Dementia & Memory - December 2018

December 2018



Dementia check: Millions snub test to spot early symptoms that could save your life (12/31)

Study: Dementia care model delays nursing home admissions (12/31)

Gout Is Associated with Increased Risk of Dementia in Elderly: Study (12/31)

Does your dog have dementia? (12/31)

Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers Found How the Brains Allow To Rapidly Focus Attention (12/31)

An injection to stop the onset of Alzheimer’s could be available within the next 10 years (12/31)

Physical Activity Can Improve Energy and Mood, Research Says (12/31)

Reviewing all published Alzheimer's research could yield game-changing results (12/30)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Cloning Madhubala (12/31)

Huntington's Disease

EVENTS [Monthly]: Community Update: Huntington's Disease Support Group (1/1/2019)

Experiments With Viruses Create Path To Potential Huntington’s Cure (12/31)

Wash. pianist trying to use his talents while he still can (12/30)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

EVENT [01/03]: Workshop on dementia ready to answer questions in Aiken 🎥 (12/30)

Parkinson's Disease

New Study Says That Coffee May Help Protect Against Parkinson’s Disease (12/31)

Parkinson's: With work, there is hope after the diagnosis (12/30)

Doctors Identified Risk Factors for a Potentially Violent Sleep Disorder 🎥 (12/30)

When Nightmares Disturb More Than Sleep (12/30)

Privileged access management: the cyber priority for the healthcare sector (12/30)

HMC Physiotherapy Division sees rising number of patients (12/30)

Vascular Dementia

Elderly diabetics have lower risk of dementia with DPP 4 inhibitors vs sulfonylureas (12/31)

Less than half over-40s take free NHS England health check (12/30)



2018—A Year in Research (12/28) 📅

Is dementia genetic? (12/28)

Drinking coffee, alcohol could help you live past 90, research shows (12/28)

MRI Markers Associated With Increased Risk for Stroke, Dementia, Death in Older Adults (12/28)

Study Finds Risk Factors for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (12/27)

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s research update 2018 (12/28)

An experimental drug could help fight memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients (12/28)

Chinese researchers identify new risk gene for Alzheimer's disease (12/28)

Michigan universities testing new Alzheimer's drug 🎥 (12/28)

2018 Stories of the Year: Younger onset Alzheimers takes its toll on N.H. (12/27)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Some Medical Procedures Can Transmit Alzheimer’s Disease 🔊 (12/28)

Huntington's Disease

AP-NORC Poll: Most support gene editing to protect babies (12/28)

Nappanee woman hopes to take part in trials for Huntington's disease cure 🎥 (12/27)

Parkinson's Disease

The Year in Neurology 2018 (12/28)

What is Parkinson’s disease? Signs, symptoms and stages of Billy Connolly’s illness (12/28)

Researchers at the Medical School explore novel ways to target Parkinson’s disease (12/27)

Cheshunt care home resident wishes for Parkinson's Disease cure having lived with the condition for 20 years (12/27)

Vascular Dementia

MRI Markers Associated With Increased Risk for Stroke, Dementia, Death in Older Adults (12/28)



Study: Moderate alcohol or coffee consumption aids longevity (12/27)

Coordinated Care Program For Dementia Patients Reduced Need For Nursing Home Placement (12/27)

6 Conditions that May Be Linked to Your Estrogen Levels (12/27)

Keith’s steps to beat dementia 🎥 (12/27)

This choir features singers with dementia (12/27)

Study reveals how the brain helps humans focus (12/27)

NIPER researcher presents a review on autophagy in neuronal cells 📃 (12/27)

Suven Life gets product patents from Brazil, Eurasia (12/27)

New Denver dementia center aims to slow cognitive decline using Finnish research (12/26)

Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers define six types of Alzheimer’s disease. Why that matters to you. (12/27)

Better mouse model built to enable precision-medicine research for Alzheimer's (12/27)

EVENT [03/15]: Rotary club to host Balsam Range concert to benefit Alzheimer’s research (12/27)

Genetic diversity could bring about better Alzheimer's treatment, study says (12/27)

Neuronal cell death in Alzheimer's disease may actually not be a bad thing, shows study 📃 (12/27)

Alzheimer’s Association Program Explains Basics of Alzheimer’s and Dementia (12/27)

To Cure Alzheimer's, We Have to Forget What We Know About It So Far (12/27)

Make Better Brain Health Your Top New Year’s Resolution for 2019 (12/26)

Parkinson's Disease

Novel drug to fight Alzheimer's, Parkinson's developed: Here’s all you need to know (12/27)

Age Independently Associated With Severity of Executive Dysfunctions in Parkinson Disease (12/26)

Parkinson's both a challenge and gift for Verona's Briggs: Newsmaker (12/26)

Inbrija Inhalation Powder Approved for Parkinson's Disease (12/26)

Bath teen to run, plunge for Parkinson's research (12/26)

Kicking, yelling during sleep? Study finds risk factors for violent sleep disorder (12/26)

Bath Middle School student raises money for Parkinson’s through running (12/26)

72-year-old takes up boxing to fight Parkinson's one punch at a time (12/25)

Vascular Dementia

Are we becoming a forgetful nation? (12/28)



How Nostalgia Can Be Good for Your Health and Well-Being (12/26)

T’ai chi, robots and GPS could help treat dementia (12/26)

Autophagy and mitochondria: Targets in neurodegenerative disorders (12/26)

Study of 14,000 Nonagenarians Says Alcohol, Java Drinkers, Those Overweight In Their 70s Live Longer (12/26)

Legal weed is everywhere — unless you’re a scientist (12/25) 📅

Alzheimer's Disease

Community forums highlight Alzheimer’s concern, awareness (12/26)

Auburn pageant winner raises money for Alzheimer’s charity (12/26)

Alzamend Neuro™ Completes New Management Team for 2019 (12/26)

Alzheimer's Research At The University Of Utah (12/26)

