Dementia & Memory - January 2019

January 2019



MSU may back away from neuroscience research (01/31)

New Study Suggests Regular Cardio Can Improve Some Types Of Brain Function (01/31)

London-based tech start-up uses AI to detect warning signs of dementia (01/31)

New digital test shows promise for early dementia detection (01/31)

Lowering Blood Pressure Reduces MCI Risk in SPRINT-MIND Trial (01/31)

Research-Backed Policy Recommendations to Improve Healthcare Delivery (01/31)

Tai Chi could cut risk of falls by a fifth (01/31)

Lower blood pressure could prevent dementia 🎥 (01/30)

Gut Microbes Might Predict Dementia (01/30)

Alzheimer's Disease

Blood test can predict Alzheimer’s disease 🎥 (01/31)

Scientists shed light on processes behind age-related decline in brain structures (01/31)

No, we don’t know that gum disease causes Alzheimer’s (01/31)

Inheriting Alzheimer's 🎥 (01/31)

Researchers investigate correlation between sleep disturbance, Alzheimer’s Disease (01/30)

Genentech to Discontinue Phase III CREAD 1 and 2 Clinical Studies of Crenezumab in Early Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) (01/30)

A disease like Alzheimer's, but in a child: The fight to cure the 'worst thing ever' 🎥 (01/30)

MVAA wins national award (01/30)

Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's

DesJarlais helping Alzheimer’s patients (01/30)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Predictors of survival and progression in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia (01/31)

Huntington's Disease

Roche Recruiting Huntington’s Patients in U.S. and Canada to Test RG6042 Therapy (01/31)

ALBORADA Drug Discovery Institute identifies advanced Huntington’s leads using BioAscent’s Compound Cloud library (01/31)

Understanding the Term ‘Insurance’: Its History, Gene Testing, Claims, Premiums, Control and Regulation (01/31)

Leslie Thompson gets $6 million CIRM grant to advance Huntington’s disease treatments (01/30)

‘It’s a death sentence’: One man’s struggle to survive with Huntington’s disease (01/30)

Korsakoff Syndrome

In Search of a Better Bender: The Case for Vitamin-Enriched Alcohol (01/31)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Prana Bio up 23% on new Orphan Drug status for PBT434 (01/31)

My wife feels an electrical charge when she touches me (01/30)

Parkinson's Disease

Cellular Location of Neuroprotective Protein Associated with Parkinson’s Disease Development, Study Finds (01/31)

EVENT [02/01]: Young Blood Plasma Parkinson's Disease Study One-Month Results to Be Introduced at Texas Neurological Society (01/31)

Travel blogger, 69, defies Parkinson's disease to explore the globe with visits to Iraq and Afghanistan (01/31)

Genes Controlling Molecular Pathway Increase Risk For Parkinson’s Disease, Study Finds (01/30)

Preparing for a Parkinson’s Hospital Stay (01/30)

Pioneering study into Parkinson's disease cases being carried out in North East (01/30)

Alabama's Randy Owen Feels 'Cheated' by Jeff Cook's Parkinson's Disease (01/30)

Global Parkinson’s Disease therapy program finds home in Camillus 🎥 (01/30)

Study Examines Risk Factors for Impulse Control Disorders in Parkinson’s Patients (01/30)

Vascular Dementia

EVENT [02/02]: Supporting something 'close to me': Relatives with dementia inspire models for Ultra Chic Boutique (01/31)



Care services failing people with dementia, carers: study (01/31)

A sample of your faeces could tell you if you're at risk of dementia: Bugs in the gut 'may lead to' the memory-robbing disorder 🎥 (01/30)

Lowering blood pressure could cut risk factor for dementia (01/29)

Effect of intensive vs. standard blood pressure control on probable dementia (01/29)

Study suggests benefits to 'recycling' your own blood for surgery (01/29)

Alzheimer's Disease

Roche, AC Immune drop Alzheimer drug trials after setback (01/29-30)

Austin part of nationwide study to slow Alzheimer's disease (01/29)

Researchers use AI to detect early signs of Alzheimer's (01/29)

Non-invasive tool helps detect Alzheimer’s in its early stages (01/29)

Sporadic Alzheimer’s in a Dish (01/29)

New research links Alzheimer’s and gingivitis (01/29)

Clinical Trial Seeks to Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's, Delay Effects from Disease (01/29)

Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure Could Help Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk (01/29)

New Therapies Against Atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's Possible Thanks to LMU Munich (01/29)

'Alzheimer's SOS' addresses common concerns about the disease (01/29)

‘Dear mum’: Daughter’s beautiful words for mother with dementia (01/28)

Gum Disease Could Drive Alzheimer’s (01/28)

Alzheimer's research study focuses on drug treatment to stop disease's progression (01/28)

Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is linked to gum disease – but bad oral health is not the only culprit (01/30)

Huntington's Disease

uniQure to Participate in Multiple Upcoming Industry Conferences (01/30)

