Caregiver News & Research

December 2018



In 2019, caregivers need not go it alone (12/30)

EVENTS [Jan-Jul 2019]: Area Agency on Aging offers free caregiver class (12/30)

Poland nurse vies for National Caregiver of the Year (12/30)

Caring for our caregivers - David Casa (12/30)

Who cares for the caregivers? While tending to husband with Alzheimer’s, Sherree Preston found the answer (12/29)

Editorial: Thumbs up to hardworking caregivers, Blues Christmas; thumbs down to preventable tragedies (12/29)

Fairview's new caregiver program closes gap between insurer, families (12/29)


Program helps caregivers (12/28)

EVENTS [Jan/Feb 2019]: Cup of Caring series offers coffee talks for caregivers (12/28)

Pittsfield: Savvy Caregiver training program (12/28)

AACOG shares services available for veterans, caregivers, job seekers and more 🎥 (12/28)

Bill Creating NJ Caregiver Task Force Becomes Law (12/28)

EVENTS [Jan/Feb 2019]: Dementia Caregiver class offered by Elder Options (12/27)


VA Suspends All Discharges from Caregiver Program (12/31)

Strategies to avoid Alzheimer’s caregiver burnout (12/27)

Self-care just as important for caregivers of adults and children, experts say (12/27)

Upcoming Chatfield class promotes self-care to improve caregiving skills (12/27)

Electronic Caregiver Announces Addison Care™-- The World's First Virtual Caregiver™-- the Most Ambitious Tech at CES (12/27)

EVENTS [Jan-Mar 2019]: Artis Senior Living of Lexington announces caregiver program (12/27)

Eddie Murphy is caregiver for daughter as Mel B recovers from accident (12/26)


The Changing Demographics of Family Caregivers (12/26)

Local pastor finds another calling as a Respite caregiver 🎥 (12/26)

EVENTS [01/08-25]: Centerstone holding Savvy Caregiver trainings in January (12/26)

Four-legged caregiver retires from Iowa hospital 🎥 (12/26)

Robots aim to take away caregivers' burden (12/26)

Community Newsletter: Society's Assets (12/26)

Nurse Claus: Carilion caregiver spends holiday with children in psychiatry unit (12/25)

Lessons from a hospice caregiver (12/05)


A Holiday Gift for Caregivers 🎄 (12/24) 📅

A Holiday Message for ME/CFS Sufferers and Caregivers 🎄 (12/24)

In meeting a fellow caregiver, author Mike Barnes found a hero without her cape (12/24)

Caregivers support group to meet Jan. 11 (12/24)

UA researcher to test dementia caregiver app (12/24)

Health Tip: Toothbrushing Tips For Caregivers (12/24)

Filipino caregivers yearn for family they leave behind during Christmas holidays 🎄 (12/24)

90-year-old man robbed, caregiver assaulted in Alhambra 🎥 (12/23)


Veteran caregiver program cut by 80 percent this year in Tennessee 🎥 (12/21)

A Guide to Caregiving at Any Stage (12/21) 📅

EVENT [12/24-1/04]: Caregivers’ day off 🎄 (12/21)

Caregiver Saves Residents from OH Group Home Fire 🎥 (12/21)

Alzheimer's Association debuts telephone support group for Miami Valley caregivers (12/21)

New resource to help your employee caregivers (12/21)

VA Says It Will Stop Arbitrarily Dropping Caregivers From Program (12/21)

Portneuf Patient Recognizes Caregivers After Car Accident 🎥 (12/20)

Five Unexpected Rewards of Becoming a Caregiver (12/20)


The push to improve working conditions for U.S. caregivers 🔊 (12/20)

Gender differences in caregiving among a schizophrenia population (12/20)

10 ways caregivers can provide (and enjoy) a safe and healthy holiday 🎄 (12/20)

Electronic Visit Verification: What Federal Regulations Mean for States and Caregivers (12/19)