Alzheimer's Advocacy Day set for January session of state legislature (12/26)

Opinion: Animal research key to ending Alzheimer's (12/25)

Huntington's Disease

Neuritosis Study Opens Door for Potential New Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases (12/26)

Huntington's Antisense Therapy Enters Phase III (12/26)

Parkinson's Disease

Cavan Christmas Dash takes place (12/26)

Technology glosses the golden age: elderly care without the loss of dignity (12/25)

Paul McCartney tells fans: Don't be like me and eat too much (12/25)

A Daughter’s Death Leaves a Mother Struggling (12/25)



What Assists People Live In Harmony With Dementia? (12/24)

Top 4 foods that keep dementia at bay (12/24)

Study: Six months of regular aerobic exercise improves thinking skills in older, sedentary adults (12/24)

Braincheck Raises Another $1.5 Million to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Dementia Care (12/24)

Dementia cases more than double since 1990 🔊 (12/24)

Letters to the Editor: Urge Congress to fight Alzheimer’s (12/24)

Potential link between Alzheimer's and gut health to be probed in first-of-its-kind study (12/23)

Alzheimer's Disease

Could a Blood Test for Tau Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease? (12/24)

Scottish researchers study link between Alzheimer's and diet (12/24)

In therapy program for oldsters, iPods bring long-ago music to their ears (12/24)

Study Probes Mexico City’s Air Pollution And Alzheimer’s Pathology (12/24)

Sleep research: All is calm, all is bright? (12/24)

2018 in review: Alzheimer’s falters while oncology shines (12/24)

Research scientists at Hamilton's Rocky Mountain Lab develop early test for Alzheimers, CTE (12/23)

Huntington's Disease

Pitt-led Research Describes How Neurons Could Disconnect From Each Other in Huntington’s Disease (12/24)

Aidan’s Army lives on, leaves legacy for others (12/24)

Extra efforts for Christmas celebrations at neurological care centre 🎄 (12/24)

Parkinson's Disease

Acorda Therapeutics' Inbrija Parkinson's disease treatment gets FDA OK (12/24)

Dr. Roach: Aspirin can increase risk of bleeding, but isn't usual cause (12/23)

Florida woman completes sick father's Christmas display dream 🎥 🎄 (12/23)

VIDEO: The Fight Club 🎥 (12/23)

Parkinson’s patients trained to move big to achieve normal movement (12/23)

New Parkinson’s drug to be made available in India (12/23)

Vascular Dementia

Resveratrol Prevents Cognitive Deficits In Experimental Vascular Dementia (12/24)



Fabricland scion builds research centre to beat back at onset dementia (12/21)

Research highlights what helps people live well with dementia (12/21)

What your nightmares could reveal about your health (12/20)

Breakthrough ultrasound treatment to reverse dementia moves to human trials (12/18)

Alzheimer's Disease

Op-Ed: Alzheimer’s clinical research trials desperately need more Black participants (12/21)

Life Skills for Your LifeSpan: Your Health, Your Service, Our Focus (12/21)

Air pollution in Mexico City associated with development of Alzheimer disease (12/21)

Using Spinal Taps to Reveal Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier (12/21)

Groundbreaking Research In 2018 That Furthered The Study Of Alzheimer's, Cancer And Blood Pressure (12/21)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Tennessee man diagnosed with human form of 'mad cow' disease: What you should know about Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease 🎥 (12/20)

‘Devastating’: KCK man diagnosed with rare, incurable neurological disease 🎥 (12/20)

Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's

Dementia Associated With Mortality in Adults With Down Syndrome (12/21)

Alzheimer’s Disease: Toxic Proteins’ Aggregation In Brain Plays Key Role (12/21)

Huntington's Disease

The brain's support cells show defective development in Huntington's disease (12/21)

Rising Healthcare Costs Strain EU Budgets Even as New Therapies Flourish (12/21)

Benitec Provides Update on BB-401 Cancer Treatment Program (12/21)

Korsakoff Syndrome

Subjected to fake news of the confabulated sort (12/21)

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease protein buys time for cell repair (12/20)

Parkinson's disease experts devise a roadmap (12/20)

The Link Between the Appendix and Parkinson's Disease (12/20)

In a Parkinson's Disease Model, Researchers Inhibit Spread of Toxic Alpha-Synuclein (12/20)

Dance class offers Parkinson’s patients meaningful connections 🎥 (12/20)

Christmas cheer from the Rocking Ukuleles for Ely and District Parkinson’s Disease Support Group 🎄 (12/20)

New Developments in the Link Between Parkinson's and Pesticides (12/20)

After deep brain stimulation, local artist with Parkinson's disease pursues his passion for art (12/19)

Vascular Dementia

‘I Can’t Do This Anymore’: Being a Caregiver Broke Me, But So Did Memory Care (12/21)

Diabetes-inducing blood vessel damage could be prevented by a growth factor, study finds (12/21)

British Heart Foundation to be RUNFEST’s Charity of the Year 2019 (12/21)

'I've got purpose, I've got ability, I've got reasons to try things' (12/20)

Is red wine good for your heart? (12/2018)



Dementia Reversed in Mice, Human Trials Set to Start After $10 Million Grant 🎥 (12/20)

Australian researchers to start clinical trials for dementia ultrasound treatment (12/20)

Central Minn. group organizes dementia choir: Studies suggest music and memory are linked (12/20)

Number of People with Dementia Doubled in Just 26 Years (12/20)

Is dementia hereditary? (12/20)

European scientists aim to identify causes of dementia 📃 (12/19)

The first emergency homeless shelter serving people with HIV (12/19)

Surviving the Holidays with Dementia 🎄 (12/20)

Alzheimer's Disease

Add Markey's work on Alzheimer's to his list of accomplishments (12/21)

A Novel Precision Health Tool Launches a New Era in Alzheimer's Prediction and Prevention (12/20)