EVENT [02/02]: Huntington’s disease: ‘We have to fight this together’ (01/30)

Expert-based clinical guidelines focus on behavioral symptoms in Huntington's disease (01/30)

New guidelines developed for effective management of neuropsychiatric symptoms of Huntington’s disease 📃 (01/30)

University of Konstanz develops first genetic switch for C. elegans (01/30)

FDA grants “Investigational New Drug” status to Huntingtin-lowering gene-therapy agent AMT-130, clearing path to human trials (01/29-30)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

What is Lewy body dementia? 🎥 (01/29)

Parkinson's Disease

'I was completely blindsided': New mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at just 35 - after spotting one tell-tale symptom 🎥 (01/30)

Voyager Therapeutics Signs Deal with Neurocrine for Parkinson's Disease and Friedreich's Ataxia (01/30)

Linden Court is helping Parkinson's patients (01/29-30)

Emerging evidence of an impending Parkinson's disease pandemic identified (01/29)

Study: Emerging evidence of an impending Parkinson’s disease pandemic identified — (Details) (01/29)

Levodopa for Early PD: Not Protective, But Not Harmful (01/29)

Ann Robinson’s research reviews—29 January 2019 (01/29)

Vascular Dementia

A Chapelizod Choir Welcomes Those with Dementia, and Others (01/30)

'Alzheimer's SOS' addresses common concerns about the disease (01/29)



Small British biotech firm IXICO in the spotlight as fight against dementia and brain illnesses steps up a gear (01/28)

Lowering blood pressure may help cut risk of early dementia, study finds (01/28)

Elevated BP in Younger Adults and Dementia Risk: New Insights (01/28)

Care access issue ‘contributes to anxiety and loneliness’ in people with dementia (01/28)

Unique choir helps dementia, Alzheimer’s patients create music (01/28)

New Western Dementia Working Group seeks members from Galway (01/28)

Alzheimer's Disease

US and German Researchers have Developed a Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s Disease as Early as a Decade (01/29)

Fighting Alzheimer's, America's most expensive disease (01/28)

Is a drug for Alzheimer’s disease useful in fighting antibiotic resistance? (01/28)

Huntington's Disease

Longitudinal assessment of the Unified Huntington's Disease Rating Scale For Advanced Patients with late stage Huntington's disease (01/29)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Companies navigate dementia conversations with older workers (01/28)

Parkinson's Disease

Dopaminergic Therapy Improves Cognitive Motivation in Parkinson’s Patients, Study Reports (01/29)

My PD Frustration Consists of More Than Only Symptoms and Treatments (01/29)

'We may not find a cure but we will be closer because of this': the long road to cure Parkinson's (01/29)

Emerging evidence of an impending Parkinson's disease pandemic identified (01/29)

In $1.9B Alliance, Neurocrine to Develop Voyager Gene Therapies for Parkinson’s, Friedreich’s Ataxia (01/28)

Exercise therapy helping patients with Parkinson's Disease 🎥 (01/28)

Sweat Therapy presents seminar on Thriving with Parkinson's disease (01/28)

CSU study uses yoga to reduce risk of falling for Parkinson’s patients (01/28)

Germs in Your Gut Are Talking to Your Brain. Scientists Want to Know What They’re Saying. (01/28)

Vascular Dementia

Dementia: Early signs of vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to watch out for 🎥 (01/28)

‘Dear mum’: Daughter’s beautiful words for mother with dementia (01/28)



Even low-level activity may help reduce dementia risk (01/25)

Global incidence of dementia more than doubles (01/25)

uBiome Awards Grant to University of Tasmania to Study Association Between Gut Microbiota and Cognitive Decline (01/25)

Frailty Moderates Link Between Alzheimer Pathology and Dementia (01/25)

Demystifying Dementia to be held Jan. 31 at Brock University (01/25)

Alzheimer's Disease

Study suggests how high blood pressure might contribute to Alzheimer’s (01/25)

Gum infection linked to Alzheimer's disease, new study suggests 🎥 (01/25)

New research: Poor sleep increases risk of Alzheimer's disease. (01/25)

Roper St. Francis Healthcare invites people to take part in groundbreaking Alzheimer’s study (01/25)

Study suggests how high blood pressure might contribute to Alzheimer’s (01/25)

Researchers identify compound that could treat prion diseases (01/25)

Top stories: A surprising Alzheimer’s suspect, why scientific societies are worried about ‘Plan S,’ and more (01/25)

Keck publishes breakthrough Alzheimer’s research (01/24)

Alzheimer’s cure and cause hypothesized in new research (01/24)

Top Alzheimer’s Research Stories of 2018 (01/24)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

New Test Diagnoses Prion Diseases in Skin Sample (01/24)

Woman Diagnosed With Rare Terminal Disease Gives Birth To Miracle Baby (01/24)

Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's

11th Year Winners of the Innovations in Alzheimer's Caregiving Award (01/24)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Rare Case of FUS, Tau Coexistence in Sporadic ALS Suggests Potential Biological Interaction (01/24)

After Loss, Finding Peace in Art and Nature (01/24)

Huntington's Disease

Brain Neurons Disconnect from Each Other in Process Called Neuritosis, Mouse Study of Huntington’s Reveals (01/24)

IBM’s latest A.I. can help doctors detect how quickly a disease is progressing (01/24)

European Research Team Granted €6.8M to Develop Non-viral Gene Therapy System (01/24)

Mixed Dementia

'What my dad's dementia taught me' (01/25)

Parkinson's Disease

CBD Oil and Parkinson’s Disease 📃 (01/25)

Sullivan seminar on Parkinson’s Disease (01/25)

No Effect of Levodopa on Parkinson's Progression (01/25)

‘Smart’ clothes that can stop falls in people with Parkinson’s disease? Yes, they’re real (01/25)

Irish scientists in Parkinson's disease breakthrough (01/24)

Cognitive Impairment Tests to Assess Dementia Risk Can Be Easier, Study Shows (01/24)

Early Levodopa Neither Protective Nor Harmful in Parkinson’s (01/24)

Delivering a KO to Parkinson’s (01/24)

Vascular Dementia

Dementia Symptoms Less Noticeable Among Latinos, Study Says (01/25)



Dementia Risk May Be Increased in Female Veterans (01/24)

Does gum disease have a key role in Alzheimer's? (01/24)

An active lifestyle in older age can prevent dementia – Study (01/24)

Dementia: New study reveals high blood pressure may be linked to increased dementia risk (01/24)

Dementia: Signs, symptoms and how to know when it’s serious (01/23)

Psychological Distress Increases Risk of Late Life Dementia (01/23)

Dementia: 'If you did sit and cry people understand' (01/23)

Alzheimer's Disease

Study: Sleep Deprivation Speeds Up Alzheimer’s Disease (01/24)

Untangling Tau: Researchers Find a “Druggable Target” for Treating Alzheimer’s Disease (01/24)

In life and death, Alzheimer's disease looks different among Hispanic patients (01/24)

Autophagy: The Link Between Inflammation And Alzheimer’s (01/24)

Association on a mission to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease (01/24)

Scientists may be able to restore Alzheimer's disease memory loss (01/23)

Scientists identified a protein in the blood that could predict Alzheimer’s (01/23)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Cutting-edge quest to detect dementia isn’t just aimed at Alzheimer’s (001/23)

Huntington's Disease

ROCKbusting Huntington’s and Probing Parkinson’s (01/22)

Parkinson's Disease

Device could help ease mobility issues for people with Parkinson's (01/23)

Cancer Patients Have Lower Risk of Developing Parkinson’s Disease, Study Suggests (01/23)

Parkinson’s disease symptoms: Three signs when you pee could signal degenerative disorder 🎥 (01/23)

Parkinson’s disease warning: Does your poo feel like this? Hidden signs in your gut 🎥 (01/23)

Good News, Bad News on Levodopa for Parkinson's Disease (01/23)

The Michael J. Fox Foundation Gets Results (01/23)

Rock Steady Boxing helping to fight back against Parkinson's disease 🎥 (01/22)

Vascular Dementia

'We're not the walking dead,' says Etobicoke man with dementia (01/24)



Dementia symptoms: Elderly people worried they could have Alzheimer’s should do THIS test 🎥 (01/23)

Serum soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2 as a biomarker for incident dementia: The Hisayama Study (01/23)

Speaker comes to Downers Grove Library to educate about Alzheimer’s and Dementia (01/23)

UCI study on how brains mark time may aid dementia research (01/23)

Ibudilast-Rilutek Therapy Combo Closer to U.S. Patent for ALS and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases (01/23)

Alzheimer's Disease

We may finally know what causes Alzheimer’s – and how to stop it (01/23)

Cutting-edge quest to detect dementia isn’t just aimed at Alzheimer’s (01/23)

EVENT [01/31]: Alzheimer’s Association Greater Indiana Chapter to Host Community Forum in Valparaiso (01/23)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Prion Seeding Detected Throughout Eye Tissue in Large Postmortem sCJD Series (01/24)

Skin test detects prion infection before symptoms appear (01/23)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

My husband turned on me after more than 50 years of marriage (01/22)

Blocking toxic-protein production in ALS (01/22)

Huntington's Disease

Antibodies and Huntington's: Diagnosis & Treatment 📃🎥 (01/23)

UniQure cleared to start Huntington gene therapy trial (01/23)

Canine Companion a life changer for Post Falls man, family 🎥 (01/22)

ROCKbusting Huntington’s and Probing Parkinson’s (01/22)

Parkinson's Disease

Apo Pen, Apo Pump offer new lease of life for Parkinson’s patients in India (01/23)

New art project inspired by deep brain stimulation (01/22)

JMU students use mini-grants to fund platforms for change (01/22)

