Veteran Homelessness News

December 2018



Meet 4 homeless vets and learn about plans to provide shelter for many more (12/31)

The special moment little girl shows heartwarming kindness to Chester's homeless (12/31)

Donations still needed for Trumbull County veteran's new home 🎥 (12/30-31)


4-H’ers Donate Dairy to York Area Veterans (12/28)

Little Rock, Arkansas ends veteran homelessness (12/28)

Local veteran helped into stable home, reliable transportation (12/28)

Manitoba veteran wants drop-in centre for homeless vets (12/28)

City of Jacksonville has no plans to drop 'veteran' from downtown arena title if renamed (12/27-28)

Central Texas Food Pantry Truck visits VA (12/27)

Community help needed as Warren Family Mission gifts veteran a home (12/27)

Trailer with donations for veterans stolen at American Legion 🎥 (12/27)

Palm Beach County aims to get homeless veterans off the street with new initiative (12/27)


Janesville man pitches tiny homes as housing option for homeless 🎥 (12/27)

New To You Vets Resale Store to host public forum on homeless veteran affairs (12/26)

Number of homeless veterans in Alabama increased 26% between 2017 and 2018 🎥 (12/26)

Homeless vet plucked from cold alleyway is getting help he needs (12/26)

Helping Homeless Veterans 🔊 (12/26)

Homeless veteran gets his own place thanks to Kenosha man 🎥 (12/26)

Anoka cottage offers healing, help for homeless veterans 🎥 (12/26)


Chapel for Homeless Vets Sold at Auction 🔊 (12/26)

Homeless veteran gets his own place thanks to Kenosha man 🎥 (12/26)

Lodi house to serve as transition for homeless vets (12/26)

GoFundMe Homeless Veteran Scam Donors All Given Full Refund 🎥 (12/25)

Cancer-Stricken Vet Gives Back To LA’s Homeless On Christmas 🎥 (12/25)

Five homeless vagrants face no charges in attack on cop seen in viral video, says Manhattan DA 🎥 (12/25)

Jacksonville veteran’s charity steps up to help downtown homeless leading up to Christmas (12/25)


'BRITAIN'S FORGOTTEN ITS OWN' Moment ex-British soldier living on the streets sobs as he calls for he more help for homeless 🎥 (12/24)

Rockford Mourns At Vigil For Homeless People (12/24)

Former homeless veterans find new shelter in Enos Park 🎥 (12/24)

Military Matters: Veterans helping veterans 🎥 (12/23)

Ted Lieu's "Wall of Shame" (12/23)

Former homeless vet gets new home thanks to Fuller Center 🎥 (12/23)


Recorder of Deeds keeps veterans warm this Christmas (12/21)

San Bernardino Homeless Veteran Surprised with Furnished Home 🎄 (12/20)

Northeast Minnesota Has Found Housing For All Homeless Vets On Waiting List 🎥 (12/20)

Communities need to reintegrate veterans (12/20)

Aurora Breaks Ground on Veteran Housing Complex (12/20)

Shoemakersville nonprofit opens toy store for veterans 🎥 🎄 (12/20)

‘I don’t believe this’ Auto body shop refurbishes van, donates it to veteran (12/20)

Hankook Tire Helps Veterans Across America Through DAV Mobile Service Office And Hankook Heroes Programs (12/20)

Groups announce waiting list of homeless veterans cleared in NE Minnesota, will now focus on prevention (12/19)


N.H. homelessness numbers up since 2016 (12/20)

Large Donation to Help End Veteran Homelessness (12/20)

Sheyenne students blanket PTSD victims (12/19)

How you can help Pittsburghers who are homeless (12/19)

Local online boutique gives Christmas gifts to veterans in need 🎥 (12/19)

After Getting Help From MACV, Ex-Marine Works There & Pays It Forward 🎥 (12/19)

Groups Declare End to Veteran Homelessness in NE Minn. 🎥 (12/19)

Veterans served holiday meal, sense of community in Oakland (12/18)

Seattle homeless population is third largest in U.S., after LA and NYC (12/18)


Housing for homeless families losing support services provider (12/19)

VA administrators, LI congressmen meet on closed homeless shelter (12/19)

Providence VA honors 3 for work on behalf of veterans 🎥 (12/18)

Storied Fitzsimons Army Medical Center site will harbor vets who have experienced homelessness (12/18)

HUD releases 2018 homeless report and Louisiana receives mixed results (12/18)

Federal report says homelessness climbed in Connecticut (12/18)

HUD says number of homeless down in WV (12/18)


HUD Reports Homelessness Unchanged in U.S. in 2018 with Notable Declines Among Veterans & Families with Children (12/18)

Providence VA honors 3 for work on behalf of veterans 🎥(12/18)

Arkansas' homeless population jumps 9 percent, national report says (12/18)

Homeless Numbers Rising in Arkansas Says Report (12/17-18)

Salvation Army program housing homeless veterans 🎥 (12/17)

Organizers Call For More Support For Homeless Veterans At Egan Remembrance Vigil 🔊 (12/17)

Habitat for Humanity builds home for veteran 🎥 (12/17)

EVENT: Final Abilene council meeting of 2018 (12/17)

Candlelight vigil in Eugene marks 10 years since Thomas Egan’s death (12/17)


HUD continues to report increases in homelessness; veteran, family homelessness goes down (12/17)

Army veteran Amos Allen battling cancer is fighting fatigue while helping Tampa Bay area homeless (12/17)

Forces Veteran, 85, fears homeless fate after being kicked out of flat (12/17)

