Dementia & Memory - August 2018

August 2018

8/31/2018:   XingImaging announces Alzheimer's Disease PET imaging in Mainland China (PR Newswire 9/1)

                    Liver disease drug could help restore cells damaged by Alzheimer's (MedicalXpress / Univ of Sheffield 8/31)

                    Heteractis magnifica sea anemones can help fight Alzheimer's disease (Phys 8/31)

                    Promising studies offer hope in the battle against Alzheimer's [w/VIDEO] (4 Utah 8/31)

                    Scientists meet in Aberdeen to discuss Alzheimer’s prevention (Press and Journal UK 8/31)

                    August 31 Research Roundup: New Brain Cells, Regrowing Spinal Nerve Cells, Stunted Telomeres & Jupiter (BioSpace 8/31)

                    Fill it up: Healthy diet fuels brain (Daily Journal 8/31)

                    Global aging populations mean that dementia rates are about to skyrocket (Quartz 8/30)

                    Penn and Drexel experts see hope for better lives with dementia (The Inquirer Philly 8/30)

8/30/2018:   Strokes may double risk of dementia (The Times UK 8/31)

                    The Alzheimer’s gamble: NIH tries to turn billions in new funding into treatment for deadly brain disease (Science Magazine 8/30)

                    Number of over-65s needing round-the-clock care to rise to one million by 2035 (Shropshire Star 8/30)

                    Fighting Alzheimer's with 'decoy receptors' (Medical News Today 8/30)

                    ASU psychology undergraduate presents on neurobehavioral sex differences in Alzheimer’s disease (ASU Now 8/30)

                    Can cannabis compounds slow diseases like Alzheimer's? MSU researcher aims to find out (Lansing State Journal 8/30)

                    Dementia patients in hospital 'suffering in silence', according to 'deeply troubling' new research (The Telegraph UK 8/30)

                    Having a healthy heart may lower the risk of dementia, study suggests (Minn Post 8/30)

                    Amyloid PET May Aid Clinical Diagnosis of Dementia, Whether Negative or Positive (MedScape 8/30)

                    Cannabis, Alzheimer’s And Hope Are On The Horizon (The Fresh Toast 8/30)

                    Researchers receive $18M to study connections between heart health & cognition (EurekAlert / Wake Forest Baptist Med Ctr 8/30)

                    HOPE for a World Without Alzheimer’s (Missourian 8/29)

                    Axovant to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences (Nasdaq 8/29)

                    Plasma and CSF biomarkers for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease in adults with Down syndrome (The Lancet 8/29)

                    Scientists discover potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (Medical Life Sciences News 8/29)

                    Pollution May Dim Thinking Skills, Study in China Suggests (New York Times 8/29)

                    Vascular dementia - £2 fruit snack could lower brain condition risk (Express UK 8/29)

                    Does Work Stress Increase Parkinson's Risk? (MedPage Today 8/29)

                    Gut microbiota, cognitive frailty and dementia in older individuals: a systematic review (Dovepress 8/29)

                    Researchers identify new potential biotherapy for Alzheimer's disease (EurekAlert / Rockefeller Univ Press 8/29)

                    Simple eye exam may be able to screen for Alzheimer's: study [w/VIDEO] (CTV News 8/28)

                    If it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your brain (Columbia Daily Tribune 8/28)

                    Integrated PET/MR for Alzheimer’s Disease [w/VIDEO] (Medical Life Sciences News 8/23)

                    Groundbreaking study finds certain brain disorders are genetically related (Medical Life Sciences News 8/22)

                    Study shows link between use of benzodiazepines and increased risk of Alzheimer's disease (Medical Life Sciences News 8/13)

8/28/2018:   Arrhythmias and Cognitive Function (MedScape Psychiatry 8/28)

                    As Personalized Medicine Grows, Jackson Lab Expands Maine Mouse Facility (Hartford Courant 8/28)