Helping the Helpers: Advocates Want Task Force for Unpaid Caregivers (12/19)

‘Holiday gift’ to caregivers from state health department 🎄 (12/19)

New York publishes free guide for caregivers (12/19)

Four tips for the male caregiver | Opinion (12/19)

Caregivers: Older adults should take fall prevention classes 🎥 (12/19)


Why Caregivers Need Holiday Help 🎄 (12/18)

Arkansas woman's sister becomes Alzheimer's caregiver (12/18)


VA Still Arbitrarily Cutting Caregivers From Program, Even As It Aims To Expand 🔊 (12/18)

Ask Veronica — How caregivers can smile through the holidays 🎄 (12/18)

Holiday Self-Care for Caregivers 🎄 (12/18)

Lawmakers want NJ to look at how to help state's unpaid caregivers (12/18)

Pasternak: The life of emergency caregivers (12/17)

Column: Breaking the silence for dementia caregivers (12/17)

Relaxing Decorations: Event gives Caregivers a Chance to Unwind 🎄 (12/17)


4 Tips for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout (12/17)

A Step-by-Step Guide for Long-Distance Caregiving (12/17)

How to provide care for the caregiver (12/17)

Patients Seek Therapies That Might Stop Progression and Ease Burden of ALS, Online Survey Finds (12/17)

Managing Mesothelioma Caregiver Emotions Through the Holidays (12/17)

EVENT [12/19]: Family and Caregiver Group for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities to meet Wednesday (12/17)

Survivors and Caregivers Discuss Food Anxiety After Cancer (12/17)


Mother, Caregiver must choose between heat or holiday meal 🎄 (12/14)

Traveling couple show caregiving isn’t the end of their road (12/14)

EVENTS [Feb-Mar 2019]: Six-week “Powerful Tools For Caregivers" workshop starts in February (12/14)

Supporting the supporters: Family caregivers, facing new challenges, need more understanding and support (12/14)

Caregivers Want to Leave Money for Heirs: Prudential (12/14)

Youngest survivor of Ebola outbreak brings hope to Congo caregivers 🎥 (12/14)

Pierson woman named Special Programs Caregiver of the Year (12/14)


Care for the caregivers (12/13)

Caregiver shortage creates struggles for Fond du Lac woman paralyzed by car accident 🎥 (12/13)

4 Assumptions About Your Aging Parents and Caregiving (12/13)

Caregivers say not enough services available for people with developmental disabilities 🎥 (12/12)

7 Myths About Caregiving Costs (12/12)

I was my dad’s caregiver through his fatal illness. I had no idea I’d be at risk for PTSD. (12/12)

Counselor offers tips to help caregivers following shooting (12/12)

St. Mary's Highlights Caregivers in December 🎥 (12/12)


Who cares for volunteer caregivers when they get sick? (12/11)

Tech Startup Raises $35 Million, Plans to Unveil Virtual Caregiver (12/11)

App study to help dementia caregivers and loved ones 🎥 (12/11)

Young Central Valley philanthropist, caregiver honored as ‘hero’ 🎥 (12/11)

Keeping loved ones with dementia involved during Christmas - Caryl's Story (12/11) 📅

Elderly caregivers are facing challenges taking care of people with dementia 🎥 (12/11)

Quebec holds consultation on action plan to support caregivers 🎥 (12/11)

Jim Gaffigan Reflects on Being Wife Jeannie's Caregiver Nearly 2 Years After Her Brain Tumor 🎥 (12/11)

EVENT [12/21]: Caregiver support group to meet at senior center (12/10)

State Rep. Joanne Ferrary, NM Alzheimer's Association Identify Las Cruces Caregiving Needs (12/10)


Workshop certifies 'suicide first aid' caregivers (12/11)

Caregiving: Mom Goes Berserk if I Date! (12/10)

G60 Trauma to launch clinical trials with Addison Care virtual caregiving system (12/10)

