Dementia & Memory - July 2018

July 2018

7/31/2018:   Alzheimer's Drug Debate; Concussion Tests; Stem Cells and Parkinson's (MedPage Today)

                    UPenn Reimplements Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site, Pushes Downstream Open-Access Research (GenomeWeb)

                    Advancing the Search for Antibodies to Treat Alzheimer's Disease (R&D Magazine)

                    Study: Alzheimer's drug may stop disease if used before symptoms develop (Univ of Virginia)

                    Alzheimer’s Disease: Genes Modify Effect of High Fat Diet (Medical Research)

                    Arterial Stiffness in Older Adults Predicts Future Dementia (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Drinking or smoking while breastfeeding affects later cognition in children (Medical Life Sciences News)

7/30/2018:   Dementia Among LGBT Adults in US Typical of General Public But Challenges May Be Greater (Alzheimer's News Today)

                    Midlife Stressors Boost Dementia Risk (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Midlife Low BP, Weight Loss, High Blood Sugar Precede Dementia (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Alzheimer's Disease Not Just an Issue for the Elderly (NWA)

                    Tackling Dementia Using Ultrasound (Asian Scientist)

                    Dementia - how many hours of sleep should you get every night to prevent Alzheimer’s? (Express UK)

                    Borrowing from the Cancer Playbook to find Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease (CNN / WTVA Columbus)

                    Staggering Numbers Of People Fail To Plan For The Future (BDaily News UK)

                    ASU research highlights importance of planning when caring for loved one with dementia (12 News Phoenix)

                    Alzheimer’s study sparks a new round of debate over the amyloid hypothesis (Stat News)

                    New Alzheimer’s Drug Has MED Prof Cautiously Optimistic (Boston Univ Today)

                    Microfluidic system incorporates neuroinflammation into 'Alzheimer's in a dish' model (Science Daily)

                    Can AI give hope to Alzheimer’s patients? This Raleigh start-up says yes (News & Observer)

                    Why BACE inhibitors may be failing Alzheimer's trials (Society for Neuroscience)

7/29/2018:   5-Minute Pen & Paper Dementia Test (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    14 Ways to Prevent Falling at Home (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Side effects of painkillers are worse in Alzheimer’s: study (Daily Times Pakistan)

                    Contact sports increase Parkinson's disease risk (Medical News Today)

                    Just 10 Minutes of Daily Chat Can Aid Well-Being of Dementia Patients (PsychCentral / Univ of Exeter)

                    Vascular dementia symptoms: Five signs of the condition you should know (Express UK)

                    Memory's Last Breath: Living With Alzheimer's In India (News 18 India)

                    EVENT [8/10]: Alzheimer’s Family Organization Caregiver Learning Day coming up in Hernando County (Hernando Sun)

7/28/2018:   Promising treatments for Alzheimer’s are out there, but who will step up to help test them? (Tampa Bay Times)

                    Dementia Friendly Wrexham launch new pilot art session scheme (Wrexham News)

                    It may be too late for my husband, but he’s determined to use his dementia diagnosis to help others (Metro News UK)

                    Scientists make gains In Dementia battle (The Villages Daily Sun)

                    Top doctor appeals to dementia patients to donate their brain after death (Sunday Herald Scotland)

7/27/2018:   Latest Trial Data Shows Potential of BAN2401 in Preventing Cognitive Decline in Early Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer's News Today)

                    Lewy Body Disease Tied to Contact Sports (MedPage Today)

                    Brain’s lymphatic system, just recently discovered, now linked to aging and Alzheimer’s (Fierce BioTech)

                    Can Exercise Worsen Dementia? (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Yoga meditation may prevent Alzheimer’s disease in women (Healio Internal Medicine & Psychiatry)

                    'Avoid the object' may help dementia care (Long Term Care News)

                    Dementia and Alzheimer’s were accountable for 12.7% of deaths in 2017 (Zenopa)