5 Ways Alzheimer’s Disease Has Changed How I Celebrate the Holidays 🎄 (12/20)

New test locates protein linked to Alzheimer's, CTE (12/20)

‘Historic’ $100 million Alzheimer’s bill passes in House, heads to president’s desk (12/20)

New brain changes in early Alzheimer's disease (12/20)

Experimental Alzheimer’s drug improves memory in mice (12/20)

Alzheimer's: Study zeroes in on brain's weakest link (12/20)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CLD)

Prion Seeds Spotted in Eyes of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Patients (12/20)

Man diagnosed with human version of mad cow disease 🎥 (12/19)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

New Small Molecule Targets Root Cause of ALS and Frontotemporal Dementia, Study Reports (12/20)

Predictors of survival and progression in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia (12/20)

Huntington's Disease

Exclusive: More than 70 new jobs created by Dee View Court expansion in Aberdeen (12/20)

EVENT [03/31]: Dumbarton and Vale cyclists sought for 'Ride the Clyde' challenge (12/20)

Plumstead Marijuana Dispensary Gets Green Light From State (12/20)

This is why a Leamington care centre received a Royal visit (12/20)

Man battling Huntington’s Disease strives to be the next Beethoven (12/20)

Gait, Balance Problems Can Help Diagnose Late-Onset Huntington’s, Study Finds (12/20)

Parkinson's Disease

Scientists uncover how protein clumps damage cells in Parkinson's (12/20)

Encephalitis Symptoms Masked as Worsening Parkinson’s Disease, Case Report Shows (12/20)

Targeting Enzyme Has Potential as Parkinson’s Therapy, Yumanity Announces (12/20)

Now What?: Understanding Parkinson's Disease, 17 🎥 (12/19)

Sully, George H.W. Bush's service dog, back in NY for a break before next assignment (12/19)

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s podcast recap — The search for a cure starts with fundraising (12/19)

Dietary Supplements May Help Control Metabolism, Brain Inflammation in Parkinson’s, Study Finds (12/19)

Boxing offers a new approach to help slow progression for those battling Parkinson’s Disease 🎥 (12/19)

Nicotine May Protect the Brain from Toxic Trace Metals Linked to Parkinson’s, Cell Study Finds (12/19)

FDA approval of Exablate Neuro for the treatment of tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease (12/19)

Vascular Dementia

Dad determined to enjoy Christmas as he fears he won't remember family next year 🎄 (12/20)



Why the Number of Dementia Cases has Doubled (12/20)

We need to invest heavily in understanding and tackling dementia (12/19)

Babies Do It. So Do Fitness Trainers. Now Scientists Say It Might Even Improve Memory. (12/19)

Just 6 months of walking may reverse cognitive decline, study says (12/19)

Major international project aims to identify causes of dementia (12/19)

Leading the way: The Translational Research Collaboration for Mental Health (12/19)

8 Quick Care-Tips Boost Holiday Joy 🎄 (12/19)

Sundowning Care Tips (12/19)

Detecting Pain Despite Dementia 🎥🎥 (12/18)

Joyful Holidays Despite Dementia 🎄 (12/18) 📅

3 Ways to Talk to Dementia 🎥 (12/17)

Alzheimer's Disease

Tau protein suppresses neural activity in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease (12/19)

FAU Receives $1.1 Million from Florida Department of Health for Alzheimer's Research (12/19)

Mysterious childhood brain illness in Africa shows surprising similarity to Alzheimer's (12/19)

Local Research Could Lead to Preventing Alzheimer’s Before it Starts (12/19)

Alzheimer’s Association gathers brain researchers in India (12/19)

Neutralizing the Alzheimer's Gene (12/19)

Alzheimer's Disease Subgroups Identified (12/19)

Guardian jumps to conclusions about an Alzheimer’s study that hasn’t even begun (12/19)

10 Gifts When Living with Alzheimer's 🎄 (12/19)

12 Days of Charitable Giving 2018: Cure Alzheimer's Fund 🎄 (12/18)

Finding Joy in Alzheimer's Care 🎄 (12/16)

A Curcumin Aerosol to Fight Alzheimer's? (12/16)

Huntington's Disease

Calls for scrutiny of company opening Darlington hospital (12/18)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Treating Dementia with Lewy Bodies (12/17)

Parkinson's Disease

New Art Initiative Aims to Improve Understanding and Discussion of Parkinson’s Off Periods (12/18)

Parkinson’s Patients Show Reduced Workforce Participation Even Before Diagnosis, Study Finds (12/18)

New CDC Registry to Monitor MS and Parkinson’s Prevalence and Disease Trends (12/18)

Creation of memorial scholarship to help Hummel family fight Parkinson’s disease (12/18)

My DaTscan Results Made My PD Diagnosis ‘Real’ (12/18)

INSIGHTEC Announces FDA Approval of Exablate Neuro for the Treatment of Tremor-Dominant Parkinson's Disease (12/18)

Progenra Inc. Receives Therapeutic Pipeline Award from Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Drug Development (12/18)

ProMIS Neurosciences to Present at Sachs Associates Neuroscience Innovation Forum and China Focus@JPMWeek (12/18)

Adamas Announces Issuance of New U.S. Patent Covering GOCOVRI™ (12/18)

Vascular Dementia

Sunlight Lightens Vascular Dementia 🎥 (12/18)

Arkansas woman's sister becomes Alzheimer's caregiver (12/18)



Scientists may have found a way to restore memory in dementia patients 🎥 (12/18)

Treatment to Reverse Alzheimer's Symptoms Moving to Human Trials (12/18)

Worldwide Dementia Rates More Than Doubled Over 26-Year Span (12/18)

Too few specialist dementia nurses speak about death, suggests study (12/18)

Crosswords don't delay dementia (12/18)

The Evidence on Elder Wisdom (12/18)

Ovary Removal (Oophorectomy): a Risk Factor for Dementia? (12/18)