Point-In-Time Count Show Significant Decrease in Veteran Homelessness 🎥 (12/17)


Weekday top 5: Aurelius woodworker to hire homeless vets, pedestrian hit by SUV in Auburn (12/14)

Community steps up for Mango Mike, a veteran who had been living on the streets in Jacksonville Beach (12/14)

Beaver Dam donation drive for veterans has huge response (12/14)

Making a Difference: Holiday stockings made for homeless veterans in Pennsylvania (12/14)

Veteran Homelessness 'Effectively Ended' in Little Rock, Mayor Says (12/14)

‘Getting Our Vets Ready for Winter’ drive to help homeless veterans (12/14)

House for homeless veterans in Lynchburg getting closer to completion 🎥 (12/13)

LETTER: Legion will help homeless veterans (12/13)

Wichita VA Homeless Program needs donations for veteran move-in kits 🎥 (12/13)


Homeless to business owner: Aurelius woodworker plans to hire homeless vets (12/13)

HRC personnel collect, donate items for homeless veterans (12/13)

HUD and VA Announce Additional Support to Help Homeless Veterans Find Permanent Homes (12/12)

Sailor spreading warmth to homeless veterans (12/12)

Veteran Homelessness Drops On Long Island 🔊 (12/12)

Homeless veteran gets shelter from Helping Hands beneficiary (12/12)

Community’s homeless population tells about its struggles (12/11)

Homeless veterans housing approved on State Street, neighbors object (12/11)

A roof for all vets (12/11)


Shipping containers being turned into 'tiny homes' for homeless vets (12/11)

State connects 280 homeless families to housing (12/11)

iPods for Wounded Veterans holds Beverly event (12/11)


Army veteran receives mortgage-free home through Building Homes for Heroes (12/11)

Combat Veterans Serve Thanksgiving Meal (12/11)

Holiday party planned for veterans, families in Canandaigua, Rochester region (12/11)

House passes bill to remove job training obstacles for homeless veterans (12/11)

Groups reach out to help veterans in need with housing, employment and more (12/10-11)

Proposals sought to rehab three more historic Milwaukee Soldiers Home buildings (12/10)

Number of homeless veterans on Long Island down 4 percent, officials say (12/10)


An End to Homelessness? (10/12)

VA issues requests for proposals for Ward Theater and two other landmarks (12/10)

How You Can Help Give Homeless Veterans A Safe Place To Sleep (12/10)

St. Benedict’s offers ‘hand-up’ to veterans, residents (12/09)


Disabled vet given a free house — ‘This is the best Christmas present ever’ 🎥 (12/06-07)

EVENT [12/08]: Nearly 70 tickets donated for veterans to attend Saturday's Bison game (12/06-07)

Meet the new San Jose City Council (12/06)

VA hosts latest Veterans Stand Down in Niagara Falls (12/06)

The Old Broad Says: ‘Help Veterans for Peace Buy Sleeping Bags for the Homeless’ 🔊 (12/06)

EVENT [12/13]: ‘Stand Down’ Dec. 13 provides assistance for veterans (12/06)

Duckworth Chastises VA, Appeals to Credit Rating Services (12/06)


He struggled with PTSD after Vietnam. Now he's helping provide sanctuary for other veterans. (12/06)

Why an effective program for Lehigh Valley homeless veterans has had to close (12/06)

Community members show up to honor homeless unclaimed veteran at his funeral 🎥 (12/05-06)

Volunteers of America renames Veterans Pavilion to honor Oscar J. Tolmas (12/05)

Sun solution: Jordan-Elbridge students put solar panels on tiny home for veteran (12/05)

EVENT [12/08]: Homeless Heroes run Saturday to benefit veterans (12/05)

Albuquerque community aides homeless vet and his dog 🎥 (12/05)

VOLUNTEER NEED: Dimitri House says it is on the brink of closing, needs volunteers 🎥 (12/05)

Florida Patriot Guard Riders lead funeral procession for homeless Vietnam veteran 🎥 (12/05)


It's winter. Here's how to find shelter or help those in the cold. (12/04)

Woolsey Wildfire took his home, cancer took his bones (12/04)

Combat Vets Aim to End Homelessness with Tiny Homes (12/04)

Operation Rebuild Hope to bring healing to veterans in North Bend 🎥 (12/04)

Homeless shelters experience overcrowding in colder months 🎥 (12/04)

Despite numerous donations, VA Clinic still needs more winter coats 🎥 (12/04)

LINC Housing Opens Affordable Housing Community for Veterans (12/04)

Blue Springs community comes together to help homeless veteran 🎥 (12/04)

Rockford recognized for efforts to end veteran homelessness (12/04)

A City Solves Veteran Homelessness (12/04)

'Bryan's Home,' a housing project for veterans, to offer life skills in North Bend (12/04)

With Rotary’s help, Santa finds cabins in the woods (12/04)


CT looks to mitigate homelessness (12/04)

Homelessness in Roanoke down sharply, according to new report 🎥 (12/03-04)

Mission S.A.: Veteran gets home repaired in time for holidays 🎥 (12/03)


HOMELESS IN SHERIDAN: One Veteran’s Journey Through Homelessness -- 4 (12/03)

Wyandotte veteran's nonprofit surprised on Mike Rowe's 'Returning The Favor' 🎥 (12/03)

$10 million state grant spurs future Windsor veterans housing project (12/03)

HVAF offers help to veterans and their families 🎥 (12/03)

Don't forget our homeless veterans (12/02)