                    Metformin Associated With Increased Dementia Risk In African Americans With Diabetes (dLife)

                    ERC offers grants to early career researchers to conduct pioneering research projects [w/PDF] (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    Kirriemuir dementia care model is a first for Scotland (The Courier UK)

                    For first time in large clinical trial, one drug shown to slow dementia by reducing brain plaques (Orange County Breeze)

                    HRT not always linked with cognitive decline, study finds (The Pharmaceutical Journal)

7/26/2018:   Anti-Amyloid Drug Slows Cognitive Decline in Mid-Stage Trial (MedPage Today)

                    More Evidence Alzheimer's is a Type of Diabetes (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Experimental Alzheimer's drug stirs hope after early trials (CNN)

                    A surprise in Alzheimer’s research reported (MPR)

                    Sipping Sugary Drinks Could Increase Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease (MentalFloss)

                    WVU neuroscience center to conduct Alzheimer's study, recruit patients (West Virginia Univ News)

                    How liver health impacts the risk of Alzheimer's (Medical News Today)

                    Potential Alzheimer's and Age-Related Cognitive Decline Target Identified (Genetic Engineering & BioTech News)

7/25/2018:   Improving Social Support for Older Adults Through Technology (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Orthostatic Hypotension at Midlife Tied to Dementia (MedPage Today)

                    Nabilone Effective for Easing Agitation in Alzheimer's (MedPage Today)

                    Study Succeeds in Drawing Blacks to Enroll (MedPage Today)

                    Tailored Lighting Improves Alzheimer's Patients Sleep, Mood (MedPage Today)

                    How to Design Better Clinical Trials to Address 'Critically Low' Dementia Research Shortfall (DDD / Univ of Exeter)

                    A promising drug to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s was just unveiled (Vox)

                    PureTech to research Alzheimer’s drugs based on ‘brain drain’ theory (Pharmaphorum)

                    Dementia research is lagging behind cancer and is now an 'urgent priority', claim experts (Daily Mail UK)

                    Dizziness when getting up could increase dementia risk, US study says (BBC)

                    NIH-funded researchers present prelim clinical trial results:blood pressure control may lower risk of cognitive impairment (NIH)

                    Opioid analgesics, Z-drugs linked to harmful effects in dementia patients (Pharma Times)

                    Cognitive and motor training combined may slow down progress of dementia or even reverse it (EurekAlert / York Univ)

                    Contact sports associated with Lewy body disease, Parkinson's disease symptoms, dementia (EurekAlert / Boston Univ Med Sch)

                    New research into air pollution and dementia finds link with cognitive aging – Alzheimer’s Society comments (Politics Home)

7/24/2018:   From Alzheimer’s to Weight Loss: Emerging Applications for TMS Treatment (Medical Daily Times)

                    Common painkillers triple side effects of dementia, study says (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

                    1 in 9 US Adults Above Age 45 Report Cognitive Decline (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    New research focuses on treating non-cognitive symptoms of people with dementia (EurekAlert / Alzheimer's Association)

                    Sex-Adjusted Memory Test Improves Alzheimer's Diagnosis (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Optician's eye test 'could spot early dementia signs' (BBC)

                    Chicago: Shortfall of 100,000 Participants Hampers Alzheimer’s, Dementia Trials (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Synthetic marijuana and brighter lights could improve lives of people with dementia, research shows (Boston Globe)

                    How Common Is Dementia Among LGBT Seniors? A New Study Bears Interesting Results (The Hornet)

                    NIA director encourages wider use of transformative Alzheimer’s research resources (National Institute on Aging)

                    Drinking soda could raise the risk of Alzheimer's Disease according to study (Newsweek)

                    Portal to make largest Alzheimer's genetic database available to researchers (Health Data Management)

                    Rochester Alzheimer’s research goes international (WXXI News)

                    New study links Alzheimer's disease with liver function and diet (New Atlas)