                    Microchips for Dementia; Monitoring for PML; 'Time is Brain' Revisited (MedPage Today 8/28)

                    New Brain Cell Has Unique Shape, Behavior, Gene Signature (Genetic Eng & BioTech News 8/28)

                    Continuing the commitment in the fight to end Alzheimer's (Richmond Register 8/28)

                    Why more investment is needed to put people at the heart of dementia research (Open Access Government 8/28)

                    Air pollution can damage our intelligence, study finds (Euronews 8/28)

                    MedAware Systems Dementia Research Database Pilot In Use Worldwide (Open PR 8/28)

                    Getting enough iron is important at every age (The Mom Click 8/28)

                    How virtual reality gaming can help people living with dementia [VIDEO] (The Yorkshire Post 8/28)

                    This Pakistani Scientist Made A Major Breakthrough In Dementia Research And It Might Change Everything (Mangoba AZ 8/28)

                    Columbus Memory Project partners with Braintest to fight Alzheimer's [VIDEO] (WTVM 9 8/28)

                    Int'l Council of Cert Dementia Practitioners & Ctr for Applied Research in Dementia: New Global Certification (PR Newswire 8/27)

                    KU researchers investigating possible tie between exercise and staving off Alzheimer’s (Fox 4 KC 8/27)

                    Electrical stimulation of the brain may help treat symptoms of neurodegenerative ataxias (Medical Life Sciences News 8/27)   

                    Machine-learning based model may identify dementia in primary care (Healio Geriatric Medicine 8/27)

                    Clock drawing cognitive test should be done routinely in patients with high blood pressure (Science Daily Eur Soc Cardiology 8/27)

                    Study Finds Some Patients With A-Fib have Hidden Brain Damage (Health Day 8/27)

                    $25,000 -- It's a start to battle brain disease and UAB is on it ( 8/27)

                    MGC gets ethics nod for marijuana-based dementia drug (The West Australian 8/27)

                    Fighting Alzheimer’s, one piece of artwork at a time [w/EVENTS] (Summit Daily 8/27)

                    Austin psychiatrist creates program to one day cure Alzheimer's disease (KVUE ABC 8/27)

                    How the ‘optimism’ narrative in Alzheimer’s helps the drug industry and harms patients (Health News Review 8/27)

                    Secret immune cell tunnels found in human skulls (The Telegraph UK 8/27)

                    UBC study raises the standard for measuring nerve cell death (EurekAlert / Univ of British Columbia 8/27)

                    The power of music provides comfort to those with dementia (CBC News 8/26)

                    Heart Health and Dementia Risk; The End of Pap Smears: It's PodMed Double T! (MedPage Today 8/25)

                    Aging, ALS, and Dementia Have Common Molecular Link (Genetic Eng & BioTech News 8/24)

                    Study provides new clues to connection between aging and neurodegeneration (Medical Life Sciences News 8/23)

                    Researchers develop faster method to grow brain cells from stem cells (Medical Life Sciences News 8/22)

                    Overnight Noninvasive Brain Stimulation May Improve Memory (MedScape Psychiatry 8/22)

                    CV Risk Linked to Dementia, Brain Lesions Early and Late in Life (MedScape Psychiatry 8/22)

                    Could Antidepressants Prevent Age-Related Cognitive and Sensory Decline? (Genetic Eng & BioTech News 8/20)

                    Music Therapy Improves Mood, Quality of Life in Dementia (MedScape Psychiatry 8/20)

                    Electrical Brain Stimulation May Improve Post-Stroke Aphasia (MedPage Today 8/20)

                    Study: HDAC1 enzyme modifies molecular motor that drives neuron death (Medical Life Sciences News 8/07)

8/26/2018:   Letter: Alzheimer’s Association annual Advocacy Forum (The Herald-News 8/26)

                    EVENT [9/22]: Letters: Join Alzheimer's walk in September (The Daily News 8/26)