Church hosts Parkinson’s Chorus of Central Massachusetts (01/22)

Acting out your dreams could be a sign of a sleep disorder linked to Parkinson's (01/22)

Deep Brain Stimulation Technique Lessens Parkinson’s Dyskinesia, Study Finds (01/22)

New choral group for people with Parkinson’s symptoms (01/22)



Not getting enough sleep? Here's why it could be affecting your memory (01/22)

Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health announces appointment of New Research Chair (01/22)

International study into older women with dementia given cash injection (01/22)

Heavy alcohol use associated with increased risk of dementia (01/22)

Dementia comes in different forms (01/21)

Alzheimer's Disease

Dementia symptoms: A simple test could spot Alzheimer’s 16 years before signs are noticed (01/22)

Alzheimer’s education program to be held in Carthage (01/22)

LETTER: One step closer to a world without Alzheimer’s (01/22)

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to award college scholarships to essay contest winners (01/22)

Ron Robert: 81-year-old student battling Alzheimer’s (01/22)

‘Super poopers’ could help prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer: Study (01/21)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Alberta mom dying of rare dementia gives birth to healthy baby 🎥 (01/21-22)

Huntington's Disease

Huntington’s disease shown red card by north-east referees (01/22)

Blood test may detect Alzheimer's disease damage (01/22)

EC expands approval of Amgen’s Blincyto; FDA gives uniQure green signal for Huntington’s study in humans, Cytokinetics SMA trial (01/22)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Researchers turn to coffee to help treat two incurable brain disorders (01/22)

Orthostatic Hypotension Symptoms and Causes 📃 (01/21)

Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Told Fans How They Should Honor His Memory (01/21)

Parkinson's Disease

Staying loud with Parkinson’s disease 🎥 (01/22)

Finding the River of Life in Parkinson’s Disease (01/21)

Parkinson’s disease warning: Surprising sauce you should eat everyday to avoid symptoms 🎥 (01/21)

Inexpensive Hand-Tracker Accurately Measures Bradykinesia in Parkinson’s Patients, Small Study Suggests (01/21)

Onstryv Now Approved for Parkinson’s Patients in Canada (01/21)

Robotics research used in trials for Parkinson’s disease treatments (01/21)

Can Coffee Protect You from Parkinson’s Disease? (01/21)

Local organizations teaming up to bring specialized Parkinson's exercise programs to community (01/21)

Non-Profit Group Uses Exercise as Treatment for Parkinson's 🎥 (01/21)

Vascular Dementia

‘Battle for dignity denied us quality time together’ (01/22)



8Candida Infection Can Cause Memory Problems, Research Reveals (01/22)

Frailty could make people more susceptible to dementia (01/22)

MediciNova Receives Notice of Allowance for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), other Neurodegenerative Diseases (01/21)

Dementia Affects Younger People Too (01/21)

Unexpected link found between feeding and memory brain areas (01/21)

New funding for neurodegenerative research in Scotland (01/21)

Central obesity linked to brain shrinkage (01/21)

Extreme distress raises risk of dementia (01/21)

Alzheimer's Disease

Blood test detects Alzheimer's damage before symptoms (01/21)

Blood test could detect Alzheimer's more than 10 years earlier – study (01/21)

UVA Researchers Receive Recognition for Alzheimer's Discovery (01/21)

Exploring racial disparities for Alzheimer’s, glaucoma (01/21)

Study connects Alzheimer's with hearing disorder (01/21)

AgeneBio enrols first patient in Phase III trial of AGB101 (01/21)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Athlone woman is Irish Red Cross Carer of the Year (01/21)

Parkinson's Disease

Robotics research used in trials for Parkinson’s disease treatments (01/21)

Delco judicial candidate puts the word out about Parkinson's Disease 🔊 (01/20)

Get to know: Jennifer Keeney, who is helping those with Parkinson’s fight back (01/20)

My View: Friend fighting disease was a source of uplift (01/20)

Alan Alda Discusses His Parkinson’s Diagnosis and His Secret to Life (01/20)

Aging Well: Assistive technology helps seniors and people with disabilities (01/20)

Wellness and beyond: Now in its ninth year, Demmer Wellness Pavilion continues to grow (01/20)

Vascular Dementia

Investigating traditional Chinese medicine for a vascular dementia treatment (01/21)

Understanding dementia (01/21)

Lab-grown human blood vessels could advance research of vascular disease (01/21)



Psychological distress is a risk factor for dementia (01/17)

Keep moving to stave off dementia effects (01/17)

Insomnia breakthrough: Scientists identify 5 types (01/17)

Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Tied to Significant MCI Risk (01/17)

Adding dairy to Mediterranean diet may enhance cognitive function, psychological well-being (01/17)

Art Therapy Helps Dementia Patients Reclaim Identity Through Memory 🔊 (01/17)

Your questions about dementia answered (01/16)

Dementia care: The one activity you need to do in old age proven to protect the brain 🎥 (01/16)