7/23/2018:   New Test Directly Measures Loss of Synapses in Alzheimer’s Patients (Alzheimer's News Daily)

                    Hybrid nanoparticles restore blood-clotting activity (PhysicsWorld)

                    SanBio: Joint Research Agreement for SB623 Targeting Dementia (Daily American)

                    The struggles of Alzheimer's disease (NewsPress Now)

                    Research raises questions on how pregnancy impacts Alzheimer’s and dementia risk (New Atlas)

                    Women bear Alzheimer's burden; researchers are trying to discover why (CNN)

                    Ultrasound could cure dementia without any side effects: Waves activate blood vessel & nerve cell growth - study (Daily Mail UK)

                    Dementia breakthrough as simple eye test could spot early signs and halt disease (Mirror UK)

                    Dr Miriam Stoppard: Why you should check out even a slight rise in blood pressure - it could predict dementia (Mirror UK)

                    Eight New Mouse Models For Alzheimer’s Disease Available To Researchers (Bio-IT World)

                    New strategy for recruitment and participation in Alzheimer's disease clinical trials (EurekAlert / Alzheimer's Association)

7/22/2018:   Doctors urging to advance dementia diagnoses research (WAND NBC 17)

                    Alzheimer's Guidelines for Primary Care Announced (MedPage Today)

                    Top Alzheimer’s researchers hope that near-100 dementia drugs in trials are moving closer to a breakthrough (CNBC)

                    Life Is Short After Dementia Diagnosis, No Matter Your Age (HealthDay)

                    Robert Burns' poetic verses are now helping change the lives of dementia patents (Daily Record UK)

                    Landmark study could provide clues about Alzheimer's (Times Free Press TN)

                    Dementia research ‘sexist’ (Express UK)

                    Alzheimer's Association Launches New Dementia Care Provider Roundtable (PR Newswire)

                    First practice guidelines for clinical evaluation of Alzheimer's disease (EurekAlert / Alzheimer's Association)

                    Latest in health: Brain rhythms reveal possible treatment for Alzheimer's, similar diseases (WRVO Public Media)

                    How to live longer: Choose this hot drink to extend your lifespan (Express UK)

                    Alzheimers Q&A: What is Capgras syndrome? (The Advocate)

7/21/2018:   Caregivers Corner: Making treatment decisions for people with dementia and Alzheimers (Capital Gazette)

                    Neurological Research To Be Conducted In Winkler (Pembina Valley News)

                    Florida company hunts cure for Alzheimer’s disease (Bristol Herald-Courier)

7/20/2018:   Dementia trial for the Robinvale (Sunraysia Daily)

                    Enhanced brain connectivity observed in frequent StarCraft II players (PsyPost)

                    New Alzheimer's drug trial gives researchers optimism (NBC 2 Buffalo)

                    See 10 Times Deeper into Alzheimer's [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly)

                    Sleep Apnea Treatment Fights Dementia [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly)

                    Aphasia: Word Jumbles in Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly)

                    Sage launches new web-based tool that helps explore curated genomic analyses of Alzheimer's (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    State Senate passes Alzheimer’s legislation (South Coast Today)

                    Dementia research is '40 years behind cancer advances because of a stigma over calling it a medical condition' (Daily Mail UK)

                    Whole-brain LIPUS therapy improves cognitive dysfunction in mice simulating dementia, Alzheimer's (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    We need to improve Medicare’s annual wellness visit to better detect early dementia (Stat News)

                    Sage Bionetworks Launches Agora Platform - Curated Genomic Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Widely Available (BusinessWire)

                    AI software helps rule out Alzheimer’s disease from scans (Health Data Management)

                    Research Targets Secret ‘Sulfate Code’ That Grants Bad Tau Protein Entry to Cells (Alzheimer's News Today)

                    Study: Ultrasound applied to brain could help treat patients with dementia (Tohoku Univ / James Patterson)

                    Treating dementia with the healing waves of sound (Science Daily)