                    Five dementia myths and the truth behind them (Derbyshire Live UK 8/26)

                    Ultrasound Gets Medicine into Alzheimer's Brains [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/26)

                    Brains & Blueberries [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/26)

                    Lewis: Help support Alzheimer’s research (Casper Star-Tribune 8/26)

                    Alzheimer's Misdiagnosis # 5: Lyme Disease [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/25)

                    EVENT [9/5]: Alzheimer’s event Sept. 5 focuses on lifestyle intervention (Enterprise-Record 8/25)

                    Redesigning a Home for Dementia Care [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/24)

                    Alzheimer's Drugs: What You Need to Know (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/23)

                    Going Out with Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/23)

                    Bust the Stigma of Dementia [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/22)

                    Half of Seniors with Memory Problems Avoid Tests (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/22)

                    Why is Alzheimer's Unofficially Called "Type 3 Diabetes"? [w/VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/21)

                    10 Ways to Use the Power of Photos for Dementia Care (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/21)

                    Veronica [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/21)

                    Chickpea Spinach Curry (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/21)

8/24/2018:   New Therapies Show Promise in Fighting Chronic Disorders (Creators 8/24)

                    National Strategy for Alzheimer’s Clinical Research to Launch this Fall (BioSpace 8/24)

                    Cognitive, Pathological Changes Seen in Parkinson’s & Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Study Shows (Parkinson's News Today 8/24)

                    Researcher: Alzheimer's starts years before symptoms show (Daily Journal 8/23) 

                    English scholar turns to neuroscience to detect Alzheimer’s disease by analyzing texts (Univ of Toronto 8/23)

                    New Study Explores the Role Cannabis Plays in Treating Parkinson's, Alzheimer's (Michigan State Univ 8/23)

                    Heart-Healthy Habits in Old Age Tied to Lower Dementia Risk (Psych Congress 8/23)

8/23/2108:   Rehab based on goals being rolled out for dementia patients (Nursing Times 8/23)

                    Could boosting lymphatic function combat age-related cognitive decline? (National Institute on Aging 8/23)

                    EVENT [9/20]: ‘New Trends in Dementia Care’ topic of free event in Carson City (Nevada Appeal 8/22)

                    When a Young Man Dies an Unexpected Death: Everyone Should Be Asking Why (The Good Men Project 8/22)

                    A son's story sheds light on Alzheimer's impact (The Detroit News 8/22)

                    Dementia: Are YOU one of the UK’s 2.4 MILLION sandwich carers juggling career and caring? (Express UK 8/22)

                    How UCD research of rare genetic mutation could unlock clues to Alzheimer’s, cancer (The Sacramento Bee 8/22)

                    Cornwall nurse travelling to Australia to study dementia in the LGBT community (Cornwall Live 8/22)

                    Alzheimer’s disease research advances (The Journal Record 8/21)

8/22/2018:   Stressed, toxic, zombie cells seen for 1st time in Alzheimer's (Science Daily / Univ of Texas Health Science Center 8/22)

                    Optogenetics – controlling neurons with light – may lead to cures for PTSD, Alzheimer's (Phys 8/21)

                    Alzheimers vaccine at next stage of trials (SBS News 8/21)

                    Dementia research shows taking care of your heart helps your brain (Press-Herald 8/21)

                    Husband becomes caregiver for wife with Alzheimer's (Click Orlando 8/21)

                    Alzheimer's linked to the brain's 'garbage disposal service' (Medical Xpress 8/21)

                    Amyloid PET imaging improves prognosis for MCI, suspected Alzheimer’s patients (Radiology Business 8/21)

                    Your ‘cognitive life expectancy’ may not be as depressing as you think (The Inquirer Philly 8/21)

                    Aging Happens: Becoming more optimistic about Alzheimer’s (Ashland Daily Tidings 8/21)

                    Startling New Dementia Findings [w/VIDEO] (Scoop Health 8/21)