Alzheimer's Disease

Can this novel treatment slow Alzheimer’s? Volunteers in NJ are needed to help find out (01/17)

Grants to boost research into neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s and Motor Neurone Disease (01/17)

New drug could help with Alzheimer’s (01/17)

New Research Suggests Physical Activity Later in Life May Help Preserve Thinking (01/17)

How to care for yourself when you're caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease (01/17)

Research brings new hope to treating degenerative brain diseases 📃 (01/17)

The Invisible Warning Signs that Predict Your Future Health (01/17)

Lab-grown blood vessel breakthrough at UBC could affect diabetes, Alzheimer’s research 🎥 (01/16)

Daily Movement — Even Household Chores — May Boost Brain Health In Elderly 🔊 (01/16)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

'Helen's dementia is the challenge of my life': Sir Jackie Stewart, 79 (01/17)

Alzheimer’s too soon (01/16)

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH)

Lisa Genova, Ph.D joins CereVasc Board of Directors (01/16)

Device Maker Microbot Medical Gives Back Gains (01/15)

Parkinson's Disease

New innovation for people living with Parkinson's disease 🎥 (01/17)

Smart garments aim to stop falls in people with Parkinson's disease (01/17)

Cognitive Performance in Parkinson’s Linked to Sleep Efficiency, Study Shows (01/16)

Add-on Azilect Safe and Effective in Levodopa-treated PD Patients, Phase 3 Trial in Japan Shows (01/16)

CBD Oil Can Help Manage Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (01/16)

FDA Approves Scalpel-Free Parkinson Treatment (01/16)

Ultrasound Ablation in the Treatment of Essential Tremor (01/16)

Louisville renames airport after hometown hero Muhammad Ali (01/16)



Dementia signs: How you sleep could be increasing your risk of the condition developing 🎥 (01/11)

Record £3.7m research grant to ‘transform’ palliative care for dementia (01/11)

Nurse-led dementia research team receives £4.7m to examine end of life care services (01/11)

MUN Research Delves Into Benefits Of Video Games On Dementia Patients (01/11)

Aortic stiffness linked to dementia. Can vitamin K2 help reduce the risk? (01/11)

Astrocytes Take Control in Establishing the Brain's Circadian Rhythm (01/11)

New role for brain's support cells in controlling circadian rhythms (01/10)

Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers answer decades-old question about protein found in Alzheimer's brain plaques (01/11)

Research Roundup: Alzheimer’s “cocktail” developed in mice shows promise (01/11)

Nurse Alice: New Research Suggests Alzheimer's Presents Differently in African-Americans (01/11)

Bad Sleep in Older Adults May Signal Alzheimer's Disease (01/11)

Exercise can help fight off Alzheimer's, but how? (01/11)

Study: High-fiber diet decreases risk for cancer, heart disease (01/11)
Brazilian Researchers Closer to Treating Alzheimer's (01/11)

January 11 Research Roundup: Inhalable mRNA, CRISPR and Muscular Dystrophy, Do-It-Yourself DNA Design and More (01/11)

ECU's alzheimer's research showing promise 🎥 (01/10)

Huntington's Disease

Cakes, fun and praise for Huntington’s Disease Assn (01/11)

Coronary heart disease off the beaten track (01/11)

Government-Enforced Eugenics Is Always Wrong (01/11)

Parkinson's Disease

Abnormal Brain Cell Type Leads to Parkinson’s-Related Neurodegeneration, Study Contends (01/11)

Genetic Variant Predetermines Risk of Cognitive Decline in Parkinson’s, Research Suggests (01/11)

Woman confronts Parkinson's disease with jabs and upper-cuts 🎥 (01/10)

Parkinson’s disease warning - why you should never ignore this sign hidden in your NOSE 🎥 (01/10)

Changes in Gait, Cognition May Be Early Signs of Idiopathic Parkinson’s, Research Suggests (01/10)

EVENT [01/14]: Parkinson’s Disease Support Group to meet Monday (01/10)

Inbrija Approved in US to Treat Off Periods in Parkinson’s Patients on Carbidopa/Levodopa (01/10)

EVENTS [01/12, 01/16]: Lineage Performing Arts Center spotlights talents of those with Parkinson’s Disease Saturday (01/10)

Vascular Dementia

British Heart Foundation highlights link between diabetes and circulatory disease as diabetes levels continue to rise (01/10)



Dementia care: Spend an hour every day doing this activity to prevent brain degeneration 🎥 (01/10-11)

LETTER: Alzheimer's, dementia research should be priority (01/10)

Senior living opportunities expanding in Beavercreek (01/10)

Headache Disorders Associated With Risk of All-Cause Dementia (01/10)

New role for brain's support cells in controlling circadian rhythms (01/10)

Regenstrief investigator calls for Medicare payment for team-based care for dementia (01/10)

We need to unite in fight against dementia, a reader writes (01/10)