7/19/2018:   Thousands more dying as dementia rates soar (Express UK)

                    Sure It's Alzheimer's? Insights into Lewy Body Dementia [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly)

                    Video Games Used for Dementia in Pasadena Research (Pasadena Now)

                    Alzheimer's Duo: Science to Cure, Music to Cope [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly)

                    Unique Brain 'Fingerprint' May Predict Therapeutic Response (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Latest Data on Eisai's Alzheimer's Disease / Dementia Pipeline to be Presented at AAIC 2018 (Asia One)

                    Dementia accounts for 12.7 percent of deaths (Pharma Times UK)

                    Cocaine enhances prospective memory performance (PsyPost)

                    Research suggests airline pilots have ‘similar or potentially increased risks’ of depression (PsyPost)

                    Visual Hallucinations in Dementia and Parkinson Disease: Assessment of Patient Experiences (Psychiatry Advisor)

                    Higher Dementia Risk Associated with Sleep Disturbances, Terminal Insomnia (Bel Marra Health)

                    New machine-learning model shows promise in predicting undiagnosed dementia [w/PDF] (Medical Life Sciences News)

7/18/2018:   Dementia could be detected via routinely collected data, new research shows (EurekAlert / Univ of Plymouth) 

                    Having 5 or more babies may increase Alzheimer's risk by 70%, study finds (CNN)

                    Research in how Alzheimer's disease forms could potentially lead to new treatments (Local 4 news, Detroit)

                    Apathy Tied to Higher Dementia Risk in Memory Clinic Patients (MedPage Today)

                    Could a cure for Alzheimer's be invented in the Triangle? Absolutely. (WRAL NC)

                    Anticholinergic drugs linked with dementia (Harvard Medical School)

                    Data to be Presented From Biogen’s Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Development Portfolio at AAIC 2018 (NASDAQ)

                    Many Older Adults with Probable Dementia Never Diagnosed (Assisted Living Facilities)

                    Study Finds That Crocheting Leads To A Variety Of Mental Health Benefits (Sioux City Journal)

                    Are the fish in Florida's polluted waters safe to eat? (TC Palm, FL)

                    Mania patients more likely to have eaten nitrate-cured meats: study (CTV News)

                    End-of-Life Care in the US Steadily Improving (MedScape Psychiatry)

7/17/2018:   Heart patients with other illnesses in danger says British Heart Foundation (The Express UK)

                    Long Goodbye: Alzheimer's in Rural America (Ozarks First)

                    How to Interact with a Person with Dementia in Distress [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly)

                    Researchers Identify Seeds From Which Alzheimer’s Disease Tangles Grow (KJZZ AZ)

                    Parkinson’s Disease Pathogenesis may have a Bacterial Virus Component - Human Microbiology Institute (P&T Community)

                    Samumed to Present Preclinical Data on Potential First-in-Class Alzheimer’s Disease Candidate at AAIC® 2018 (GNW/West)

                    China Focus: China's new Alzheimer's drug completes phase 3 clinical trial (XinHuaNet)

                    ‘Nanoscope’ zooms in to see Alzheimer’s plaques (Futurity)

                    Cannabis for Concussion; Prodromal MS; Rising Parkinson's Numbers (MedPage Today)

                    Majority of older adults with probable dementia are likely unaware they have it, study suggests (Science Daily / Johns Hopkins)

                    Alzheimer's: Researchers discover way to PREDICT who will develop disease (Express UK)

                    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Dementia (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    New Research Finds Link Between Brain Trauma, Dementia (Law Firm Newswire)

                    Midlife anxiety diagnosis may be a risk factor for dementia (Medical News Bulletin)

                    It's Nearly Impossible to Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease in Living People. Bill Gates Wants to Change That (Time)

                    Study on effects of Alzheimer’s on ethnic Chinese among 5 projects getting HK$180 million in funding (South China Morning Post)

