Caregiver News & Research

January 2019



Opinion: The cost of caregiving (01/31)

Building A New Conversation About Caregiving (01/31)

Alzheimer’s Association offers winter safety tips for caregivers (01/31)

What is all the financial buzz about Virtual Caregiving and the crises of paying for our aging population? (01/31)

Caregiver bill filed (01/30-31)

The Challenge of Senior In-Home Caregiving (01/30)

Caregiver suggestions shaping Farmingdale’s marijuana ordinance (01/30)

Art Program Helping People with Memory Loss, Caregivers (01/30)


Caregiver Wellness Retreats a success (01/30)

What to do when you really need a break from caring for an aging loved one (01/30) 📅

Extra caregiving duties heighten risk for burnout among physician mothers (01/29)

Caregivers share stories of giving without end (01/29)

Identifying Support Needs for Caregivers, Patients With Colorectal Cancer (01/29)

TCARE Family Caregiver Solution Awarded $900,000 Contract by Washington DSHS (01/29)

Opinion: Safety tips for Alzheimer's caregivers (01/29)

Former Head Start director honored (01/29)


Caregiving is focus of survey (01/28)

Time to Hold Georgia Accountable on Long-Standing Promises to Relative Foster Caregivers (01/28)

Navigating the Caregiving Journey April 13 (01/28)

Respite Homes for Caregivers Quebec: government announces $200,000 in funding to Maison Gilles-Carle Foundation (01/28)

Virtual dementia tour aims to put caregivers in patients' shoes 🎥 (01/28)

Supreme Court case pits medical pot caregivers against localities (01/27)


Army Doubles Parental Leave for Secondary Caregivers (01/25)

Caregiving and Relationships: It's Complicated (01/25)

Savvy Caregiving workshop on tap (01/25)

Dorset woman advocates for military caregivers (01/25)

Caregivers and Registered Nurses demand safer and better staffing 🎥 (01/25)

How Employers Can Help Caregivers for a Win-Win (01/24)

Boulder County offering training course for caregivers (01/24)

5 tech innovations from CES 2019 that are easing the caregiver crisis (01/24)

EVENTS [Feb/Mar/Apr/May]: Caregiver support group to meet Feb. 13 (01/24)

EVENT [02/20]: Boomers, Elders and More: ‘The Joys and Tolls of Caregiving and the Importance of Self-Care’ Feb. 20 (01/24)


How the caregiver crisis could impact public health (01/23)

'It's just something you do,' Some caregivers do not self-identify (01/23)

5 tips for caregivers to avoid financial disaster 🎥 (01/23)

Caregivers in Crisis: Know the signs of depression and how to help them (01/23)

Caregivers endure greater financial, mental health risks (01/23)

Twitter Chat: Helping millennials step into the role of family caregiver (01/23)

New Jersey's growing caregiving community need more awareness and better access to services (01/23)

An evidence-driven approach to supporting caregivers 🎥 (01/23)

Caregivers wish they had turned to South Delta group sooner (01/23)


Rob Lowe opens up about the overwhelming stress of being a caregiver (01/22)

Older caregivers report worse well-being when providing minimal assistance (01/22)

Caregivers can do with more social support (01/22)

Advocates hope more teachers, coaches become fictive kin caregivers 🎥 (01/22)

Caregiver, Inc. Launches Innovative In-House Behavioral Supports Program for IDD Clients (01/22)

Caregivers Corner: A guide to being a first time caregiver 🎥 (01/22)

Caregiving duties drive many employees out of the workforce (01/22)

RU gift gives senior caregivers a break (01/22)

Trained Respite Providers Give the Gift of Time, Reduce Caregiver Stressors (01/21)

Huntington to host cafe for people with dementia and their caregivers (01/21)


Government boosts support to caregivers of elderly through financial assistance (01/21)

UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital introduces an improved Emergency Department (01/21)

Respite vouchers available for caregivers (01/20)

WV school systems seek to help kinship caregivers (01/20)

The stakes are higher for women when claiming Social Security 🎥 (01/20)

Avoid Patient Distress: Dilute Sertraline Oral Concentrate (01/20)

Ohio launches adoption, foster care awareness campaign (01/20)

Economic loss doctrine no bar to caregiver’s injury claim (01/19)


9 Self-Care Tips for Caregivers (n.d.)

Don't Forget to Assess the Family Caregiver of Your Older Adult Patient (01/18)

A Florida mother is suing her developmentally disabled daughter's caregiver after woman became pregnant 🎥 (01/18)

Dementia and religion: Inside a church’s Alzheimer’s caregiver support group (01/17)

EVENT [01/23]: Caregiving Class (01/17)

Why Business Should Support Employees Who are Caregivers (01/17)

Caregiving Crisis: Broadsheet January 17 (01/17)

Hidden Cam Catches Caregiver From Nanuet Abusing Stroke Victim, 90, Authorities Charge (01/17)


As Cleveland Clinic takes over hospitals, you might be surprised by new 'caregivers' 🎥 (01/11)

Dying woman seeks caregiver for beloved 15-foot-long plant (01/11)