Awareness Looks To Dispel Myths About Alzheimers 🎥 (01/10)

Could Belly Fat Affect Dementia Risk? (01/09)

Waking up feeling tired is an ‘early sign of Alzheimer’s disease’, experts warn (01/09)

Alzheimer's Disease

Exercise produces irisin — irisin might prevent Alzheimer’s, researchers say (01/10)

Genetically-diverse Mice Improve Alzheimer's Research (01/10)

Study suggests link between herpes, Alzheimer’s: Ask the Doctors (01/10)

Alzheimer's: 9 new genetic risk factors found (01/10)

Temple receives $100,000 from Stop Alzheimer's Now to conduct groundbreaking study (01/10)

Researchers answer decades-old question about protein found in Alzheimer's brain plaques (01/10)

Alzheimer's Study: Poor Sleep Associated With Higher Levels of Tau Protein (01/10)

Local doctor tackles brain diseases with groundbreaking research 🎥 (01/09)

German Study: Immune Cell Defect Stimulates Alzheimer's (01/09)

Will We Ever Find an Alzheimer’s Cure? The Answer Depends on Research Participants (01/09)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Alzheimer’s Initiative Widens Research Focus on Frontotemporal Degeneration With New $5M Commitment (01/09)

Huntington's Disease

What We Know So Far About 'Designer Babies' And Human Gene Editing (01/10-11)

The controversy over gene-editing (01/10)

Speeding up genetic diagnosis of Huntington's disease (01/10)

Machine Learning Applied to EEG Data May Serve as Huntington’s Biomarker, Study Suggests (01/10)

CuATSM Therapy May Slow ALS Progression, Improving Cognition and Respiration in Patients, Phase 1 Trial Shows (01/10)

The importance of premarital health checkups (01/10)

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease clinical trials: Challenges, advancements, and the role of technology (01/09-10)

Exercise classes can do wonders for people with Parkinson's — and that's no stretch (01/09)

Patients fighting back at Parkinson's disease by boxing 🎥 (01/09)

Phase 2 Trial of Gene Therapy VY-AADC to Include More Parkinson’s Patients (01/09)

IBM forms partnership with Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research (01/09)

The ABCs of Parkinson’s: It’s Not Just About Shaking (01/09)

A Delaware County lawyer makes his Parkinson’s part of his campaign for judge (01/09)

Gout May Increase Parkinson’s Risk in Older People, Study of US Medicare Data Suggests (01/09)

Survival in Parkinson Disease Dependent on Parkinsonian Type, Characteristics (01/09)

Free Parkinson’s disease forum to be held in Sonora (01/09)



What’s Ahead in 2019 (01/09)

How music helps connect people living with dementia (01/09)

Diabetes tied to worse word recall in older adults (01/09)

Do you need a daytime nap? You may have a higher risk of dementia (01/09)

AHA: Blood Pressure May Explain Higher Dementia Risk in Blacks (01/09)

Obesity Linked to Dementia Risk (01/09)

A 'Meaningful' Life Is Connected To Better Health, Study Finds. But It's Complicated (01/08)

Alzheimer's Disease

The Anti-Alzheimer's BOLD Act Isn't. But It Could Be A Step In The Right Direction. (01/09)

New Compound Has Been Discovered For The Treatment Of Alzheimer’s (01/09)

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month (01/09)

Study Links Decreased Deep Sleep to Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease (01/09)

Dorchester resident elected to Governor’s Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s disease research & treatment (01/09)

German Study: Immune Cell Defect Stimulates Alzheimer's (01/09)

A New Idea about What Triggers Alzheimer's (01/09)

The molecule that helps exercise protect the brain from Alzheimer’s (01/09)

Gut yeast crosses blood-brain barrier and triggers Alzheimer's-like inflammation: Study (01/09)

Barbara Windsor’s husband: I can’t leave her by herself anymore (01/08)

Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Japan Ends Two-Decade U.K. Beef Ban as Mad Cow Disease Fears Dim (01/09)

‘Zombie deer disease’ is in Wyoming. It’s in Montana. How Idaho plans to keep it at bay 🎥 (01/08)

Huntington's Disease

RU researcher receives grant to diagnose, monitor movement disorders with smartphones (01/09)

Spark leverages Luxturna success to move gene therapies forward (01/09)

Public health minister praises staff at Aberdeen care centre (01/09)

AP Poll Suggests Americans Support Gene-Editing But Only To Prevent Disease (01/09)

Innovations Television Series Discovers Breakthroughs in Medical Marijuana Research and Clinical Trials (01/09)

Parkinson's Disease

Irish Parkinson’s app that improves walking and speech gets major approval (01/09)

Parkinson’s disease warning - the 30p fruit you should be eating every day 🎥 (01/08)

Kinesiology major tackles mobility treatment for Parkinson’s disease (01/08)

Reflections on My First Year of Rock Steady Boxing (01/08)