                    The four things you NEED to do to stave off dementia in old age (The Sun UK 8/21)

                    Osteoporosis sufferers are up to 30% more likely to develop dementia (Daily Mail UK 8/21)

                    Older adults overprescribed dementia medication at high cost: Study (Washington Times 8/21)

                    AARP: Dementia drugs prescribed long-term without any supporting clinical evidence (McKnight's Long-Term Care News 8/21)

                    Study: Controlling hypertension reduces dementia risk (PA Homepage 8/21)

                    The more you do to promote your cardiovascular health, the lower your risk of dementia (Los Angeles Times 8/21)

                    The 7 health tests that can tell if YOU are at risk of dementia (Daily Mail UK 8/21)

                    Are doctors asking patients the right questions about memory loss? (The Inquirer Philly 8/20)

                    Significant Rates of Major Depressive Disorder Found in Dementia (Psychiatry Advisor 8/20)

                    Health Board: Upcoming conferences, talks, campaigns and events (The Irish Times 8/20)

                    Music Therapy Improves Mood, Quality of Life in Dementia (MedScape Psychiatry 8/20)

                    Two-year-old boy with 'childhood Alzheimer’s' thought to be youngest ever diagnosed in UK (Independent UK 8/20)

                    Man’s mission to fight dementia in wife’s memory (Lincolnshire Reporter UK 8/20)

                    MGH to study medical device for concussions, Alzheimer's (Boston Business Journal 8/20)

                    Dementia: A need to know (The Patriotic Vanguard 8/20)

                    Simulating Alzheimer’s with a VR Headset (Chicago Magazine 8/20)

8/20/2018:   MOPA program shows how photography can help engage adults with Alzheimer's and dementia (San Diego Union-Tribune 8/20)

                    10 Signs of Alzheimer's Vs. Regular Aging [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/20)

                    Calming & Comforting Dementia [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/20)

                    Better Brain Draining Improves Alzheimer's [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/20)

                    Families cope with emotional struggle as dementia arrives too early for some (The Indian Express 8/19)

                    Sleeping tablets connected to risk of Alzheimer’s disease (Digital Journal 8/19)

                    EVENT [8/22-24]: Conference brings Alzheimer's community together (Daily Journal 8/19)

                    Does the senior in your life have Lyme disease? (Potomac Local 8/19)

                    I May Be Forgetful [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/19)

                    Man, 31, with dementia marries love of his life while he can still remember it (Metro UK 8/18)

                    Story County woman spreads awareness about tick-borne diseases she suffers from (Ames Tribune 8/18)

                    Some People Seem to Be Immune to Damaging Alzheimer Plaques in The Brain & Now We Might Know Why (Science Alert 8/18)

                    Dementia patients may benefit from music therapy (Reuters 8/17)

                    Back to the Well: Revisiting the Effect of Lithium in Our Drinking Water (MedScape 8/17)

                    Memory Slips as Soon as Amyloid Appears, Two Decades Before Dementia (ALZ Forum 8/17)

                    Precision Medicine Researchers Identify New Alzheimer’s Genes (Health IT Analytics 8/17)

                    New Theory Links Early-Onset Alzheimer’s to How Cells Store Iron (PsychCentral 8/17)

                    Caltech's Cindy Weinstein: Tackles Alzheimer's Disease in Book with Memoir, Literature, and Science (Pasadena Now 8/17)

                    Talk to Kids About Alzheimer's [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/17)

                    5 Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/17)

                    Discovery reveals why toxic Alzheimer's plaques don't always lead to dementia (New Atlas 8/16)

                    For Your Patients-Alzheimer's Imaging: The Case for Amyloid PET Scans in Practice (Neurology Today 8/16)

                    ARPF Announces Second Brain Longevity® Therapy Training Program in Washington D.C. (Longview News-Journal 8/16)

                    Kentucky center leading way in Alzheimer's research (WLKY Louisvill 8/16)