                    Alzheimer’s is the most expensive disease (The Olympian)

                    Research Follow-up: A GOOD AGE: Project Talent returns; honors bestowed (The Patriot Ledger)

7/16/2018:   Worried About Dementia? You Might Want to Check Your Blood Pressure (NPR)

                    Novel Imaging Tracer May Have Promise in Alzheimer's (MedPage Today)

                    7 Best Clocks for Dementia [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly)

                    Risk of dementia linked to level of wealth, study finds (The Pharmaceutical Journal)

                    Samsung and Uniting launch VR pilot for residents with dementia (ComputerWorld Australia)

                    Dementia breakthrough: Supercomputer which MIMICS brain could help find Alzheimer’s cure (The Express UK)

                    Test for Alzheimer's disease directly measures synaptic loss (Science Daily / Yale Univ)

                    More Studies See Links Between Alzheimer's and Herpes (Mental Floss)

                    New development in 3D super-resolution imaging gives insight on Alzheimer's disease (Science Daily / Purdue Univ)

                    Genesis of Toxic Tau in Alzheimer's Disease Revealed (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Deciphering dementia’s gender gap (UCI News)

                    Live Well, Be Healthy: Caregivers need care, too (The Times)

                    Here's how patients say they reversed early Alzheimer's symptoms (ABC 7 San Francisco)

                    Researchers seek to understand role of APOE mutation in Alzheimer's disease (Medical Life Sciences News)

7/15/2018:   How Your Doctors Diagnose Dementia [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    The brain may clean out Alzheimer’s plaques during sleep (Science News)

                    Alzheimer's Tennessee opens new regional office (Times-Gazette)

                    Expert reveals everything you need to know about dementia (Derby News UK)

7/14/2018:   Understanding dementia at the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre [VIDEO] (Radio Hobart)

                    Can anticholinergic drugs increase your risk of dementia? (Medical News Bulletin)

                    Healthy in Humboldt: Alzheimer’s disease cases expected to rise significantly, but local services lacking (Times-Standard News)

                    Opinion: If you love someone with dementia ... act ( News)

                    Q&A: Claudia R. Padilla, MD, on Progressing Alzheimer's Research, Part 1 (MD Magazine)

                    Q&A: Claudia R. Padilla, MD, on Progressing Alzheimer's Research, Part 2 (MD Magazine)

                    EVENT [9/28]: Grey Matters Symposium on Alzheimers Disease Research (SRQ)

                    Alzheimer's disease: A growing concern for many (The ADA News)

7/13/2018:   Cloaked in a hidden Ireland: Number of dementia sufferers is unknown (Irish Examiner)

                    Are current treatments good enough to delay cognitive decline or dementia? (Medical News Bulletin)

                    Supporting the men and women who care for loved ones with dementia (The Spectrum)

                    Impact of Late-Life Blood Pressure on the Brain Revealed (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Blood pressure linked to lesions, signs of Alzheimer’s in autopsied brains (WGNO ABC News)

                    If You’re ‘Skinny Fat,’ You Might Be at Increased Risk of Dementia (HealthLine)

7/12/2018:   Why Alzheimer's hits women harder than men (BBC Future)

                    Scientists support viability of potential way to reduce Alzheimer's disease risk (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    Study shows tailored mental health services improve well-being of emerging adults (Medical Life Sciences News)

7/11/2018:   Watch for NIA at AAIC in the Windy City! (National Institute on Aging)

                    NIH recruiting minorities for health research (WUSA 9 Bethesda MD)

                    Alzheimer's Association Special Series (Bakersfield News)

                    Why living among grass and trees could help stave off dementia (The Essential Daily Briefing UK)

                    Alzheimer's trial shows promise, with caveats (Minnesota Post Bulletin)

                    Yet More Evidence that Viruses May Cause Alzheimer's Disease (Gizmodo Health)