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US FDA on-board with first inhaled treatment for Parkinson’s (01/08)

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Vascular Dementia

Living with dementia: 'I can't let it stop me,' says Windsor woman (01/08)



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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Attack on the Brain May Vary with Race (01/08)

Nutrient supplement could combat Alzheimer’s across generations, say scientists 🎥 (01/08)

Study reveals link between Herpes and Alzheimer's (01/08)

'Exercise hormone' may play a role in combating Alzheimer's disease (01/08)

Alzheimer's Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis Uncovers Nine Novel Disease Loci (01/07)

House Passes New Alzheimer's Bill That Gives $20 Million To Research Annually (01/07)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Swiss Researchers Struggle to Get Animal Experiments Approved (01/08)

Huntington's Disease

Most Transplanted Fetal Nerve Cells in Brain of Huntington’s Patients Do Not Thrive, Study Says (01/08)

Pinewood woman fights for awareness, cure for Huntington's Disease (01/08)

What are the benefits of CoQ10? (01/08)

Case Western Reserve's John Tilton, MD, secures 4th Falk Catalyst Award (01/08)

Union Coop to support people with rare diseases (01/08)

3Scan Biotech Showcase with Prellis Biologics Announces Real Human Tissue Structures for R&D Bioprinting with the Holograph-X (01/07)

Parkinson's Disease

Project Aims to Speed Up MRIs, Create Clearer Images (01/07)

A Reporting Lesson: ‘Take A Chance And Show Up’ (01/07)

Biogen Inks Two Deals to Make Drugs for Neurological Diseases (01/07)

Las Vegas brain institute takes on unique Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s project (01/06-07)

Vascular Dementia

Dementia: Four ways to reduce your risk of developing the brain disease (01/08)

UC researchers receive $3.2 million grant to study stroke recurrence risk 📃 (01/07)

Living alone can be a risky business. Here's how to help loved ones plan for the worst (01/07)

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Exercise hormone may delay dementia onset, say scientists (01/07)

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Alzheimer's Disease

New ‘drinkable cocktail’ for Alzheimer’s restored memories in mice, scientists say 🎥 (01/07)

New Alzheimer’s research highlights the need for diversity in medical studies (01/07)

Alzheimer's Disease May Develop Differently In African-Americans, Study Suggests (01/07)

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Slow-Wave Sleep Suspends Alzheimer's Build-Up 🎥 (01/01)

Fish Oil & Improvements in Cognitive Decline & Brain Shrinkage (12/31)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

16 deer tested for chronic wasting disease in Hackleburg (01/07)

Drug compound shows potential at restoring memories in Alzheimer’s patients [&CJD] (01/07)

Huntington's Disease

Kegworth air crash: Dad lived through crash only to be handed a death sentence (01/07)

Man Sues Mesa Police Officers for Wrongful DUI Arrest (01/07)

Parkinson's Disease

I’m Enjoying My Journey Despite Parkinson’s Interference (01/07)

Voyager Therapeutics Provides Updates for VY-AADC Clinical Program for Parkinson’s Disease (01/07)

Parkinson’s Patients and Caregivers are Active, but Lack Self-management Support, Study Finds (01/07)

Rock Steady Boxing Aiken helps Parkinson's patients combat disease's symptoms (01/07)

Study Raises Questions on Nuedexta Prescribing (01/07)

Las Vegas brain institute takes on unique Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s project (01/07)

Celebrity factor slowly helping remove ‘stigma’ of Parkinson’s Disease (01/06)

Vascular Dementia

UC researchers receive $3.2 million grant to study stroke recurrence risk 📃 (01/07)



Mouse Memory Affected by Mild Fungal Infections (01/04)

New research in the fight against Alzheimer's and dementia (01/04)

Study: Half of people who think they have allergies are wrong (01/04)

Hypertension, white matter hyperintensities confer cognitive risk (01/04)

Alzheimer's Disease

Local caregivers say BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer's Act will help combat the disease (01/04)

Pittman Conducting Alzheimer’s Research (01/04)

The Mathematical Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease (01/04)

New Alzheimer's law pledges $20 million a year to research and care as the US prepares for a wave of aging baby boomers (01/04)

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AHS sophomore committed to helping find cure for Alzheimer's (01/03)

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Down Syndrome with Alzheimer's

Season for Sharing: Aging with Down Syndrome (01/04)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

New FTD care partner support group coming to Southern Indiana (01/03)

The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation's Diagnostics Accelerator Initiative Expands Its Focus on Frontotemporal Degeneration (01/03)

Huntington's Disease

Family ‘so grateful’ after man saved from near-drowning (01/05)

NeuBase Therapeutics to Reverse Merge into Ohr Pharmaceutical 🎥 (01/04)

Normal Pressure Hydrocephaus (NPH)

Scholar Rock (SRRK) vs. Microbot Medical (MBOT) Critical Comparison (01/04)

Parkinson's Disease

What You Must Know About Parkinson's Disease (01/03)