                    We can all play our part in dealing with dementia (News Post Leader 8/16)

                    Is Sugar Really to Blame for Alzheimer's? (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/15)

                    Worried About a Driver with Alzheimer's? Check These 5 Warning Signs (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/15)

                    What Does Living with Alzheimer's Feel Like? [VIDEO] (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/15)

                    Memantine Improves Lewy Body Dementia & Parkinson's (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/15)

                    P.A.R.T. Dementia is Alzheimer's without the Plaque (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly 8/15)                    


8/18/2018:   Website collects data on dementia care (The Japan News)

8/16/2018:   Scientists learn useful data for fighting dementia from Sea Hero Quest players (QR Code Press)

                    New Indicators for Alzheimer Disease May Be Found in the Eye (MD Magazine)

                    A composite measure of caregiver burden in dementia: The Dementia Burden Scale—Caregiver (Journal of Amer Geriatrics Soc)

                    Yes, you can train your brain to diminish the risk of dementia (The Health Site)

8/15/2018:   Medical Moment: Improve your gait and your brain [w/VIDEO] (NBC 16 WNDU)

                    As Alzheimer’s drug developers give up on today’s patients, where is the outrage? (STAT)

                    Symposium celebrates open science, launches new data platform (Nat'l Institute on Aging)

                    Scientists: Sticking brain cells together with glue-like molecule could boost memory & protect against Alzheimer's (Daily Mail UK)

8/14/2018:   Inaugural 'Insurance Day of Giving' to raise funds for dementia research (Insurance Business UK)

                    Dementia and the emergency department can be a toxic combo, analysis says (McKnight's Long Term Care News)

                    Law requiring dementia training for healthcare professionals is unprecedented... (McKnight's Senior Living)

                    Dementia breakthrough as scientists discover genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease (Express UK)

                    Deaths from resident-to-resident incidents in dementia offers insights to inform policy (Science Daily / Univ of Minnesota)

                    Dialysis Linked to Dementia in Seniors (HealthDay)

                    New Report Identifies Unique Challenges for LGBT Community Facing Alzheimer's and Other Dementias (PR Newswire)

                    U.S. News & World Report Ranks UC San Diego Health Nationally (UC San Diego Health)

                    Stephenson researchers see possible Alzheimer's treatment in cancer drugs (The Norman Transcript)

                    Sticht Center for Healthy Aging & Alzheimer’s Prevention works to help keep older adults strong, healthy and engaged (Spark)

                    Three leaders in longevity biotechnology form a research collaboration (EurekAlert / Insilico Medicine)

8/13/2018:   New mobile game Sea Hero Quest helps fight dementia [w/VIDEO] NewsHub

                    Wireless Brain Sensors Market Demands with Major Applications (Open PR)

                    Dementia breakthrough: Scientists watch ‘SPEED OF DEATH’ – study to help Alzheimer’s cure (Express UK)

                    Age-related diseases like cancer and dementia could be preventable... (Daily Mail UK)

                    Frailty and dementia: promoting health assets and resilience (Nursing Times)

                    How new tech is changing Alzheimer's treatment (Pharma Times)

                    Has Amyloid-Based Research Turned The Corner? (Forbes)

                    Powerful sleeping pills taken by hundreds of thousands boost the risk of Alzheimer’s, major study warns (Daily News UK)

8/12/2018:   Alzheimer's Association provides resources, events to further research into disease (News Press Now)

                    How Flickering Lights or Electrical Stimulation Might Banish Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (Good News Network)

                    Having hobbies in middle age could help reduce your chances of getting dementia... (The Daily Mail UK)

                    Eye Conditions Associated with Dementia (Optometry Today)

                    Macrocyclic Peptides: A New Class Of Amyloid Inhibitors (ReliaWire)

8/10/2018:   Alzheimer’s Foundation of America funds Stony Brook research (Long Island Business News)