                    Practice Imperfect: Repeated Cognitive Testing Can Obscure Early Signs of Dementia (UC San Diego)

                    High blood pressure in elderly could lead to dementia, study suggests (The Press-Herald)

                    What Happens in the Alzheimer's / Vascular Dementia Mix? [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

7/10/2018:   Vitamin D no defence against dementia (Mirage News Australia)

                    Study aims to assess whether mental health apps lead to overdiagnosis [w/PDF] (Medical Life Sciences News)

                    Targeting Multiple Proteins; Alzheimer's Drug Update; Depression and MS (MedPage Today)

                    Should people with dementia and Alzheimer's keep their guns? (WHEC New York)

                    New Study Set To Change Dementia Care in Ireland (Clare FM)

                    Dallas Scientists Find 'Big Bang' of Alzheimer's Disease (NBC DFW)

                    Unique brain 'fingerprint' can predict drug effectiveness (Science Daily / McGill Univ)

7/09/2018:   15 Habits You Never Knew Were Aging Your Brain (Reader's Digest)

                    Cannabis users exhibit increased brain activity at rest, study finds (PsyPost)

                    Common cause of dementia may be treatable (Medical News Today)

                    More 'Hospital at Home' Options Coming? (MedPage Today / HealthLeaders Media) 

                    5 ways to keep your brain sharp and fight off dementia (Dallas Morning News)

                    Daily Intellectual Activity May Prevent, Delay Dementia (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    The Dementia Myth (Medical News Bulletin)

                    Inaugural grant recipients selected in research initiative on sex disparity in Alzheimer’s Disease (Orange County Breeze)

                    Leading Alzheimer's Disease Scientist Joins NeuroCog Trials (Cision PR Newswire)

                    Alzheimer’s symptoms are anything but normal — here’s what you need to know [VIDEO] (Yahoo Lifestyle)

                    Alzheimer's drug trial results 'extremely encouraging' (LA Biz)

                    Huntington’s disease: how brain training games could help (The Conversation)

                    Think you have remarkable memory traits? Participate in the Harvard PGP-Lumosity Memory Challenge (Discover Science)

                    Biogen draws favorable attention following success of Phase 2 Alzheimer's disease study (Proactive Investors USA/Canada)

                    Doctoral student combines love of math and engineering to address neurological disorders (Florida Int'l Univ News)

7/08/2018:   Editorial: Robin Williams was killed by Lewy, the brain disease that won't be named (

                    Could your diabetes medication be the next anti-aging pill? (The Globe and Mail)

                    Study finds that oxygen therapy helps combat dementia in lung disease patients (The Health Site)

                    A gene linked to job-related exhaustion in shift workers also increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease: Study (India Blooms)

                    Weiss: Splaine Consulting Gears Up to Update State’s Alzheimer’s Plan (GoLocal Health)

                    Better Ways to Dress with Dementia [w/video] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

7/07/2018:   New study offers hope for treatment of dementia and stroke (European Scientist)

                    Scientists have Identified the Most Dangerous Product in the World (Koz Telegram)

                    Alzheimer’s research gets glimmer of hope, not for first time (Live Mint)

                    University of Warwick contributes to huge Alzheimer’s disease breakthrough (Boar Science & Tech)

                    Topline Results: 18 Months of BAN2401 Might Work (AlzForum)

                    "Age-Related Memory Loss" Has Nothing to Do with Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

                    Prenatal exposure to folic acid linked to altered cerebral cortex development that protects against psychosis (PsyPost)

                    Combo of nootropic supplements is worse than caffeine at improving cognitive performance (PsyPost)

7/06/2018:   Study identifies potential therapy for a common cause of dementia (Cambridge Network UK)

                    Western study rules out one treatment pathway for Alzheimer's (London Free Press)

                    UTSA scientists using 'mini brains' to research complex, incurable brain disorders (ABC News San Antonio TX)

                    Alzheimer's - Why Doctors Won't Tell [w/video] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly)

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