EVENT [12/12]: Cherrywood hosts caregiving and self-care event (12/10)

Transplant caregiver starts website for financial, mental health support (12/10)

AARP Poll: Majority of caregivers with family suffering from dementia, spend less time with friends (12/10)

Caregivers treated to massages, peace of mind 🎥 (12/10)

Oakey's Recognizes the Area Hospice Caregiver of the Year 🎥 (12/10)

Coping with the demands of caregiving (12/10)


AWS Hosted Virtual Caregiver Enters Clinical Trials with (12/07)

How financial services firms can help employee caregivers (12/07)

Longtime hospice nurse hopes to fill void in care for caregivers with Palos facility (12/07)

EVENTS [01/15, 22, 29]: Free aging and caregiver educational series coming to Placerville (12/07)

Senior Action Network Honors Outstanding FirstLight Caregivers (12/06)

What you can do to help a caregiver this holiday season (12/06)

Caregiver pleads guilty to neglecting gubernatorial candidate’s mother (12/06)

6 Small but Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself When Caring for Someone With Alzheimer’s (12/06)

Section 8 senior housing roof leak goes unfixed, caregiver & residents seek help (12/06)


Help available locally for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, caregivers (12/06)


A Caregiver’s Journal: Helping Family Supercharge Caregiving 🔊 (12/05)

Know Your Numbers: Caregivers need support too (12/05)

EVENT [12/13]: Free seminar set for seniors, families, caregivers (12/05)

Immigrants Play Large Role in Combating Home Health Caregiver Shortage (12/05)

Caregiving benefits: Expanding the conversation beyond paid leave (12/05)

Mother of two, caregiver for her mom, needs help (12/05)

My husband lost a limb in Afghanistan. Now, as his caregiver, I'm on the front lines. (12/05)

Christmas Fund: Alzheimer's workshop offers caregivers education, skills (12/05)

Making Sure Caregivers Also Take Care of Themselves 🎥 (12/04)


Over 80% of Japanese Would Welcome Robot Caregivers (12/04)

Wife of wounded veteran triple-amputee husband fighting to remain his caregiver 🎥 (12/04)

EVENTS: Support groups offered to caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s (12/04)

Educate Yourself on Being a Caregiver (12/04)

Ohio medical marijuana Patient and Caregiver Registry is open today (12/03)

New facility in Redhill offers caregivers help and support (12/03)

EVENT [4th Tues]: Caregiver Support Group meets in DeWitt (12/03)

Caring for Caregivers (12/03)

Kupuna Caregiver: Woman battles ovarian cancer three times to take care of husband (12/03)


Mayo nurses knit 'crying caps' to educate caregivers (12/03)

Celebrating the caregivers who make long lives better (12/02)

More support for caregivers to seniors (12/02)

Should she tell her mom she’s a bad baker? (12/02)

Ill herself, caregiver faces exhaustion, loneliness (12/02)

Class designed for caregivers of dementia sufferers (12/02)

Ask the Expert: How can caregivers avoid burnout, especially around the holidays? (12/02)

Pelosi Vows Democratic Oversight Ahead of New Veteran Caregiver Law (12/02)

Are Men Different Types of Caregivers Than Women? (12/02)

Alzheimer's Q&A: What are some gift suggestions for people with Alzheimer's or dementia and their caregivers? (12/02)

Managing the financial cost of caregiving (12/01)

Fewer foreigners than expected coming to Japan to work as caregiver trainees, data shows (12/01)

RESEARCH NEED: Older Adults & Caregivers Sought for Maui Survey (12/01)

Giving caregivers a place for support (12/01)

EVENT [12/04]: Caregiver Support Group meets Tuesday at L+M (12/01)

Bursack: Sibling caregiver criticism ramps up over holiday visits (12/01)

EVENT [12/04, 06]: Hubbard Hill to host caregivers forum (12/30) 🎥