Kinesiology undergraduate earns research conference grand prize (01/03)

EVENT [01/09]: Parkinson’s support group set to meet Jan. 9 (01/03)

Vascular Dementia

Study Links High Blood Pressure With Early Cognitive Impairment (01/04)

Why Eating Fish Is Good For The Brain (01/04)

Cerebral small vessel disease, hypertension increase cognitive impairment risk (01/04)

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Leading dementia scientists and doctors set to share crucial findings in Sussex 🎥 (01/03)

How to Live Well With Dementia, According to Science 🎥 (01/03)

If Ayurveda Was Effective, Turmeric-Consuming Indians Would Not Have 2nd Highest Dementia Cases (01/03)

A New Observation by Dr. Delia Cabrera DeBuc may help in Diagnosing Cognitive Impairment (01/03)

Alzheimer's Disease

BOLD Act signed into law (01/02)

Promising new Alzheimer’s treatment unexpectedly found in old antibiotic (01/02)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

CowBuzz: Byron Offers Tickets For Good Cause (01/02)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation's Diagnostics Accelerator Initiative Expands Its Focus on Frontotemporal Degeneration (01/03)

Impaired Emotion Recognition is Sign of Behavioral Symptoms in ALS, Study Finds (01/03)

Huntington's Disease

Huntexil Failed to Improve Motor Function of Huntington’s Patients in Phase 2 Trial (01/03)

Ohr Pharma and NeuBase Merge to Push NeuBase's Rare Disease Tech Platform (01/03)

An ethics question for all of us (01/03) 📅

Korsakoff Syndrome

Law Firm Strengthens Expertise In Specialism That Supports Society’s Vulnerable (01/03)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

12 songs that should have been hits, found on My Vinyl Countdown (01/03)

Parkinson's Disease

Cup of Joe to Fight Parkinson's? Rutgers Research Promising. (01/03)

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Researchers, Michael J. Fox Foundation Propose New Roadmap for Trials 📃 (01/03)

Billy Connolly confronts his losing battle with Parkinson's disease (01/03)

Could 'young blood' cure Parkinson's disease? Scientists are giving transfusions that may reverse aging 🎥 (01/02-03)

Senior Services Plus Wellness Expansion invests in all new boxing equipment to combat Parkinson’s Disease (01/02)



Understanding dementia (01/02)

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Imaging nerve-cell interactions (01/02)

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Helping care home residents and staff to participate in clinical research (01/02)

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NIH study implicates hyperactive immune system in aging brain disorders (01/02)

Alzheimer's Disease

Yale study finds drug that treats Alzheimer’s in mice (01/02)

New compound shows promise in treatment of Alzheimer’s (01/02)

New law aims to take on Alzheimer's and cognitive decline (01/02)

How Living With a 50-50 Chance of Alzheimer’s by 50 Affects Your Views on Brain Health (01/02)

The best overall diets for 2019 (01/02)

Study at Northwestern looking at how nicotine can combat memory loss (01/02)

Home remedies: How music can help people who have Alzheimer’s disease (01/01)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Celgene Licenses Aprinoia Tau PET Tracer APN-1607 to Support Patient Selection in Trials (01/02)

Huntington's Disease

Research Describes How Neurons Can Be Separated From Huntington’s Disease (01/02)

Gene Therapy Primer for Pharmacists (01/02)

Parkinson's Disease

Top 10 Parkinson’s Stories of 2018 (01/02)

Acrolein Eyed as Potential Biomarker of MS, Preliminary Study Finds (01/02)

New mouse model reminiscent of Leigh syndrome sheds light on mechanisms of neurodegeneration (01/02)

EVENT [01/19]: Light of Day in Asbury Park: Bob's Birthday Bash lineup at the Paramount announced 🎥 (01/02)

Parkinson Voice Project to Host Lecture on Nutrition and Disease Management (01/02)

Brain "Pacemaker" Device May Help Treat Epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease (01/02)

Vascular Dementia

NHS England reveals poor health check turnout (01/02)



Free health check up ignored by more than half of the population says NHS 📃 (01/01)

Here Is How Sports and Physical Activity Help You improve Your Mental Health (01/01)

Alzheimer's Disease

Baby seal robot helps treat Alzheimer’s (01/01)

Injection that stops the onslaught of Alzheimer's could be available within 10 YEARS, experts predict (12/31)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Dementia educator to speak in Aiken in January (12/31)

Parkinson's Disease

Young people’s blood is being tested as a treatment for Parkinson’s (12/31)

Sir Billy Connolly’s heartbreaking confession amid Parkinson’s fight (12/31)

Cooperstown writer believes in 'careful' voting (12/31)

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Acorda Gets Much Needed FDA Approval To Counter Patent Setback (12/31)

New Study Says That Coffee May Help Protect Against Parkinson’s Disease (12/31)

Disease detection dogs with nose for trouble can save those with Parkinson’s and cancer (12/31)