Alzheimer's Disease

Study uncovers novel details about vulnerability of one brain cell to Alzheimer's 📃 (12/18)

Research points to saliva test for Alzheimer's (12/18)

Federal Agency Asks Public To Send Studies On Marijuana And Alzheimer’s Disease (12/18)

Volunteers play vital role in fight against Alzheimer’s 🎥 (12/18)

The Brain Health–Blood Sugar Connection You Need To Know About (12/18)

Little Tetra is prepping a PhII Alzheimer’s study. In fact, they just got $40M to fund it (12/18)

New Study Reveals Half of NJ residents Diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease Do Not Receive Referrals to Support Services (12/17)

Neurons With Good Housekeeping Are Protected From Alzheimer’s (12/17)

EVENT [12/21]: Longest night candlelight vigil set for Friday, Dec. 21 (12/17)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Tennessee dad faces fatal, untreatable illness as family hopes for cure (12/18)

Lebanon man diagnosed with human form of Mad Cow Disease 🎥 (12/17)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Firefighter's Career Cut Short by Dementia; Chums Plan Benefit (12/18)

Huntington's Disease

Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals Forms Scientific Advisory Board (12/18)

BrainStorm Gets FDA Approval For New Experimental Drug To Treat Progressive MS (12/18)

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's: Which treatment works best for you? (12/18)

Parkinson’s disease: A promise for the future (12/18)

Real-time feedback tames Parkinson's brainwaves (12/17)

Remembering The Greatest: New Muhammad Ali exhibition in Beverly Hills (12/17)

Vascular Dementia

Strokes Are No Longer Limited to Elderly People: Dr Padma Srivastava (12/2018)



$185 million for dementia and ageing medical research (12/18)

New funding takes UQ towards clinical trials of dementia ultrasound treatment (12/18)

Dementia studies get $185m in funding (12/18)

New research building puts MSU, Grand Rapids at ‘epicenter’ of healthcare innovation, university says (12/17)

Dementia, Alzheimer's linked to stroke deaths (12/17)

How Reliable are Fast Dementia-Tests? (12/16)

Visiting People with Dementia on Holidays (12/14)

Echo Show - Drop In on People with Dementia (12/13)

Make a Dementia-Friendly House 🎥 (12/12)

Sweet Food, Bitter Pills & Dementia 🎥 (12/11)

How I Feel About My Dementia 🎥 (12/05)

Old Brains Like High Cholesterol 🎥 (12/04)

Beet Juice Increases Blood Flow to the Brain (12/03)

Alzheimer's Disease

One type of brain cell may invite Alzheimer's (12/17)

Mouse Study Backs Idea That Alzheimer's May Be Transmitted (12/17)

Growing a brain (12/17)

Research Need: Northeast Ohio hospital recruiting volunteers for Alzheimer's study 🎥 (12/17)

Rick Scott, Florida Department of Health Send $4.8 Million to Projects Across Florida Fighting Alzheimer’s (12/17)

Research opens up possibility of saliva test for Alzheimer's disease (12/17)

Neurotrope Announces Publication of Phase 2 Study of Bryostatin-1 in Moderate to Severe Alzheimer's Disease (12/17)

Coffee's Phenylindanes Fight Alzheimer's Plaque 🎥 (12/16)

You're Not Getting Alzheimer's; You Just Know So Much (12/16)
How Sleep Clears Alzheimer's (12/06)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Genetic Cause Of ALS And Frontotemporal Dementia Blocked By RNA-Binding Compound (12/17)

Gift In Memory Supports Local Charity’s Dementia Work (12/17)

The Brain Fog of Menopause (12/17)

Parkinson's Disease

It's Time To Remove Cannabis From The Federal Drug Schedules (12/17)

Microsoft patents wearable which could help people with Parkinson’s (12/17)

Caffeine Plus Coffee Compound Linked to Serotonin Help Protect Brain from Toxic Damage, Mouse Study Says (12/17)

Voyager Joins Fox Foundation and Education Campaigns to Accelerate Development of New therapies, Cure for Parkinson’s Disease (12/17)

The ABCs of Parkinson’s: ‘M’ is for Musings on Mumbling (12/17)

Boxing program helps people with Parkinson's disease fight symptoms 🎥 (12/16-17)

Vascular Dementia

Vascular Dementia 101 🎥 (12/10) 📅



Does Diabetes Damage Brain Health? (12/14)

$1m dollar dementia grant doubled for game-changing research (12/14)

1 Gene Error Linked to Early-Onset Dementia (12/14)

Depression, PTSD in Women Tied to Subsequent Dementia (12/14)

New Neurodegeneration Challenge Network Puts Focus on Causes of Parkinson’s, Other Disorders (12/14)

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's can be 'transferred by blood transfusion' during surgery (12/15)

Alzheimer's: Funding boost for nanotechnology research 🎥 (12/14)

Lilly focuses on tau with AC Immune Alzheimer’s R&D tie-up (12/14)

Wiring diagram of the brain provides a clearer picture of brain scan data (12/14)

Genetic analysis reveals brain changes that lead to mental illness (12/14)

Research suggests path to vaccine or drug for late-onset Alzheimer’s (12/14)

Protein linked to Alzheimer's is transmissable, study with mice suggests (12/14)

NBC 5 Responds: Suburban Teen's Fundraiser for Medical Research Hits Obstacle (12/13)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

MAPT Gene Variant Implicated In Frontotemporal Dementia (12/14)

Elimination of senescent cells prevents neurodegeneration in mice (12/14 reprint)

Huntington's Disease

Researchers Identify Mechanism Responsible For Neurodegeneration in Huntington’s (12/14)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Two more gene therapies for Axovant (12/14)

Letter to the Editor: Questions for the court system (12/13)

Long-awaited reports highlight challenges of broadening assisted-dying law (12/12)