Covering their tracks: Caregivers find ways to disguise child abuse (01/11)

New Support Group for Alzheimer Caregivers in Casper 🎥 (01/11)

Physical Frailty Associated With Symptoms of Dementia, Caregiver Burden in Alzheimer Disease (01/11)

Merce authors guide for eldercare caregivers and families (01/11)

Health care group relocating headquarters in southwest Fort Worth (01/11)


Coping with Caregiver PTSD (01/10)

Consider hiring caregivers for aging loved ones (01/10)

Caregiver pay again up for discussion at Capitol (01/10)

Lessons I Learned from My Mesothelioma Caregiving Journey (01/10)

Self care for caregivers (01/10)

Davis County sponsoring classes for caregivers (01/10)


Caregivers, cleaners, nannies, maids to gain legal protection (01/10)

Caregiver Respite, The Need That Goes Unmet (01/09)

GUEST COLUMN: Technology for caregivers (01/09)

Caregivers Corner Q&A: Dealing with dementia patients and their aggressive, abusive behavior 🎥 (01/09)

New Alzheimer’s Act to provide help for patients, caregivers on the South Plains 🎥 (01/09)

Sun City caregiver seminar tackles Alzheimer’s, dementia (01/09)

Philips Cares digitizes the aging and caregiving experience (01/09)

Advocates for developmentally disabled in WNY call for better pay for caregivers (01/08)

EVENT [01/14]: Hibbing/Chisholm Caregivers Hold Joint Meeting (01/09)


Caregivers connect and heal with words during UTSA workshop (01/08)

EVENT [01/09]: Caregiver Café (01/08)

Community Resource Network in dire need of caregivers (01/08)

EVENT [01/09, 24]: Area Agency on Aging workshop to teach caregiver strategies on dealing with dementia (01/08)

EVENT [01/23-02/27]: Local course provides tools for adult caregivers (01/08)

EVENT [01/18]: Winter retreat for caregivers is Jan. 18 (01/08)

Former caregiver of Hacienda Healthcare sex assault victim speaks to ABC15 (01/07)

Taylor: Keys to long-distance caregiving (01/07) 📅


Caregivers should steer loved ones to activities meaningful to them to keep them actively engaged (01/07)

Kupuna Caregiver: Dedicated son who takes his mom to dim sum 🎥 (01/07)

Consider Patient and Caregiver Assessments in Tardive Dyskinesia Screenings (01/07)

184 families kicked out of Charleston VA caregiver program. One couple shares their story. (01/07)

Philips Cares digitizes the aging and caregiving experience (01/07)

Caregiver training company plans new center in former school building (01/07)

EVENTS [Jan-Sep 2019]: Clinton and Sterling teaming up for caregiver support (01/06)

MobileHelp® and LifePod Connect AI-Driven, Voice-Enhanced Caregiving Solution with Emergency Response Functionality (01/06)

Their Voice: ScenicView offers training on caregiver burnout (01/06)

Wilkinson:Caring for caregivers (01/06)


Why the Department of Veterans Affairs is the Tesla of At-Home Care (01/02)


Perceptions of Patients With MS and Caregivers on Daily Activity Performance (01/03)

AARP releases HR guide to digital tools for caregivers 📃 (01/03)

Caregiver celebrates 1000th visit with patient 🎥 (01/03)

Family Caregivers Should Get a Break (01/03)

SENIOR LOOKOUT: Savvy Caregiver offers needed guidance, support (01/03)

Distinguished Dozen: Giving the community 'voice and visibility' (01/03)

EVENT [01/16]: Caregiver Support Group; Monthly Sessions are Free and Open to the Public (01/03)


Military and Veteran Caregivers: Mapping to Answers (01/02) 📅

More Workers Than You Realize Are Caregivers (01/02)

EVENTS [Jan/Feb/Mar]: Caregiver Connection support continues (01/02)

WOO: Caregiver says ‘patience is a virtue’ (01/02)

EVENT [01/09]: Caregiver Support Group to meet Jan. 9 (01/02)

EVENTS [Jan-Feb]: Free caregivers class to be offered in Chatfield (01/02)

EVENTS [Jan/Feb/Mar]: Caregiver Connection offered by Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County (01/02)

New VR caregiver to improve at-home care (01/02)


Family Life: Program teaches caregivers how to also care for themselves (01/01)

MSU Extension: Being a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer's (01/01)

Missoula parents use Facebook to find caregivers for special needs children (01/01)

After Raising $32 Million, Startup to Bring Virtual Caregiver ‘Addison’ to Market (01/01)

Op-ed: Tips for caregivers managing holiday stress 🎄 (12/31)

Dementia educator to speak in Aiken in January (12/31)

‘God was always there’ for caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s (12/31)

Bobi Jo Piper cared for premature child for nearly two years (12/31)

EVENT [01/16]: Professional caregivers webinar Jan. 16 to focus on connecting, influencing others (12/31)

Homewatch CareGivers Harnesses Private Equity Capital to Shine in Hyper-Competitive Market (12/31)

EVENT [01/15]: 'Powerful Tools for Caregivers' course to be held at Vance Senior Center starting Jan. 15 (12/30)