balance? (What is Epigenetics)

                    Smoking and diabetes linked to brain calcifications (Medical Xpress)

                    Health Shorts: E-cig cinnamon, Dementia, Women’s trauma (Herald-Tribune)

                    Scientists unravel molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease (The Francis Crick Institute)

6/11/2018:   Barbara Will Change Your Attitude to Dementia (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Alzheimer's Agitation Reduced by Dextromethorphan-Quinidine Pill (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Researchers seek volunteers for major Alzheimer's Disease study (KMBZ Kansas)

                    Can this doctor figure out how to stop Alzheimer’s before it starts? (Boston Globe)

                    How does Parkinson’s disease affect the female caregiver? (Medical News Bulletin)

                    Pa. Dept. of Health tips on recognizing Alzheimer's disease (The Morning Call)

                    ConFabulous - 'Smoothing Over' Memory Loss In Alzheimer’s (American Council of Science and Health)

                    How to prevent Alzheimer’s: Sleep, drink wine and exercise, researchers suggest (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

                    UNM professor pioneers new Alzheimer's disease research (KRQE)

6/10/2018:   More staffing, training could reduce deaths from dementia-related resident-on-resident violence, researcher says (Senior Living)

                    NHS fears 1,000 people are living with dementia without realising (North Somerset Times)

                    The common culprit behind obesity, heart disease and depression (Sydney Morning Herald)

6/09/2018:   Learning New Things may be Key to Staving Off Dementia (CJN)

                    Punching through Parkinson’s: Scottsdale boxing gym trains individuals with disease (Scottsdale Independent)

6/08/2018:   Researchers reverse cognitive impairments in mice with dementia (Science Daily)

                    Seven (or more) things you didn't know about your brain (Medical News Today)

                    An asthma drug shows promise against Alzheimer's (Philadelphia Inquirer)

6/07/2018:   Dementia symptoms: Can you die from the condition? Five early signs to look out for (Express UK)

                    4 lifestyle changes that help reduce your dementia risk (Louisville Business First)

                    The rise of medtech: how AI is improving treatments and spotting early signs of dementia (COMPELO)

                    A typical communication pattern of people with Alzheimer's disease (Medical Press)

                    Video game connects players to dementia (iAdvance Senior Care)

                    Personalized Online Help for Dementia Caregivers Shows Promise (University of Michigan Health Lab)

                    Delay Dementia Risk by Reading Books, Playing Board Games: Study (Bel Marra Health)

                    Referral delays mean some patients not getting timely hospice care (Nursing Times)

                    Researchers look for deeper explanations into causes of Alzheimer's disease (News-Medical Net)

                    New trial aims at preventing dementia (King5 News)                                               

6/06/2018:   World-leading research a ray of hope for Aussies living with dementia (Brisbane Times)

                    MedAware Systems Launches Dementia Database at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (

                    Whirlwind romance to dementia diagnosis at just 46 (Cambridge Network)

                    Connections: Understanding dementia, and the impact of music on memory (WXXI News)

6/05/2018:   3 promising new developments in Alzheimer’s and dementia research (Episcopal Retirement Services)

                    Alcohol may prime the brain for Alzheimer's, but how? (Medical News Today)

6/04/2018:   How does alcohol influence the development of Alzheimer's disease? (Science Daily)

                    The faster you walk, the longer you may live (Medical News Today)

                    Opinion: Let's use our brains to stop Alzheimer's (Cincinnati Today)

                    New gene therapy technique could reverse Alzheimer’s (Barchester Healthcare)

                    How The MIND Diet Feeds The Brain And Helps Prevent Alzheimer's (KERA News)

                    One Widow's Mission [Glen Campbell's wife, Kim] (Palm Beach Post)

6/03/2018:   Kyoto Univ. research team develops self-checklist for predicting risk of dementia (The Mainichi)

                    Everyday activities could yield subtle dementia warning signs (The Garden Island)

6/02/2018:   Parkinson's: 'Adaptive' brain implant may improve therapy (Medical News Today)

6/01/2018:   Research confirms that social interaction protects memory (Medical News Today)

                    NIH Summit Wraps Up with Recommendations for Research (AlzForum)

                    Hemet students expand on MIT research in breakthrough for Alzheimer's disease (Valley News)

                    Salk Institute receives $1.5M for Alzheimer's research from NANOS (San Diego Community News)