New Evidence Shows Coffee May Help Prevent Parkinson’s & Lewy Body Dementia (12/13) 

Parkinson's Disease

Coffee compounds can help combat Parkinsons (12/14)

BioArctic Outlicenses its Alpha-synuclein Antibody Portfolio for Parkinson's Disease to AbbVie After Receiving Clearance (12/14)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Ease Brain Inflammation and Protect Neurons, Mice Study Reports (12/13)

Throwing punches during Macon exercise program lets Parkinson’s sufferers fight back (12/13)

Key Parkinson’s Brain Area Implicated in Memory Loss, Study Suggests (12/13)

Rusan Pharma launches Parkinson's Disease drug (12/13)

Elderly IBD patients 22 percent more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease (12/13)

Is a Healthy Diet and Exercise Important for Delaying Progression of PD? (12/13)

New Evidence Shows Coffee May Help Prevent Parkinson’s & Lewy Body Dementia (12/13) 

Vascular Dementia

Pedal power raises an impressive total (12/14)

Correlation of stroke and dementia with death: A study from the Swedish dementia registry (12/14)

Funding windfall for QUT research projects (12/13)



Simple lifestyle changes could cut dementia risk (12/13)

Change in animal test heightens possibilities of developing dementia drugs (12/13)

Cerveau Technologies, Inc. to Support a First Clinical Study in Asia of a Novel Biomarker of Alzheimer’s Disease (12/13)

Dementia incidence increased 117% globally from 1990 to 2016 (12/13) 📅

Neurosurgery could spread protein linked to Alzheimer's, study finds (12/13)

Driving with dementia—New guidance for doctors (12/13)

Rodin Therapeutics Announces Initiation of Phase 1 Clinical Trial of a Selective CoREST Inhibitor to Treat Neurologic Diseases (12/12)

World Dementia Council Takes Stock of Progress, Challenges (12/12)

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease: The right drug, the right time (12/14)

Johns Hopkins prematurely heralds a ‘promising diagnostic tool’ for Alzheimer’s (12/13)

Cerveau Technologies, Inc. to Support a First Clinical Study in Asia of a Novel Biomarker of Alzheimer’s Disease (12/13)

Alzheimer’s disease also upends the finances and lives of those caring for patients (12/13)

Podcast Extra: Evidence of a ‘transmissible’ Alzheimer’s protein 🔊 (12/13)

Study: Culturally Tailored Education is Key in Mitigating Alzheimer’s Disparities (12/13)

Transmissible’ Alzheimer’s theory gains traction (12/13)

Researchers Study Alzheimer's Gene Across Diverse Latino Populations 🔊 (12/13)

Neurosurgery could spread protein linked to Alzheimer's, study finds (12/13)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Two more UCLH patients to receive pioneering treatment for CJD (12/13)

Amyloid pathology transmission in lab mice and historic medical treatments (12/13)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

New genetic clues to early-onset form of dementia (12/13)

A spouse’s love lives through Alzheimer’s advocacy (12/13)

FDA Approves New Orphan Drug for Frontotemporal Dementia (12/12)

Huntington's Disease

Genetic engineering: Not fixing serious diseases could be morally wrong, expert claims 🎥 (12/13)

Neighbours' Aaron Brennan left devastated by news about the Huntington's gene (12/13)

Study confirms role of brain's support cells in Huntington's, points to new therapies (12/13)

An intellectually active lifestyle protects against neurodegeneration in Huntington's (12/13)

European Huntington Association Promotes Awareness, Potential Gene Therapies (12/13)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Two Compounds in Coffee May Combat Parkinson’s Disease and Lewy Body Dementia (12/12)

Axovant axes neuroscience drug, focuses on gene therapies (12/12)

Parkinson's Disease

Hutchinson YMCA now offers Parkinson’s-oriented exercise class (12/12)

Choir members find treatment through music for Parkinson's disease 🎥 (12/12)

Parkinson’s fighters get a start in Jackson (12/12)

Defective Activity of GCase Enzyme Linked with Neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s, Mouse Study Finds (12/12)

Grant for Pioneering Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Awarded to Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute (12/12)

Program Designed to Empower Those with Parkinson’s (12/12)

Tangled Up with Dementia in Parkinson’s Disease (12/12)

Parkinson’s disease - 50p snack you should add to your shopping list to relieve symptoms (12/12)



UNSW in top three Australian universities for NHMRC funding (12/12)

Certain Female Vets May Face Higher Dementia Risk (12/12)

Scientists reveal the memory-robbing disorder has skyrocketed by 117% over just 26 years (12/12)

Headline vs. study: Predicting, preventing and other clickbait (12/12)

Does problem-solving stave off mental decline? (12/11)

Puzzles do not keep dementia away finds study 📃 (12/11)

University of Bradford dementia research among top UK breakthroughs in past century (12/11)

Alzheimer's Disease

Can Medical Marijuana Help Alzheimer’s Patients? (12/12)

Is personalised medicine for neurodegenerative disorders on the horizon? (12/12)

Future of Alzheimer's therapy: What is the best approach? (12/12)

EVENTS: Alzheimer's support group in Goldendale (12/12)

Alzheimer’s drug may help battle antibiotic resistance (12/12)

Precision medicine collaborations to continue through Flinn seed-grants program (12/12)

EVENT [12/13]: HEALTH BRIEFS: Alzheimer’s meeting Thursday (12/12)

UTSW Researchers Hope to Predict Dementia (12/12)

Lilly bets on AC Immune's tech to target Alzheimer's (12/12)

Huntington's Disease

The latest updates on Huntington’s disease research (12/12)

An intellectually active lifestyle protects against neurodegeneration in Huntington's (12/12)

Parkinson's Disease

Medway launch boxing sessions to help battle Parkinson's disease (12/12)

Research Need: New study connects physical activity with gene changes (12/11)

First Patient Dosed with VY-AADC Gene Therapy in Parkinson’s Phase 2 Trial (12/11)