                    People with MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's sought for study at LSUHSC (CBS 4 WWL)

                    Memory questions for older adults need a revamp (Futurity)

                    Legislature passes bill to help families struggling with Alzheimer’s (Wicked Local Saugus)

                    Specific Biomarkers May Help to Distinguish Parkinson’s Dementia from Dementia with Lewy Bodies (Parkinson's News Today)

                    Study identifies chaperone protein implicated in Parkinson’s disease (UAB News)

                    Want to learn more about dementia? Free online Univ of Tasmania course just been named the best in the world (AgedCare 101)

8/09/2018:   Lowering Your Blood Pressure Could Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk, New Research Shows (Time Magazine)

                    Seniors undergoing hemodialysis at high risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s (Healio)

                    Research Into Non-invasive Deep Brain Stimulation Earns Grossman Prize for Neuromodulation (Parkinson's News Today)

                    USF Researching Computer Brain Games That Reduce Risk Of Dementia (WLRN Miami)

                    Vaccine Being Tested To Prevent Dementia In People With Down Syndrome (CBS 4 Boston)

                    Toronto's Baycrest Health researches the aging brain (Toronto News)

                    Learning To Live Well With Dementia (The Washington Post)

                    The unpleasant reason men navigate better than women (BBC)

                    Better education required to bust dementia myths (Australian Hospital Healthcare Bulletin)

                    There’s new evidence that the dominant approach to Alzheimer’s may be completely wrong (Mraketwatch)

                    Viruses can trigger psychiatric disorders, research suggests (Science Daily / Univ of Wurzburg)

8/08/2018:   Subjective Cognitive Decline Among Adults Aged ≥45 Years — United States, 2015–2016 (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    STUDY NEED: UC Irvine needs volunteers for clinical trials on Alzheimer’s disease (Los Angeles Times)

                    Cognition and Dementia in Older Patients With Epilepsy (MedScape Psychiatry)

                    Pennington Biomedical Research Center to do dementia study (Baton Rouge Proud)

                    How Does the LGBTQ Mind Age? (The Advocate)

                    Eye conditions provide new lens for screening for Alzheimer’s (Univ of Washington Medicine)

                    Is the cure for Alzheimer's hiding inside us? She thinks so (The Daily Dose)

                    Likelihood of dementia ‘higher among black ethnic groups’ (Nursing Times)

                    Listen up: how hearing tests can help guard against dementia (The Australian)

                    Buprenorphine triples harmful adverse events in dementia (Healio Psychiatry)

                    Experts Say Your Race Affects Your Dementia Risk (Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet)

                    Possible factor in early dementia, Parkinson's detection found (UPI)

                    Impulse-control disorders common in Parkinson’s patients taking dopamine agonists (The Pharmaceutical Journal)

                    Related News: Lab-Grown Neural Stem Cells Help Repair Spinal Injuries (Genetic Engineering & BioTech News)

8/07/2018:   Dementia is the second biggest killer in Australia and a Chinese herb could help relieve symptoms (9 News Sydney)

                    Herbal extract offering new hope for dementia sufferers (9 News Sydney)

                    Dementia diagnosis could be made earlier if use of robots in GP surgeries becomes the norm (Express UK)

                    How 23andMe's Genetic Database Bridges the Gap in Alzheimer's Research (MD Magazine)

                    Comprehensive study of 21 retired NFL and NHL players doesn't find evidence of early onset dementia (Univ at Buffalo)

                    New Mexico Voices: What you need to know about Alzheimer's disease and dementia (Farmington Daily Times)

                    Mayor of Winsford shows support for town's dementia cafe (The Chester Chronicle UK)

                    Study finds greater public awareness still needed about dementia (Medical Xpress)

                    Experts rank non-drug therapies highest for managing Alzheimer’s symptoms (Nursing Times)

                    Dementia: Can strength exercises slow cognitive decline? (Medical News Bulletin)

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