A lipid-desaturating enzyme offers a new drug target for Parkinson’s disease (12/10)

Vascular Dementia

6,000 New Names Join The Heart Of Steel In Meadowhall (12/12)

Charity’s clothing appeal (12/12)

Small Vessel Disease Linked to Severity of Motor Impairment in Parkinson’s Patients, Study Finds (12/12)



New discoveries predict ability to forecast dementia from single molecule (12/11)

Axovant drops small molecule development after dementia drug failure (12/11)

Crosswords And Puzzles Do Not Prevent Mental Decline, Study Says 🎥 (12/11) 📅

Vocal Biomarkers Market Booming With New Growth Opportunities (12/11)

Intellectual engagement and cognitive ability in later life (the “use it or lose it” conjecture): longitudinal, prospective study (12/10)

App study to help dementia caregivers and loved ones 🎥 (12/10)

Duluth-based researchers probe indigenous people with dementia (12/10)

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s drug may help battle antibiotic resistance (12/12)

WUSTL Team Receives $6.3 Million Grant to Develop PET Scan Tracers (12/11)

Researchers identify potential diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s disease 📃 (12/11)

RESEARCH NEED: Volunteers needed for Alzheimer’s research (12/11)

Cerecin Sponsors and Presents at Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutics: Alternatives to Amyloid Symposium (12/11)

Memory tests may forecast Alzheimer's disease, brain atrophy (12/10)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Gene clusters identified as key factors in the overproduction of the tau protein may be targets for treatment of dementia. (12/10)

Huntington's Disease

The Singing for the Brain programme was developed by the Alzheimer’s Society (12/11)

Ionis is focused on treating the untreatable with medical breakthroughs for patients (12/11)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Nelotanserin misses REM sleep behavior disorder trial endpoint (12/11)

Health Care Sector Update for 12/10/2018: RARX,MRNS,AXON (12/10)

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's: Dietary compound moves toxic protein from gut to brain (12/10)

Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s: Toasting 10 years (12/10)

EVENT [12/13]: Norman-based Parkinson's foundation to host seventh annual Winter Gala (12/10)

Vascular Dementia

Arnold mum speaks out after BBC drama Care highlights plight of caring for parent and children (12/11)

Jimmy McGovern’s Care has shed light on a crisis. Now we need a solution (12/11)



Dementia Reduced by 50% with intake of Orange Fruit and it Protect the Brain Cells (12/10)

Unique twist on '12 Days of Christmas' to help combat loneliness in Devon (12/10)

New Bioactive Compound Improves Memory (12/10)

Consuming Orange Juice Daily May Reduce The Risk Of Dementia: Try These Interesting Recipes Of Orange Juice (12/10)

10 of the most important things we learned about mental health this year (12/10)

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Is Much More Than Just One Disease, Says New Research (12/10)

Johns Hopkins team identifies promising diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease (12/10)

Researcher earns prestigious fellowship for brain cell regeneration study (12/10)

Research Team Chosen to Lead to Novel Research Project in Canada into MS Progression (12/10)

Marijuana-laced granola bars eased Alzheimer's symptoms for dying Holocaust survivor plagued by flashbacks of Auschwitz (12/10)

Dubuque couple donates $700,000 to Alzheimer's Association (12/10)

BioPrinting with Alzheimer’s Stem Cells May Lead to Improved Drug Testing & Treatment (12/10)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

FDA grants frontotemporal dementia drug Orphan-Drug Designation (12/10)

Local artist's work celebrates life in “A Doodle a Day: Ten-Year Doodle Journey” (12/10)

Huntington's Disease

Those designer babies everyone is freaking out about – it’s not likely to happen (12/10)

Parkinson's Disease

Enduring Through Parkinson’s Disease (12/10)

Two compounds in coffee may team up to fight Parkinson's (12/10)

Home treatment of Parkinson’s disease through remotely supervised brain stimulation (12/10)

Parkinson's: Dietary compound moves toxic protein from gut to brain (12/10)

Parkinson's disease drug Apomorphine to enter India soon (12/10)

Older IBD Patients Show Increased Risk for Parkinson’s Disease, Study Suggests (12/10)

Purdue Researcher Studies How a World War II Chemical can Help Treat Parkinson's Disease (12/09-10)

Fighting back: Dow wrestlers raising money to battle Parkinson's (12/09)

Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA)

Case Report: Improved Cognition and Neurological Adaptation in PCA (12/10)

Vascular Dementia

BBC drama Care - sparks outrage over its 'callous' portrayal of healthcare workers (12/10-11)

BBC's 'Care' shows how the 'real-life Jenny's have been forgotten by our government' (12/10)

Lloyds Bank worker allegedly stole nearly £32K from customer with vascular dementia (12/10)



New Insights on Episodic Memory (12/07)

Drinking orange juice could slash your risk of dementia by 50 per cent as it protects the brain, study finds (12/07)

December 7 Research Roundup: Genes for Dementia, Genes for Obesity, Genes for Tissue Regeneration and More (12/07)

Research papers show aspirin to negatively affect older populations (12/06)

Preeclampsia Is Associated with Dementia Risk Later in Life (12/06)

Alzheimer's Disease

Treat Alzheimer’s As Six Distinct Conditions, Study Says​ (12/07)

Eisai, UCL extend neuro pact, gear up for Alzheimer’s phase 1 (12/07)

Pain Therapeutics (PTIE) Reports Commencement of Phase II Study in Alzheimer’s Disease (12/06)

PET tracer able to image tau in Alzheimer’s disease patients (12/06)

Researchers are developing blood test to diagnose or predict Alzheimer's disease (12/06)

Adapting to the challenge (12/06)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

PA Game Commission reminds hunters to take precautions regarding Chronic Waste Disease (12/06)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Molecular Link Discovered Between Aging and ALS, Frontotemporal Dementia 🎥 (12/07)

A Proteomics Dive into Cause of Frontotemporal Dementia (12/06)

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease: Popular western medicine Apomorphine now launched in Bengaluru (12/07)

George H. W. Bush and Parkinson's Disease (12/06)

New Parkinson's treatment launches in India (12/06)

Enzyme Linking Fatty Acids to Alpha-synuclein Could Be Parkinson’s Therapeutic Target, Study Suggests (12/06)

Neighbors help man with Parkinson's continue Christmas light tradition in Plymouth (12/06)

How to detect early signs of Parkinson's (12/06)

Alkahest doses first patient in Phase II Parkinson’s drug trial (12/06)

World War II Chemical Weapon Antidote May Also Fight Parkinson’s, Researchers Suggest (12/06)

Vascular Dementia

Care: Sheridan Smith stars in a raw BBC drama about dementia and the problems families face navigating the care system (12/07)

Small Vessel Disease in Parkinson's Can Lead to Worsening Motor Impairment (12/06)



Simulations for Brain Diseases Developed (12/06)

Factoring illness, diseases into financial planning (12/06)

The Rhythm of Your Brain Waves May Foretell Dementia (12/06)

Genetic Process For Dementia Identified (12/06)

Turning up the volume of the patient voice in dementia research (12/06)

Adapting to the challenge (12/06)

HudsonAlpha contributes to new dementia research (12/06)

Research Brief: Middle-aged adults with lung disease may be at greater risk of developing dementia (12/06)

There's Another Link Between Our Gut And The Brain That Could Help Avoid Dementia (12/06)

CZI announces over $51 million funding to fight neurodegenerative diseases 📃 (12/05)

New Life Sciences Sector Deal opens doors to transform treatments and save lives (12/05)

Alzheimer's Disease

Help available locally for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, caregivers (12/06)

Republicans Applaud Addition of Alzheimer’s To Medical Marijuana List (12/05)

Discovery brings saliva test for Alzheimer’s disease one step closer (12/05)

New PET tracer identified for imaging Tau in Alzheimer's disease patients 🎥 (12/05)

Aphios Expands Picotechnology and Alzheimer’s Disease Research into Microgravity Environment of the International Space Station (12/05)

UA researchers awarded grant to study Alzheimer’s disease in women (12/05)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Prions, Nearly Indestructible and Universally Lethal, Seed the Eyes of Victims (12/05)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Days Of Our Lives Star And Community Members Raise Awareness Of Young-Onset Dementia At Dallas Marathon (12/06)

Tracking Onset and Progression of Frontotemporal Dementia (12/05)

Huntington's Disease

CBD Oil: Is it non-addictive in nature? (12/06)

FDA Orphan Designation Moves Vybion’s Huntington’s Therapy Closer To Clinical Trial (12/06)

Korsakoff Syndrome

Billy Cathcart's alcoholism left him with dementia, devastated sister reveals (12/05)

Parkinson's Disease

Fighting Parkinson’s: The brains behind medical miracles (12/06)

CSF Protein Ratios May Predict Dementia in Parkinson Disease (12/05)

A toxin that travels from stomach to brain may trigger Parkinsonism (12/05)

Asheville man gives Parkinson's the boot by climbing 40 WNC mountain peaks (12/05)

VOSJCC Parkinson’s program to expand (12/05)

Pesticide may be linked to Parkinson's (12/05)

Broken Crayons Are Not Useless (12/05)

What role do brain lipids play in Parkinson's disease? (12/05)

Duke trio shares $1 million award to understand genetic roots of Parkinson’s disease (12/05)

Focused-ultrasound Lesion Surgery Can Treat Tremors and Improve Life Quality, Study Says (12/05)

Taste, Smell Impairments May Help Identify People at Risk for Parkinson’s, Study Suggests (12/05)

Vascular Dementia

Ultrasound to Lower Symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction in Mice (12/05)

US Supreme Court Considers Execution of Prisoner With Severe Dementia (12/05)



There's Another Link Between Our Gut And The Brain That Could Help Avoid Dementia (12/06)

Only one in 10 can identify the symptoms of Dementia (12/05)

University of Tasmania community health research shines (12/05)

Study finds link between vitamin D deficiency and depression (12/05)

Together let's renew the call for action to defeat dementia (12/05)

New Stem Cell study targets Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism Spectrum Disorder (12/05)

Rodin Therapeutics Announces Publication of Paper Demonstrating Pro-Synaptic Effects of CoREST-Selective Inhibitors (12/05)

Alzheimer's Disease

Eisai and UCL Commence Preparations for Phase I Clinical Studies in Alzheimer's Disease for Novel Anti-Tau Antibody E2814 (12/06) 

Alzheimer’s researchers receive Chan Zuckerberg Initiative funding (12/05)

Exercising More May Delay Symptoms of a Rare Form of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s (12/04)

Alzheimer's Foundation Recognizes DTC Genetic Testing Growth, Need for Consumer Support (12/04)

In What Could Be an Alzheimer's Breakthrough, UCLA Scientists Link Specific Gene Mutations to Dementia (12/04)

RESEARCH NEED: Pennington seeking early Alzheimer’s patients to participate in drug study (12/04)

Accepting Alzheimer’s, One Lost Memory at a Time (12/04)

Will Personalized Medicine Help Cure Alzheimer’s? (12/04)

Minnesota OKs medical marijuana to treat Alzheimer's 🔊 (12/04)

The seventh volume of Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research -- Alzheimer Disorders (12/04)

Researchers classify Alzheimer's patients in 6 subgroups (12/04)

Royal jelly research could propel cure for Alzheimer’s, claim scientists (12/04)

Corticobasal Dementia

Cerebrospinal fluid neurofilament light in patients with dementia, motor neuron disease, and movement disorders (12/05)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Prions of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Detected Throughout Eye Tissues (12/05)

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Natural History Studies Provide Foundation for FTD Research (12/05)

Alabama researchers help link gene to kind of early dementia (12/05)

Scientists Find New Dementia Link in Gene Study (12/05)

11th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementia (12/05)

Huntington's Disease

New algorithm could accelerate diagnosis of genetic diseases using clinical records (12/05)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

Music sparks a trip down memory lane, for those with memory loss (12/05)

Parkinson's Disease

Orion regains certain rights for Parkinson's disease drug Stalevo (12/04)

Seeking Relief, but Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place (12/04)

A toxin that travels from stomach to brain may trigger Parkinsonism (12/04)

Essential Oil From Brazilian Plant Delays Parkinson’s Impairment in Mouse Model, Study Shows (12/04)

Is There a Herbal Treatment for Parkinson's Disease? - Chromatography Investigates (12/04)

Parkinson's Foundation Hosts Its First-Ever Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Disease Conference (12/04)

Treatment With AZD0328, Nicotine Loses Effectiveness as Parkinson’s Progresses, Study Shows (12/04)

Iowa group fighting back against Parkinson's disease 🎥 (12/04)

World War II weapon used in new battle: combatting Parkinson's disease (12/04)

New Parkinson's disease drug target revealed through study of fatty acids (12/04)

Vascular Dementia

Departing Kenilworth dementia nurse praised by residents (12/05)

Look for the signs of dementia this Christmas (12/05)

Terry recognised for dementia awareness work (12/04)



Important Things You Need to Know about Clients in Dementia Care (12/04)

The state of dementia on Martha’s Vineyard (12/04)

Chopping unlocks new function in protein linked to dementia (12/04)

A bit about brain health ... (12/04)

Dementia: Gene study boosts search for treatment (12/04)

RESEARCH NEED: Volunteers wanted in East Anglia for dementia research (12/04)

Alzheimer's Disease

$5 million in federal funding for Case Western Reserve Alzheimer's research (12/04)

Will Personalized Medicine Help Cure Alzheimer’s? (12/04)

Safe holiday tips for families dealing with Alzheimer's 🎄 (12/03) 📅

Frontotemporal Dementia

Genes tied to dementia identified, may lead to new therapies (12/04)

Researchers uncover genes that lead to excessive tau in dementia 📃 (12/03)

Huntington's Disease

Advances on many fronts in the battle against the protein that causes Huntington's disease (12/04)

IXICO gets vote of confidence from big pharma (12/04)

EVENT [12/06]: ActiveMed Annual Holiday Party & Huntington’s Disease Fundraiser (12/03)

Parkinson's Disease

Fighting back against Parkinson's disease (12/03-04)

Boxing for Parkinson’s class finds new home in Groton (12/03)

Xadago as Add-on Treatment for Parkinson’s Now Approved in Australia (12/03)

Essential Science: Halting neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease (12/03)

Parkinson’s Gene Therapy Eases Motor Symptoms by Creating New Brain Circuits, Study Shows (12/03)

Experimental cancer drug repurposed to prevent Parkinson’s (12/02)

The Lawton Family YMCA offers a program for people with Parkinson’s Disease (12/02)

Billy Connolly tried marijuana to help his Parkinson’s disease - but it just left him “stoned” (12/02)

La. Tech program aims to help Parkinson's patients in rural areas 🎥 (12/02)

Vascular Dementia

'He constantly asks what day it is' - a daughter on her father's dementia (12/04)

Adult children call for law change after 90yo mum married ‘carer’ in secret (12/04)

World Institute of Kimchi: Kimchi is effective in treating Alzheimer's disease (12/03)



     Therapy areas of the future (12/03)

     Finding of dementia genes could speed drug discovery in Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders (12/03)

     Neuroscientists pinpoint genes tied to dementia (12/03)

     UCLA researchers discover genes tied to dementia in key early step toward new therapies (12/03)

     EastEnders' Adam Woodyatt sheds glimpse into close friendship with Dame Barbara Windsor amid co-star's Alzheimer's battle (12/03)

     These common foods may help men combat memory loss, study says (12/02)

     Studying the potential link between dementia and domestic violence (12/02)

Alzheimers Disease

     New Report Expresses Optimism Over Current State of Alzheimer's Drug Development (BioSpace 12/03)

     Alzheimer's added to Minnesota's medical marijuana list (12/03)

     Does having a bigger brain make you more intelligent? Scientists find larger brain gives you better memory, logic AND reactions. (12/03)

     A son’s decades-long focus on dad and Alzheimer’s (12/03)

     For a Family With Near-Certainty of Early Alzheimer’s, the Search for a Cure Begins Within (12/03)

     UW researchers use machine learning to pursue Alzheimer’s treatment (12/03)

     UCLA researchers discover genes tied to dementia in key early step toward new therapies (12/03)

     Reproductive cycle may foreshadow Alzheimer's disease (12/03)

     World Institute of Kimchi: Kimchi is effective in treating Alzheimer's disease (12/03)

     Alzheimer's Q&A: What are some gift suggestions for people with Alzheimer's or dementia and their caregivers? (12/02)

Huntington's Disease

     Gene editing raises some very real questions (12/04)

     Racer John Paul Jr.'s Story is Out in New Book (12/03)

     Vybion Receives Orphan Drug Designation for INT41 in Huntington's Disease (12/03)

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD/DLB)

     IntraBio Receives Niemann-Pick Disease Rare Pediatric Disease Designation from the FDA for IB1000 Series (12/03)

Parkinson's Disease

     EVENT [12/04]: Parkinson’s Disease/Care Partner Support Group (12/03)

     New surgery treats epilepsy with deep-brain stimulation (12/02)

     Louisville seventh grader wins top honor at national science fair (12/02)

     Parkinson’s patients project their voices at Lehman (12/02)

Vascular Dementia

     Dementia widow’s family lose out to her secret husband (12/03)

     IPO Outlook For The Week: Proteins, Fashion And Finance (12/02)